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Tamko - Your Students’ Union Tamko is the Students’ Union for students of Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK). Tamko’s main tasks consist of representing students within TAMK administration, promoting their educational affairs as well as wellbeing and social conditions. Tamko also organizes tutoring, sports services and other leisure activities. We all work for students – to develop the quality of higher education and make your studenthood stress-free and memorable! Tamko members have a right to vote and become a candidate in Tamko’s council elections. Council of representatives holds the highest authority in the Students’ Union, and it elects the board. The board is responsible for Tamko’s activities together with employees. Student card is the clearest sign of Tamko’s membership. It is nationally recognized and entitles you to hundreds of benefits and discounts including student-priced meals, cheaper public transport and sport services. Tamko organizes culture and leisure activities for students. There are several clubs related to different hobbies and study fields. Tamko trains all student tutors you are going to meet. Take a step towards active student life and join us online: https://tamko.fi/en/membership You are the most welcome to join – there are more than 7000 of us already! For more information, contact office(at)tamko.fi

Tampere Universities A new university started its operations in the beginning of 2019 when former University of Tampere and Tampere University of Technology merged into Tampere University. Tampere University and Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) form together a higher education community where both universities are cooperating intensively, yet independently.



Solu - Student’s living room Solu – that’s what we all call Tamko’s office – is located in L-building of TAMK’s Main Campus. The living room-like office welcomes you with comfortable sofas and relaxed atmosphere. We invite you to have a free cup of coffee and socialize with fellow students. From Solu, you will also find the workspaces of Tamko’s board and staff members. Feel free to come and say hello, we are happy to help! Solu’s services for Tamko members include for example lending sports equipment, buying tickets to various student events, meetings with board and council members. At Solu students can order and pick up their student card, validate the student card’s semester sticker and pay the SportUni gym membership fee. Solu’s opening hours during the 1st period (3.8. - 18.10.2020): Mon-Wed 10am - 4pm Thursday 10am - 6pm Friday 10am - 2pm

Follow us on social media:

The opening hours will be updated after the 1st period. Address & Contact information Kuntokatu 3, L-building www.tamko.fi/en TAMK office(at)tamko.fi FI-33520 TAMPERE +358 44 382 6561


Facebook / opiskelijakuntatamko Instagram / opiskelijakuntatamko Twitter /_tamko

Rentable spaces Tamko’s office Solu has sauna and conference facilities available for rent. The space has a capacity for 35 people. The facilities consist of sauna, a fully equipped kitchen and a conference room with audio equipment and a projector for laptop. The rent does not include towels or cleaning, so bring your own towels and please clean before leaving. Tamko members can use the meeting facilities for free during Solu’s opening hours on weekdays. The price list for renting the facilities in the evening or weekends: • Tamko members: Sun - Thu 130 € / Fri - Sat 170 € • Members of Tampere Universities: Sun - Thu 155 € / Fri - Sat 195 € • Others: Sun - Thu 240 € / Fri - Sat 280 € Check our online calendar for sauna reservations. Reservations and further information sauna(at)tamko.fi


Student card As a member of the Students’ Union Tamko you get an official Finnish student card. It is a key to hundreds of local and national student benefits, including many public transport discounts and student-priced meals. You will also have a fair discount on Tamko’s services and activities. Please note that these benefits are not available with international student cards. After you have joined the Students’ Union, you’ll receive a student card with a semester sticker that shows the validity of the card. Your student card can also be used as a library and printing card in all TAMK’s campuses. As a member, you also have the possibility to run for positions and vote in the annual elections of the Students’ Union. You may also apply for grants for excursions, projects and student clubs. Cheaper meals with your student card With a Finnish student card you are entitled to student-priced meals in all student restaurants. If you study a bachelor’s or master’s degree or attend a higher education institution as an exchange student, you qualify for Kela’s meal subsidy. The subsidy is deducted from the price of a meal at the student restaurant, and you only need to pay the discounted price. Redeem your meal subsidy by presenting a valid student card or a meal subsidy card issued by Kela. In TAMK’s main campus the meal subsidy lunch is provided by Campusravita and Amica Pirteria restaurants.

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PIVO mobile student card PIVO mobile student card is available for Tamko members. It works just like regular student card – by showing the mobile app you enjoy all the same benefits. Download PIVO from app store (Google Play or AppStore) and log in with an electronic identification method. PIVO checks that you are a present student in TAMK and have paid the Students’ Union membership fee.

Opiskelijan Tampere Opiskelijan Tampere is a students’ association founded by student unions of Tampere Universities. The purpose of Opiskelijan Tampere is to make your student life as convenient as possible. Opiskelijan Tampere negotiates the benefits and discounts you enjoy with your student card. They also provide an INT housing programme for exchange students as well as an apartment listing where you can search for a roommate or place to rent. Their website also provides useful information of student life in Tampere. www.opiskelijantampere.fi


Tamko Board’s activities The board of Tamko is responsible for the daily operations of the Students’ Union. Operations are guided by council’s decisions. The easiest way to influence is to keep in touch with the board and the council members. Everyone in the board and the council are students of TAMK, just like you. In Tamko, there is something for everyone – whether you are interested in sports, municipal politics or organizing parties and events. Since there are such wide variety of matters under Tamko’s wings, the practical operations are divided to smaller sectors: the supervision of interests, events and member services. These sectors are taken care by the chairperson, the vice chairperson and the board members responsible for educational affairs, social affairs, student services and sports, culture & clubs, international affairs and tutoring. The board meets up regularly, and its members are involved in many different types of working groups, committees, meetings and events. This is the daily life of the board. The new board is elected every autumn after the council elections – every member of Tamko can stand for a position in the board. If you have any questions about the Students’ Union or you are interested in joining the group of actives who run the show, you are more than welcome to come to Tamko’s office to grill the current actives.

Council’s activities 21-member Student Council is the highest decision maker of the Students’ Union. Council members are selected every year by elections. Every member of Tamko can vote and stand for election. In the recent years, the council has been active in municipal policies, forming restaurant committee as well as giving instructions and advice to Tamko’s board. All students can give their ideas and suggestions for the council to process and take forward.

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Educational Affairs Educational affairs stands for taking care of students’ interests in TAMK. Educational affairs include all efforts and goals that aim to develop education in TAMK. Student representatives of different working groups assure that students’ voice is heard also in administrative levels. The administration of TAMK is cooperative and interested in hearing students’ opinion. In addition to representation duties, solving various problems students may have is an important part of educational affairs. Ask for more information, tell your ideas and improvement suggestions to Educational Affairs representative. Feel free to contact us any time if you have any questions or problems! SAMOK – University of Applied Sciences Students in Finland The educational affairs at a national level are carried out by SAMOK, the Union of University of Applied Sciences Students in Finland.


Social affairs Promotion of social affairs consists of improving housing, living, health care, leisure activities, equality and general well-being of students. To promote students’ social conditions, the Students’ Union takes part in social policy debate and operates in different working groups. It also organizes events that are easily accessible, free-of-charge and open for everyone in our school. The Students’ Union is also in contact with the city administration and members of the parliament alongside with the members of the Student Union of Tampere University (TREY). Contact information of Educational and Social affairs representatives: tamko.fi/en/actors

International affairs The central focuses of Tamko’s international affairs are international tutoring and representing the international point of view when supervising students’ interests. The Students’ Union also works to advance domestic internationalization of Finnish students as well as helps foreign students to adapt to Finland. Club International Tampere (CLINT) is a sub-organization of Tamko. It organizes a variety of events, trips and other activities in an international atmosphere. In cooperation with Tamko, CLINT also rents Survival Kits to exchange students. Survival Kits contain basic items such as kitchen utensils and bed linen for the exchange period. The purpose of the kit is to support exchange students to settle in Tampere. International Affairs representative international(at)tamko.fi Club International Tampere


Tutoring Tutors are here to help other students to settle down in a new environment. They make sure every new student gets along in Tampere University of Applied Sciences starting from the very first day. All tutors are students themselves and have already gone through at least one year of studying and student life in TAMK before becoming a tutor. Tamko trains and coordinates all student tutoring in TAMK. You can always turn to any tutor, no matter the degree programme. They are here to help! They may not know answers to all questions, but at least they can show where to get the answers.


Degree tutoring Degree tutors are an important factor in making foreign degree students feel comfortable and start their studies at TAMK. Degree tutors familiarize students with TAMK procedures and degree programmes, Finland, Finnish culture and student life. Degree tutor training is available for all foreign students in English Degree Programmes. The language of tutor training is English as well. International tutoring International tutor is often the first connection exchange student has with Finland. They take care that exchange students adapt to TAMK, Tampere and Finland. International tutoring is a great way of making friends and networking around the world. In addition, it offers new experiences and improves your language skills. International tutor trainings are organized twice a year. Both Finnish and foreign degree students are welcomed to be international tutors. Tutoring representative tuutorointi(at)tamko.fi


Student’s leisure activities Student’s life shouldn’t involve only books and exams. Leisure time is important for each and every one of us. Tamko takes care of students’ wellbeing by organizing a wide range of events, cultural and leisure activities as well as communicating about events and activities arranged by other student associations. Tamko’s own annual events include for example Tursajaiset, an initiation party for the new students, and a recruiting event called Gateway to work life. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions or new event ideas! Events representative tapahtumat(at)tamko.fi

Clubs and associations In TAMK, there are multiple clubs organizing activities for similar-minded people, e.g. whisky club TAWIS, pub culture club Bubiklubi, Club International Tampere CLINT, theater club Ääriraja and Tolu sports club. The purpose of these clubs is that people can gather and enjoy their favorite activities together. Tamko offers assistance in establishing and running student clubs and associations. The Students’ Union offers email addresses, information regarding administration, and general information on how to run the club and maintain activity. Learning groups and class teams may also form clubs if they wish to. Students can also apply for fund for different study-related trips, publications, events and such. Project needs to have a clear goal, ending point and a project plan or a budget. Affiliates representative kerho(at)tamko.fi More information of student associations and clubs.


Student’s sport services SportUni Students’ sport services are produced in cooperation with SportUni. It provides high quality, versatile and equal sports services for both students and employees of Tampere Universities. The use of SportUni facilities and services requires paying a SportUni membership fee, which, as a member of Tamko, you will get with an affordable price. Membership fees for Tamko members are: 75 € / academic year of 2020-2021 or 44 € / Autumn semester. By paying the fee, you get access to SportUni services provided by Tampere Universities – services of three campuses for the price of one! The membership fee is paid in the Tamko office (members of Tamko) or at the info desk of TAMK Main Campus (other TAMK students). After payment, the access rights to sports facilities are added to your access key. In SportUni’s Kuntokatu campus (located in the L-building) you find various sports facilities including gym, a sports hall, table tennis, climbing wall and sauna/shower facilities. From Tamko’s office you can lend a wide variety of sport equipment for free. Find out more about SportUni services and facilities.


Tolu Tolu (The emerging muscles of Tampere) is a sports club operating in TAMK. It provides noncompetitive leisure and sports activities for students. Tolu organizes various events and a weekly sport shift where you can try different kind of sports. Find Tolu from Facebook.

TAMK Liikuntakaveri TAMK Liikuntakaveri (=Sport friend) is a Facebook group where all TAMK students are welcome to join. It helps you to find new friends to start exercising with. Join on Facebook.


Living in Tampere Living in Tampere is fun! Tampere is the 3rd largest city in Finland and rewarded as the most popular Finnish city according to several surveys considering living and studying. With over 35,000 students, Tampere is one of the biggest university cities in Finland. There are many activities for students ranging from sports activities to different student events around the year. Tampere tourist information.

TOAS TOAS provides students with reasonably priced yet high-quality housing in prime locations. Apart from renting apartments, TOAS also operates in the fields of construction project development and building maintenance. Find your home from here.

POAS POAS has over 30 apartment blocks located near universities and public transportation connections around the city. POAS’s s flats are rented to students in Tampere and Pirkanmaa region, as well as employed people under 30 years of age. Find out more from here. Other housing options: Lumo Sato Avara


Public transportation Tampere Regional Transport develops its services to meet the needs of all residents in Tampere. The goal is to provide a public transportation service, which is easy and comfortable to use for commuting to work, school, hobbies, or to other places during free time. In addition, a tram will begin its operation in August 2021. As a TAMK student, you are entitled to cheaper bus tickets. You can purchase a Tampere Travel Card from the office of Tampere Regional Transport. Bus tickets can be purchased with either stored value, season tickets or single tickets. You can load value to your Tampere Travel Card. Single ticket bought from the bus driver costs 3,50 â‚Ź. Local Journey Planner provides you advice on the best public transport connection to your destination.


Student health care For those seeking for medical attention, Tampere City Student Health Care provides health services for TAMK students studying for more than four months. Health care services of nurses and psychologists are free of charge. Contact information: Tampere City Student Health Care Hammareninkatu 7, 4th floor 33100 Tampere Service hours: Monday-Thursday 8.00am to 3.30pm. Friday 8.00am to 3.00pm. Phone advice and booking appointments with nurse or a doctor: Monday-Thursday 8.15am-3.00pm, Friday 8.15am-1.00pm. Tel. +358 40 806 2454 (Engineering, Media & Arts, Forestry students) Tel. +358 40 806 2459 (Nursing, health care, Hospitality management, tourism students) Tel. +358 40 806 2455 (International Business, Music, Social services students) Dental care Booking appointment to dentist: Monday-Friday 8.00am-5.00pm. Tel. +358 3 5657 0100 Emergency First aid unit Acuta (24 hours) takes care of emergencies, which cannot be treated in health care centers. Information and advice: +358 3 311 611 Teiskontie 35 33520 Tampere


Harassment contacts Tamko harassment contact support and give advice to students who have experienced disturbance or harassment of any form. Disturbance contacts do not document names and they have full professional confidentiality. They are all TAMK students, just like you. Feel free to contact Tamko’s disturbance contact in any matter you wish to have advice for. Ms. Ella Helenius: disturbance.ella(at)tamko.fi Ms. Amanda Piipponen: disturbance.amanda(at)tamko.fi Ms. Nora Hagemeier: disturbance.nora(at)tamko.fi You can contact to disturbance contact persons: disturbance(at)tamko.fi


Studying in TAMK By presenting a valid student card or a meal subsidy card issued by Kela, you can have a student discount in subsidized student restaurants. Kela pays the difference between the full price and the discount price to the operator of the restaurant. The meal subsidy applies to all TAMK students. TAMK Kuntokatu 3 (main campus) Campusravita TAYS Kuntokatu 4 Medica Bio, Medica Arvo TAMK Mediapolis Ravintola Live

OPS as a study manual Each degree program has a curriculum, OPS, which are available here. In the OPS you will find the structures and courses of your degree program. OPS is the basis for your own personal study plan, HOPS. By designing your studies and updating your HOPS, you can build your own learning path. Study Services You can turn to Study Services in almost all study-related matters. Study Affairs Coordinators take care of for example student benefit guidance, student admissions matters, transcripts of records, degree certificates and study certificates. Students can turn to any student services office or Study Affairs Coordinator regardless of their own degree programme or campus.


Studying in TAMK Library Services There is a library in all TAMK campuses. You can activate your student card to be used as a library card in all libraries. Find out more information. Printing and copying TAMK uses multi-function printers that allows you to print your documents securely in all campuses. You can send a document from your email to webprint(at)tampere3.fi and pick it up at any multi-function printer. Register your student card as your printing card. All students get a free printing quota of 400 black and white pages per academic year.


Student’s alphabets Academic year sticker = Academic year sticker validates the student card. The sticker is valid either for the whole academic year or only for the autumn or spring term.

co-operation between Finnish students and exchange students who come to study at TAMK, and therefore facilitate their adaptation to the Finnish culture

Affiliate = Affiliates or clubs are suborganizations of Tamko. All students of TAMK can found or join affiliates. Tamko offers assistance in establishing and running student clubs and associations.There are multiple clubs organizing activities for similar-minded people in TAMK. The purpose of these clubs is that people can gather and enjoy their favorite activities together.

Council = Council has the highest power to make decisions related to the Students’ Union. It consists of 21 representatives, and its term lasts for one calendar year. A new council is elected annually in November. All Tamko members have the right to vote in the council election Degree tutors = Degree tutors help students during their first year of studies. They are all students themselves and trained by Tamko. Degree tutors familiarize students with TAMK procedures and degree programmes, Finland, Finnish culture and student life

Alkumetri = Tamko’s party on 2.9.2020 for launching the start of the academic year Board = The board of Tamko is responsible for the daily operations of the Students’ Union. New board is selected annually after council elections. Every Tamko member can stand for a position in the board

ECTS = European credit transfer system. Finnish universities of applied sciences use the European ECTS system. One credit requires approximately 27,5 hours of studying

Campusravita Oy = Restaurant company that maintains the student restaurant, cafeteria, and bookshop at Kuntokatu campus. Tamko members enjoy an additional student lunch discount when paid with the stored value of the student card CLINT = Club International Tampere is a sub-organization of Tamko. The main mission of CLINT is to enhance the

Harassment contact = Tamko harassment contacts support and give advice to students who have experienced disturbance of any form. Harassment can be for example flirting that is going too far, racist, homophobic or sexist behavior, unwelcome sexual or hostile messages, phone calls or emails. The disturbance contacts do not document names and they have full confidentiality


Student’s alphabets International tutor = Student who guides and helps foreign exchange students at TAMK. They are all students themselves and trained by Tamko

Opiskelijan Tampere = Opiskelijan Tampere gathers all student benefits, apartments, events, sports, marketplace, and city information on one website. Check all the services.

Jobiili.fi = Jobiili.fi is an online employment service of Finnish universities of applied sciences

PISTOT = Student party organized monthly by student associations TTO, TIRO and PIRATE

Kuntokatu = TAMK’s main campus is located on both sides of Kuntokatu street. Health care students can be found from Kuntokatu 4 whereas engineering, tourism, catering, domestic services, social services and business administration students at Kuntokatu 3

PIVO = Application by Pivo Wallet. You can active a mobile student card in Pivo. By showing the mobile card, you get all the same benefits than with regular student card POAS = stands for Pirkan Opiskelija-asunnot, a student housing company owned by the city of Tampere. POAS rents affordable flats to students of Tampere and Pirkanmaa region, as well as to working people under 30 years of age. POAS offers flats near the colleges and universities around Tampere, close to good traffic connections.

Master’s degree = The Master’s degree awarded by a university of applied sciences is 60-90 credits in scope, and requires 1-2 years of study. The prerequisites for applying to a Master’s degree programme in a university of applied sciences are a Bachelor’s degree and three years of work experience

Project = Students can create projects under Tamko and apply for funding. This kind of fundable projects include for example excursions, publications, and events that are directly related to studies

Mediapolis = Campus for Media & Arts students. Located in Tohlopinranta 31, 33270 Tampere Meal subsidy = By presenting a valid Tamko student card or a meal subsidy card issued by Kela, you can have a student discount in subsidized student restaurants Musiikkiakatemia ( =music academy) = TAMK campus for music students.

½Q (= puolikuu = half-moon) is a part of Campusravita’s restaurant at Kuntokatu campus. It was named after its shape


Student’s Alphabets SAMOK = The Union of Students in Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences. SAMOK is a national, politically independent organization for students at universities of applied sciences (UAS). The organization is led by students and works to promote students’ interests

Subject association = Students of different degree programmes have established subject associations that organize activities for their members. The most important subject associations for TAMK’s English speaking students are TIRO (engineering students), PIRATE (health care students), TTO (business administration students), SOPU (social services students) and TARINA (media & arts students)

Solu = Tamko’s office which is located at Kuntokatu 3, L-building. Besides Tamko, Solu is inhabited by TIRO’s, SOPU’s and TTO’s board members

Tamko = Tamko is the students’ union of Tampere University of Applied Sciences http://tamko.fi/en

Student card = When you apply for a membership of Tamko, you receive a student card that provides hundreds of student benefits nationally. The card also works as a library card, printing card, and payment card at Campusravita’s restaurants and shop at Kuntokatu campus

Tamko Topics = A weekly bulletin which is sent via email to all Tamko members on Mondays TOAS = TOAS provides affordable and student-friendly homes for the entire period of study. TOAS homes are located in the city center close to the educational institutions. The TOAS delegation has student representatives chosen by Tamko

Student health care = Tampere City Student Health Care provides health services for students studying in Tampere for more than four months. The student health care in Tampere is located at Tullinkulma, Hammareninkatu 7, 4th floor

Tursajaiset = A must-see ritual-like event for all new TAMK students held every autumn

Student union = According to law every university of applied sciences must have its own student union. Tamko is the student union for TAMK students. The basic duties of Tamko is to represent the students within TAMK administration and develop their studies as well as social conditions

Tuudo = mobile application for TAMK students’ information and services


Contact information for Tamko Board


Emmi Lainpelto Chairperson puheenjohtaja(at)tamko.fi +358 44 082 6560

Aino Partanen Tutoring tuutorointi(at)tamko.fi +358 44 082 6565

Tomi Hyppänen Executive Director toiminnanjohtaja(at)tamko.fi +358 44 382 6560

Jenni Tammenmaa Vice Chairperson vpj(at)tamko.fi +358 44 082 6561

Anton Kallio International Affairs international(at)tamko.fi +358 44 082 6566

Elli Korhonen Expert, Tutoring asiantuntija(at)tamko.fi +358 44 082 6567

Arttu Santamäki Social Affairs sopo(at)tamko.fi +358 44 082 6564

Hannastiina Ruismäki Expert, Educational & Social Affairs edunvalvonta(at)tamko.fi +358 44 382 6562

Suvi Hänninen Educational Affairs kopo(at)tamko.fi +358 44 082 6563 Suvi Välilehto Events tapahtumat(at)tamko.fi +358 44 082 6569 Emilia Surakka Affiliates kerho(at)tamko.fi +358 44 082 6569 Petra Vuorinen Wellbeing and culture kulttuuri(at)tamko.fi +358 44 082 6570

Juho Kaasinen Expert, Communication tiedottaja(at)tamko.fi +358 44 082 6562 Tytti Mattila Expert, Member service toimisto(at)tamko.fi +358 44 382 6561

Council Kia Kauppinen Chairperson edustajisto.pj(at)tamko.fi Ronja Mikkola Vice Chairperson edustajisto.vpj(at)tamko.fi


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Tamko Student's Guidebook 2020 - 2021  

Tamko Student's Guidebook 2020 - 2021  


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