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Student’s Alphabets SAMOK = The Union of Students in Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences. SAMOK is a national, politically independent organization for students at universities of applied sciences (UAS). The organization is led by students and works to promote students’ interests

Subject association = Students of different degree programmes have established subject associations that organize activities for their members. The most important subject associations for TAMK’s English speaking students are TIRO (engineering students), PIRATE (health care students), TTO (business administration students), SOPU (social services students) and TARINA (media & arts students)

Solu = Tamko’s office which is located at Kuntokatu 3, L-building. Besides Tamko, Solu is inhabited by TIRO’s, SOPU’s and TTO’s board members

TAMK Events = A mobile application showcasing all events held by Tamko or other student associations

Student card = When you apply for a membership of Tamko, you receive a student card that provides hundreds of student benefits nationally. The card also works as a library card, printing card, and payment card at Campusravita’s restaurants and shop at Kuntokatu campus

Tamko = Tamko is the students’ union of Tampere University of Applied Sciences Tamko Topics = A weekly bulletin which is sent via email to all Tamko members on Mondays

Student health care = Tampere City Student Health Care provides health services for students studying in Tampere for more than four months. The student health care in Tampere is located at Tullinkulma, Hammareninkatu 7, 4th floor

TOAS = TOAS provides affordable and student-friendly homes for the entire period of study. TOAS homes are located in the city center close to the educational institutions. The TOAS delegation has student representatives chosen by Tamko

Student union = According to law every university of applied sciences must have its own student union. Tamko is the student union for TAMK students. The basic duties of Tamko is to represent the students within TAMK administration and develop their studies as well as social conditions

Tursajaiset = A must-see ritual-like event for all new TAMK students held every autumn Tuudo = mobile application for TAMK students’ information and services


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Tamko Student´s Guidebook 2019 - 2020  

All the essential information you need in order to survive at TAMK.

Tamko Student´s Guidebook 2019 - 2020  

All the essential information you need in order to survive at TAMK.