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Student Council 21-member Student Council is the highest decision maker of the Students’ Union. Council members are selected every year with elections. Every member of Tamko can vote and stand for election. In the recent years council has been active in municipal policies, forming restaurant committee and giving instructions and advice to the board of Tamko. Council forwards students’ ideas and suggestions.

Student Board The board of Tamko is responsible for the daily operations of the Student Union. Operations are dictated by the resolutions of the council and Union’s members. The easiest way to influence is to keep in touch with the board and the council. All the people in the board and the council are students of TAMK, just like you. In Tamko there is something for everyone whether you are interested in sports, municipal politics or organizing parties. Because there is such a wide variety of matters under Tamko’s wings, the practical operating of the Union is divided to smaller sectors that are supervision of interests, events and member services. These sectors are taken care by the chairperson, the vice chairperson and the board members responsible for educational affairs, social affairs, student services (also sports), culture & clubs, international affairs and tutoring. The board has meetings regularly and its members are involved in many different types of working groups, committees, meetings and events. This is the daily life of the board. The new board is elected every autumn after the council elections and everyone who is a member of Tamko can stand for a position in the board. If you have some questions about the Student Union or you are interested in joining the group of actives who run the show, you are welcome to come to the Tamko office to grill the current actives.


Tamko's Student's Guide 2017 - 2018