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Student Card As a member of Students’ Union Tamko you get a student card. It is a key to hundreds of local and national student benefits, including many public transport discounts and student-priced meals. You will also have a fair discount on the services and activities of Tamko. Please note that these benefits are only available with Tamko’s own student card and not with international student cards. Also many national benefits require you to have a valid Finnish student card. You will get the benefits and discounts by showing a student card with a valid academic year sticker: - 2017–2018 sticker is valid until 30th of September 2018 (09/2018) - autumn 2017 sticker is valid until 31st of January 2018 (01/2018) Your student card can also be used as a library and printing card at TAMK and a value card at Campusravita restaurants at Kuntokatu campus. Campusravita grants extra discount when buying the lunch with the student card. As a member you also have the possibility to run for positions and vote in the annual elections of the Students’ Union. You may also apply for grants for excursions, projects and student clubs.


Tamko's Student's Guide 2017 - 2018