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Tamko - Your Students’ Union Tamko is the Students’ Union for students of Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK). The main tasks of Tamko are to represent the students within the TAMK administration and to promote their educational affairs and social conditions. Tamko organizes tutoring, sports services and other leisure activities for students. Student card is the clearest sign of membership of Tamko. It is nationally recognized and entitles you to hundreds of benefits and discounts including cheaper public transport with trains and buses. Tamko members have the right to vote and become a candidate in students’ council elections. Council of representatives holds the highest authority in the Students’ Union and it elects the board, which is responsible for the activities of Tamko together with the staff. You are most welcome to join us – there’s more than 6500 of us already!

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Tamko's Student's Guide 2017 - 2018