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Student’s Alphabets Master’s degree = The Master’s degree awarded by a university of applied sciences is 60-90 credits in scope, and requires 1-2 years of part-time study. The prerequisites for applying to a Master’s degree programme in a university of applied sciences are a Bachelor’s degree and three years of work experience.

fundable projects can be for example single excursions, publications, and events that are directly related to studies.

Mediapolis = Campus for media students

SAMOK = University of Applied Sciences Students in Finland – SAMOK. SAMOK is a national, politically independent organization for students at universities of applied sciences (UAS). The organization is led by students and works to promote students’ interests.

½Q (= puolikuu = half-moon) is a part of Campusravita’s restaurant at Kuntokatu campus. It was named after its shape.

Meal subsidy = By presenting a valid Tamko student card or a meal subsidy card issued by Kela, you can have a student discount in subsidized student restaurants. Opiskelijan Tampere = Tampere for Students gathers all student benefits, apartments, events, sports, marketplace, and city information on a website. Check all the services at

Solu = Tamko’s office which is located at Kuntokatu 3, L-building. Besides Tamko, Solu is inhabited by TIRO’s, SOPU’s and TTO’s board members. Student card = When you apply for membership in Tamko, you receive a student card that provides hundreds of student benefits nationally and Kela’s subsidized lunch. The student card also works as a library card, printing card, and payment card at Campusravita’s restaurants.

PISTOT = Monthly organized student parties by TTO, TIRO and PIRATE. POAS = Pirkan Opiskelija-asunnot Oy is a limited company that is owned by the City of Tampere. At the present time, the company has 30 building entities in different parts of the city. The apartments are intended for students in post-comprehensive level education in Tampere (and area of Pirkanmaa), as well as young employed people under the age of 30. Project = Students can create projects under Tamko and apply for funding. This kind of

Student health care = Tampere City Student Health Care provides health services for students studying in Tampere for more than four months. The student health care in Tampere is located at Tullinkulma, Hammareninkatu 7, 2nd and 4th floor.


Tamko's Student's Guide 2017 - 2018  
Tamko's Student's Guide 2017 - 2018