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Cultural Activities And Clubs Tamko organizes wide range of cultural activities, events and free time activity. One of the biggest annual event is Tursajaiset, initiation party for new students. Tickets to various events can be bought from Tamko’s office. There are multiple clubs organizing activities for similar-minded people in TAMK, e.g. whisky club TAWIS, pub culture club Bubiklubi, theater club Ääriraja and frisbee club Tamkon Letut. Idea of these clubs is that people can gather and enjoy their favorite activities together. Tamko offers assistance in founding and running student clubs and associations. The Students’ Union offers email addresses, information regarding administration, and general information on how to run the club and maintain activity. Learning groups and classes may also form clubs if they wish to. Students can also start their own projects to fund different kind of study-related trips, publications, events and such. Project needs to have a clear goal, ending point, and a project plan or a budget. TAMK EVENTS Culture & Clubs representative TAMK Events is a mobile application showcasing all events held by Tamko or other student organizations and clubs. Download the free app from app store. TAMK Events is available for Android and iOS.


Tamko's Student's Guide 2017 - 2018