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New student, welcome!











What is the student union and how to get the student card?

An action club for all internationallyminded students

Learn about the Finnish culture through workshops and events!





Do you know why there’s so much silence on the buses in winter time?

Andrew fell in love and moved to Finland.

Would you like to try boulder climbing, ice-swimming or some other cool sport?

There’s life outside the university, too!




tutor will LIFE-LONG GLOBAL Your take care of you. FRIENDSHIPS

Keep your eyes open. Don’t miss the parties!

EDITOR IN CHIEF Katja Keto ( GRAPHIC DESIGN Johanna Hörkkö ( ASSISTING WRITERS Panu Aho, Pekko Honkasalo, Mikko Jaatinen, Heini Kuusisto, Mirva Lindström,

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Carlotta Maquignaz, Paula Pernu, Hanna Peussa, Antonio Resta, Andrew Scholfield PHOTOGRAPHERS Samu Kotilahti, Otso Lahti, Carlotta Maquignaz, Hanna Peussa, Andrew Scholfield, Sebastian Roesch FRONT COVER Samu Kotilahti Tuokio is a magazine meant for the members of the Student Union of Turku University of Applied Sciences – TUO. Tuokio Xtra is an issue especially made for international students in TUAS.

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Maybe someone has told you that it gets crazy cold here during winter and that we keep polar bears in our backyards (wouldn’t that be cute?!). I’ve also heard that some foreigners believe that because we have cold winters we never feel cold. You might have also heard that Finns are good ice hockey players, ski jumpers and formula one drivers. Maybe you can even name Teemu Selänne, Janne Ahonen and Kimi Räikkönen. I have to admit that I might be the kind of person whom with it’s not very easy to familiarize with. At least it might take a little time. Nevertheless I don’t count myself shy – it just takes a little time for me to get to know new people. However it doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t enjoy getting to know new people and having new friends. Simply it just means that I’m a little slow person. Not shy, but slow. And I don’t want to shock you, but Coffee & rye bread! eone e I’m freezing most of the time. It’s m Yum! o s at w ybe not only once or twice that I’ve had “Ma d you th s in my toes all blue because of cold. r l a o e t has polar b ds.” My workmates often laugh at the r keep backya many scarves that I cover myself with Remember to have one eye our at work. Anyway this doesn’t mean on your future career. that I wouldn’t love winter. I do! I love the white, snowy forests and ice swimming, but my love for the great season hasn’t made me any A confidential better coping with the coldness. report about I hope this isn’t too much of a shocking news Turku for you, but I haven’t been ice skating in ten years and skiing in 16 years. Surprisingly I have never driven a formula one car. I’ve seen formula one cars, skiers and ski jumpers on television as I’ve also seen polar bears on some documentaries. They all seem, how could I put this… quite nice, but they don’t have any special role in my Finnish life. New student, welcome to Turku! Fasten your No matter what kind of prejudices you have, I seatbelts, because your adventures in Turku hope you are able to let go of them, in case you University of Applied Sciences is about to begin. realize they aren’t true. And if you realize they I dare to promise you that you’re going to meet actually are true, I hope you’re able to laugh at loads of new people, you’re going to learn loads them, because that’s what your adventures in Turku should be all about – laugh and amuseof new things and most of all – you’re going to ment! have loads of fun. Depending where you’re from you may have all kinds of prejudices about Finland and Finnish people. You may have heard that we’re all shy and introverted and that it takes forever to really get KATJA KETO - EDITOR IN CHIEF to know a Finn.








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In short Student Union TUO is every student’s money saving friend in need. That is, we help students when they have problems and offer money saving benefits with our member card. Easy studying and a happy student life for everyone in TUAS! One of TUO’s main objectives is to make studying in TUAS a happy experience for all students. We have student representatives in numerous organizations and groups inside TUAS, such as study councelling group, board of TUAS, quality management group and accessibility group. We want to develop TUAS in a way that benefits students, and gives them better circumstances for studying: better courses, professional teaching and useful services to accompany them. Of course we also arrange some events and parties to make sure everyone has a chance to meet new people and find new friends.

Help! If you encounter problems during your studies, whether it’s with teachers, other students, or something else, you

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can always contact TUO. We will stand by you and help you contact the right people, fill out the right forms or call the right numbers, depending on situation. You can ask for help even if you are not our member, our door is open for all students.

Save money with our member card TUO’s member card is official student card that gives you money saving discounts and benefits. For example travelling with train and long-distance busses is 50 % cheaper with our student card. You also get discounts from several museums, theaters, movies, shops and much more. And the best part is that our student card works everywhere in Finland! So feel free to travel and explore Finland during your stay, student card makes it cheaper for you. For example Finnish

TUO’s office is located at Lemminkäisenkatu campus and at the office you can have guidance for example on tutoring, sports and student cards.

hostels give a nice discount with student card. You also get a student priced lunch in all campus canteens in TUAS, Turku University and actually in every higher education school everywhere in Finland. Neat, huh? You can become a member and order your student card easily online at Membership for fall semester (student card is valid until end January 2013) costs only 23 euro! Membership for a full year is 32 euro.

Are you an international student in Turku or an internationally-minded Finn who is interested in meeting people from different cultures? If your answer is yes, ESN is here for you! TEXT MIRVA LINDSTRÖM PHOTO SEBASTIAN ROESCH

ESN-IAC INTERNATIONAL ACTION CLUB Erasmus Student Network (ESN) is one of the biggest interdisciplinary student associations in Europe, founded in 1989 for supporting and developing student exchange. ESN is present in 36 countries offering services for 150 000 students mainly on a volunteer basis. ESN-IAC is section for students in Turku, which is based on Turku University of Applied sciences. It is operated by its own students and tutor who are all here to make your exchange year to be unforgettable. In Turku we are lucky to have two other ESN sections. With the help of each other we create the most amazing trips, events and parties.


Northern Lights and Santa Claus – are you interested in seeing them? Join with us in our trip to Lapland. Or perhaps our Eastern neighbour, Russia, interests you more? We go there too! But

let’s not forget our biggest party boat ESN Finland cruise which gathers international students from all over Finland. Last year we were pirates, come and see what is happening this semester!


Weekend has just passed and you’re waiting for the next one already. It’s Monday. Can it get more depressing? Not anymore! We have a solution for you, special event of ESN-IAC. You’re welcome to enjoy a relaxing evening with your favorite ESN people at Hang Around Mondays! HAM is organized every second Monday with different themes. HAM is held in our ESN-IAC office which is located in Lemminkäisenkatu campus.

Other Events

Our events are not only limited on Mondays, because ESN is here to offer you help with your academic, social and practical integration process. This is mainly done through activities, which include cultural and social events such as trips to various places within and outside Finland, film nights, buddy groups, language projects, international food fests and last but not least, parties! To stay update go and like our facebook site. All the events will be established there.

How to find us? IAC-office is located in Lemminkäisenkatu 30, TUAS campus. Email: iac@students.
 Web page: Facebook: esn-iac

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The sports club of the Turku University of Applied Sciences, TULI ry, is a registered organization which arranges sports for students and staff of TUAS. Working closely with the student union TUO, the goal of TULI is to arrange sports and other optional pastime activities for students besides partying all the time. Our weekly scheduled activities include for example floorball, futsal and volleyball. Furthermore the Gym and Swimming hall at the Ruiskatu campus will also be at our members’ disposal as of autumn 2012. These details are subject to change, so be sure to check out the latest buzz on our website TULI ry also organizes sports tryouts 1–2 times a month. In the tryouts you can experience new

Check out our website or like TULI ry in facebook for the newest information!

6 TuokioXtra 2012

sports that might even be a little more exotic than your average cup of tea: Boulder climbing, fencing or ice swimming for example. Lastly, TULI ry organizes at least 2 traditional tournaments for TUAS students every year: a futsal-tournament in the spring and floorball tournament in autumn. Joining TULI ry is easy! All you need to do is buy a sports sticker on to your student card. The sport sticker is your personal “sports passport” that is attached to the student card (if you do not have a student card you get a separate sports card). The sport sticker is valid for one academic year. With the sport sticker you have the chance to exercise diversely with student friendly prices. Sport sticker costs only 15 euros if you are a member of the Student Union, and 20 euros if not. You can buy the sticker from TUO’s office in Lemminkäisenkatu campus or bookstores in Sepänkatu and Ruiskatu campus. With the sport sticker you can get: free sports hours for futsal, floorball and volleyball, discounts from sport tryouts, a discount when participating in tournaments, discounts from Stadium, Nike Sport Gallerie, Grupo Capossu, yoga center Himalaja… only to name a few privileges for our members!


Get FINternational course is a great way to learn more about the Finnish culture as well as other cultures through different workshops and events. Students from various nationalities take the course every semester. Read participants’ thoughts about the course: 1. What have you done so far in the course? 2. What’s the best thing about the course? 3. What would you like to say to international students coming to Turku?

Get FINternational

- Optional course, 3 ECTS credits, course code 1000393 - Organised every semester, course begins mid-September / mid-January - Students from all campuses can take part in the course - More information/enrolments:

Anna from Russia, 20, studies social services

Zuzana from Czech Re-

public, 24, studies sustainable development 1. I’ve taken part in ESN-IAC’s Hang Around Mondays, Language Café, Easter Crafts event… 2. Easter Crafts, Language Café and the workshops. Everything’s interactive! 3. Turku is an interesting city, I like it a lot! Get to know Finnish people, they are nice.

1. I enjoyed a lot the visit to the Turku main library (which by the way is great) and presented my university in the International Day on my campus. I’m also going to the Get FINternational trip to Helsinki to visit the parliament house. 2. I like cooking, so my favourite event in the course has been baking the Finnish traditional blueberry pie! 3. Everybody should take the Get FINternational course to learn more about Finland. I want to visit Finland still many times, so it’s good to learn more about this country.

Tyler from Canada, 26,

studies international business 1. I took part in the Easter Crafts event, where we made Easter decorations. I’ve also been to a lecture about Japanese culture and in a workshop about Finnish music and design. 2. The course is interactive and well organized. 3. Keep an open mind and try all of the food! Enjoy the nature in all seasons!

2012 Tuokio Xtra 7

Friendship Programme offers international students and local people a possibility to learn more about each other’s cultures. The programme runs on a voluntary basis and the participants decide themselves what they do together and how often they meet. TEXT HANNA PEUSSA PHOTO CARLOTTA MAQUIGNAZ

WANT TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE FINNISH WAY OF LIFE? JOIN FRIENDSHIP PROGRAMME! Carlotta Maquignaz from Italy and Rita Nartamo from Finland have become friends through the programme. They were introduced to each other in the opening meeting of the programme in January and since then they have for example been to walks by the riverside, had lively discussions over coffee and taken together a cruise to Åland Islands. They will spend still more time together before Carlotta leaves Finland to go back home, and they will meet each other also when Rita visits Northern Italy later in the summer. Rita has enjoyed explaining Finnish manners and culture to Carlotta, as she hopes that has helped Carlotta to settle in better to her new living environment in Turku. Carlotta again has told Rita about her own culture and also taught Italian language to Rita. The Finnish Friend from the local community is a good way to learn more about the life outside the university. Carlotta says that she was excited to participate in the Frienship Pro-

8 Tuokio Xtra 2012

gramme so that she could meet also other people in addition to exchange students. By taking part in the Friendship Programme you will get a different image of the Finns as also Carlotta had experienced. She had been told that Finns are “shy, cold and introvert”. Carlotta tells that the first meeting with Rita showed her not to believe in stereotypes. Rita’s first words to her new friend had been “Come va?” (how are you in Italian) and hugged her straight away. They had talked a lot and without any silent moments!

Friendship Programme - Organised every

semester, opening meeting in September/January - Students from all campuses can apply to the programme - More information and application form at friendshipprogramme

le rrib e t e ua r y er th “Aft in Febr nderu k wee erfectly a is so Ip un now why sa t!” d n stan importa

"Turku? Where is it?" "Finland." "Ahhh. But why did you choose Finland? It´s so cold up there, the people are shy and introvert and there are many suicides."


I heard this sentence so many times before I left for my exchange program. I could choose between many destinations, but when I saw Finland I knew that it would be my first choice. I wanted to discover the north, to have the opportunity to live for a period in the land of the lakes. I always imagined Finland as the land of the fairy tales, so from my child dream to the reality, here I am! I left home just after Christmas holidays. I landed in Turku the 6th of January and I will stay here until May. I come from Italy, but not from the "sunny Italy" as everyone can imagine. I come from a small village in the North. Do you know Toblerone chocolate? Well, I live at the foot

of the mountain that is drawn on the box. So the cold was not such a big shock for me, as it has been for some of my African classmates, but it took me quite a long time to get used to the dark. I was always so tired at the beginning and waking me up in the morning was a mission impossible.  Now I can understand why in winter time on the bus there's so much silence. If outside is -30 degrees Celsius you are not really in the mood to do a lively chat, you can't wait to go home and have a cup of hot tea! And after the terrible week in February now I perfectly understand why sauna is so important! I love Turku, a town very liveable, with a wonderful river side, cosy cafés, many parks. I had the opportunity to visit

Helsinki, Tampere, Naantali and Lahti for a ski jump competition. Unluckily when we went to the capital there was a snow storm, so it was not the best weather to chill out! I left my heart in Lapland: I've been there with a trip organized by the guys from ESN. What an amazing experience! We stayed in Levi and we've been so lucky to see the northern lights twice! I have been very surprised about the many activities that are organized for the exchange students. My first day my tutor picked me up from the airport. She gave me even her coffee machine, her skates and she's been so helpful all the time! I soon met also the guys from ESN in the first Hang Around Monday: they make our stay memorable! After all the sweets, Mämmi, cinnamon rolls, karelian pastries I will go back home with 10 more kilos, but with my luggage full of happiness!

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Did you come to Turku to study? For sure! But maybe you would like to experience some Finnish student culture as well? When you study in TUAS you can be sure that there is not going to be any boring week during your stay. Student Union TUO and student associations are organizing events almost every week during the school year. Keep your eyes open not to miss the best ones!


Who is organizing? Student union of the Turku University of Applied Sciences – TUO is the student’s own legally acknowledged service organization that looks after student interests. Alongside taking care of student’s matters, TUO is organizing approximately 6 big events per year. The Loveboat cruise and Freshman party Keltanokkabileet are gathering more than 1500 students to have a good time together! Check the website There are 10 student associations in TUAS organizing parties and other activities. Trade, Elba, TIO, Esteri, Tuore, TOM, TOY, Sykli, TSTS and ESN-IAC are making

10 Tuokio Xtra 2012


events for students to have unforgettable free-time!

Where to party?

Every day is a party day! If you really want to live a night life, night clubs in Turku are open nearly every day. Students are collaborating with several night clubs to make a blast parties! If you want to make the party big, head to Prima, Börs or Apollo. If underground feeling is your thing, Klubi might be the place for you. Klubi is also the place where Welcome party for

incoming students is organized in the beginning of every semester. Night Club Marilyn and Vegas are one of the oldest night clubs in Turku and there you can find a student party every Wednesday and Thursday night! Although night clubs are good places to party, you can experience unforgettable moments around the city. Students city orienteering’s are fun way to get to know your new hometown and its weirdest little corners. And do not miss the river boats on summer! These floating bars are place to be when you want to put your legs up and have a cozy time with your friends outside.

Who can party?

YOU! And your friends. And your friend’s friends. And everybody else. It does not matter which party or who is organizing it, just join in and have a blast!

Welcome party

Welcome party is one of the biggest parties every semester. The student unions of all the four Universities in Turku work together to organize this party for all the new international students in Turku, international tutors from all the universities, other international and internationally minded people! Spot this party to meet your new friends! The Freshman party Keltanokkabileet is also a theme party. In 2011 the theme was Ocean’s 11.

The Loveboat cruise

Loveboat aka Lemmenlautta, one of the Finland’s biggest student events is organized by TUO and it takes place on a Baltic Sea. If you are spending your April in Finland, this is something you can’t skip! 24 hours full of artists, activities, friends and fun! This is a theme cruise for over 1500 students from all over Finland to come together to celebrate in all kind of costumes! Spring 2012 the theme was France, wait and see which is going to be the theme on a next cruise!

Freshman party/Keltanokkabileet

At the beginning of the school year TUO organizes a party for freshmen. This theme party gathers over 1200 new students to the same field where they will officially be excepted to be a part of our school and student union. They have to swear an oath before heading to Turku city orienteering and have fun. This costume party is open for older students as well but they will have their own activities while the freshmen circle around the city.

2012 Tuokio Xtra 11


As an exchange student you might feel like you’re staying in Finland for a very short period of time. Maybe this is why some people want to study their whole degree-programme here in Finland. I was lucky enough to interview one of these students. This British fellow was enthusiastic about sharing his experiences of Finland – with all of you. What is your name and what is your home country? Andrew Scholfield and I’m from Great Britain. What degree do you study here in Finland and when will you graduate? I’m studying International Business and I’m graduating spring 2013. I’m hoping to continue on the Masters Programme here at TUAS. Why did you choose Finland as a country where you wanted to study? I fell in love with a beautiful Finnish woman, and I can say that this is quite a common reason from foreign men who are living here. We met in Leeds in the north of England during her Erasmus exchange. What do you think is the main difference in culture when compared with your home

12 Tuokio Xtra 2012

country? In a word – honesty. This is not to say English people are dishonest at all. However the Finnish are very direct and always take people at face value. A positive difference in favour of the British is that we are good talkers, we don’t require quite so many drinks as the Finnish do to get us into a conversation. Did you have a “culture shock” when you came here? No. Not a culture shock. I would say it was a culture ‘breath of clear, crisp fresh air’! What I love is that Finnish society functions so well and efficiently that it made me proud to live here. What are the main things in your studies that differ from your home country? In England we have many more seminars and lecture discussions. The communication culture is

very different because there is much more discussion involved in the courses. Do you often go to free time events? Do these events differ much from those in your home country? I wouldn’t say I go to events often, but when I have been I find the Finns enjoy the same type of fun as the Brits. Have you found it easy to find a job or traineeship here in Finland? No I haven’t found it easy. It’s been difficult to find a job. But it’s been easy to start my own business. The biggest advice I can give anyone looking for a job in Finland is to study Finnish.

degree student what would it be? Finns are reserved so make the effort to get to know them properly. I promise you won’t be disappointed. Finnish studying culture involves a huge number of student parties. How is it in Britain? I would say that the Finnish students drink as much as the British students do. But I would o ed s v say that British party more. r e s

e et are r ort to g y. s n n “Fi e eff properl h t e mak w them won’t be o u to kn mise yo ted.” o I pr isappoin d

Would you recommend Finland as a study/ exchange country? Absolutely! Finland is not only beautiful and peaceful but safe, welcoming and a fascinating place to live. If you could give one tip to a new exchange/

What is the most exotic thing you’ve did here in Finland? Salmiakkishots in the savusauna. Whether in a summer cottage on an archipelago island, or in the wintery wilds of Lapland don’t be afraid this is an experience of a lifetime! Obviously you’ve tried sauna but have you tried ice-swimming (avanto)? I haven’t tried ice-swimming yet but I have tunneled my way from the sauna window through two meters deep of snow – naked!

2012 Tuokio Xtra 13


I have been tutoring international exchange students during years 2010–2011. I tutored as a part of three-headed group and we had 12 students in total. I originally ended up as an exchange tutor because I wanted to make friends in foreign students during my studies, even if I didn’t go abroad myself. Basically exchange-tutoring is helping in daily and autumn varies) to see where campus and basis, and to ease culture shock during the period other important buildings and places where. If of exchange in Finland. There are practical things there was some necessary shopping to do before such as student’s housing, prepaid-phone, getting settling in, we visited the closest supermarket. food and other home supplies, but also there is Most of the students arrived directly to Turku the mental part of tutoring, like spending time airport, but some of them came via Helsinki by with foreign students, getting to know each other bus or train. It was a huge relief to have three and familiarizing them to Finland and tutors, so at least one of us was there to Turku. pick up incoming foreigners, and we The routine for preparation and had a car in our use, which made it arriving to Finland usually fola lot easier. No one of my stus den t lows this pattern: Before our dents has had problems with u t s ge activi n exchange-students arrived, Finnish people if they needed a h Exc a lot of r their we contacted them via email to ask for directions or so, o have ailable f e took or Facebook, introduced everyone they approached was w av d ourselves, asked about their very open and willing to help. e s n e a w i t ing me, date of arrival, whether they Fun fact: even though they ee ti n anyth ld. r f want “starting package” or not didn’t have yet keys to aparto u o t par ssibly c and gave contact information e.g. ment, our first patch of Dutch guys po phone numbers. Our tutor-group visdid their virgin voyage in bar research ited Student Village Foundation’s office in their premiere night in Turku! We were to make sure that there is an apartment waiting a little concerned but they managed their way to for exchange student and got their keys – poshostel. sibly we had a chance to take a look of the apartment just to check out its condition. It’s all about having fun Also we made sure that the foreign student It is not only worrying and working but also doesn’t have to sleep without pillow and blanket having fun: I have had great time during comby renting a starting package kit for students use. mon kitchens hang-around, cooking and drinking After the exchange student arrived, we picked together. We’ve had Japanese, Dutch and Finnish him up and gave a tour in Turku (depending on cuisine nights. Also I’ve visited some big kitchen lightning conditions outside at the time, spring parties at Turku student village but as well in bars

14 Tuokio Xtra 2012

of Turku. Exchange students have a lot of activities available for their free time, and we took part on anything we possibly could. Winter of 2010 was very hard time on people from Southern Europe because of freezing temperatures, but luckily next load had an early spring at 2011. Finnish weather brings few challenges to upkeep smile on exchange students’ face during their visit. Many times we helped people to send over seasoned clothes back home and get warmer or cooler fashion by mail.

A unique experience

International student tutoring is a great way to experience foreign cultures and meet people from abroad in your own town. I have been learning from other cultures a lot. While the first exchange students were in Finland, they were in same campus as I, so we had a great chance to greet each other during day and help immediately if anything

The Freshman party Keltanokkabileet is a great event for meeting new people and getting new best friends.

was bothering their mind. I got to know their classmates (who were from all around the world). My knowledge about different countries got better and I had a change to improve my spoken Spanish skills where my tutorfriend got better in Japanese. Every one of my tutor students has said that they have had a very good and safe time and would warmly recommend exchange in Turku. For me, being a tutor reduces gap to apply for exchange student myself, since I now have friends everywhere, at least nearby and I can trust them to be my support if I need help. Also after my studies are over, and when I’m traveling for work or leisure, I might have a sofa to crash and possible colleagues to guide me around. I still keep in touch with my own

exchange students and their foreign friends. Besides life-long global friendships I think the experience was unique and an important part of my studies. People who go abroad are very social and open, and that is the kind of people I want to meet. One of us tutors was a little concerned about his English skills which turned out to be only performance anxiety. For me, the reasons to be exchange tutor are fulfilled one hundred percent. I will definitely be tutoring exchange students in future as well, and give my support to future tutors as a veteran if needed.

2012 Tuokio Xtra 15

At student cafeterias you can fill yourself up with nutritious yet affordable food. But why not sometimes explore the Finnish cuisine by cooking yourself? Here’s two recipes to dishes popular amongst Finnish students. TEXT AND PHOTOS HANNA PEUSSA

TASTE OF FINLAND Many of the Finns’ favourite foods reflect their close relation to nature. In the autumn even many city dwellers spend their spare time in the woods picking berries and mushrooms. Some also hunt, and many local delicacies include game animals such as moose or reindeer. Finns eat also a lot of fish in different forms, e.g. fried, boiled, salted, smoked, pickled or sometimes even raw. The harsh natural conditions have left their mark in the local diet. Rye is successful in the cold climate and rye bread has become one of the cornerstones of the Finnish cuisine. Its taste is somewhat stronger than wheat bread’s and it has been scientifically proven to be very healthy. Finnish meals are normally served with boiled potatoes, although nowadays also rice and pasta are common. As for beverages, milk is the most popular, and also adults drink it with their meals. Finns are also known for their love of coffee, and drink the most coffee in the world.

Whipped lingonberry porridge (4 portions)

1 liter water 3 dl lingonberries 1,5 dl sugar ¼ tsp salt 2 dl semolina 1 Bring the water to a boil in a saucepan. 2 Add the semolina, lingonberries, sugar and salt to the saucepan. Boil for about 10 minutes. 3 Set aside to cool. Once the porridge has cooled, pour whip it with a mixer until light. 16 Tuokio Xtra 2012


Macaroni casserole 400 g macaroni 400 g ground beef (for vegetarian alternative use TVp or tofu) 1 onion 2 tbs cooking oil 5 dl milk 3 eggs 1 tsp salt pepper 1 dl grated cheese 3 tbs butter 1 Boil the macaroni in salted water until half cooked, drain. 2 Chop the onion into fine pieces. Add the beef and onion to a saucepan and allow them to brown in oil. Season with salt and pepper. 3 Mix the macaroni and beef together and then pour into a greased oven casserole. 4 Mix together the eggs, milk, grated cheese and pour over the macaronibeef mixture. Sprinkle with cheese. 5 Cook at 175°Celsius for one hour.

Finnish recipes online

• • /finnish • > Arts & Culture > Cuisine

If you are the type of student who wants to get the most out of your study abroad, then Open4Bisnes is where you should be! Although we are just as concerned with enjoying our student life and having fun, we always have one eye on our future career. We want to develop and engage in projects that won’t just end when our courses do, but that we can continue to develop because of the passion we have for our work. All of the activities and projects we engage with are connected with courses in some way, and so there is always the opportunity to gain ECT credits. Open4Bisnes is a team of students at TUAS and local professionals interested in offering Finnish companies targeted support and opportunities for development. Our vision is to create new possibilities for companies and at the same provide lasting connections for students. We will achieve these goals by raising the awareness of student projects and engaging with companies to provide them with services that aid their development. For example through the concept of Open Innovation we want to offer fresh ideas and new techniques for solving problems or developing business. We also want to engage students and companies with projects and services that will provide opportunities for new product development as well as business solutions. The activities of the association are motivated by social justice and the welfare of both humans and the surrounding natural environment. The purpose for the association is that of solving problems and reaching social goals, emphasizing ethical values and sustainability in the process. In addition the associations’ meaning is to increase awareness of social entrepreneurship and stimulate business development. More information: Andrew Scholfield Manager & (Acting) Chairman – Open4Bisnes Tel: +358 (0)452 788 580 Email:

2012 Tuokio Xtra 17



Let’s talk a bit about the city in which I spent a part of my life as a foreign student. The first time I came here, I didn’t know anything about this town. It was fun to discover the city little by little and to make myself an opinion about the pros and the cons of living here. So whatever you’re going to read in this article, please remind to burn-after reading such a confidential report, and start to live the town as you never heard of it before. Turkulaiset – such a nice old fellows! For example, one thing that you probably already have heard, is that the inhabitants of Turku (so called Turkulaiset) are so kind, that the guys from Tampere and from Helsinki use to define their mates as the ones living in “the ass of Finland”. In other words, if for some reason Finns are generally described as “cold” and “unsociable”, the ones from Turku are even worse than the others. Well, after many years of living here, I still have to find an

18 Tuokio Xtra 2012

evidence of that, and I’m starting to think that such a mystery can be solved only in the brushwood of Ice-Hockey rivalry. The Turkulaiset are very nice. Or better, trying not to sound like a fake diplomat (the quality of being honest and straight with your next will be very appreciated here), the people from Turku, in average, is not worse than the people of the many others towns I have visited before. And above all, truly speaking, Turku is a very hospitable town. You can breathe an international atmosphere here,

and this is something that noncapital towns are not always able to offer.

Feel the breeze from the West The international vocation of Turku is probably due to its history, it was indeed the old capital of Finland and the old “door” of Finland to the Western Europe. A lot of monuments, statues, museums and fancy buildings will remind you that. Coming back to our days, I guess that the main reason because Turku is international is in their several Universities. I never saw so many student Institutions in so few square kilometers: The University of Turku, the Turku Academy, the University of Applied Sciences, the School of Economics. This means students, students and students all around the streets: young people attracted from the other parts of Finland, but also students from Europe and from the other Continents.

Therefore, if you just want it, life in Turku can be very international: you can wake up in the morning and have a French breakfast with your new French mates. Then, after lessons, you can go to the Asian shop and buy some food for lunch. In the afternoon, after studying, you can go to play some football and attend some “epic” match like Europe VS Asia, or Europe VS Africa or Finland VS rest of the World. You don’t like football? No problems! There are plenty of structures for many other sports in the town, that you can practices in winter like in summer.

Party like a real student Ok, you had fun with lessons, studies and sport and that was the nice part. Now it is time to accomplish your real duty as a respectable student. Now it is time to party. For this delicate mission you need to concentrate and learn everything about the town. You need the right tips, the right maps, the right calendar and so on. Just kidding! What I consider the best pro of Turku is right here: the city is enough small not to get lost, but at the same time there are all kind of bars, restaurants and night clubs not to get bored during your staying. The streets around Kauppatori (the center of the town) are full of interesting places where you can spend your evenings, each one very different to the other. For example, you may happen to like comics. Good! The Cosmic Comic Café (Kauppiaskatu

4) hosts a community of nerds you like music = you like Dyand a valuable library where you namo. Ok, you don’t like music. can read your favorite comic, No problema amigo. Ten other drink your favorite beer and steps towards west and you listen your favorite dj’s. Ten will find Edison bar (Kauppiassteps from there, katu 4). There you can play the temple of pool, watch football Reggae and matches and taste Hip-hop your favorite inmusic: a drinks (again). n a the here a MexiIn conclue r an b atmosp ec can bar sion, even u “ Yo tional som l s called if Turku is a i s a i tern , and th n-capita Gringo “small” town, (Kaupyou can find lot here that no always t g piaskatu of new places thin s are no er.” 3). You just by walking town ble to off may find through the main a yourself the streets. Bar Kuka, Klurelationship between bi, Monk are just the ones Corona beer, Bob Marley and blinking in my mind right now. Finnish rap, I can’t explain evIn any case, remember what I erything here! said at the beginning. Burn after After that, behind the corner reading this confidential report. of Gringo, here you are in LinYou will really start knowing nankatu where the Dynamo something about Turku when club (Linnankatu 7) is probably you’ll find yourself wandering going to become your second “lost” in a Friday night. home. The maths are simple:

2012 Tuokio Xtra 19

MEMBERSHIP FORM new member 2012–2013 Date of birth (ddmmyy)

Student number

Last name

Campus: Salo






First names Degree Programme Municipality of residence, nationality (if other than Finnish) Duration of studies (start – finish) Street address

First semester



Blue student card (see terms overleaf) Postal code and town

Green student card (you do not meet the terms of blue student card, but you are a student of Turku University of Applied Sciences)


Yes, my contact information can be given out for direct marketing purposes.


Attach your photograph here. Write your full name on the back of the photo.

1. By signing this form and paying the membership fee, I indicate that I apply for the membership in Turun ammattikorkeakoulun opiskelijakunta - TUO. The information given by me in this form will be transfered to the membership list according to Act on Registered Associations 503/1989, section 11. The description of the file according to Personal Data Act 523/1999, section 10, can be viewed at 2. By signing this form, I indicate that I give Turun ammattikorkeakoulun opiskelijakunta - TUO the right to check my right to study and personal data from Turku University of Applied Sciences student and study information system Winha Pro and databases used by Turku University of Applied Sciences Applications Office. 3. By signing this form, I indicate that I understand and agree to the terms of the VR (Finnish Railways) student discount and the terms of blue student card.

Date and place

Saajan tilinumero Mottagarens kontonummer


Saaja Mottagare



FI4543091820142626 Liedon Säästöpankki

Turun ammattikorkeakoulun opiskelijakunta – TUO

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Remember to send a receipt of payment with the form!



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Sports sticker


(add to the amount if you want to pay the fee)

Viitenumero Ref. nr Eräpäivä Förfallodag

Please use the enclosed payment reference! Euro

Maksu välitetään saajalle maksujenvälityksen ehtojen mukaisesti ja vain maksajan ilmoittaman tilinumeron perusteella. Betalningen förmedlas till mottagaren enligt villkoren för betalningsförmedling och endast till det kontonummer som betalaren angivit.

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