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Feature list – timeXtender® 4

Rule based data processing

Advanced modeling features

History and versioning

• Extraction • Validation • Transformation

• • • • • • • • • • • •

• Data warehouse • Project

Data quality control • • • •

Checkpoints Integrity checking Warnings Errors

Data profiling and mapping Custom tables and fields Lookup fields Ragged dimensions Parent-child dimensions Slowly changing dimensions Multiple fact tables Custom rollups Unary rollups Unknown key values Data previews Custom data entry for missing values

Ease of use • Drag-and-drop GUI • Active Directory integration • Automatic XML project documentation

Trace Diagrams • Custom documentation • “Where used” traces for impact analysis • “Depends on” traces for documentation and debugging

Multiuser environment • Multiple projects • Multiple concurrent users

Multiple data sources • • • • • • • • •

Microsoft® SQL Server 2000 or higher Oracle®8 RDBMS or higher IBM® DB2 (UDB, iSeries, z/OS) Microsoft® Excel Plain text files Generic ODBC Microsoft® Dynamics NAV™ Native IBM® Informix® My SQL 5.1

Scheduling • Configurable scheduling of single elements, multiple elements or entire projects

Cube Modeling

• Data warehouses • OLAP cubes

• Many to many dimensions • Support for multiple languages on Analysis Services (translations) • Spreadsheet formulas • Function guides for MDX and VB scripts • Instant calculations in browse mode • Business Function Library • Cube and dimension browser • Advanced XMLA scripting • OLAP write back • OLAP user rights • OLAP KPIs

Deployment flexibility

Microsoft® SQL Server Support

Process automation • • • • •

Generation of SQL statements Generation of time dimensions Generation of OLAP cubes Project deployment and execution Notification of deployment and execution

Reverse engineering Application specific adapters • Microsoft® Dynamics NAV™ • Microsoft® Dynamics AX™

Flexible data load strategy • Incremental • Full

Comprehensive manual control

• • • • •

Multiple data warehouse servers Multiple data marts Multiple OLAP servers Deploy on remote servers Configurable environments (Such as Dev., Test, Live)

• Microsoft® SQL Server 2005/2008 • Standard and Enterprice editions • 32 and 64 bit support

• Synchronization of data sources • On-demand deployment and execution August_2009

Member of the Microsoft Data Warehouse Alliance

timeXtender ® is a dynamic and innovative software company that develops Business Intelligence software. The flagship product is timeXtender ® - a tool for extracting, validating and loading data into a Data Warehouse as well as building OLAP-cubes - while all coding is generated behind the scenes. Resulting in low cost of BI-entry and a reduction of up to 80% of normal implementation time. In 2006, timeXtender ® reached a significant strategic milestone when the company became a member of Microsoft’s Data Warehouse Alliance (DWA). Later in the year, Microsoft named timeXtender ® as a Microsoft Gold Partner with the Microsoft competency ISV/Software Solutions. The BI-tool reached its peak in 2008 when awarded Microsoft ISV Partner of the year for making a relative complex task very simple. © 2009 timeXtender®. timeXtender® is a registered trademark of timeXtender Holding. All other product names mentioned in this document may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.


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