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BANK CUSTOMER SERVICE SURVEYS Using the latest technology-based devices to capture real-time Voice-of-the-Bank-Customer service feedback


American Bank Business Snapshot • Consolidation into larger entities continues • Fierce competition for new business among local, regional and national financial players • Bailouts and headlines negatively affect customers’ perceptions, trust and attitudes • Economic instability issues continue to concern Americans


How to reach customers cost-effectively and change their perceptions? • Develop and deploy bank service survey campaigns

• Solicit customer feedback and input about services, requirements

• Create a communication channel with customers

• Explain new and innovative bank services

• Monthly distribution

• Implement changes based on feedback and input

• Survey at customers’ Point-of-Experience

• Use technology-based devices, social networking to reach targets


The Importance of Point-of-Experience Surveying • Capture immediate, spontaneous feedback when and where experienced, not days or weeks later • On-site, on-time, on demand surveying eliminates reporting delays • Allows low score satisfaction alerts to trigger instant response • Easily customized in the field for different languages and target audiences • Digital data capture saves rekeying labor, minimizes errors • Instant access to actionable data from anywhere


Interactive survey devices let you Author Once, Deliver Anywhere • Survey Kiosks – standalone feedback stations automate the collection of large survey samples from business service lobbies. Ideal applications include Retail, Food Service and Healthcare consumer research. • Tablet Surveys – mobile & portable for in-the-field surveying. Diverse audience include: patients, passengers, customers, visitors,



Interactive survey devices give you Real-Time Market Research • Handheld PDA Surveys – ideal mobile survey devices with long-life battery for in the field research. • Mobile Phone Surveys – use customers’ own mobile phones to capture fresh, spontaneous impressions and invaluable feedback at the moment-of-truth!


Online surveys let you Measure Feedback to Improve Service • Web Surveys – rapidly deploy sophisticated, branded, multilingual Web surveys in place of or concurrent with interactive device service survey campaigns


Use SurveyManager to Design and Deploy Mobile Device Survey Programs • Use OMI question & response resource libraries – or – • Write your own questions and responses • Simple, intuitive and easy to use • Web-based: No software needed to install SurveyManager • You control all management tasks to design, deploy and report data

OPINIONMETER SurveyManager Report Features

Customer Satisfaction Scores

Standard Summary Reports

Customized Reports

Automated Reporting Templates

Graphs and Charts within Reports

OPINIONMETER SurveyManager Report Flexibility

Unlimited Cross Tabulation Filtering

Trend Analysis

Variations During a Day

Relative Local Performance

Filtering: Segmenting Customers


OpinionMeter Serves a Broad Spectrum of Industries Worldwide










Financial and Banking Testimonials Bank of America

“There is no easier or cheaper way today to capture customer data.”

NNB International Bank Plc

“We have found the Opinionmeter to be a highly effective customer feedback mechanism that has given us real business intelligence.”

Additional financial clients using Opinionmeter Accenture Affinity Federal Credit Union Andersen Consulting Campus Credit Union, FL CommonWealth Credit Union, KY First Atlantic Federal Credit Union, NJ Tucson Federal Credit Union, AZ

Helena Community FCU, MT Kraft Foods Federal Credit Union LGE Community Credit Union New England Federal Credit Union Teachers Federal Credit Union Texas Dow Employees CU


Bank Customer Service Surveys by Opinionmeter  Automated, real-time survey tools  Integrated with the latest technology and software using interactive mobile device platforms and/or deployed online  Customer service insights captured at the Point-of-Experience  Immediate, actionable data available anywhere, anytime  Reports and data accessible from any Web browser  Easy, convenient and cost-effective


Opinionmeter International, Ltd. 1-888-OPMETER

Bank Customer Service Surveys  

Using the latest technology-based devices to capture real-time Voice-of-the-Bank-Customer service feedback

Bank Customer Service Surveys  

Using the latest technology-based devices to capture real-time Voice-of-the-Bank-Customer service feedback