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November 2011


The Principal’s Message Our College-Going Culture As I write this, our teachers and counselors are busy writing letters of recommendation for our seniors’ college applications, students are checking out the websites of the colleges and universities they’re interested in attending next fall, and parents are looking at their budgets to figure out just how much a college degree costs these days. College application season is in full swing and senior deadlines are rapidly approaching. However, despite the urgency of the senior process, the preparations for attending college begin long before the senior year and involve much more than the tangible forms, personal, statements, and transcripts that are ultimately submitted. Each student must learn about how to explore and investigate their career and college options, and the earlier the better. Sending the message of high expectations needs to be clear and community-wide. Building and maintaining a college-going culture is a process that requires that we all convey the expectations that all students can prepare for the opportunity to attend and be successful in college. At Oak Park High School, the vast majority of our courses are either College Prep (CP) or Honors/Advanced Placement (AP). All of these courses are designed to not only meet OPHS graduation requirements, but also to satisfy the university undergraduate admission eligibility requirements. This means that our core academic and elective programs are designed to prepare students to be able to apply to 4-year universities.

The most familiar term that is used to describe this in California is “articulation” which means how high school students “satisfy the a-g requirements”. These are the courses students must take to be able to apply to University of California and California State Universities. Although most of our students do matriculate to a 4-year school, there are a significant number of students who meet the requirements to enter university, but choose to attend a community college with the intention of transferring to a 4-year school in their junior year. While this is very desirable option in many cases, and personally served me as I transferred from Santa Monica College to UCLA where I ultimately received my Masters Degree. I know that every year there are some OPHS students who with a little more knowledge, effort, and encouragement could begin their post secondary education at a university. There are students who just miss meeting the a-g by one or two courses. Often, it comes down to getting that second year of foreign language during high school. It’s still a university entrance requirement that will have to be taken at community college prior to transfer. Or, that third year of college prep math that again will ultimately have to be taken in community college, sometimes at the expense of a college elective. Sometimes, it’s just that they never visited the College and Career Center, which is open every continued on page 4

Campus Calendar, News & Notes • November 1: No School, Staff Development Day • November 4: PFC General Meeting, 10:00 am, Library • November 3, 4, 5: Comedy of Errors, 7:00 pm, Pavilion • November 5: Comedy of Errors, 2:00 pm, Pavilion • November 21: Winter Sports Final Clearance Boys' BB - 2:30 pm Girls' BB - 2:50 pm Boys' Soccer - 3:10 pm Girls' Soccer - 3:30 pm • November 11: No School, Veteran's Day • November 14 - 18: Food Drive • November 24: No School, Thanksgiving Holiday • November 25: No School, Local Holiday

Inside This Issue  Our College-Going Culture, The Principal’s Message  OPHS Military Club collects supplies for our troops  College News   Plus, all the regular news, ‘save-the-dates’ & notices to keep you IN THE KNOW!

Nutr. = Nutrition, Pav. = Pavilion Lib. CR = Library Conference Room C&CC = College & Career Center

See complete listings for athletic events and more on the OPHS Master Calendar! It’s easy as 1-2-3! 1. Click here or go to… 2. Hover your mouse on “Calendars” in the yellow menu bar and select Master Calendar from the drop down menu or select the athletic team schedule you wish to view. 3. If you selected Master Calendar, click on any event listed for more information!

Oak Park High School PFC Newsletter published monthly September - June by the OPHS Parent Faculty Club (PFC) for families of Oak Park High School students. Oak Park High School • Oak Park Unified School District Principal: Kevin Buchanan 899 N. Kanan Road, Oak Park, CA 91377 OPHS Main Line: 735-3300 Attendance/Temp. Off Campus Pass Line: 735-3311 (please call before 9 a.m.)

parents, remind your students to pick up their school pictures in the student store.

PFC President: Gillian Miller Newsletter Editor: Suzie Bock 818-970-5251 eNews Editor: Uma Narayanan 818-707-3124 •


PFC Update President’s Message Dear Parents and Friends of OPHS,

Thanks go to the families who joined us for College Knowledge Night at Agoura High School, we hope that you and your student received useful information and tips for the College Planning Process.Thank you to Shelly Resnick and Jean Hawkins who represented OPHS and helped set up this amazing event.

November is a month for giving thanks for all we have and with this in mind I would like to thank several parents who have given much of their time to PFC projects! A huge thank you to Barbara Shubin-Galaif and Rose Covert for all of their hard work on the Student Directory and PFC Membership, this was a tremendous task and we so appreciate your countless hours and attention to detail. Also we can be very proud of ourselves for being the first school in the OPUSD that has 'gone green' with our PFC Membership directory. You can still join the PFC and also donate to No Frills. The forms are on the PFC web site.

Thank you to Stacey Lindenau and Stewart McGugan for keeping all our emergency supplies fresh and updated. Our Adult Enrichment for the Winter Session is now open and we have some amazing classes. Please see the web site to register. Our next PFC General Meeting will be on Friday, November 4th at 10 a.m. in the Library Conference Room. We will highlight disaster preparedness and lockdown procedures.

Thank you to Vivienne Goldstein for organizing and collecting No Frills donations. This is also a huge undertaking and her time is greatly appreciated. As mentioned earlier you can still donate to the PFC No Frills, the forms are on line.

On behalf of the PFC, we would like to wish you all a safe and happy Thanksgiving.

I would like to thank Shelly Resnick Best wishes, for organizing the Catalyst SAT boot camp and Gillian Miller, PFC President the MOCK ACT, MOCK SAT and the Senior writing seminar. We had record students signing up for these events.

Wishing you all a safe and happy Thanksgiving 3

Principal’s Message continued from page 1 day and is staffed with the most knowledgeable and helpful Mrs. Jean Gilbert-Hawkins. Here they can ask questions, search for scholarships, meet college admissions officers and reps, or, as many of our students do, just hang out and look at the pennants and posters. Here they can also see where previous graduates are currently going to college. Our counseling office is staffed with four counselors who fully understand what it takes to create an academic program that will prepare students to be collegeready. They attend college workshops given by the universities and stay abreast of the application landscape that includes in-State and out-of-State, public and private institutions.

the couple of hours invested in attending can pay real dividends as families navigate the range of State, Federal, and university grants, scholarships, and loans. Families can also attend college fairs and schedule college visits and learn of out-of-state schools conducting events in this area. Some families schedule their weekend and holiday trips to college towns on their Naviance list of potential schools. Oak Park High School has all the elements necessary to continue to build our college going culture. We have a governing Board that supports college counseling, we have a strong academic college prep program, we have hard–working students and inspiring teachers, we have community support par excellence. And while we must continue to provide programs that serve all of our students’ college and career options, we must also continue to strive to set the expectation early on that all of our students can prepare to attend and be successful in college.

OPHS is on the leading edge when it comes to technical resources to help students become collegeready. Naviance is a web-based program that all OPHS students and parents must become familiar with before their junior year. This is the leading college search program. It is the clearinghouse for applications, letters of recommendation, and transcripts, all of which are transmitted electronically Sincerely, to the colleges. Parent workshops are held several Kevin Buchanan times throughout the year and parents of all grade Principal levels are encouraged to attend. Also several financial aid workshops are held in the evenings for parents, and

Registration for the Winter

Adult Enrichment Program @ Session of the

OPHS is now open! Find many well-loved classes and some new additions. This session only, learn all you can about the college admissions process taught by our very own Counselor Randy McLelland. This class will give you insight into what you and your student 4

will need to know about AP Courses, College Essays, Financial Aid, Letters of Recommendation, SAT and ACT, Common Application to private schools, and much, much more! Sign up now, so you can be a resource to your student! Perfect for parents of Sophomores and Juniors!! Additional new courses this session: French for Travelers, Start a Web Business (eCommerce) and the Cooking Club. Click here to check out all of our Winter Session courses and register!

Eagle Athletics Update Our winter sports teams are nearing the end of league competition and working hard to gain CIF play-off berths. Here are the updated records for all levels of our Fall Sports. League Football Varsity 1-0 Jr.Varsity 0-1 Frosh 0-1

Girls Cross Country Varsity in 2nd in league competition Jr.Varsity in 1st in league competition


All information regarding play-offs (for those teams that qualify) will be on our website as to dates and locations of the contests.

2-5 1-6 1-6

WINTER SPORTS – dates to be aware of: 11-13 Parent Meeting – Nov. 21 7:00 pm 9-9 Final Clearance – Nov. 21 9-2 Times for each sport – TBA All information on final clearance will be Girls Tennis posted on the web site. Varsity 2-6 3-11 Any concerns or questions, please contact our athletic dept. at 818-735-3303 Boys Cross Country Varsity in 1st in league competition or Jr.Varsity in 1st in league competition Girls Volleyball Varsity 5-6 Jr.Varsity 6-5 Frosh 10-3



And Now, A Word from OPPAA

Visit regularly for the latest in local news and events!

Oak Park Performing Arts Alliance important dates for November: The 3rd-5th performances of Shakespeare's

Comedy of Errors November 8th OPPAA Member Meeting 7:00, Choir Room. November 9th-10th Audition Sign-ups for the 'Odd Couple' November 14th-16th Auditions for 'The Odd Couple'.

FALL BACK-Disaster Prevention Disaster Preparedness can begin with simple yet important tasks around the house to improve your family’s readiness. Every time our clocks change it is time to: • Change all Smoke Detector Batteries (Hard • Change filters in cooling and heating units wired Smoke Detectors need to be replaced • Clean out gutters-this is important for rain at least every ten years-check with your and reducing risk of opportunist fire embers: manufacturer) VCFD ‘Ready, Set, Go! Wildfire Action Plan’ • Check Carbon Monoxide Detector (When • Clear a three foot area around the water was it last replaced?) heater and furnace • Check Fire Extinguishers: Multipurpose ABC • Round-up old paints, gasoline, insecticides, Extinguishers should be inverted monthly to etc. from the garage: prevent caking. • Clean accumulated lint from clothes dryer and vent • Clean build-up of grease on kitchen exhaust fan Oak Park Community Emergency Response Team Email: 6

Dear Fellow Oak Park Students and Parents, One of the goals of the OPHS Military Club is to help collect various supplies for the US troops serving in the military. We can all agree that the men and women deployed in hostile military zones are making a tremendous sacrifice, in fact, the ultimate sacrifice - they are risking their life. One such young soldier who died in the line of duty was a fellow OPHS student and athlete - Brian Wolverton. Brian was killed in combat in Afghanistan on August 20, 2009 at the age of 21. There are also other OPHS alumni currently serving on active duty: Matt Alexander (Air Force) Chuck Melshenker (Army) Brendan Miller James Garner (SEALS) Chadron Draeger (Marines) Matthew Gronich (Marines) Argyle Nelson (Army) Ricky Manzer (U.S. Coast Guard)

Steven Rich (Marines) Michael Ryne (Marines) Conrad Schroeder (Marines) Justin Sylvester (Army) Stephen Greenberg (Marines) Saul and Michael Mindlin (Marines) Nick Tullio (Marines) Josh Paul (Marines) Adam Bushore (Air Force)

In honor of Brian's memory and to show our appreciation and admiration for all soldiers and marines, including our alumni, we would like to send care packages to let them know that we are thinking of them and that we support them. The packages will be sent directly to Brian Wolverton's unit in Afghanistan. Some of the items that are on our troops' “wish list� that we would like for you to donate are: o Candies (Halloween candy is perfect) o Knit hats o Scarves o Beanie Babies o Small Plush toys o iPods

o DVDs and CDs o Video Games o Flash drives o Energy Bars o Beef Jerky o Healthy Snacks o Sealed lip Balm

o Toothpaste & toothbrushes o Roll-on deodorant o Hand and foot warmers o Thank you notes and drawings (great projects for elementary school students)

Donated goods should be travel size and food items, such as energy bars and snacks should be individually wrapped. For additional items and clarification, please visit before making your purchase. We will place collection boxes at central locations throughout the school on November 2nd for the goods, including candy. Please don't hesitate to contact me at (818) 991-5811 if you have any questions. Thank you in advance for your generous contribution. Adam Kaplan 7

No Frills Donations Appreciated Thank you to the following families for their generous donations to our 2011 No Frills Campaign. Without their contributions, the PFC could not continue to support Oak Park High School teachers and students.

Aggarwal Ahdoot S. Anderson V. Anderson W. Anderson Annino Appelrouth Arsht Asher Axelrode Bagamian Balen Bartolomea Bear Belanger Belichesky Benson Berman Berner Bitton Boganim Briton-Jones L. Brown R. Brown Buckley Buss Byrne L. Camhi Carrillo Catone Chandramohan Chasin Cheney Chrysiliou Chiu Clark Cleary Jeff Cohen Jordan Cohen Leslie Cohen Linda Cohen Cook Corbitt Coufal Covert Darling Delgado

Lam Lamb Levin Levine Lezak Lindenau Litvak Liu Louie Lu Mamroth Mandell Maholchic Marshall McCleery Mertzel Meyer Miller Mogavero Moghimi Moshkovich Moriarty Mouzaya Myers T. Myers Myerson Nathanson Neiman Niemerow Nigam Nguyen Ojalvo S. Orens Ornstein Paule M. Phillips R. Phillips Piurkowsky Powers Reda Resnick Rifkin Rinkov Rosen Sadwick Salinger Santa Cruz

Dinino Doheney Dolabson Duerfeldt Eichstadt Feemster Fields Fisher Fong Ford Frey Galaif Garb Gebhard Gee Geldin Gerber Ghaffari Goldstein Gordon Gorelik Green Gronich Gunn Haines Harris Hassanieh Hedlund M. Helford S. Helford Hile Hirsch Holmes Horwitz Hotchkiss Jamison Jasso Jha Johnson Kalmanovich Katz Khaw Kiernan Kopecky Kristensen Kubik Laifman 8

Santiago Saravis Sanders Schafer J. Schapiro Schlatter Schroeder Scheiman M. Schwartz K. Sears Seegan Shaevitz Shorts Simons Simmons Sklar L. Smith S. Smith Steinhardt Stutz L. Snyder T. Snyder D. Stark Stevens Swedelson Taylor Thedinga Tobias Too Torigian Treitman Ucker Verma Wagoner Waldman Walsh Wang Wayne Welin Whiteley Wiederspahn Woo Wu Wulf Yeoman Yip

To satisfy the (UC) University of California & (CSU) California State University subject requirements, students must complete 15 units of UC-approved high school coursework in the subjects listed below. (A unit is equal to an academic year, or two semesters, of study - which would be 130 credits in the Oak Park system.) These courses are also known as the "a-g" subjects or requirements. At least 7 of the 15 units must be taken in the last two years of high school. Required "a-g" Subjects: a) History/Social Science – 2 years required Two years of history/social science, including one year of world history, cultures and geography; and one year of U.S. history or one-half year of U.S. history and one-half year of civics or American government. b ) English – 4 years required Four years of college-preparatory English that include frequent and regular writing, and reading of classic and modern literature. Not more than two semesters of ninth-grade English or no more than one year of ESL-type courses can be used to meet this requirement. c) Mathematics – 3 years required, 4 years recommended Three years of college-preparatory mathematics that include the topics covered in elementary and advanced algebra and two- and three-dimensional geometry. Approved integrated math courses may be used to fulfill part or all of this requirement, as may math courses taken in the seventh and eighth grades that your high school accepts as equivalent to its own math courses. d) Laboratory Science – 2 years required, 3 years recommended Two years of laboratory science providing fundamental knowledge in two of these three core disciplines: biology (which includes anatomy, physiology, marine biology, aquatic biology, etc.), chemistry and physics. The final two years of an approved three-year integrated science program may be used to fulfill this requirement. Not more than one year of ninthgrade laboratory science can be used to meet this requirement. e) Language Other than English – 2 years required, 3 years recommended Two years of the same language other than English. Courses should emphasize speaking and understanding, and include instruction in grammar, vocabulary, reading, composition and culture. Courses in a language other than English taken in the seventh and eighth grades may be used to fulfill part of this requirement if your high school accepts them as equivalent to its own courses. f) Visual and Performing Arts (VPA) – 1 year required Two semesters of approved arts courses from a single VPA discipline: dance, drama/theater, music or visual art. Students entering in the fall of 2006 or later must satisfy the VPA requirement by completing an appropriate single course in a yearlong sequence (i.e., the second semester must be the continuation of the first semester). If scheduling challenges demand, students may divide the year-long course in two different academic years, as long as the course curriculum is designed as a year-long sequence and approved as such by the University. Note: Students may also meet the VPA requirement by taking a UC-transferrable community college course from IGETC category 3A. To determine which courses meet this requirement you can go to the "ASSIST" website at: g) College Preparatory Electives – 1 year required One year (two semesters), in addition to those required in "a-f" above, chosen from the following areas: visual and performing arts (non-introductory level courses), history, social science, English, advanced mathematics, laboratory science and language other than English (a third year in the language used for the "e" requirement or two years of another language).

For information on alternative options for satisfying the "a-g" requirements click on the following hyperlink: UC Aternate "a-g" options

Click on the hyperlink below and type in the name of any California High School (public or private) to view their "a-g" certified course list - including Oak Park High School. Oak Park's "School ATP Code" is 050006 Search for UC Certified "a-g" Subject Requirement Course Lists

Approved Course List for 2011-12 The following courses meet requirements for admission to the University of California. denotes courses that have been approved for extra honors credit: a=5, b=4, c=3. denotes courses that cannot be used to fulfill the "g" elective requirement. The 'category' column represents the specific subject requirement fulfilled by the course. a - History / Social Science - 2 years required Two years of history/social science, including one year of World History, Cultures or Geography; and one year of US History or one-half year of US History and one-half year of American Government/Civics. Transcript Honors Course Course Title Category Abbreviation(s) Type Notes AP European History AP Government & Politics United States AP United States History Government U.S. History U.S. History (H)

European History AP

World History / Geography / Cultures


Government AP

American Government / Civics


US History (AP) Government U.S. History U.S. History (H)

U.S. History American Government / Civics U.S. History U.S. History World History / Geography / Cultures World History / Geography / Cultures


World Geography


World History


b - English - 4 years required Four years of college preparatory English. Students may only use 1 year of ESL/ELD English. Course Title Transcript Abbreviation(s) Category AP English Language and Composition English III (AP) English AP English Literature and Composition English IV AP English California Literature CA Literature English Children's Literature of the Fantastic Children's Lit English Cinemagraphic Texts Cinemagraphic Texts English English I ENGLISH I English English II ENGLISH II English English II Honors English II Honors English English III ENGLISH III English English III (H) English III (H) English English III H English III H English English IV English IV A, English IV B English English IV (H) English IV (H) English Madness and Identity in Literature Mad & Ident in Lit English Mythology to Science Fiction Myth to Sci Fi English Shakespeare-Comedy & Tragedy Shakespeare-Comedy & Tragedy English Women's Literature Women Lit English

Semester Semester


Honors Type AP AP


Course Notes

Semester Semester Semester


Semester Semester Semester Semester

c - Mathematics - 3 years required , 4 years recommended Three years of college preparatory mathematics that includes the topics covered in Elementary Algebra/Algebra 1, Geometry and Advanced Algebra/Algebra 2. Approved Integrated Math courses may be used to fulfill part or all of this requirement. Course Title Transcript Abbreviation(s) Category Honors Type Course Notes Algebra 1A Algebra IA Algebra 1; Yr 1 of 2 Algebra I ALGEBRA I Algebra 1 Algebra IB Algebra IB Algebra 1; Yr 2 of 2 Algebra II ALGEBRA II Algebra 2 Algebra II Honors Algebra II H, Algebra II with Trig. Algebra 2 AP Calculus AB Calculus AP Advanced Mathematics AP AP Calculus BC Calculus BC AP Advanced Mathematics AP AP Statistics Statistics AP Advanced Mathematics AP Calculus (AP) Calculus (AP) Advanced Mathematics AP Finite Math Finite Math Advanced Mathematics GEOMETRY, Geometry (CP), Geometry Geometry Geometry 9 (CP) Math Analysis MATH ANALYSIS Advanced Mathematics Math Analysis Honors Math Analysis H, Pre-Calculus Advanced Mathematics Statistics CP Statistics CP Statistics d - Laboratory Science - 2 years required , 3 years recommended Two years of laboratory science, including two of the three fundamental disciplines of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. This requirement can also be met by completing the latter two years of a 3-year Integrated Science program. Course Title Transcript Abbreviation(s) Category Honors Type Course Notes Anatomy and Physiology (CP) Anatomy/Physiology (CP) Biological Science AP Biology Biology AP Biological Science AP AP Chemistry Chemistry AP Chemistry AP AP Environmental Science Environmental Science AP Interdisciplinary Science AP AP Physics B Physics AP Physics AP Biology (H) Biology (H) Biological Science Biology I BIOLOGY I Biological Science Chemistry CHEMISTRY Chemistry Chemistry (H) Chemistry (H) Chemistry H Physics PHYSICS Physics Physics (H) Physics (H) Physics H

e - Language Other than English - 2 years required , 3 years recommended Two years of the same language other than English. Course Title Transcript Abbreviation(s) Category American Sign Language I ASL I LOTE Year 1 American Sign Language II ASL II LOTE Year 2 AP Chinese Language and Culture Chinese IV AP LOTE Year 4+ AP French Language and Culture French IV AP LOTE Year 4+ AP Spanish Language Spanish IV AP, Spanish V AP LOTE Year 4+ Chinese I CP Chinese I CP LOTE Year 1 Chinese II CP Chinese II CP LOTE Year 2 Chinese III P Chinese III CP LOTE Year 3 French I FRENCH I LOTE Year 1 French II FRENCH II LOTE Year 2 French III FRENCH III LOTE Year 3 French III Honors French III Honors LOTE Year 3 French IV French IV LOTE Year 4+ Spanish I SPANISH I LOTE Year 1 Spanish II SPANISH II LOTE Year 2 Spanish III SPANISH III LOTE Year 3 Spanish III H Spanish III H LOTE Year 3 Spanish IV Honors Spanish IV H LOTE Year 4+

Honors Type



Course Notes

f - Visual & Performing Arts - 1 year required Course Title

Transcript Abbreviation(s)


Adv. Dance Advanced Computer Animation III/IV AP Music Theory

Adv. Dance

Dance (Intro) Visual Arts (Advanced) Music (Advanced) Visual Arts (Advanced) Visual Arts (Advanced) Visual Arts (Advanced) Visual Arts (Intro) Visual Arts (Intro) Visual Arts (Advanced) Music (Advanced) Visual Arts (Intro) Visual Arts (Intro) Music (Intro) Visual Arts (Intro) Music (Intro) Theater Arts (Intro) Visual Arts (Intro) Music (Advanced) Music (Intro) Music (Intro)

AP Studio Art: 2-D Design

Adv. Animtn III/IV AP Music AP Studio Art: 2-D Design, Advanced Graphics

AP Studio Art: 3-D Design

AP Art 3D, Advanced 3D-Design

AP Studio Art: Drawing

Art AP

Art: 3-D Design I/II Art: Drawing and Painting I/II

Art: 3-D Design Art: Draw and Paint

Art: Drawing and Painting III/IV

Art: Drawing and Painting III/IV

Chamber Choir Computer Animation I/II Computer Graphics I/II Concert Band Design: A Visual Experience Jazz Band Theater A: Focus on Acting I/II Theater E-Video Production I/II Vivace/Adv. Women's Choir Vocal Ensemble Wind Ensemble

Adv. Vocal Ensemble, Chamber Choir Animtn I/II Comp. Graphics Band Design, Design I/II CP Jazz Band Theater A: Acting Video Production I/II Vivace/Adv. Women's Choir Vocal Ensemble Wind Ensemble

Honors Type

Course Notes


g - Elective - 1 year required One year (two semesters), in addition to those required in "a-f" above. All courses must be listed under "a-f" above with the exception of courses marked with a blue diamond ( ) in Mathematics, Language Other than English, and VPA; plus the following: Course Title Transcript Abbreviation(s) Category Honors Type Course Notes Advanced Drawing Art 2B VPA Semester Advanced Painting Art 2C VPA Semester AP Macroeconomics Economics (AP) History / Social Science AP Semester AP Psychology Psychology (AP) History / Social Science AP Creative Writing I, Creative Writing I English Semester Creative Writing I/II Economics Economics History / Social Science Semester Film as Literature Film as Literature English Semester FIlm as Literature II: The Sequel Film as Lit. II English Semester Global Science Global Science Science-Physical Global Science H Global Science H Science-Physical Government/Economics Semester Government/Economics (AP) History / Social Science AP (AP) Allow 0.5 units for Economics Journalism Journalism English Poetry POETRY English Semester Psychology Psychology History / Social Science Semester Sociology Sociology History / Social Science Semester

Advanced Peer Counseling News Hello all! The school year is slowly but surely gaining its momentum-as is our Peer Counseling program! We recently completed our two-day retreat and training session and are more than ready to use all of the valuable information that we learned to help our fellow students. Our Beginning Peer Counseling Club (led by Advanced Peer Counselor E.J. Levin and advised by Ms. Anna Lovejoy) is off to a running start! One hundred thirty-four prospective Peer Counselors attended our first lunchtime meeting and have continued to participate over the past several weeks. We look forward to an informative and entertaining year in Beginning Peer Counseling, and we hope that you (and your students) do too! Any students who still wish to join the Beginning Peer Counseling program are more than welcome to attend a future Thursday lunchtime meeting in Ms. Lovejoy's classroom, C-8. We also kickstarted our Freshmen Mentoring program (led by Peer Counselors Justin Orens and Brianna Kaplan) in the English classes of all ninth grade students to great acclaim; students and teachers alike

What Is the Oak Park Performing Arts Alliance? OPPAA is a membership of parents whose goal is to support the theatre program, Mr. Hunt and a great group of kids. OPPAA is 100% responsible for funding the productions as well as providing volunteer time to sell tickets, costume the cast and provide the intermission goodies and much, much more. For more information please visit our OPPAA page on the school’s website or contact one of our board members. The 2009-2010 OPPAA Board Jenna DiFonzo (President) Ellyn Schneider (1st VP) Dhana Stevens (2nd VP) Lori Peters (Secretary) Susie Flores-Henderson (Treasurer) 13

have enjoyed our get-to-know-each-other activities and goal-setting exercises. Upcoming activities will address a variety of interpersonal skills-including our November presentation on communication-and other teenage-related topics. Additionally, we are always available to help mentor students and resolve student conflicts. Our one-on-one mentoring and peer mediation services can be requested by teachers, counselors, administrators, and students. Please let your student know that he (or she) can come to us if ever he needs a dispute to be settled or simply needs some friendly support. As always, thank you for your interest in our program, and feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.We're here to help!

Sincerely, Moe Scott, Vivian Rotenstein, and the Advanced Peer Counselors

The Oak Park High School Dance Team will be selling See's Candy the entire month of November. Contact the coach for more details or if you are interested in purchasing candy to support the team. Thank you in advance!

A Note from the OPUSD Board President their needs. Please know that this analysis is not done in a vacuum, but cooperatively with the leadership at each of the school sites, and while it is always nice to keep improving the scores, the more important goal is to ensure that each of our students is achieving to the best of his or her potential. Another discussion item at the October meeting was a summer school report, which perfectly blended with the above dialogue, as summer learning, whether for remediation or enrichment furthers the potential of each student that participates. As you know, summer school was run this past summer by our education foundation, Friends of Oak Park Schools, since the state no longer funds summer school. The report shows that the summer program ran very smoothly and successfully. The Board is very grateful to our education foundation for taking on this responsibility in the joint effort to better educate our students. I hope you and your families have a wonderful Thanksgiving and time to reflect on how much we have to be thankful for.

Dear Parents and Community Members, I want to use this opportunity to explain what happens with the standardized test scores that our district receives yearly from the testing that occurs at each of the school sites during the spring. Last year's assessment results, (CST, Early Assessment Program, California High School Exam, Physical fitness results, DIBELS and SAT scores) were a discussion item at the board's October meeting, which I would like to use as an example to illustrate the importance of analyzing the results on a yearly basis with the overall goal of constantly striving to better educate each of our students. As you are aware, OPUSD's mean API is 918, placing us in the top 1% of schools in California, with Oak Hills and Medea Creek having the highest elementary and middle school APIs, respectively, in Ventura County. Although these are very strong results, which continually climb, and are something to be proud of, the analysis of what is working, why is it working and where there are gaps is of primary interest to the Board. The scores suggest that for the large majority of our students the strategies employed in the district, as well as the moral imperatives that drive the education, are effective, and for the most part becoming increasingly effective. For instance, our continued and increased emphasis on authentic learning, remediation needs of students, literacy at the elementary and middle school levels, data utilization by teachers, curriculum alignment to the standards, articulation to achieve equity and consistency, differentiation of instruction, professional development and 21st century classrooms are making a difference. We also believe, backed by research, that the district's emphasis on the whole child sets the foundation for these techniques to be successful. Undoubtedly another important factor is the support from the families, the learning community and the community at large.We spent an even greater amount of time on the areas of weakness, trying to pinpoint ways to be better aware of which students are struggling and how to be more effective in meeting

Barbara Laifman OPUSD Board President

Attention Freshman Parents‌ If you haven't signed up to Class of 2015 Sign Up Here! 14

receive the weekly OPHS eNews email bulletin, you are MISSING OUT on important notices and reminders! Sign up now.

Superintendent’s Message This past month I had the wonderful opportunity to participate and help lead the 5th grade field trips to Santa Cruz Island for all three elementary schools. I have been taking children out to the Channel Islands for more than 20 years and I find this to be one of the most unique and interesting experiences for our students and parents. We had close encounters with humpback whales that have become summer residents in the Santa Barbara Channel in recent years. We also encountered enormous pods of dolphins on our 50+ nautical mile journey. On the island we learned about the unusual geological formation of the islands and could actually see the evidence of it for ourselves. On one of the trips we met a researcher who was trapping and tagging the Island Fox that lives only on Santa Cruz Island. We were able to ask her questions about her work and her career as a biologist. What is a biologist, anyway? We found out!

I would like to thank our science specialist teacher, Debby West for organizing and leading these amazing trips for us and for preparing the children for their visits. Of course, we would not have Debby if it were not for Friends of Oak Park Schools who fund her position. Also, many thanks to the parents who came along and paid for the trip for their children and of course, the great 5th grade teachers and the principals who also prepare the students and make this all happen.

In this photo we made our own sunscreen out of diatomaceous earth that was formed by the skeletons of plankton that died millions of years ago. This is what the Chumash did for the 13,000 years that they lived on the island. We learned that archeologists have evidence that the island may hold the oldest paleo-Indian artifacts of any place in the Americas. Wow! We saw some of this evidence when we visited two 'midden' sites or ancient trash heaps.

And Happy Thanksgiving later this month!

Dr. Tony Knight Superintendent

Scientists come from around the world to explore and study the wonders of the Channel Islands National Park and yet it is the least visited of the National Parks by Americans. I'm glad that all of our children become scientists and naturalists for the day and I hope that they are inspired by the awesome beauty of the wild ocean and the mysteries of the island. This is what we call 'authentic' learning and we place a high value on it in Oak Park. These learning experiences truly stay with us and change us.





JoAnn Tattersall & Kelly McGugan sponsor Oak Park High School’s “All Call,� our computerized phone system A vital link to our OPHS families!

JoAnn Tattersall

Kelly McGugan

Broker/Owner, GRI, SFR Cell: 818.370.7688

Tattersall Team Cell: 818.207.7408

Student Counseling Reminder : Besides support and nutrition, counselors are available during your lunch period. Please stop in the counseling office.


We are pleased to let you know that we have a Win-Win for YOU and OPHS PFC! Screamin Daily Deals is a website that offers amazing deals! 50% to 90% off at restaurants, day spas, car washes, fitness, frozen yogurt, recreation and much much more! They even have a fantastic Getaway Section. Itʼs absolutely FREE to join! They have a wonderful Rewards Program that donates money to schools! Go to Sign up and select choose a school in Ventura County choose OAK PARK HIGH as your chosen benefactor. OPHS PFC will receive $1.00 per sign up, and they donate 10% of their profits to us from each purchase made all year round! Enjoy the incredible deals and thank you for your support!! THEY NEVER SHARE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS!!!!


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