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February 2013

The Principal’s Message

from 7 p.m. - 10 p.m. in the OPHS Pavilion. And a school-wide Ping Pong tournament will be held on Monday, February 11th in the Pavilion. This Saturday, February 2nd, is the second annual Super Saturday Sustainability Showcase featuring a huge recycling and disposal drive including clothing, paper, prescription and over-the-counter medications, and electronic waste. Rehearsals for the musical play Les Miserables are underway and it promises to be a great show with a cast of about 90 students including some “waifs” from the elementary schools. The California High School Exam CAHSEE will be given to all tenth grade students on Wednesday and Thursday, February 5th and 6th. And we are gearing up for AP and STAR testing in May; more on testing in a later message. The Oak Park Unified School District will be participating in Big Sunday on May 5, 2013, with this year’s theme being “Day of Giving”. Big Sunday is a nationwide community day of service. Registration will begin at Oak Park High School between 8am and 9am and will include a welcome breakfast, group photo and t-shirt pick-up. At 9:30am, volunteers will head off to various projects at each school site and in the community with completion of the projects anticipated by noon. Senior activities are arranged for our graduating class during the STAR testing, and Prom and Commencement plans are being finalized. Senior parents: please try to ensure that your seniors watch their deadlines including yearbook, cap and gown, and that they serve any disciplinary hours they owe and return any and all textbooks. We are also moving ahead full steam with the preparations to evacuate the C-Building which houses the art, ceramics, Spanish, woodshop, college center, student store, language lab, and textbook rooms for the modernization project that will begin as soon as school lets out for the summer. This is a very large project

The second semester is underway and experience tells us that it will cruise along pretty quickly. It won’t be long before once again we’re reading aloud the names of our class of 2013. This message will focus on what events are in store for students during the second semester and our preparations for summer and next school year. 2013-14 Course Advisement is around the corner and will kick off with Open House on March 14th. I encourage all to attend our Open House which differs from the elementary and middle schools in that it is not a showcase of what students are engaged in now in their classes but more of an opportunity to meet with teachers to discuss course options for next year. Administrators and counselors are visiting students in their 4th period classes on that Thursday, March 14th to explain the online course selection process for next year. Afterwards, students, with their parents, will log into Naviance and select and submit their next year’s course requests. Students will then meet individually with their counselors over the subsequent weeks to review their transcripts and requests to ensure that they are aligned with graduation requirements and post-secondary plans. We will then begin the process of building the 2013-14 master schedule to meet the students’ program needs. This process will be ongoing throughout the remainder of the second semester and over the summer. There are several events that the Associated Student Body has planned for the students throughout the remainder of the school year. We have the In ‘n’ Out truck coming during an extended lunch on February 8th and tickets are on sale now in the student store. We will only sell 375 tickets because of how many burgers In ‘n’ Out can cook in the available time. We won’t be selling any tickets on the day. Later in the month the OPHS annual "Battle of Bands" competition will be held on Thursday, February 21st,

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Super Saturday Recycle Day, 9 am PFC ACT Bootcamp, 9 am, G-9 In-&-Out Truck, 12 pm - 12:40 pm OPPAA Meeting, 7 pm, B-2 Comedy Sportz, 7 pm, Pav. Life Skills Retreat (Seniors) ASB Ping Pong Tournament, Pav. Naviance Training, 6:30 pm, C&CC Site Council Meeting, 3:30 pm, Lib. CR OPPAA Meeting, 7 pm, G-9 ASB “Mr. Eagle” Pageant, 5 pm, Pav. Site Council Meeting, 3:30 pm, LIb. CR President’s Day Holiday Spring Sports Final Clearance, 2:30 pm, SS Comedy Sportz, 7:30 pm, Pav. Board of Education Meeting, 6 pm, G-9 ASB Battle of the Bands Fundraiser, 7 pm, Pav. Chinese Cultural Night, 7 pm, Pav. Tennis, Golf & Track, Final Clearance, 2:30 pm, Student Store Hypno-Gig, 7 pm, Pavilion OPPAA Meeting, 7 pm, G-9 Mock SAT, 9 am, G-9 Measure R Community Meeting, 1:30 pm, Pav. Spring Sports Parent Meeting, 7 pm, Gym Blood Drive, Pavilion

Recycling Drive at OPHS! Saturday, February 2, 2012 9 am - 2 pm You can drop off eWaste, used clothing & documents for shredding on site! You and your family can also enjoy a student-led sustainability showcase, featuring a solar car derby, an electric car drive-way party, a bee keeping demonstration and more! Gourmet food provided by CLEAN STREET FOOD truck. (Showcase begins at 10 am) All proceeds support environmental education. More info at

Pav. = Pavilion Lib. CR = Library Conference Room C&CC = College & Career Center SS = Student Store

Oak Park High School PFC Newsletter published monthly September - June by the OPHS Parent Faculty Club (PFC) for families of Oak Park High School students.

See complete listings for athletic events and more on the OPHS Master Calendar! It’s easy as 1-2-3! 1. Click here or go to… 2. Hover your mouse on “Calendars” in the yellow menu bar and select Master Calendar from the drop down menu or select the athletic team schedule you wish to view. 3. If you selected Master Calendar, click on any event listed for more information!

Oak Park High School • Oak Park Unified School District Principal: Kevin Buchanan 899 N. Kanan Road, Oak Park, CA 91377 OPHS Main Line: 735-3300 Attendance/Temp. Off Campus Pass Line: 735-3311 (please call before 9 a.m.) PFC President: Gillian Miller Newsletter Editor: Suzie Bock 818-970-5251 eNews Editor: Uma Narayanan 818-707-3124 •





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Superintendent’s Message A Continuing Discussion About School Safety I wanted to let you know that there have been several meaningful discussions about school safety that have taken place recently. Principals and I met with Ron Stephens, the executive director of the National School Safety Center and have had two subsequent discussions on the issue. The Board also held a discussion in public at the January Board meeting. As I write this, we are planning to make this one of the topics for the Community Forum that will be held on Monday, January 28 sponsored by Friends of Oak Park Schools. There are continuing discussions at school, staff, PTO, and School Site Council meetings. My vision is to present the Board with a list of recommendations to consider at their meeting on February 19. We are also hopeful that the state and federal governments may come up with ideas and maybe even some funding to help us implement some of them (don't hold your breath!). I thought these comments from the White House

plan released in January were on point and very much aligned with what we are doing in our schools in Oak Park. The roles of parents, teachers, administrators, counselors, and support staff in establishing this type of school environment is the most significant thing that can be done to make our schools safer. “We need to make our schools safer, not only by enhancing their physical security and making sure they are prepared to respond to emergencies like a mass shooting, but also by creating safer and more nurturing school climates that help prevent school violence,” according to the plan, titled Now Is the Time. The plan also cites a report by the U.S. Secret Service and Department of Education following the Columbine shooting that found one of the best ways of reducing school violence is by creating an environment that fosters trust and communication between staff and students, improves attendance and reduces dangerous behavior, such as drug abuse. I will communicate the results of the action plan after the February school board meeting. - Thank You, Anthony W. Knight, Ed.D., Superintendent

HAMS WANTED!! Here is your chance to become a licensed Amateur Radio Operator

Eagle s

Amateur Radio Operators, historically known as HAMS, are back in demand. Experience has demonstrated the limits of cell phones during a disaster and the vital importance of reliable communication.

Principals Message, Continued from page 1

student store, language lab, and textbook rooms for the modernization project that will begin as soon as school lets out for the summer. This is a very large project and you will start to see some of the preparations as the semester continues. We have a very ambitious schedule and a beautiful plan for the entire building. The construction will require that we relocate the fall registration to the G-Building because the Pavilion will be used to store the furniture, books, and equipment from the vacated rooms. As usual at OPHS, everyone is busy making this year and the next, the very best for our students and as ever we appreciate all the support of our parents and PFC volunteers who continue to provide many of the resources we need to make everything possible.

One Day Study & Exam: April 21st, 9 am – 4 pm Location: Lost Hills Sheriff ’s Station Cost: $35. Amateur radio provides emergency communication during disasters and may become the only link to resources and accurate information. Be a part of your community’s disaster response. Contact Di Starzak for more information: 4

Thank You to Our No Frills Families… Thank you to the following families for their generous donations to our 2012 No Frills Campaign. Without their contributions, the PFC could not continue to support Oak Park High School teachers and students. A big thank you also to Wayne Kubik of T.O. Printing for his generous donation of printing for our Annual No Frills Fundraiser mailing. Aggarwal Ahdoot Alexander Anderson Annino Aoki Appelrouth Arsht Asher Ashkenazi Aviram Bagamian Balen Ballas Bear Bender Berman Berner Berweiler Bhatia Bochan Boganim Bongiovi Briton-Jones Bronstein R.Brown S.Brown

Cruz Dave DeGrinis Delgado Detamore DiPaolo Doheney Dorian Drews Dunn Ebuen Eichstadt Eisenberg Elayne Feemster Felder Fields Fletcher Fong Frame Freedberg Frey Friedman Futterman Gage Galaif Gebhard

Buckley Bulusu Burger Burke Byrne Camhi Cappos Carrillo Castillo Catone M.Chang Chasin Cheney Chiu Chow Chrisakis Clark Claxton Cleary D.Cohen J.Cohen S.Cohen Conklin Conners Cook Corbitt Croy

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If You Didn’t Order A Yearbook You Better READ THIS!!!! They can still be purchased at $100 each until the end of the school year. However, it is possible that they will sell out. Don’t be left out! Buy Your Yearbook Today at the Student Store!!!! 5

PFC Update President’s Letter Dear Parents and Friends of OPHS: Our students are onto their second semester classes and many of us are looking forward to Spring! I would like to thank Shirin Sexton and her wonderful team of parents who helped with the 2nd semester textbook collection and distribution. With only a few more months left in this school year, we, the PFC, are already for volunteers to fill some important roles for the next school year! You may find the perfect opportunity to contribute your time and talents from the many different positions we have opening up, VP Fundraising, Barnes & Nobel Co-Chair, Senior Breakfast, Grad Night, eNews. We will have job descriptions included in next month’s newsletter. If you have questions or are

interested in being part of the PFC TEAM in the fall, please e-mail me ASAP. A reminder that we have our ACT Bootcamp on February 2nd and 3rd, MOCK SAT on February 23rd and the SAT Bootcamp on March 2nd and 3rd. Our next General PFC meeting will be March 1st, at 10 a.m. in the large Library Conference room. We will have Mr. Buchanan available to answer any questions about the school, curriculum, safety, nutrition or anything else. I look forward to seeing you there.

– Regards, Gillian Miller, OPHS PFC President

For all the latest, most up-to-date PFC News and Information CLICK HERE Eagle s

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Advanced Peer Counseling News Hey Oak Park!

something different to every single person; however, the most important thing is to love yourself. By focusing on our positive qualities and embracing our flaws, we move toward self acceptance. Around the corner from the student store, hanging up on the side of the C-Building, is the Awareness Week art board from this year. It reads: I’MPERFECT. Read as either “I’M PERFECT”, or “IMPERFECT”, the saying implies that it is our imperfections which make us perfect. Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Where there is love there is life”. If we practice both self love, and surround ourselves with people who make us happy, only then will we surely be living. We hope your month of February is filled with love!

Can you believe it is already February? This year has truly been a blur. In only a matter of months, the school year will be over, and the current seniors will be onto the next chapter in their lives. Sometimes, we just need to stop and make sure we are living in the present. Although breathing is unconscious, just like our everyday lives, it does not have to be. We urge you to stop at some point every day, take a deep breath, and be aware of something that you usually do not think about. You may be surprised to find things that you miss out on just because you are in a hurry. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we will soon be engrossed in the celebration of our loved ones. We ask that you do not reserve your love for only one other person, but be a source of love for anyone who needs it and is willing to accept it. Love means

– Sincerely, Kayla Sadwick and Zack Reilly Advanced Peer Counseling Liaisons

MEASURE R TOUR The Community Outreach Committee and the Facilities Planning Committee would like to invite community members to view a presentation and take a guided tour of the school sites to see the improvements made under the Measure R bond project. The presentation and tour will take place on Saturday, February 23 at 2:00 pm and last approximately two hours. It will begin at Oak Park High School in The Pavilion. To RSVP please Click Here for the link or call (818) 735 -3206. 7


JoAnn Tattersall, Kelly McGugan & The Tattersall Team of Active Real Estate

JoAnn Tattersall & Kelly McGugan sponsor Oak Park High School’s “All Call,” our computerized phone system A vital link to our OPHS families!

JoAnn Tattersall

Kelly McGugan

Broker/Owner, GRI, SFR Cell: 818.370.7688

Tattersall Team Cell: 818.207.7408 Congratulations to all cast in Les Miserables! We are all very excited to start! Please check Mr. Hunt’s webpage for rehearsal schedule specifics. Performances for Les Miserables will be April 11th - 13th. If you have questions please email Ellyn Schneider at


Eagle Athletics Update Winter teams are continuing their quest towards TVL championships. Here are their records to date: Varsity Overall League Boys Basketball 20-2 6-0 Girls Basketball 12-7 4-1 Boys Soccer 5-8-1 1-4-1 Girls Soccer 13-3-1 5-2

JV Overall 13-6 8-6 6-8-4 14-1-1

FS League 4-2 3-1 1-1-4 5-0-1

Overall 6-9

League 4-1

2-8-2 8-4-1

Best of luck to all teams as they finish out their seasons. Please check our web site for game times and locations and come out and support our teams.

SPRIN G SPORTS Important dates for upcoming spring sports: Parent Meeting Final Clearance

Feb. 25 7:00 Gym Feb. 19 BB/SB/VB Feb. 20 TR/GOLF/TEN Feb. 21 TR/BLAX/GLAX

All information about what is needed for final clearance is on the OPHS athletic web site. If you have further questions, please contact us at 818-735-3303 or by e-mail at

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News from OPUSD Board President Hi Everyone! My name is Allen Rosen, and I am honored to serve as the President of the Oak Park Unified School District Board of Trustees for this year. Every December, the Board has an organizational meeting, and this year, I was elected to be President. The other Board officers are: - Vice President - Mary Pallant - Board Clerk - Sepideh Yeoh Although we were very sad to have Jan Iceland leave the Board after 21 years of service, we are delighted to welcome incoming Board member Jennifer von Schneideau. Jennifer has a daughter who graduated from OPHS, and another daughter who is currently attending OPHS. For the first time in recent history, all Board members have children attending our schools. The January Board meeting opened with the District of Choice Lottery. This is a state-mandated process whereby we assign random numbers to each student that has applied to our District of Choice program. This year, we had nearly 1,000 students apply for approximately 300 spaces. We also presented the Partner in Education award to Toni Caruso. Toni has been actively involved with Oak Park Schools for several years, including serving as PTA President at Brookside Elementary for 2 years in a row, serving on the Community Outreach Committee where she organized last year's and this year's Big Sunday event as well as acting in various other capacities throughout the district. Thank You Toni! We went on to hear about a visit to our schools from the California Association of the Gifted to validate the District’s application for the 5-Star Award.

The committee visited all of the schools and commended us for our emphasis on authentic learning and noted how passionate all of our students, teachers and staff are about teaching and learning. We also were presented with information about school safety, which had been presented to the Superintendent and Administrators by Ron Stephens. Mr. Stephens is a nationally recognized expert on school safety and is the Executive Director of the National School Safety Center. It also happens that he has four grandchildren in our district, and his daughter is a teacher at Brookside. Mr. Stephens indicated that there is little that can be done to prevent a tragedy like that at Sandy Hook Elementary, and that schools remain among the safest place for our children. He did offer several ideas for the district to think about that could reduce the risk of other types of crimes which may, or may not, be prevalent in our neighborhoods. We will be discussing various initiatives and options in the coming weeks and months, and invite you to participate in the discussion. The Board also received the annual Financial and Bond audits from our external auditing firm. All of the audits received an "Unqualified Opinion" which is the highest opinion that an auditor can give. Finally, I would like to invite all of you to the OPUSD Community Forum sponsored by Friends of Oak Park Schools. This informative and casual evening will be held on January 28th at 6:30 pm at the OPHS Pavilion. You will be able to participate in discussions with the Superintendent, all of the Principals and all of the Board Members on topics including District of Choice, School Finance and School Safety. I hope to see all of you there! – Allen Rosen, President OPUSD Board

Happy Valentine’s Day! 12

College News Important College Dates & Deadlines for Seniors: • February 15, 2013: Some colleges also require the CSS Profile, found online at complete the CSS PROFILE before your earliest college or program priority filing date. At the very latest, you must submit your PROFILE Application by February 15. • March 2nd: Deadline to submit the Cal Grant GPA verification form to apply. For more information about Cal grants, go to the following link on our website: • March: is when most UC and CSU schools begin notifying applicants of acceptance or denial. Berkeley and UCLA are the last to send notices (surprise, surprise)! • Spring Break: Spring Break is the time to make final visits to schools that have made offers of acceptance. This is also the month students will notify most schools of their decisions. Information about scheduling trips to UC & CSU campuses can be found at the OPHS Counseling "UC & CSU Admissions" web page. • May 1st: Commitment Deadline! Students must formally confirm acceptance or declination of an offer of admission by this date. • May & June: are still critical months for seniors because last semester grades do count! Spring semester classes (that were listed on the student’s admission application) that are dropped or not passed with at least a "C" may result in a college rescinding its offer. Most competitive universities expect seniors to maintain at least a 3.0 GPA in the senior year. Junior Year Class Advisement: On May 22nd the OPHS Counselors will be conducting a comprehensive college advisement session for all Juniors during the day. That same evening they will make a presentation to all interested parents to review all the information that was shared with their students that day. The “To Do” list for juniors is much more detailed than the first two years of high school: • Students should be even more focused on their extracurricular activities this year, reaching for leadership and excellent performance in their chosen interests. • This summer between the junior & senior year is the last opportunity you have to make up any “D” grades you may have earned in college preparatory courses. Remember, even though a “D” earns credit for high school it is unacceptable for most colleges and universities! • The OPHS Counselors will be putting on a "Junior Class College Advisement" in the spring semester to prepare students further for the upcoming college admissions process in the senior year. This meeting is typically held in February or early March during 7th period in the Pavilion. All college bound juniors should make plans to attend - dates & times will be announced in the school bulletins and on our website. • Stay organized. During this year, especially after taking the PSAT, colleges will begin to send large amounts of material to you. It helps if you file information alphabetically or by state in a file cabinet or large container. • The spring of the Junior year is "testing mania" time. This is the time for students to be taking the SAT Reasoning Test and/or the ACT along with the SAT Subject Tests if you plan to apply to a UC. Continued on next page 13

Continued from previous page Much more detail follows lower on this web page. • If you are interested in a military academy or ROTC, the process should begin in the fall of the junior year by contacting your local state representative who has the nomination papers and an outline of the procedures. • Seriously begin the process of visiting colleges over the summer. Try to incorporate these visits with your family vacations.

College & Career Become a frequent visitor to the College & Career Center located in C-6, next door to the OPHS Student Store. The center has accumulated many guide books as well as scholarship opportunities, post-graduate options, and computers dedicated to college & career searches. For more information go to our website at: Campus Clubs It's not too late to get involved with any of our Campus Clubs. They provide students with a wide range of interests to meet other like-minded students, as well community service & leadership opportunities! For more information go to our website at: Even if you haven't done much Volunteer or Community Service up until now - it's not too late! We have a webpage devoted to community service leadership & volunteer programs. For more information go to our website at: The PSAT All college bound juniors should have taken the PSAT by now, which also includes a section called the “NMSQT” (National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test). The PSAT is a practice test for the SAT, but the NMSQT is a separate organization that determines the highest level testers in the United States. Qualification at this tier can mean special recognition and scholarship opportunities for students. For more information go to our website at:

SAT & ACT Information The SAT Reasoning Test and/or the ACT Test should definitely be taken at least once (preferably twice) during the spring semester of the junior year usually in April and/or May. There is also a June test date available for SAT test, for those who need a back-up date. However, this date is primarily used for students who need to take the SAT "Subject tests" (see below). Both the SAT Reasoning Test and the ACT Test are accepted equally by virtually every college & university in the country. Students should go to our "SAT & ACT Information" web page to learn about the differences between the SAT Reasoning Test and the ACT. You should also review the University of California's Admissions Testing requirements. The ACT offers an "optional" writing test for those students who will be applying to colleges that require a writing sample test for admission (such as the UC's). The ACT is always offered on days that don't conflict with the SAT. For more information go to our website at:

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Continued from previous page For more information on the ACT go to the following link on our website: SAT Subject Tests: Many colleges & universities require additional tests beyond the SAT or ACT. As a result, many students will also need to take the SAT Subject Tests. For example, most juniors will probably be most prepared to take the US History, Math, Chemistry or Literature tests in June of this school year. It is an ideal time to take these three tests since it is immediately after final exams and studying for the finals is great preparation for these tests. It is possible to take as many as 3 of these Subject Tests in one sitting! Even though the UC's have made these tests optional beginning with the the class of 2012 it is still highly recommended that students sit for these tests just to keep their options open. For more information go to our website at: Test Preparation The results of the PSAT come in late December or early January. Based on the results, students may decide they would like to enroll in a SAT prep course. All students should consider doing some form of test preparation prior to taking the SAT Reasoning Test or the ACT in the spring of their Junior year. At the very least, students should work through one of the many “test prep” books or CD’s that can be purchased at any bookstore. Many of the most reputable test preparation services are accessible via our "Test Preparation" web page. For more information go to our website at:

University of California and the class of 2012 & beyond To give more students an opportunity to present their qualifications to UC campuses while continuing to provide a guarantee of admission to the highest-performing students, the University of California Board of Regents approved changes to the University's requirements for freshman admission. The key differences between past practice and the new freshman eligibility requirements beginning with the class of 2012 are as follows: • Complete 15 UC-required college-preparatory ("a-g") courses with 11 of those done by the end of 11th grade, • Maintain a GPA of 3.0 or better (weighted by honors/AP bonus points) in these courses, and • Take the ACT with Writing or SAT Reasoning Test • SAT Subject Tests are now be optional • Eligibility in the Local Context will increase from 4 percent to 9 percent. For more information about the UC admission process go to our website at: NCAA & College Sports Athletes who want to play at a NCAA university need to register with the NCAA, a process called certification by the NCAA Clearinghouse. This should be done after the spring semester of the junior year. The NCAA will also need the grades from the second semester the junior year, as well as a student's SAT scores to complete the certification process. Athletes should also become familiar with recruiting guidelines which can be found on the NCAA website. Links to both the NCAA & the NAIA can be found at our NCAA link: Continued on next page 15

Continued from previous page EarlyAction/Decision Juniors should become acquainted with the concepts of Early Decision, Early Action and Regular Decision application options which will be available to them as seniors. This will be especially true if they are applying to private schools, especially the very competitive ones. The dates are very early (some as early as September or October of the senior year). So students well need to be ready to act quickly! Please refer to the Early Action/Decision link on our website at: Financial Aid & Scholarships Students should begin having mature conversations with their parent(s) about what they observe and hope for in their future. Make sure to address issues like college location and costs. If the cost of a college is a concern, parents & students should log onto one of the many websites that will help provide the family “EFC” (estimated family contribution). This is a financial aid term which means, after evaluating the needs of the family, that the family will be expected to pay “X” amount of money, no matter what the cost of the college. In other words, the family will be expected to pay, say, $15,000 whether the college costs $16,000 for tuition, room and board or $30,000. These estimates can be helpful prior to submitting applications to unrealistic choices. See our "Financial Aide & Scholarship" web page for more information at:

Private, Independent & Highly Selective Colleges If you're interested in Private, Independent, and Highly Selective colleges this page on our website has information specific to the admissions process for these unique types of schools! For more information go to our website at: If you do not yet have a Naviance passcode contact the College & Career Center ASAP. You will need to become very familiar with this program as this will be the primary vehicle you use to research colleges, careers, request recommendations, and to order transcripts. In preparation for the Senior year application process, junior should complete/respond to the following sections:


Resources - This area includes a link for ordering transcripts, as well as a link for inputting your SAT, ACT & AP scores.

College Research - Under this bar you will find a range of state-of-the-art research tools to help students find the right schools for them. • College Search is the link where students can perform an advanced search for colleges using criteria that matter most to them. Select factors in any or all of the categories to help narrow down a list of colleges that match your interests. At the end of each page, you can either click Show Matches to generate a list OR click Next to continue to pick more factors. You will notice that the number of schools that matches your criteria constantly appears near the top of the page as you move through the selections. If you end up with too many schools on your list and you need to narrow your list, simply select more factors. You should use the Previous button at the bottom of the page if you want to go back to earlier pages/factors. On the other hand, Continued on next page 16

Continued from previous page if you end up with too few schools, go back and deselect some of your factors. In order to save your list of colleges, you must save each one. To do this, click the pick link next to that school on your list of generated schools. That school will show up in the Hand-Picked List box. Once you’ve selected all of the schools from your college search that you want to save, click the Add to My Colleges button directly under the box labeled Hand-Picked List box. • College Match - This tool will allow you to use historical GPA and test score information about students from OPHS and their college applications to match you with colleges that you may want to consider adding to your list. Please note that there are many factors which can affect admissions decisions and the results of this search do NOT guarantee in any way whether or not you will be accepted at a particular college. If a particular college never appears in the results, it may be because no one from Oak Park has ever applied to it. • College Compare – This tool allows you to compare average grade point averages and test scores for accepted students from OPHS at up to ten colleges. School averages are displayed in green when your number is higher and in red when your number is lower. Your PSAT score, if available, has been converted to the equivalent SAT score and compared to the average single SAT score of an accepted student. The column labeled "Accept" shows the number of students accepted out of the number of students that applied. • College Resources - This link has a comprehensive range of resources on the following topics: College and Careers, Financial Aid, Test Preparation, College Athletics, and the Military. • Scattergrams – This amazing tool allows you to visually see how you compare to other OPHS students who have applied to these colleges based on your grade point average and ACT or SAT score. • Acceptance History & College Maps – Check out these links to see how many OPHS students have applied, been admitted, and are now attending specific colleges and universities around the United States. FYI - Since last year was the first year for OPHS using Naviance, its database only has historical GPA and test score information from the class of 2009. However, we do have comprehensive statistics going back to 2008 at the: Senior Post Graduation Surveys link on our website. • Enrichment Programs - Students should look forward to the summer as an opportunity to pursue interesting, challenging summer courses, or internships, jobs, travel or other engaging activities. These are important components to a student’s resume and there is a huge array of options available to students. To help you find the right opportunity, check out the wide range of programs posted at this link. The most reputable and useful have been linked to this page.

My Colleges - As you find colleges that interest you, you will add them to your personal list and begin to research the schools in more detail in this section. • Colleges I'm Thinking About is the section where you save colleges initially while you research them before deciding to apply, or not. • Colleges I'm Applying To is the section you move the colleges to that you've actually decided to apply to. Once you have moved schools to this category section Naviance will help you track the status of all the application milestones for each college.

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Careers: What Are My Interests? - In this section students will complete the personality type assessment, and the career interest profiler.

Explore Careers - Once students have completed the two assessments they will be able to explore their favorite careers by cluster type.

About Me: Interesting Things About Me - This section pulls everything together that students have researched for the start of their Senior Year. This section will be their point of reference throughout the Senior Year to monitor the application process from beginning to end. It includes links to: favorite colleges, favorite careers and clusters, personality type, journal, game plan, resume, test scores, and all completed surveys.

Official Things - Students should make sure that the following items have been completed prior to the start of their Senior Year - profile, account, test scores. â&#x20AC;˘ This section also includes school-generated surveys & resumes that will be required of all students during their senior year: counselor's resume, teacher's resume, graduation survey & graduation survey (part 2). For more information about Naviance go to our website at:


OPHS PFC Newsletter February  

OPHS PFC Newsletter February