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December 2011


The Principal’s Message Recent events in our community once again cause us to evaluate the school’s role in students’ lives. Our neighbors at Agoura High School have spent a good deal of time over the last month assessing the impact these untimely student deaths have had on their school community. We would be foolish and even negligent to think that the conditions that gave rise to these tragedies do not exist in Oak Park and that our students are not susceptible to the same anxieties and situations. I attended the parent information night at Agoura High and watched as the community came to grips with the reality of what was going on in their midst. As a parent and colleague, I learned much from how AHS responded in the days and weeks following the apparent suicides of current and former students. In this message, I’ll discuss how to spot the signs of a teen in crisis and the resources available to help families facing teen depression or substance abuse. Additionally, and this is the message we’d like to be heard by the students, we need to teach our teens how to spot the signs among their friends and how and to whom they should go to for help, as they are usually the first ones to know that their friend is in trouble. We all know that adolescence can be a painful experience for many, and as a community school, we share the responsibility to teach students how to make the transition from child to adult academically and emotionally intact. On November 15, we held an open forum during lunchtime in the Pavilion for

students where a crisis counselor who specializes in teen depression and substance abuse along with OPHS counselors and administrators delivered a presentation and fielded questions. A school-wide activity will take place on December 13 featuring a video made by Safe School Ambassadors. Teachers will screen the video followed by class discussions moderated by the teachers and Advanced Peer Counselors. Students will receive bracelets that signify their commitment to look out for each other. Last spring we held a Life is Too Important week of activities to raise awareness of the dangers of drinking and texting and driving. Safe School Ambassadors are trained to spot the signs of teens in crisis as are OPHS peer counselors and regularly alert counselors and school staff when they identify a teen in trouble. Teen depression is real and if not addressed or treated, it can have devastating consequences. Suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death for youth ages 15-19 after traffic accidents and homicide. Research shows that more than 90 percent of people who kill themselves have depression or another diagnosable mental or substance abuse disorder, with conditions often co-occurring. Some of the signs that your child is depressed are: declining performance in school; loss of interest in things they used to enjoy; unexplained changes in sleep or diet; avoiding friends or family; wanting to be alone all of the time; daydreaming too much or not completing tasks. The following parent guidelines are taken from, a non-profit mental health resource. continued on page 4

Campus Calendar, News & Notes •December 1: Family Feud Tournament, 7:00 pm, Pavilion •December 2: ComedySportz, 7:00 pm, Pavilion •December 8: Band Winter Concert, 7:00 pm, Pavilion •December 9: Choir Concert, 7:00 pm, Pavilion •December 15:PSAT Results Meeting, 2:45-3:15pm, Pavilion •December 15: ComedySportz, 7:00 pm, Pavilion •December 19 - January 2: Winter Break

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PFC Update President’s Message Dear Parents and Friends of OPHS,

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The end of the year and holidays are suddenly upon us, where has 2011 gone? Please enjoy some of the activities on our campus, but most importantly during this busy and festive time of year, please spend time with your friends and families to celebrate traditions and create new memories!

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For further details, please read the PFC General Meeting minutes which are posted bi monthly on our website. Please remember the improvements around our campus and in the classrooms are made possible because of your generous donations. Thank you so much for Make this time of year more festive by your support. taking an evening off and enjoying our talented Our next PFC General Meeting will be OPHS Concert Band & Jazz Musicians and January 6th meeting for 2012 at 10 a.m. in the OPHS Choir. Thursday, December 8th at 7pm Library Conference Room. the OPHS Concert Band and Jazz Band Finally, on behalf of the PFC, I would like perform their Winter Concert and Friday, December 9th at 7pm the OPHS Choir to wish you and your family a Happy and performs their Holiday Concert. Also ASB will Healthy Holiday Season and I look forward to host a Game Show Night on Thursday seeing you in the New Year. December 1st. All performances will take Best Wishes, place in the Pavilion. Don't forget, yummy Gillian Miller refreshments will be for sale. Hope to see you OPHS PFC President there. Our No Frills Fundraiser continues to be a huge success and I would like to thank Vivienne Goldstein, VP of Fundraising, for coordinating this program. Some of our purchases this school year have been: • Sending teachers to conferences • Window Blinds for some Classrooms •Lapboards and Whiteboards for some Classrooms •Emergency Water, Food and First Aid Supplies for Emergency Bin on Campus 3

Principal’s Message continued from page 1 If you suspect that a teenager in your life is suffering from depression, speak up right away. Even if you’re unsure that depression is the issue, the troublesome behaviors and emotions you’re seeing in your teenager are signs of a problem.Whether or not that problem turns out to be depression, it still needs to be addressed—the sooner the better. In a loving and non-judgmental way, share your concerns with your teenager. Let him or her know what specific signs of depression you’ve noticed and why they worry you. Then encourage your child to share what he or she is going through. Your teen may be reluctant to open up. He or she may be ashamed, afraid of being misunderstood. Alternatively, depressed teens may simply have a hard time expressing what they’re feeling. If your teen claims nothing is wrong, but has no explanation for what is causing the depressed behavior, you should trust your instincts. Remember that denial is a strong emotion. Furthermore, teenagers may not believe that what they’re experiencing is the result of depression.

Validate feelings - Don’t try to talk teens out of their depression, even if their feelings or concerns appear silly or irrational to you. Simply acknowledge the pain and sadness they are feeling. If you don’t, they will feel like you don’t take their emotions seriously. Oak Park High is fortunate in that our District and community had showed the commitment to a counseling program that allows us to provide the programs we have such as Safe School Ambassadors, Peer Counseling,Acceptance Week, Race to Nowhere, Life is Too Important, and Life Skills. Our website has extensive resources listed under the parents tab and

we are just a phone call or email away to help guide families who need our help. We will continue to strive to deal with these issues head on with understanding and sensitivity. Our children need to know that caring help is available and whatever the situation, be it depression or substance abuse, it can be treated and that there is hope. But most importantly, teens should watch out for each other and have the courage and conviction to risk the consequences that Offer support -Let depressed teenagers know sometimes come with doing the right thing for a that you’re there for them, fully and unconditionally. friend.We must teach them that telling a trusted adult Hold back from asking a lot of questions (teenagers that your friend is in trouble is not narc-ing, it could don’t like to feel patronized or crowded), but make it actually safe a life. clear that you’re ready and willing to provide whatever Sincerely, support they need. Kevin Buchanan Be gentle but persistent - Don’t give up if your Principal adolescent shuts you out at first. Talking about depression can be very tough for teens. Be respectful of your child’s comfort level while still emphasizing your concern and willingness to listen. Listen without lecturing -Resist any urge to criticize or pass judgment once your teenager begins to talk. The important thing is that your child is communicating. Avoid offering unsolicited advice or ultimatums as well. 4

Eagle Athletics Update Congratulations to all our fall sports teams for outstanding seasons! You have represented Oak Park High school very well. Moving ahead, our winter sports seasons have just begun. Below our the head coaches for each of our programs: Boys Basketball Girls Basketball Boys Soccer Girls Soccer

Aaron Shaw Kenny Golub David Copeland-Smith Mark Zeolla

Schedules and lots of information about each of these programs can be found on the OPHS website under Athletics. We encourage you to come out and support these teams as they prepare for the Tri-Valley league season and compete for league titles.

Easy Shopping with the eScrip Online Mall Thanks to so many of you for supporting OPHS by registering your Vons/Pavilions cards with Escrip. Every time you use your card, you are benefitting OPHS students. While you are holiday shopping online, please consider using the eScrip Online Mall Link right on the OPHS PFC page. Just click on this link, shop and OPHS will receive a donation based on a percentage of your purchases. There are over 1000 merchants from which to choose, and OPHS will earn up to 16% on your shopping. In fact, the average online mall shopper will benefit their school by $70/year. If we all did that, we could earn a LOT of money for our school to go to support important student programs.



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The Oak Park Dance Team will be holding a fundraiser on December 14th at CPK @ The Lakes. The fundraiser will take place all day dine in or take out. 20% of each bill will be donated to the dance team. If you are interested in attending and supporting the dance team, please email the coach for a flyer at Thank you in advance for your support! 7

No Frills Donations Appreciated Thank you to the following families for their generous donations to our 2011 No Frills Campaign. Without their contributions, the PFC could not continue to support Oak Park High School teachers and students.

Aggarwal Ahdoot S. Anderson V. Anderson W. Anderson Annino Appelrouth Arsht Asher Axelrode Bagamian Balen Bartolomea Bear Belanger Belichesky Benson Berman Berner Bitton Boganim Briton-Jones L. Brown R. Brown Buckley Buss Byrne L. Camhi Carrillo Catone Chandramohan Chasin Cheney Chrysiliou Chiu Clark Cleary Jeff Cohen Jordan Cohen Leslie Cohen Linda Cohen Cook Corbitt Coufal Covert Darling Delgado

Lam Lamb Levin Levine Lezak Lindenau Litvak Liu Louie Lu Mamroth Mandell Maholchic Marshall McCleery Mertzel Meyer Miller Mogavero Moghimi Moshkovich Moriarty Mouzaya Myers T. Myers Myerson Nathanson Neiman Niemerow Nigam Nguyen Ojalvo S. Orens Ornstein Paule M. Phillips R. Phillips Piurkowsky Powers Reda Resnick Rifkin Rinkov Rosen Sadwick Salinger Santa Cruz

Dinino Doheney Dolabson Duerfeldt Eichstadt Feemster Fields Fisher Fong Ford Frey Galaif Garb Gebhard Gee Geldin Gerber Ghaffari Goldstein Gordon Gorelik Green Gronich Gunn Haines Harris Hassanieh Hedlund M. Helford S. Helford Hile Hirsch Holmes Horwitz Hotchkiss Jamison Jasso Jha Johnson Kalmanovich Katz Khaw Kiernan Kopecky Kristensen Kubik Laifman 8

Santiago Saravis Sanders Schafer J. Schapiro Schlatter Schroeder Scheiman M. Schwartz K. Sears Seegan Shaevitz Shorts Simons Simmons Sklar L. Smith S. Smith Steinhardt Stutz L. Snyder T. Snyder D. Stark Stevens Swedelson Taylor Thedinga Tobias Too Torigian Treitman Ucker Verma Wagoner Waldman Walsh Wang Wayne Welin Wheatley Whiteley Wiederspahn Woo Wu Wulf Yeoman Yip

Dear students, parents, friends, neighbors and local businesses, The Oak Park Military Club sincerely thanks you for your overwhelming support and generosity in donating goods and money for the care packages we sent to Afghanistan in memory of Brian Wolverton and in honor of all Oak Park High School alumni serving in the armed forces.Without your support we could not have accomplished our goals. Since most donations were anonymous, we cannot thank specific individuals for the following items that we collected: • 1,600 pounds of candy • Various food items, including beef jerky, nutrition bars, dried fruit, and popcorn • Over 250 brand new movies donated by a student • Over 100 toothpaste tubes, toothbrushes, razor blades, chap sticks, and dental floss • Playing cards, bandages, socks, shampoos, soaps, rain ponchos, hats, gloves, small and large stuffed animals and tissue packs

In addition, thank you to the Garb and Baraghimian families for donating over 160 Beanie Babies, to the Henesey family for donating a brand new Xbox 360, to Costco for donating a gift card used to purchase energy drinks, and to Oak Park Dentistry for collecting candy on our behalf. Also, thank you to the Brown, Goldstein, Kaplan, Paul, Swedelson, Thompson and Van Dyke families for contributing cash that helped pay for the shipping costs.


We want to express our appreciation to the following companies for their generous contributions: • THQ Inc. for donating cash, 21 video games and collecting candy on our behalf • 3M for collecting goods and candy • DLA Piper, LLC for donating cash The Military Club also thanks the Oak Park School District teachers and administrators for helping us with the donations. Additionally, we thank Dr. Knight, Mr. Buchanan and Mr. Smith for their invaluable guidance, help and encouragement. Finally, thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Wolverton for their patience, selfless hours of help, and logistical assistance throughout the entire fundraiser. Last week we delivered an estimated 1,000 pounds of candy to Operation Gratitude at the National Guard Armory in Van Nuys.We also packed and shipped 78 care packages containing an assortment of the collected items and weighting a total of 873 pounds! We hope that these packages will brighten the holiday season for the men and women serving in Afghanistan and will convey our gratitude for their service.

Thank You! Adam Kaplan President of Oak Park Military Club

SAFE ROUTES TO SCHOOL The Ventura County Department of Transportation has conducted a study and provided us with maps of all campuses and the safest routes for students to walk to and from school. We encourage students to walk to school safely. Elementary children should never walk without an adult and secondary students should never walk alone. Walking to school provides so many benefits to health, for the environment, and for our traffic situation. The link to the maps on our website is:


Free Parenting Workshop SuperShrinx

Six Super Steps to Help Improve Your Child’s Behavior and Yours Presented by

Debbi Gillman, M.F.T.

Sheryl Rachmel, M.F.T.


Debbi has been a licensed psychotherapist for 25 years and Sheryl has been a parent educator and psychotherapist for over 20 years.

Gain Positive Parenting Tips Develop a Successful Parenting Style his is an excellent opportunity to develop valuable insight and skills to make your Holiday Season joyful.

Friday, December 9, 2011 9:30 to 10:30am

R.S.V.P.: (818) 707-7742 1010 Kanan Road,

Room 18,

Oak Park, 11


(818) 707-7742

Oak Park High School

899 N. Kanan Road Oak Park, CA 91377

For the past 21 years, OPHS yearbook has included a special section called Senior Personals. In this section, you have a chance to send a congratulatory note or greeting to your son or daughter. We are accepting Senior Personals now. If you are new to Senior Personals, or need an idea of sizes, we’ve included a sample page with this letter. Please do not hesitate to contact Ms. Rohlfs at if you have any questions.

Rates for the 2011-2012 yearbook ads are as follows: Regular Prices: Monday, December 12th 1/8 page - $65.00 1/4 page - $110.00 1/2 page - $185.00 Full Page - $335.00 Final Deadline Prices: Monday, January 9th 1/8 page- $75.00 1/4 page- $130.00 1/2 page- $220.00 Full Page- $400.00 There are two ways to submit Senior Personals: 1. Staff Layout. Print your text message on the attached form. The staff will create a layout for text and photos. We prefer you type/print clearly the message so that it is easy for us to read. • Submit photo(s) in an envelope with student’s name on the envelope. • Indicate on the attached form whether the photo(s) needs to be reduced or enlarged to fit the allotted space. Photos can be enlarged or reduced without harm to the original photo. • Photos will be available for pick up June 15th when students pick up their diplomas after graduation. 2.Camera Ready. You create your own layout. • Type your ad exactly as you want it to appear on the page. Please proofread your message carefully as camera-ready submissions are published exactly as we receive them. • Submit the photo (if you have one) attached to the message. The text and picture will be sent to print in the exact condition as received. • Do not write on the back of the photo as writing bleeds through to the front when published. Only use a small amount tape on the back of photo to affix photo to text if the submission is camera ready. • For camera ready submissions, photo cannot be reduced or enlarged. • You also have the option to submit the work on CD. We are using Adobe In Design CS3 and Adobe Photoshop CS3. If submitting as a pdf file, have work at 300dpi, otherwise your submission will come out fuzzy. • Photos will be available for pick up June 15th when students pick up their diplomas after graduation. Refer to the sample to get an idea of how many words will fit into your desired space (or look through last year’s yearbook). The quality of the photo is important. A slightly fuzzy photo will look even darker and fuzzier once printed. Do not submit photos printed from an ink jet or laser printer. Choose photos wisely! Personals may either be sent to the school, attention Yearbook Advisor Ms. Rohlfs, or delivered to the school and dropped off in Ms. Rohlfs’ mailbox, located in the front office. Please be sure to include: 1. Attached form filled out completely 2. All text message and layout information for the yearbook staff 3. Photo in a separate envelope labeled with the student’s full name, address, and phone number. 4. Appropriate check made payable to OPHS Yearbook. Full size ad = 8” width x 11” height 1/2 page ad = 8” width x 5.5” height

1/4 page ad = 4” width x 5.5” height 1/8 page ad = (business card size)


Senior Personal




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Size of Personal (Check One) 1/8 page

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Check Enclosed for: $

Text Message/Photo Information Photo enclosed? Yes

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Camera Ready (see previous description)



-OR- Staff Assistance Required

Text Message for Staff Layout: please type or print clearly

Special Instructions:


Leave as is (text message below)

Advanced Peer Counseling News On a more somber note than our past newsletters, we would like to acknowledge the recent tragedies that have so significantly impacted our neighboring communities. As you are likely already aware of, a Thousand Oaks High School student lost his life to alleged drug-related complications and two Agoura High School students (one a graduate) struggling with depression took their own lives. All three deaths could have been prevented.

school-wide presentation on Tuesday, December 13th in students' fourth period classrooms. Following winter vacation will be an evening informational session for parents and students in our community. Now more than ever, we would like to reiterate that we are here to support your students, our peers, whether they need a helping hand to uplift or simply an ear and an open mind to listen.We encourage them to seek us out if they feel that we could be of help.

As deeply saddened as we are in Advanced Peer Counseling by these misfortunes, we are equally empowered to prevent their reoccurrence. Together with our school administration and licensed therapist Risa Gruberger of the Ludington Institute for Family Enrichment, we hosted an open forum on November 17th for students to share their feelings and were pleased to receive an outpouring of support. We plan to discuss our reactions further and to address drug abuse, depression, and suicide prevention with a

Thank you for your continued interest in our program; we wish you and your family a happy and heartfelt holiday season. Sincerely, Moe Scott, Vivian Rotenstein, and the Advanced Peer Counselors

Enjoy the Holidays What Is the Oak Park Performing Arts Alliance? OPPAA is a membership of parents whose goal is to support the theatre program, Mr. Hunt and a great group of kids. OPPAA is 100% responsible for funding the productions as well as providing volunteer time to sell tickets, costume the cast and provide the intermission goodies and much, much more. For more information please visit our OPPAA page on the school’s website or contact one of our board members. The 2009-2010 OPPAA Board Jenna DiFonzo (President) Ellyn Schneider (1st VP) Dhana Stevens (2nd VP) Lori Peters (Secretary) Susie Flores-Henderson (Treasurer) 16

Superintendent’s Message PREPARE FOR MID-YEAR TRIGGER CUTS I will send out an updated email as soon as we hear the news from the Department of Finance or any further developments. As you think about making end of the year contributions to charities, please keep in the back of your mind that we may be asking for your help through this crisis in order to preserve the program and the school year for your children, recognizing that you are already being asked to contribute to the schools on many levels.

These are the warnings coming out this month from the Legislative Analyst’s Office (LAO) and the numbers are not pretty. The budget that was passed by the state last June eliminated extensions of existing taxes on car licenses, income, and sales taxes.The hope was that an improving economy would bring in additional tax revenues to replace these. In the event that this projection didn’t happen, the budget included a provision to impose ‘trigger cuts,’ at varying levels depending on the amount of the deficit. The LAO is projecting that the state will be short $3.7 billion in this fiscal year. The way the trigger cuts are designed to work requires that the first $2 billion be made up from cuts to various state programs and the CSU and UC systems. The amount after that would fall on K-12 schools. This means that K-12 schools may be expected to take a cut of about $1.7 billion in THIS FISCAL YEAR. This translates to a cut between $181189 per student. For Oak Park, that cut would mean a reduction of about $775,000. Based on the information that I have already shared with you about our fiscal situation, you know that we do not have the ability to absorb that level of cut.

I wish you and your family a very happy holiday season! I hope you can find some extra time to spend with your children as they grow up way too fast.

Dr. Tony Knight Superintendent

A very happy holiday season!

This projection by the LAO is not the final word, however. On December 15, the Department of Finance will announce their take on the state’s fiscal condition and the law requires that the state use the more optimistic of the two estimates. Everyone expects that the LAO projection is the worst of the two and so this should be the worst-case scenario. It is highly likely that we will put in motion, a campaign to raise these funds here in Oak Park as we had discussed last year if reductions of this level were to be imposed on us. The alternative will be drastic cuts to the program in the middle of the instructional year, which would include the possibility of a shortening of this school year. 17

A Note from the OPUSD Board President would paralyze our program since public school funding in California is based on average daily attendance. The District of Choice students are currently bringing in $6,684,432.00 more than the cost of the teachers and supplies necessary to educate these additional students, money that benefits all students in Oak Park, resident and non resident. Without these additional funds it would be difficult for the district to stay solvent, let alone offer the high quality education Oak Park residents expect and deserve, including honors and AP classes, electives, counselors, maintaining, to the extent possible, lower class sizes, as well as the avoidance of teacher layoffs and, at least at the time I write this note, furlough days. In other words, these District of Choice students are crucial to protecting the quality of education for which many residents moved to Oak Park.

Dear Parents and Community Members, This month's Partner in Education Award was given to Barbara Vaswani. Barbara served as PFA president at Oak Park High School during which time she worked collaboratively with parents, teachers, staff and administrators to further the efforts at the high school. Barbara brought “Race to Nowhere” to Oak Park by working with our neighboring districts in a joint venture to bring awareness to this social phenomenon. Barbara also helped to bring a week of activities to the high school in regard to the dangers of drinking and driving. Barbara led an effort to improve registration at the high school and as an example of her selfless work, Barbara came back to help with registration this year even though her family has “graduated” from the district. The bulk of our board meeting focused on two discussion items, the Common Core Standards and District Capacity. The Common Core Standards, a national approach to education, has been adopted by almost all states, including California. Our discussion focused on an overview of the program as well as the implications for OPUSD, including curriculum, materials and staff development. As this approach is very new, a lot is still unknown, but please be assured that the district is diligently staying apprised of its development and looking forward to incorporating it in a manner to further benefit the students in Oak Park.

The board did take action on an exciting program entitled “Educatius International”, which will enable the district to receive students from abroad for up to a one-year period of time. The students will stay with a host family and the district will receive tuition for these students, which will more than cover the cost of educating them. Please know that although the additional funds brought in by these students will be utilized to better serve all of our students, the board's purpose in choosing to be a part of this program is to benefit our students by exposure to international students in an effort to better prepare them to work, function and collaborate in a global The second discussion item focused on district society. capacity in anticipation of an action item at our I hope you and your families have a Happy, December meeting. Setting a “District Capacity” is a Healthy Holiday Season and New Year. requirement under the District of Choice program, which, as I think you are aware, enables OPUSD to more easily accept interdistrict transfer students. In a Barbara Laifman perfect world OPUSD would be able to maintain OPUSD Board President enrollment at a level the district could financially sustain itself with Oak Park resident students. However, our current demographics present an otherwise declining enrollment. When combined with destructive state budget cuts, the declining enrollment 18



The Oak Park Community Center is excited to announce two upcoming special events.

Calling All Medical Personnel: Nurses, Doctors, Pharmacists, Veterinarians, Paramedics, EMTs, …..

The Ventura County Medical Reserve Corps is looking for medical professionals who Community Center will host its popular want to help their community during a Operation:Anime Event from 7:30 – 9:30pm.A disaster. special guest will be there answering questions By registering online at: www.healthcarevand signing autographs. as a “Disaster Healthcare On December 3rd, we will host a Drive- Volunteer”, you will become a part of the California Medical Assistance Team and a part In Movie at Oak Park High School. The movie of the Ventura County Medical Reserve Corps. being shown will be “The Grinch”, and gates There are exciting training and service opportunities through the MRC. open at 5pm. On December 2nd the Oak Park

Questions? Oak Park Community Emergency Response Team Recreation and Park District will be hosting a Email: Teen Trip to “Anime: LA”. On January 7th, the Rancho Simi

For more information call Oak Park Community Center staff at (818) 865-9304.

IN-N-OUT BURGER ANNOUNCEMENT: “All Oak Park High School Staff & Students: Let’s ring in the New Year together!! Come join the New Year’s Lunch Party on Friday, January 13, 2012. The In-N-Out Burger Truck will be here and we will have music playing and games! Tickets to purchase your In-Out Burger Lunch will be on sale starting Monday December 5 at the Student Store, during nutrition, lunch or after school. The tickets are only $4, for a hamburger or cheeseburger, potato chips and soft drink. Our goal is to sell 500 tickets so that 25% of the sales will be donated by the IN/Out Burger Foundation, to local child abuse centers. You cannot buy an IN-N-OUT lunch the day of the party. You must purchase your ticket ahead of time. Plain burgers or grilled cheese sandwiches may also be requested. “ 21



JoAnn Tattersall & Kelly McGugan sponsor Oak Park High School’s “All Call,� our computerized phone system A vital link to our OPHS families!

JoAnn Tattersall

Kelly McGugan

Broker/Owner, GRI, SFR Cell: 818.370.7688

Tattersall Team Cell: 818.207.7408

Student Counseling Reminder : Besides support and nutrition, counselors are available during your lunch period. Please stop in the counseling office.


We are pleased to let you know that we have a Win-Win for YOU and OPHS PFC! Screamin Daily Deals is a website that offers amazing deals! 50% to 90% off at restaurants, day spas, car washes, fitness, frozen yogurt, recreation and much much more! They even have a fantastic Getaway Section. Itʼs absolutely FREE to join! They have a wonderful Rewards Program that donates money to schools! Go to Sign up and select choose a school in Ventura County choose OAK PARK HIGH as your chosen benefactor. OPHS PFC will receive $1.00 per sign up, and they donate 10% of their profits to us from each purchase made all year round! Enjoy the incredible deals and thank you for your support!! THEY NEVER SHARE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS!!!!


Important College Dates for Seniors: January 1st: Federal Financial Aid applications (FAFSA’s) may only be submitted after this date. Paper forms are available in the Counseling Office now. However, the preferred method for submission is via internet through their website at: January 11th: Financial Aid Workshop 6:30-8:30 p.m. in G-9

SAT, ACT & AP Score Reporting Students are responsible for self-reporting their scores on their college applications, and sending official score reports to all the schools they're applying to. This also includes the NCAA Clearinghouse as well. FYI - these scores are not posted on the OPHS transcript! Scores can be transmitted electronically from the ACT website: For the CSU system, students can save money by using the ACT Manager score reporting feature in CSU Mentor. This feature allows students to pay for one score to one CSU campus, and then use ACT Manager to forward the score to the other CSU campuses they are applying to. For the UC system, students simply need to send one official score report from the ACT to one UC school and then all 9 campuses will be able to access their scores.

Scores can be sent electronically from the College Board website: For the the CSU system, when releasing SAT scores you can save money by paying for just one score report and using the CSU Mentor school code 3594. This code will send score reports to all 23 CSU campuses for the price of one score report. For the UC system, students simply need to send one official score report from the College Board to one UC school and then all 9 campuses will be able to access the scores.

AP ÂŽ Advanced Placement Colleges do not require official AP score reports as part of the initial college application process. They only need to self-report them as part of the college application. However, once a student has committed to a college/university and they now want to claim the AP credit, they must request an official score report sent to their school.

AP Automated Score Reporting Services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week at the following numbers: 1-888-308-0013 (toll free in the United States, U.S. territories, and Canada) 1-609-771-7366 (outside of the United States, U.S. territories, and Canada) You can also use the AP Automated Score Reporting Services to send your scores from prior years to colleges, up to four years from the date of the previous AP Exam. (For exam scores older than four years, requests need to be made in writing; please see Archived AP Scores, below.) You will need the following information before calling: AP number. Your AP number can be found in your AP Student Pack or score report. Important: A removable card is provided in your AP Student Pack to help you keep a record of your AP number. We encourage you to save your AP number card and AP Student Pack in the event that you wish to access AP Automated Score Reporting Services. Social security number, if you provided this on your answer sheet Date of birth Exam year that corresponds with your AP number

The appropriate four-digit college code(s), if you're requesting to send scores to colleges. College codes can be found in your AP Student Pack or online by searching for the college at the College Board Code Search page. A valid credit card number (American Express, Discover, MasterCard, or Visa) For more information go to the following link on the College Board website:

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