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December 2012

The Principal’s Message If you’re the type of person who reads educational journals or browses the California or U.S. Department of Education websites you may be familiar with the terms “Common Core State Standards” (CCSS) or “Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium” (SBAC). If you haven’t, you are probably among the majority of parents who spend their time figuring out how to access “Q” or where and when the next tryout/practice/rehearsal/SAT is and how much it’s going to cost. However, Common Core State Standards and Smarter Balanced Assessments are going to become more familiar terms to Oak Park parents and students over the next two years as we prepare for the first round of SBAC assessments in 2014 and begin the implementation of CCSS in our schools along with districts across the nation. What this means is that our current ninth graders will be the first students to be assessed in their junior year on their achievement of the Common Core Standards with the new SBAC computer adaptive tests and performance assignments. Adopted by 46 states including California in August of 2010, the Common Core Standards are national academic standards in English Language Arts, Literacy in History/Social Studies and Science as well as Mathematics, and were created through a collective effort by teachers, college professionals, and business leaders from the participating states. The Standards development and writing process was led by the Council of Chief State School Officers and the National Governors’ Association for Best Practices. The CCSS not only address the importance of critical content knowledge in English, Mathematics, History, and Science but also the skills necessary to achieve in college and the workplace and to use and apply these skills to solve

S C H O O L problems in novel and innovative ways. California and Massachusetts already had rigorous state standards and were important resources in the development of the Common Core. I know you’ve heard of No Child Left Behind, but did you know that this federal standards-based reform act sunsets in 2014 and has not been reauthorized, therefore requiring a redefinition of academic success and college and career readiness. The new Common Core Standards set a rigorous definition of what it means to be college and career ready, not by piling topic upon topic but by demanding that students develop a depth of understanding and ability to apply complex concepts to realworld problems. Although the U.S. Department of Education did not develop the CCSS, it has, through the Race to the Top Initiative provided grants to two assessment consortiums to design the assessments that will be given to students beginning in 2014-15 school year. The SBAC is the consortium that California has joined and the assessments are currently being piloted in several schools throughout the country. Standardized testing has a long and controversial history and critics have argued that the focus on standardized testing as the means of assessment, encourages teachers to teach a narrow subset of skills that the teacher believes will increase test performance, rather than focus on acquiring deep understanding of the full, broad curriculum. The new Smarter Balanced assessments promise to change this practice and will be a much more dynamic approach to summative and formative assessment that include a greater focus on the application of conceptual knowledge and skills through computer adaptive testing, writing, research and performance assignments. The Common Core Standards do not dictate curriculum nor do they prescribe how instruction must be designed, that will Continued on page 2

Campus Calendar, News & Notes Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec.

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Herff Jones Rep. on Campus (quad) Herff Jones Senior Parent Night, 5:30 pm, G-9 OPHS Site Council, 3:30 pm, Lib. CR Cross Cty. Awards Banquet, 5 pm, Pav. Girls’ Volleyball Awards Banquet, 6 pm, Pav. Grad Nite Parent Meeing, 6 pm, Lib. CR Choir & Band Concert, 7 pm, Pav. Football Awards Banquet, 1 pm, Pav. Choir Performance, 8 pm, Reagan Library Board of Education Gen. Meeting, 6pm, G9 OPPAA Meeting, 7 pm, Lib. CR Naviance Parent Workshop, 10:30 am, C&CC ASB Game Show Fundraiser, 7 pm, Pav. Winter Sports Rally, 8 am, Gym Comedy Sportz, 7:00 pm, Pav. Holiday Staff Luncheon, 11:55 am PSAT Scores, 2:30 pm, Pav. Sophomore Class “Movie Night” Fundraiser, 6 pm, Pav. Dec. 21 Periods 1-6 Day Dec. 24-Jan 4 Winter Break

Principal’s Message (continued from page 1) still be up to teachers, principals, and superintendents, but they do provide a clear understanding of what students are expected to learn, so that teachers and parents know what they need to do to help them succeed. Now, more than ever, our economic climate demands innovation, collaboration, high expectations and willingness to move forward as we work to implement our new state and national standards. I know that we can count on your support as we face this challenge together for the future success of our students. — Sincerely, Kevin Buchanan Principal

Wishing you and yours a HAPPY HOLIDAY

Nutr. = Nutrition, Pav. = Pavilion Lib. CR = Library Conference Room

and a Wonderful New Year!!

C&CC = College & Career Center

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Principal: Kevin Buchanan 899 N. Kanan Road, Oak Park, CA 91377 OPHS Main Line: 735-3300 Attendance/Temp. Off Campus Pass Line: 735-3311 (please call before 9 a.m.)

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PFC President: Gillian Miller Newsletter Editor: Suzie Bock 818-970-5251 eNews Editor: Uma Narayanan 818-707-3124 •


Advanced Peer Counseling Hey Oak Park! We hope you all had a great Thanksgiving break, filled with lots of food, family, and friends. As we enter the holiday season, seniors are scrambling to turn in their college applications and all students are working hard as the semester comes to a close. Needless to say, it can be a very stressful time for everybody. Holidays are an opportunity for family and friends to gather, share and celebrate that which is meaningful and important to them. Although we hope that this is a joyful and happy time for all we also are aware that holidays can be difficult and stressful. It is important to be mindful of what others may be going through. This season it is imperative that we reach out to one another, embracing our community and offering our support to whoever may be in need of

it. The counselors and faculty members at Oak Park High School are devoted to helping students through the difficulties of everyday life. There are many outlets for students to receive help, and we, as Advanced Peer Counselors are here for you. Students can reach Peer Counselors in a variety of ways. Please feel free to stop by the office and put in a request to your counselor, or by submitting a “Talk a Peer Counselor” form under the Activities tab, and the sub-tab Peer Counseling on the OPHS website. We hope you have a wonderful month of December! — Sincerely, Kayla Sadwick and Zack Reilly Advanced Peer Counseling Liaisons


JoAnn Tattersall, Kelly McGugan & The Tattersall Team of Active Real Estate JoAnn Tattersall & Kelly McGugan sponsor Oak Park High School’s “All Call,” our computerized phone system -A vital link to our OPHS families!

JoAnn Tattersall

Kelly McGugan

Broker/Owner, GRI, SFR Cell: 818.370.7688

Tattersall Team Cell: 818.207.7408 3

Winter Concert: Choir/Band/String Friday, December 7th @ 7 pm OPHS Pavilion You won't want to miss this event!!! A great deal of time has gone into the preparation of this upcoming concert and I hope to see many of you there. The Concert Band has been working extremely hard and will be performing three numbers, the first which will open the program with a fantastic number, “Legend of Devil’s Lake.” I am very excited to conduct that number. They will also accompany the choir in a joint venture on a “Variations on Jingle Bells” medley, which consists of many time changes and syncopated rhythms. Concert Band will close the program with their finale on ”Highlights from Hunger Games.” The Jazz Band will perform four exciting numbers, under the director of Mr. Matt Finders, who has an extensive bio and has performed on the Tonight Show Band with Jay Leno from 1992 – 2009.

The OPHS Choir will perform four classic numbers, including the Jean Berger “Alleluia, from the Brazilian Psalm” and “Elijah Rock” by Moses Hogan. During the second half of the concert, the choir will perform selections from “Carols and Lullabies” adapted by Conrad Susa, Music of the Southwest, with guest instrumentalists: Michael Nigro on Guitar, Liesl Erman on Harp and Alan Peck on Marimba. Also included in the choir section will be a traditional Hanukkah number that we perform for all of our holiday gigs, “”Hanukkah in Santa Monica” by Doug Coutler, complete with dancing girls!! The OPHS Choir and String Club will perform for their finale, “One Candle” by Andy Beck, a very heartfelt and beautiful number with beautiful words of hope and peace. — Heidi Cissell Band, Choir, String Club and ASB Director

Super Saturday Community Recycling Drive & Sustainability Showcase On Saturday, February 2nd, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., in the OPHS parking lot near the marquee, please drop off electronic waste, used clothing, and unwanted and expired medications. Free on-site paper shredding (first 5 boxes free, $5/box thereafter) also offered. Click here for a detailed list. Additionally, discover what the Friends of Oak Park Schools' sponsored Idea to Impact Program is about. From 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on the OPHS great lawn, see the collaborative work MCMS and OPHS students are doing related to energy and the environment. Highlights include a solar car derby, an electric car drive-way party and ideas for greening your home. Healthy organic food will be available for purchase from Green Truck, and the OPHS DJ Club will be playing music. Great for all ages. Organized by the Environmental Education and Awareness Committee and Friends of Oak Park Schools. Questions? Email


PFC Update President’s Letter Dear Parents and Friends of OPHS, The end of the year and holidays are suddenly upon us, where has 2012 gone? Please enjoy some of the activities on our campus, but most importantly during this busy and festive time of year, please spend time with your friends and families to celebrate traditions and create new memories! Make this time of year more festive by taking an evening off and enjoying our talented OPHS Choir & Band Concert Friday, December 7th at 7 pm. ASB will host a Game Show Night on Thursday, December 13th. Comedy Sports on Friday, December 14th. All performances will take place in the Pavilion. Don’t forget, yummy refreshments will be for sale. Hope to see you there. Our No Frills Fundraiser continues to be a huge success and I would like to thank Lydia Saravis, VP of Fundraising, for coordinating this program. Some of our purchases this school year have been: • Sending teachers to many conferences • Piano Accompanist

• •

Printers for classrooms Emergency Water, Food and First Aid Supplies for Emergency Bins on Campus • Updated Software for Special Education For further details, please read the PFC General Meeting minutes which are posted bi monthly on our website. Please remember the improvements around our campus and in the classrooms are made possible because of your generous donations. Thank you so much for your support. We had our November PFC General Meeting in the evening and I want to thank all the wonderful parents and staff who attended. Our next PFC General Meeting will be January 11th 2013 at 10 a.m. in the Library Conference Room. Finally, on behalf of the PFC, I would like to wish you and your family a happy and healthy holiday season and I look forward to seeing you in the new year. — Best Wishes, Gillian Miller, PFC President

Eagle s

No Frills Donations Appreciated Thank you to the following families for their generous donations to our 2012 No Frills Campaign. Without their contributions, the PFC could not continue to support Oak Park High School teachers and students.

Aggarwal Ahdoot Alexander Anderson Annino Aoki Appelrouth Arsht Asher Aviram Bagamian Balen Ballas Bear Bender Berman Berner

Bhatia Bochan Boganim Bongiovi Briton-Jones Bronstein R.Brown S.Brown Buckley Bulusu Burger Burke Byrne Camhi Cappos Carrillo Castillo

Catone M.Chang Chasin Cheney Chiu Chow Chrisakis Clark Claxton Cleary D.Cohen J.Cohen S.Cohen Conklin Conners Cook Corbitt 5

Croy Cruz Dave DeGrinis Delgado Detamore DiPaolo Doheney Dorian Drews Dunn Ebuen Eichstadt Eisenberg Elayne Feemster Continued on page 6

Superintendent’s Message A Collective Sigh of Relief Proposition 30 passed on November 6 and that was much welcomed news to us. In fact, I would say that those of us who have children in public schools in California, work in them, or lead them, breathed a collective sigh of relief when the results came in. In Oak Park USD it meant that $1.9 million in ‘trigger cuts’ were avoided and we can remain with our status quo budget for the rest of this school year. It means we will complete the full school year and no further cuts will be made. I think also, it showed that the people of California support public schools and understand that our schools are our future. I am hopeful we have turned a corner and we are going to begin emerging from the nightmare of the last several years that saw our budget cut by 23%. With the additional tax revenues that will be collected due to Proposition 30 and an improving state economy, more money should flow to public schools in the years to come. This year, however, we know that we will only receive what we received last year and cuts were made in order to balance our budget due to increasing expenses and a structural deficit, which is spending using one-time federal funding that is now gone. Enrollment growth from the District of Choice pro-

gram mitigated much of the cut that would have otherwise been required. We project a reserve of less than 2% this year, as the decision was made by the Board to spend down as low as allowed in order to preserve as much of the program as possible. We are prohibited to go lower than 1% and last year we ended with a balance of 1.03%. Districts our size should have reserves well above 5% to be prudent. I guess I am trying to say that although it looks like we may have turned a corner, things are still tough and we have a long way to go before we will see increases from the state. However, as I reflect on the last few years I am proud we have managed to maintain our 180-day school year, kept all of our employees to serve your children, and actually saw significant increases in student achievement due to the collective effort of teachers, support staff, administrators, counselors, good decisions on the part of the school board, and the overwhelming support from parents, financially and otherwise. Please allow me to express my gratitude to you once again for this support and may I ask you to please continue to provide it as we hopefully work our way out of this crisis and into a more positive and constructive period in public education in California and Oak Park. — Dr. Tony Knight Eagle s Superintendent

No Frills Donations (continued) Felder Fields Fletcher Fong Frame Freedberg Frey Friedman Futterman Gage Galaif Gebhard Gee Geldin Gerber

Ghaffari Godsick Goldstein Gordon Gorelik Gorenstein Gortner Green Greenwald Greer Gunn Haines Harris Hassanieh Hasserjian

Heald Hedlund Helfand Herbert Holmes Horwitz Howard Hsiong Jamison Jasso Jha Johnson Julius Kalinke Katz

Kawamoto Kealer Keefer Khaw Kopecky Kristensen Kubik Laifman Lam Lamb Lawson Lee Levanon Levin Continued on page 9


Oak Park High School



Eagle’s Athletic Update Congratulations to all our fall sports programs. Cross Country just completed a successful run at State Championships with the boys team finishing 4th in their division and the girls finishing 16th – well done representing OPHS at the state level.

School Pictures Still Not Claimed

Winter sports are beginning and here is the head coaching staff for the upcoming season:

If you have not picked up your school pictures, please retrieve them from the Student Store.

Boys Basketball Varsity Aaron Shaw JV Ryan Yeager FS Rob Hall Girls Basketball Varsity Kenny Golub JV Jen Stevens Boys Soccer Varsity Brian Collins JV John Fletcher Frosh Jim Pieczynski Girls Soccer Varsity Mark Zeolla JV Julio Ramirez Frosh Darian Cohen

Super Storm Sandy With the terrifying images of the destruction and suffering on the East Coast from Super Storm Sandy, we are reminded just how vulnerable we are to the wrath of Mother Nature. What we can do is prepare ourselves and our families to respond to the challenges a natural or manmade disaster presents. • Check your emergency water and nonperishable food stores: • Update First Aid Kits for home, car, and office. • Prepare a disaster cache of supplies and equipment: Clothing, Sheltering Equipment, Cooking and Sanitation supplies. • Keep your gas tank no lower than half full. • Get Trained: CPR and First Aid skills can help you save the life of a loved one.

Schedules for all our winter teams are listed on the OPHS Athletic web site. Please make plans to attend the contests and support our teams. If you have any questions/concerns, feel free to contact us at 818-7353303 or by e-mail at - Ann Pettit and Dick Billingsley, Co-Athletic Directors

The East Coast had several days warning; we will not. Submitted by: D. Starzak Oak Park CERT:


Yearbook News & Notes Senior Personal Ads - from family to student Be a part of the OPHS Yearbook Tradition Your opportunity to purchase a Senior Personal Ad with a special, personalized message from you to your graduating senior is NOW!

Personal Ad Pricing Personal Ad Form Next Senior Personal Ad deadline is Monday, December 10th Last Senior Personal Ad deadline is Monday, January 7th

No Frills Donations (continued) Liu Maholchic Mandell Markarian Marshall Martinelli McCleery Medina Meng Mertzel Meyer Miller Miremadi Mogavero Moghimi Mohabeer Mouzaya Myers Myerson Neville Nguyen

O’Connor Okimoto-Wheatley Ong Ornstein Paul Peters M.Phillips R.Phillips Piurkowsky Powers Ramirez Resnick Ridinio Rifkind Rinkov Risley Rivera Robertson Rochon Romanov Rosen

Rosenberg Rozanski Sahley Salinger Santa Cruz Saravis Saucedo Schapiro Schlatter Schneider Schnurr Schroeder Schwartz Scott Serafica-Stermer Shaevitz Shanahan Shao Shemtov Sholty Silver 9

Silverstone Simons Sklar Smith Snader Snyder Stark Steinhardt Stillo Strauch Tang Taylor Thedinga Thiruvamkulam Tobias Tolentino Too Torigian Townsend Treitman Continued on page 11


OPUSD President’s Message Dear Parents and Community Members, Unbelievable as it seems here we are coming up on the holidays and winter break. Elections and Thanksgiving have come and gone and we as a district are so thankful for the passage of Proposition 30. It will allow us to continue this school year without any new major cuts. We will not have to ask our teachers to take furlough days to bolster our budget and our children will not have their school year and days of learning cut. With Proposition 30 we will receive flat funding from the state this year, the same amount as last year without any cost of living increase but without the trigger cuts we were afraid of. At our November meeting the Board of Education awarded our Partner in Education Award to parent Shelley Resnick in appreciation of all she has done and continues to do for our district. Certificates of Recognition were presented to Debbie Church, Loretta Brown and Cindy Bisciglia for their proactive handling of the norovirus outbreak at Medea Creek Middle School. Certificates were also presented to Denise Keane, Patti Kolb, Joy Reints, Stephanie Love, Kathy Mosley and Rebecca Goldman in honor of their earning GATE Certification. Congratulations also to Michelle Varju at Brookside Elementary who was awarded a grant by Smart Technologies and will be teaching in a classroom with four smartboards.

We want to thank The Friends of Oak Park Schools, our education foundation, who presented the district with another check for the remainder of the funds raised in their Legacy Brick Project. The Friends are truly friends who have made possible many vital programs in the district. The board appointed a new member to the Citizens’ Oversight Committee to fill a vacancy for the term ending June 30, 2013. Staff made a presentation on current and projected enrollment and enrollment capacity and the board tabled the item to be discussed further at the December meeting. We approved the school calendar for the 2013-2014 school year and two Special Education placements were approved. In our ongoing review of District Policies we approved the policy pertaining to procedures to be followed when there are cases of head lice and tabled the policy on Career/Technical Education for further information. A short discussion was held on federal and state mandates and funding of education. With the end of the calendar year upon us my hope is that everyone has happy and healthy holidays and I wish you my very best. — Jan Iceland OPUSD Board President

No Frills Donations (continued) Trnavsky Verma Vosguanian Wada Waldman Wang Welin Whiteley

Wiederspahn Wilson Wing Wu Wulf Wyner Zaitlen Zhang

Click Here to use PayPal to make your No Frills Donation! 11

OPUSD Congratulations & Welcome JAN ICELAND – A Reception Of Appreciation For Her Ser vice December 11th, 6:00 PM – Oak Park High School – Room G-9 an Iceland is leaving the Oak Park Unified School District Board of Education this year, where she has served as a member for twenty years. There will be a presentation and short reception at the December OPUSD Board meeting on Tuesday, December 11 at 6:00 pm

in Room G9 at Oak Park High School. Jan’s service to the community has been extraordinary and we look forward to honoring her. We will also be swearing in new board member, Jennifer von Schneidau at the same meeting and look forward to her joining the board. The community is invited to come celebrate and thank Jan and welcome Jennifer.


Save the Date 2nd Annual Big Sunday May 5, 2013 The Community Outreach Committee is excited to announce their 2nd Annual Big Sunday “Day of Giving” event scheduled for Sunday May 5, 2013. Last year’s event brought in over 300 volunteers who were able to accomplish numerous projects at 6 of our schools as well as to help restore the Medea Creek Streambed in conjunction with the parks and recreation department. This year, in addition to projects at the schools, we are looking for projects throughout the Oak Park area such as: fixing the Medea Creek Obstacle Course; painting “Drains to the Creeks” where appropriate; adding more waste cans for dog waste at trail sites and more. We are asking you, our community, what project ideas you may have; please contact the Committee at to let us know. More information regarding volunteer opportunities and charitable giving for this event will be coming in January. The OPUSD Community Outreach Committee


College News Important Dates & Deadlines for Seniors v January 1st: Federal Financial Aid applications (FAFSA’s) may only be submitted after this date. Paper forms are available in the Counseling Office now. However, the preferred method for submission is via internet through their website at: v January 9th: 6:30-8:30pm (G9): Financial Aid Workshop to assist students and parents with the FAFSA and other aspects of the Financial Aid process. v Feb. 15, 2013: Some colleges also require the CSS Profile, found online at :; complete the CSS PROFILE before your earliest college or program priority filing date. At the very latest, you must submit your PROFILE Application by February 15th. v March 2nd: Deadline to submit the Cal Grant GPA verification form to apply. For more information about Cal grants to the following link on our website: v March: is when most UC and CSU schools begin notifying applicants of acceptance or denial. Berkeley and UCLA are the last to send notices (surprise, surprise)! v Spring Break: Spring Break is the time to make final visits to schools that have made offers of acceptance. This is also the month students will notify most schools of their decisions. Information about scheduling trips to UC & CSU campuses can be found at the OPHS Counseling "UC & CSU Admissions" web page. v May 1st: Commitment Deadline! Students must formally confirm acceptance or declination of an offer of admission by this date. v May & June: are critical months for seniors because last semester grades do count! Spring semester classes (that were listed on the student’s admission application) that are dropped or not passed with at least a "C" may result in a college rescinding its offer. Most competitive universities expect seniors to maintain at least a 3.0 GPA in the senior year.

SUBJECT TESTS: So, Are the SAT Subject Tests Dead? The answer in a nutshell is – NO! It is true that the UC system no longer requires them for admission. However, there are still many colleges (i.e. Ivy League and other highly selective universities - see the list at the bottom of this page). Many of the schools who don't require them do invite a student to submit Subject Test scores if they feel the score(s) will help their application. In fact, this is the approach the UC’s are now taking with the Subject tests. The UC policy allows individual campuses to “recommend” that students submit Subject tests. Furthermore, several UC majors (like Engineering) do still require one or more Subject tests like the Math Level 2 and/or a science related Subject Test. For more details on the UC's SAT Subject test recommendations go to their website: So, there really is no downside for students to continue to take the Subject tests. If a student scores well (i.e. in the 600+ range), they have the option of sending the scores and having it potentially help their application. If they don’t score well, they simply don’t send it!



More on the SAT Subject Tests When Should Students take the SAT Subject Tests? The best time to take these tests is at the point in the student’s high school career where they are the most knowledgeable in that subject. For example, for students choosing to take the American History or Chemistry elective tests - the end of the Junior year would be best since most students take these classes in the 11th grade. For tests such as Biology or World History, it would be best for most students to take them at the end of their sophomore year - when they are taking those classes. For more information about the Subject Tests click on the following College Board hyperlink: Should students do test preparation for the Subject Tests? In truth, the best preparation for the Subject Tests is the studying students are already doing as they take these subjects during the regular school year. However, it is still wise for students to familiarize themselves with the test materials, and most Test Preparation services do have preparation classes for many of these tests. Plus the College Board itself has test preparatory materials available at the following link on their website:


SAT Subject Tests (completed) Schools that still require the SAT Subject Tests:

Amherst College

Cornell University

Olin College of Engineering

Barnard College

Dartmouth College

Pomona College

Boston College

Princeton University

Boston University

Duke University George Washington University (required of some dual degree programs only)

Brandeis University

Harvard University

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Brown University

Harvey Mudd College

(RPI) (some programs)

Bryn Mawr College

Haverford College

California Institute of

Stevens Institute of Technology (some programs)

Massachusetts Institute of

Technology (Caltech) Carnegie Mellon University Columbia University Cooper Union (some programs)

Technology (MIT) Notre Dame (home schooled applicants must take 3 SAT II or AP exams) New York University (NYU) (but ACT or AP exams can substitute for SAT II)

Rice University

Swarthmore College Tufts University University of Pennsylvania Vassar College Washington and Lee University

SAT, ACT & AP Score Reporting How are students supposed to report their scores? 1. Students are responsible for self-reporting their scores in each of their college applications. This also includes the NCAA Clearinghouse as well. 2. Students are responsible for sending official score reports (from either the College Board or the ACT) to all the schools they're applying to. FYI - these scores are not posted on the OPHS transcript! What is "Score Choice?" The ACT has always provided Score Choice as a score reporting option. The College Board has also instituted Score Choice, whereby students can choose which scores to send, either by test date for the SAT Reasoning Test or by individual test for the SAT Subject Tests. It's important to note that each time you sign up for a standardized test (ACT or SAT); you have the option of releasing the scores to 4 schools. In truth, most colleges only use a student’s highest test scores to make their final admission decision. Therefore, sending all your scores will rarely have a negative impact on your application for admission. However, if you choose to send only the scores from your highest test sittings, Score Choice allows you to do so. In summary, if you decide not to use the ACT or College Board's Score Choice options, all of your scores will be sent to your recipients, but students should still feel comfortable sending all scores, since most colleges consider a student’s best score.


CSU & UC Score Reporting Procedures: Scores can be transmitted electronically from the ACT website: • For the CSU system, students can save money by using the ACT Manager score reporting feature in CSU Mentor. This feature allows students to pay for one score to one CSU campus, and then use ACT Manager to forward the score to the other CSU campuses they’re applying to. • For the UC system, students simply need to send one official score report from the ACT to one UC school and then all 9 campuses will be able to access their scores. Scores can be sent electronically from the College Board website: • For the CSU system, when releasing SAT scores you can save money by paying for just one score report and using the CSU Mentor school code 3594. This code will send score reports to all 23 CSU campuses for the price of one score report. • For the UC system, students simply need to send one official score report from the College Board to one UC school and then all 9 campuses will be able to access the scores.

AP ® Advanced Placement Score Reporting Colleges do not require official AP score reports as part of the initial college application process. They only need to self-report them as part of the college application. However, once a student has committed to a college/university and they now want to claim the AP credit, they must request an official score report sent to their school. AP Automated Score Reporting Services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week at the following numbers: 1-888-308-0013 (toll free in the United States, U.S. territories, and Canada) 1-609-771-7366 (outside of the United States, U.S. territories, and Canada) For more information about AP Score Reporting go to the following link:


OPHS, PFC, Newsletter, Dec, 2012  

OPHS, PFC, Newsletter, Dec, 2012

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