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==== ==== Great tips for driving traffic to your business ==== ====

It can be the most frustrating experience for anybody who faces the task of improving internet business - they have great products, superb customer service and are serving real wants and needs. Yet the internet business is just bumping along the bottom - because they are just not visible to their potential customers. Web business traffic will not by itself result in improving internet business - but without it, businesses will die. If you're paying for any advertising whatsoever then this article provides a far better route to improving internet business. I'm going to show you how to get all the web business traffic you need to your web site without spending anything. If you have been struggling to find ways to increase web business traffic, and therefore profits, for a long time, you need to realise this BIG truth - whilst many site owners focus on marketing their sites themselves, the real top guns aren't really marketing at all. Really. The web site owners making the real big money use the power of leverage to bring in huge amounts of web business traffic on demand. They leverage the work of other people who are focused on improving internet business, and pay them a commission for any web business traffic they get that turns into a sale. This is called web business affiliate marketing, and whilst you may have already heard of what an affiliate program is, you most definitely won't have heard of how to set one up the right way for improving internet business. The bad news is that setting up web business affiliate marketing the wrong way will not result in improving internet business - indeed, you can actually harm your business. HOWEVER, the really good news is that attracting affiliates is not hard ! Anybody can set up a web business affiliate program and get some affiliates signing up. Assuming the web business affiliate program is set up the right way, getting a few affiliates to bring you in a few hundred a week can and should be done by anyone. However, having a web business affiliate program which hundreds, even thousands of people sign up to is a whole different story. But this is really, really worth doing - having a web business affiliate program where you have dozens of super affiliates can make you five figure weekly, or even daily, profits. The core issue which makes the difference between moderate and outstanding success in improving internet business is the well known 80/20 rule. 20% of your affiliates will make you 80% of the income. That means if you have 100 affiliates only 20 of them will be bringing in any substantial web business traffic and therefore money. The great majority of web site owners do not

address this truth effectively, have their web business affiliate program set up completely wrong, and so lose out on the fantastic benefits a web business affiliate program can bring ! Most people spend so much time, money and energy desperately trying to succeed with marketing online, ending up with just an emptier wallet and no more real web business traffic. In contrast, a web business affiliate is dedicated to promoting your site, improving internet business and making you successful. As you only ever pay your web business affiliate when they make a sale, you are never out of pocket. You are leveraging other people's hard work to get more web business traffic than you could ever have hoped for. What could be better?

Dr. John Brett has worked in offline businesses for over 30 years and now applies his wealth of experience to helping online businesses to succeed. To get FREE video training about using affiliates to create massive web business traffic, and a bonus FREE 500 page e-book, go to []

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==== ==== Great tips for driving traffic to your business ==== ====

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