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Opflex Solutions 7 E. 8th St, Suite 140 New York, NY 10003 646-580-2613 A product and company adapting, modifying and collaborating to find better solutions. As exemplified in their response to the Deepwater Horizon crisis, Opflex Solutions’ success is directly attributed to listening to customer needs and responding with a sense of urgency and consistency. Because Opflex™ can be fabricated into a variety of flexible forms and sizes, the technology is infinitely scalable and can be deployed by an unlimited variety of tethering and containment methods. It will float on the surface of water, removing surface pollution, and can be deployed under water to absorb suspended oils.

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What Is Opflex?

Developed by Opflex Solutions (a Cellect Technologies LLC related company), Opflex™ is a reusable, highly buoyant, biodegradable, absorbent foam product. It is a specialized sponge that when placed in oil contaminated water absorbs only the oil while the water is repelled by it. Opflex™ works quickly and efficiently, pushing beyond the limits of traditional adsorbent booms.

Saturated Opflex™ is wrung out in a variety of ways suitable to the size of the product deployed -- by hand, centrifuge or press. Due to its density, it is extremely buoyant and can be used in conjunction with other materials when necessary. Booms, mops, sweeps and pads are among the configurations deployed in the Gulf of Mexico and in Dalian, China. Opflex Solutions continues to develop new ways to use Opflex™ to protect vulnerable coasts and to work in collaboration with other technologies to restore precious water resources and habitats world-wide. Additionally, Opflex can be submerged by fishermen and lobstermen to check water for carbon contaminants and Opflex can be used to scrub the ocean floor when oil is submerged with dispersants and accumulates. Opflex is also being utilized to address oil contamination problems associated with storm water and snow-melt run-off.

It is our technology and the speed at which we respond in the market that separates us from our competitors and allows us to meet our customers’ needs in a manner that is unmatched in the foam industry. Scott Smith, President and CEO Cellect Technologies / Opflex Solutions

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Opflex Solutions - Biodegradable and Reusable Open-Celled Foam Sorbents

Protecting your interests with the world’s leading foam technology Attributes


• Opflex is put in contaminated water. Contaminants are absorbed. Water is repelled.

• Opflex™ is a Low Carbon Impact (LCI) product as it can be recycled, re-used and contains an additive intended to speed biodegradation after oil is properly removed from the product.

• Absorbs up to 32 times its weight in oil while water is repelled. Opflex™ is reusable -- the oil is wrung out in a press or centrifuge then Opflex is re-deployed. This property of reusability makes Opflex technology extremely affordable as the material cost per use is minimal.

• Opflex™ is a true absorbent, meaning the foam absorbs the oil and holds it even in strong currents or rough waters, while conventional pom-poms and conventional sorbent booms tend to be adsorbent meaning only the outer surfaces are coated with oil.

• Opflex™ is an open celled polyolefin foam with a density of 1.5 pounds per cubic foot. It is an average of 50 - 70% less in weight than traditional sorbents, making it easier for workers to deploy.

• Efficient oil removal is based on surface area, and with Opflex™ (even if only used once and not reused) the cost per surface area is a fraction of all other products.

Oil Absorption Products Opflex is available in the following configurations: PRODUCT

Pad Sweep Mop Boom





16 x 18 72 x 12 98 x 36 144

1/4 1/4 1/2

1.1 3.4 27






4.1 12.4 75.5

0.3 0.9 7.3

100 100 5

30 90 36.5





Following a flood in CELLECT TECHNOLOGIES’ St. Johnsville, NY factory in 2006, the idea for OPFLEX was born – filled with oil-contaminated water, the factory suffered significant damage and the absorbent foam aided in its cleanup. When CEO, Scott C. Smith heard about the Deepwater Horizon Gulf Oil Disaster, he went down to Venice, Louisiana to live among the fisherman and do practical tests of the product in the area. He did similar tests in Dalian, China where the country’s worst oil spill threatened the wildlife and the local ecosystem. Testing his OPFLEX BOOMS, MOPS, SWEEPS, PADS, and MITTS on the oil sheen, subsurface plumes and affected wildlife proved a highly successful endeavor. Smith left the Gulf area with a an order for 2 million square feet from BP and a glowing commendation from David Kinnaird, BP Site Leader in Lake Charles, LA as to the product’s efficiency. The Chinese government was so excited about OPFLEX that they asked Smith back to give the Keynote speech at their Carbon Capture and Sequestration conference in Beijing in January of 2011. Microflex® and Opflex™ are manufactured using 30% less energy than conventional materials in the manufacturing process and contains an additive that speeds its biodegradation, making them among the GREENest of materials. OPFLEX products are also being used in the flooring markets, consumer markets (yoga mats, footwear, sponges and wipes using environmentally friendly and biodegradable foam), medical markets (ekg pads, surgical grounding pads, patient positioning systems), gasket markets (automotive, air conditioning systems, refrigerators), playground equipment market (collaboration with David Rockwell and Kaboom), water filtration markets and pollution detection markets.

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OPFLEX Brochure  

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