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1. I grab my New York mag magazine and read instructions on its back cover.

2. I’m asked to send “RLQR1” in a text message to 23000

3. I get a text back with the URL to visit:

4. I click on that URL only to arrive on a tiny tiny website.

5. I pinch in my iPhone’s screen to Zoom in and then click on What is RL-QR to download the free QR reader.

6. A new tiny page appears, so I pinch to zoom in again and click on Download.

7. My phone number and phone model are recognized but I need to select my mobile phone carrier.

8. I select AT&T, but it takes me to the same page over and over.

9. So I decide to check if the iPhone’s App Store has a QR Code software to download. Yes, I am very motivated.

10. They actually have few of them.

11. I download a couple, they are free.

12. The first one, ScanLife, didn’t work on my iPhone.

13. So I launch the other one, Barcode.

14. Select the kind of codes with big squares in 3 of its corners. 

15. I take a picture of the QR code.

16. Resize and position it in the red area.

17. Click on decode...

18. After few seconds to figure out what I have to do next, I try my luck with the icon in the bottom right.

19. Yes, that was the right choice. I’m presented with 4 options. I’ll go with Open in Safari.

20. Oh, dĂŠjĂ -vu, back to that tiny homepage.

21. Pich, zoom in. I can’t believe I’ve just spent 15 minutes to arrive to the Ralph Lauren’s homepage for mobile devices...

Polo's QR Codes suck!  

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