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HOW TO STOP FORECLOSURE INFORMATION Below is the text of the Home for the Holidays Press Conference delivered on November, 2008. It is followed by a video of the actual press conference. These are the humble beginnings of our mission and the resulting comprehensive plot to stop foreclosure. “I am here today on behalf of a mission called Operation Restoration to deliver a message of hope to families and individuals who are worried of losing their homes to foreclosure. Because of this economic disaster, you likely know a name in distress or you may be feeling the dread yourself. People are trying to take advantage of our family members or neighbors who do not where to turn. Reach out to them and encourage them not to give up. Dread attacks the mind. But, help is on the way. A group of very dedicated, passionate people across this nation have voluntarily made online education to teach borrowers proven simple-to-follow methods and options to stop foreclosure. Education empowers people to make informed decisions lacking dread. And it works! At a time when our nation is suffering from division, friction, violence, and separation, let’s pray that this education will quickly reach the people of this nation. This is a time of hope. There is a solution to the foreclosure disaster: Educate people about right solutions so that they can help themselves. Give people a safe place to question additional questions and receive additional help if necessary. We are one nation, under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all. We can do this if we all work together. If you want to help with Operation Restoration, we need volunteers whom we will train. And we need help delivering this information to the nation. During this holiday season, on behalf of the mission of Operation Restoration, I wish you peace and hope.”


Stop Foreclosure Press Conference