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Opera for Android Made for your Android Enjoy a richer, faster mobile browsing experience, while discovering all that the web has to offer, on your Android mobile device.

Faster, smarter browsing


Our fastest browser for Android is purpose-built for whatever you want to do online with your Android mobile device. With Opera for Android’s sleek, easy-to-use interface, browsing online has never been easier — and with its Off-Road mode, faster. By switching on Off-Road mode, Opera for Android starts saving you time while on bad connections, and money when on the go.

- Speed Dial: One-click access to all your favorites, with visual folders - Discover feature: Categorized popular content recommended for you - History: Chronological list of recently browsed sites and pages - Off-Road mode: Compresses data to provide faster, cheaper mobile browsing while on the go or on congested networks - Combined address and search bar: Everything you need in one bar

Rediscover the internet

Tired of visiting the same old websites or need some new inspiration? Check out the Discover feature in Opera for Android to get recommendations for news, entertainment, food and other popular content tailored for you.

- Private browsing tabs: Allows full internet browsing without leaving a trace

Your favorites at your fingertips

Opera’s Speed Dial displays your favorite websites, bookmarks and saved pages as a gallery of images. Speed Dials can be dragged on top of each other to make a folder or long-pressed to rearrange the order.

Manage your downloads Start, stop, resume, save and rename movies, music and other downloads at your convenience. Discover mode

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