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Opera Devices SDK 4.2 Connected TV within your reach A robust, open platform for creating connected, interactive TV solutions, which combines support for premium internet content, web apps and full internet browsing in an easy-to-integrate, yet flexible component.

Web standards

The Smart TV Alliance

Based on the market-leading web-rendering framework Chromium, and the rendering engine Blink (a derivative of WebKit), the Opera Devices SDK contains state-of-the-art HTML5 web standards support. New standards such as CSS 3D Transforms, CSS Animations and CSS Transitions are supported and are accelerated, if GPU is available.

The industry consortium, the Smart TV Alliance, defines a set of profiles and standards for HTML5 apps on Smart TVs. Using the Opera Devices SDK 4.2, it is easy for a device manufacturer to implement support for apps coming from, or compatible with, the Smart TV Alliance.

Premium content

The Opera Devices SDK allows the use of several different standards for internet video solutions. The existence of different HTML markup, streaming protocols, codecs and container formats creates complexity for device manufacturers.

The Opera Devices SDK makes it easy for device manufacturers and platform providers to support premium internet content from providers such as YouTube, BBC, Hulu and Spotify.

TV-related standards Emerging industry standards are specifying a unified way to render and serve IPTV or hybrid broadcast/broadband services to TVs and TV-connected devices (STBs, Blu-ray Disc players, etc.). HbbTV is an aggregation of components from different standards, such as CE-HTML, CEA-2014, DVB, W3C and OIPF. With the Opera hybrid TV option, the Opera Devices SDK provides an out-of-the-box solution for displaying and running “red-button applications” and other HbbTV portals and apps.

The Opera TV Store Opera’s Smart TV Solution, the Opera TV Store, runs out-of-the-box on the Opera Devices SDK, and apps are tested and approved by Opera on devices running the SDK before they are published in the store.

Video and audio support

High-level architecture HbbTV



Open browsing


Main program Opera control and API


Out-of-memory handler JavaScript APIs

Chromium APIs




HbbTV option


Streaming options

Opera platform integration and universal video architecture

Middleware / DVB stack



DRM agent(s)



Platform media player

Blink and V8



Platform integration

The Opera Devices SDK simplifies this complexity by supporting a wide set of standards. Built on the Unified Video Architecture (UVA), the SDK supports the most-used internet video standards, and offers this support through an easily integrated API. HTML5 and CE-HTML (OIPF, DAE, HbbTV) video are integrated through the same API. Support for the most-used adaptive bitrate streaming protocols are provided as an option, including Apple HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), Microsoft Smooth Streaming and MPEG DASH.

Opera Devices SDK

Increased performance

The Opera Devices SDK provides support for extended validation certificates, fraud protection, IPv6 support, OpenGL ES/2.0 backend, localization, out-of-memory handling, site patching, web fonts and more.

The Opera Devices SDK uses the most recent version of Chromium and Blink, which powers the latest Opera, Google and Yandex desktop and mobile browsers. The latest version incorporates improvements in CSS, DOM and JavaScript modules. The Opera browser uses hardware acceleration with OpenGL ES/2.0 or DirectFB to speed up rendering and animations on many platforms.

TV browser option

Native JavaScript Extensions Native JavaScript Extensions make it possible to use native code (C and C++) to implement local functionality and tight integration with platform and middleware on the device and then expose this to web applications running in the browser engine. Other support

A glimpse inside the Opera Devices SDK: • Powerful and documented high-level APIs for easy integration in your device; source code of reference examples for UIs, JavaScript extensions, plug-ins, etc.

By adding the Opera TV browser, OEMs can easily integrate full internet browsing on their platforms. The option implements a full browser interface for end users, tuned and optimized for TV screens and standard remote controls.

• Membership in OSP, OIPF, HbbTV and Smart TV forums coupled with concrete roadmap developments, ensuring compatibility with the main industry trends and developments

Support for multi-core CPUs

• Cross-platform compatible, and pre-ported to ARM (MediaTek, Marvell, ST Microelectronics), MIPS (Broadcom, Sigma Designs, MediaTek, ViXS) and Intel CE platforms

The Opera Devices SDK builds on the Chromium framework and can fully utilize the resources available in modern, multi-core CPU architectures. The use of multiple threads and processes ensures that operations can be performed in parallel and that time-consuming operations do not block time critical features in the UI or towards middleware. The multi-process architecture can also ensure that content downloaded from the open internet is 100% sand-boxed from vital platform applications.

• Available on Linux, Android and the RDK

• RAM memory required: 40-70 MB per runtime , 6-60 MB per open tab, window or application • Footprint on Linux: 60-90Mb

Web standards supported by Opera Devices SDK 4.2 HTML 4.01, 5 (draft) | XHTML Basic, 1.0, 1.1 | CSS Level 1, 2, CSS3 | DOM 2, 3 | HTML video and track element | Encrypted Media Extensions and Media Source Extensions | WebSocket 2.0 | Web Forms 2.0 | <canvas> HTML5 Forms | HTTP 1.0, 1.1 | SSL 3 and TLS 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 | Unicode and legacy encodings | Web GL (on devices supporting OpenGL ES 2)

The Opera TV products suite Operator and device portals and services

Premium content

Video on demand


Open internet browsing

Opera TV Store

Smart TV Alliance apps

Interactive TV iAds

Monetization, Administration, Analytics





Opera Devices SDK is 100% Acid3 compliant

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Opera Devices SDK 4.2  
Opera Devices SDK 4.2  

Enables OEMs to build HTML5 and CE-HTML rendering, together with adaptive streaming and HbbTV capabilities, into their devices.