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Opera Coast The new way to experience the web on iPhone and iPad

Rethinking the mobile browser Opera Coast gives users the browser that should have come with their iPhones and iPads. This app puts content at the forefront of a fast, smooth and natural web experience. Opera Coast’s user interface was designed from the ground up for the phone and tablet. It is not a scaled-down desktop browser or a scaled-up mobile browser. Webpages take back the entire screen, the way they deserve to be shown.

Home screen: Users’ favorite sites are displayed like apps, on a customizable home screen. These site tiles are not static — users can reorganize or remove them to suit their needs. The background can be changed by long-pressing any image found while browsing with Opera Coast. Recent sites: A user’s most recently-viewed sites appear in a stack of tiles at the bottom of the home screen. Users can add these tiles to their home screens by dragging them onto the grid.

Touch-based navigation Opera Coast matches both the iPhone and iPad perfectly, as it focuses on how users interact with mobile devices. Gesture-based controls provide users with the best casual browsing experience, wherever they are. Opera Coast ignores navigation buttons, tabs, bookmark bars and other intrusive UI elements. Instead, users navigate pages the way they would naturally expect to on iPhone and iPad, by swiping and tapping. Users will only find two buttons: one that takes you back to the home screen and another that lets users swipe between recently-visited sites.

Features There are three main components on the home screen: Search and address bar: Pulling down on the search bar lets users browse websites and Google results simultaneously. As a user types, suggested sites and keywords appear instantly. Users simply tap a suggestion to view search results or open a site.

Opera Coast on iPad

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