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GLOSSARY OF TERMS A c T (AKT) N. One of the main divisions of a play or opera.

c o r d i A l [kAWr-JUHL] V.T. courteous and gracious; warm.

A l l e G r o (UH-leG-ROH) ADV. musical term for fast and lively.

c o u p [KOO] N. a highly successful act, or move; a clever action.

A n d A n T e (AHN-dAhn-TEY) ADV. moderately slow music. A n G u i s h [AnG-GWISH] N. excruciating suffering, or pain. A n TA G o n i s T (AN-TAG-O-NIST) N. an adversary of the main

c r e d u l o u s [KREJ-UH-luhs] ADJ. willing to believe or trust

too readily.

d e c e i V e [DIH-seeV] V. to be unfaithful to (one’s beloved).

character or protagonist in an opera, play, or other drama.

d e TA i n [DIH-Teyn] V. to keep from proceeding; keep waiting.

A r r o G A n T [AR-UH-GuhnT] ADJ. making claims or preten-

d i r e [DAHYUHR] ADJ. indicating trouble, disaster, or misfortune.

A s s A i l [UH-seyl] V. to attack vigorously or violently; assault.

despise; scorn.

sions to superior importance or rights.

A s T r Ay [UH-sTrey] ADV. out of the right way; off the correct

d i s d A i n [DIS-deyn] V. to look upon or treat with contempt; e f f r o n T e r y [IH-fruhn-TUH-REE] N. shameless or impu-

or known road, path, or route.

dent boldness; barefaced audacity.

A r i A (Ahr-EE-UH) N. an operatic song for one voice.

e n G u l f [EN-Guhlf] V. to swallow up; submerge.

A u d A c i o u s [AW-dey-SHUHS] ADJ. recklessly brave; fearless.

f i c k l e n e s s [fik-UHL] N. not constant or loyal in affections.

AV e n G e [UH-VenJ] V. to take vengeance on behalf of.

f l AT (FLAT) ADJ. a half-step lower than the corresponding note or key of natural pitch.

B A l m [BAHM] N. an oily substances, often of medicinal value. B A n i s h [BAn-ISH] V. to compel to depart; send or drive away. B A r (BAHR) N. a division of music, marked by two bar lines,

containing a set number of beats.

B A r i T o n e (BAr-I-TOHN) N. the range of the male voice

f o r T e (fAWr-TEY) ADV. a musical term meaning loudly. f o r T i s s i m o (FOR-Tee-SEE-MOH) ADV. a musical term for

very loud.

G A l l [GAWL] N. impudence; effrontery.

between tenor and bass.

i n G r AT e [in-GREYT] N. an ungrateful person.

B A s s (BEYS) N. the lowest male singing voice.

i n i q u i T y [IH-nik-WI-TEE] N. gross injustice or wickedness.

B e A r i n G [BAir-ING] N. the way in which one carries oneself. B e AT (BEET) N. the basic pulse of a piece of music. B e T r Ay [bih-trey] v. to be disloyal to; to reveal a secret B e T r o T h e d [BIH-TrohThd] ADJ. engaged to be married. c A r e s s [KUH-res] N. an act or gesture expressing affection an

embrace, kiss, especially a light touching.

c AVA l i e r [kAV-UH-LEER] N. one having the spirit or bearing

i n s c r i p T i o n [IN-skrip-SHUHN] N. words cut, impressed,

or written on stone.

i n T o x i c AT e d [IN-Tok-SI-KEY-TID] V. mentally or emotion-

ally exhilarated.

k e y (KEE) N. the basic note of the main scale used in a piece of music. In the key of G, for example, G is the fundamental note; the music often returns to it and comes to rest on it. k n AV e [NEYV] N. an unprincipled, untrustworthy, or dishonest

of a knight; a courtly gentleman.


c h o r d (KAWRD) N. a group of notes played at the same time

l A m e n T (LUH-MENT) N. a formal expression of sorrow or mourning, especially in verse or song; an elegy or dirge.

in harmony.

c h o r u s (KAWR-UH S) N. 1. a group of singers. 2. a piece of

music for these.

c h r o n o l o G i c A l (KRON-O-loJ-I-KUHL) ADJ. a method of

arrangement that puts events in order of occurrence.

c o m p e n s AT e [kom-PUHN-SEYT] V.T. to make amends to

(someone), esp for loss or injury.

c o n s o l e [KUHN-sohl] V.T. to alleviate or lessen the grief or

l A r G o (LAHR-GOH) ADV. & ADJ. a musical term meaning in

slow time and dignified style.

l i B e r T i n e [liB-ER-TEEN] N. a person who is morally or sexu-

ally unrestrained, a rake.

l i B r e T T o (LI-BRET-OH) N. the words of an opera or other long


l o u T [LOUT] N. an awkward, stupid person; clumsy, ill-man-

sorrow; give comfort.

nered boor; oaf.

c o n T r A lT o (KUHN-TrAl-TOH) N. the lowest female singing

l u s T y [luhs-TEE] ADJ. lustful; lecherous



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