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Competition Rules and Regulations

Competition Rules and Regulations Design of Identity/Identity of Design I.Competition organizer: The Competition is organized by Teatr Wielki – Opera Narodowa [the Grand Theatre – Polish National Opera], in cooperation with BMW Group Polska. The Competition office is located at Teatr Wielki – Opera Narodowa at Plac Teatralny 1, 00-950 Warsaw.

Subject and objective of the Competition: The Competition is made up of two independent categories: “architecture” and “design”. The subject of the Competition is the development of a conceptual project of a mobile pavilion for Teatr Wielki – Opera Narodowa and a product for the product line of Teatr Wielki – Opera Narodowa.

Competition categories: Architecture category Pavilion – Mobile ideas The objective of the Competition is to select and carry out the concept of a mobile pavilion which will allow the OperaLab project for a number of artistic and intellectual activities. Starting from arranging exhibitions, through film shows, ballet and opera performances, to concerts and discussion panels. The form of the pavilion should communicate an innovative character of the project, combining many areas of art, and convey the values of identity of Teatr Wielki – Opera Narodowa and BMW, creating a dialogue with the local environment. The open character of the pavilion should provoke the recipients to interactive use. Pursuant to the assumptions of the Competition for a design of a mobile exhibition pavilion, which will constitute the centre of OperaLab’s operations, it should be built from renewable materials and be characterized by flexible structure, which can be easily erected and dismantled. An important aspect of the design project will be creative reference to the architectural design of Teatr Wielki – Opera Narodowa and its interpretation through modern forms of expression and principles of innovative mobility – image core of the BMW brand. The design project of the mobile pavilion should be comprised of components, easy to set up in open urban space as well as inside, with a particular focus on the space of Teatr Wielki – Opera Narodowa. The pavilion’s structure should be based on a simple transformation making it possible to carry out a variety of activities. The cost of producing the pavilion should not exceed PLN 200,000.00.

Functional and ideological assumptions The pavilion should be characterized by timeless architecture that uses the latest technological solutions. Due to the strategic role which Teatr Wielki – Opera Narodowa plays in the Polish culture, the pavilion should refer to its structure, should seek a dialogue with timeless solutions, in order to innovatively combine the identity of the place with modern formal and technological solutions. The pavilion should be made of separable components which, when put together, comprise a complete structure, and which make it possible to assemble it in various ways (individual elements should have the functionality of internal exhibition components). The pavilion will be used outdoors during the spring and summer season. The pavilion should have a flexible structure that is easy to arrange and adapt to the needs of various cultural events. The minimum usable space is 150 m². The pavilion should be environmentally friendly. The pavilion should be technologically feasible. The cost of producing the pavilion should not exceed PLN 200,000.00. The functional layout should include easily arrangeable space and a technical backoffice. The pavilion should allow for easy installation of multimedia facilities. One of the walls should play a role of an interactive multimedia booth, access to which will be independent of the rest of the pavilion. As a concept, the pavilion should include a design project of the interior along with the furniture which can be used in the open space in front of the pavilion. The project should include a layout of the electrical installation. The design of the pavilion’s structure should take into account renewable materials. The pavilion should offer facilities for disabled persons. Design category Product for Teatr Wielki – Opera Narodowa The idea of creating a dedicated product line stems out of a strong inveteracy of Teatr Wielki – Opera Narodowa in its own identity and heritage, which is so characteristic of it, and in BMW’s striving towards innovation and dialogue with art. The product should build relationships between Teatr Wielki – Opera Narodowa and the BMW brand, between art and individual mobility. It is important to create a whole environment for the project. Comprehensive identification and the product’s packaging should be taken into account. The subject of the Competition will be to design two products from the product line signed by the OperaLab brand. The projects should refer to the identity of Teatr Wielki – Opera Narodowa and BMW. They should be inspired by their heritage in an innovative manner, creating a modern product on a high aesthetic and functional level. The material for inspiration and a point of reference in designing the products will be elements of architecture, interior furnishings, history of the Teatr Wielki – Opera Narodowa building itself and projects of the BMW Group. This will make it possible to establish a strong

relationship with the identity of the place and to create a characteristic, unique and modern product. This correlation, apart from clearly aesthetic attributes, constitutes a huge educational value.

Functional and ideological assumptions of the project The product is addressed to a narrow group of recipients who understand the aesthetic context and easily decode the meanings associated with fields of art, recipients with a discriminating taste. The product should combine an innovative idea with functionality. The product should have a well-designed package (box + bag) and a comprehensive visual identification. The product should be connoted with the Opera. The product should have a mobile functionality. The product should be made from high quality materials and be of an exclusive nature.

Panel of judges The panel of judges is composed of persons appointed by the Competition organizer. The honorary chairperson of the panel of judges is the Director General of Teatr Wielki – Opera Narodowa, Waldemar Dąbrowski. The panel of judges is composed of: Konrad Kucza - Kuczyński, Jacek Froehlich, Boris Kudlička, Marcin Mostafa, Natalia Paszkowska, Tomek Rygalik, Jerzy Porębski. The panel of judges evaluates the Competition works. The panel of judges has the right to use external consultants when choosing the winning design projects. After a debate the panel of judges will submit a summary of the course of the debate. The poll results will be published through the organizers’ information channels and on the Competition’s website (

Terms and conditions of participating in the Competition: The following persons may participate in the Competition: persons who have familiarized themselves with the Competition Rules and Regulations (which can be downloaded from the website of the Competition Organizer; persons who are students of art schools, students or graduates of faculties of design, architecture, or majoring in art at Polish or foreign universities; persons who have submitted the Competition work in accordance with the Competition Rules and Regulations; persons who, together with the design project, have submitted a filled out and signed Competition Application Form, which constitutes Appendix 1 to the Competition Rules and Regulations. Works may be submitted by individuals and by teams. Every Competition participant may submit an unlimited number of works. The following persons may not participate in the Competition: employees of the Competition organizer, members of the panel of judges, as well as members of their close families. There is no fee for participating in the Competition.

The costs of preparing the Competition work are covered by the Competition participant. Participation in the Competition means acceptance of the Competition Rules and Regulations. As regards minors, the Competition Application Form, which constitutes Appendix 1 to the Competition Rules and Regulations, must also be signed by the party’s representative or the participant’s legal guardian.

Form of presenting the Competition work: The Competition work must be comprised of a descriptive part in Polish or English and a graphical part. The design project submitted as part of the Competition should be sent in an electronic form to the e-mail address specified by the organizer or in a written form to the organizer’s head office. The design project should meet the following criteria: The work should bear a title, identical to that provided in the Competition Application Form, which constitutes Appendix 1 to the Competition Rules and Regulations. The description of the pavilion’s design project should contain an indication of technical and material solutions: position 1:500; projection, cross-sections; façades 1:50 visualization of the structure embedded in the environment, accompanied by an indication of colours, finishing materials; visualization of the interior together with furnishings, indication of colours; technical description with specified technical and technological solutions (types of installations); saved in an electronic form on a CD, together with a description of materials (format 100 x 70 cm, 300 dpi) RGB profile and separately saved elements of the chart – visualizations including colours (JPG, TIFF, resolution 300 dpi), projection, cross-sections, technical description in PDF format. The CD should be attached to the design project. The graphical part of the Competition work concerning the pavilion and product must: contain a graphical presentation of the design project (visualizations, drawings) – 2 or 3 reinforced charts on B1 format (100 x 70 cm). Each chart, in the upper right-hand corner, should bear a code – combination of 4 capital letters and 3 digits. After the project is received, the code will be changed to a record number; be delivered on an electronic medium, i.e. on a CD, in TIFF and PDF format. The Competition work must be accompanied by a legibly filled out and signed Competition Application Form. The design project will not be evaluated in the event of: a failure to submit the Competition work by the required deadline; a failure to meet the criteria laid out in the Competition Rules and Regulations.

Place and deadline for submitting the Competition work: Place for submitting works in a written form: OperaLab Teatr Wielki – Opera Narodowa, Plac Teatralny 1, 00-950 Warsaw. Electronic mail address for submitting the Competition work: Deadline for submitting works: 5 December 2012.

Competition work evaluation criteria: Works will be evaluated in accordance with the following Competition work evaluation criteria: design merits: originality of the concept and aesthetic values; marketing merits: invocation of positive feelings, ease of being recognized and remembered; usability merits: functionality and quality of materials from which the gadget will be made; feasibility of being performed.

Prizes: The organizer wishes to award prizes in the following categories: Architecture: 1st place EUR 7,000.00 plus execution of the project 2nd place EUR 3,000.00, creative team distinguishment ̇(optional) – EUR 1,000.00 Design: 1st place EUR 5,000.00 plus execution of the project 2nd place EUR 3,000.00 distinguishment (optional) – EUR 1,000.00 The organizer reserves the right to distribute the prizes differently and not to resolve the Competition.

Competition schedule:

The Competition will be opened up on 12 October 2012. Competition works being subject to evaluation by the panel of judges will be presented during a post-competition exhibition entitled Design of Identity/Identity of Design at Teatr Wielki – Opera Narodowa in January and February 2013. 11.10.2012 – official announcement of the Competition 12.10.2012 – opening of the Competition 5.12.2012 – closing of the Competition 16-17.12.2012 – announcement of the Competition results 01/02.2013 – opening of the post-competition exhibition and awarding of prizes 03.2013 – closing of the exhibition + discussion panels

Resolution of the Competition: The Competition results will be published on the websites of the OperaLab project and Teatr Wielki – Opera Narodowa. The Competition winner will be informed about the date and place where the prize is to be awarded by phone or via e-mail.

Copyright and right to use the winning project: 1. The Competition participants are obliged to present work that has not been published before, and which is the result of their own personal creativity. 2. The Competition participant will transfer to the organizer, free of charge, the economic copyright to the work submitted as part of the Competition in accordance with the Competition Application Form.

Execution of the design projects In case of execution of the design project submitted as part of the Competition work, the organizer and the author will agree on the terms and conditions of cooperation covering author’s supervision in a separate agreement.

Other provisions: The Competition participants give their consent for Teatr Wielki – Opera Narodowa to process personal data contained in the Competition Application Form. The Competition organizer is not liable for the actions of the postal service which the Competition participants will make use of. The organizer is also not liable for actions of third parties, associated with the organization of the Competition nor for losses caused by the Competition participants providing incorrect or not up-to-date data. The organizer reserves the right to amend the Competition Rules and Regulations, to suspend, invalidate or cancel the Competition for serious reasons, if running the Competition becomes impossible or is seriously hindered by a technical malfunction, Force Majeure, as well as due to changes in the current law, issuance of an administrative decision or a legally valid court decision having an impact on running of the Competition, provided that such fact is published on the organizer’s website.

Competition Office OperaLab Teatr Wielki – Opera Narodowa Plac Teatralny 1 00-950 Warsaw e-mail:

Competition Rules and Regulations