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OPERA COLORADO BOARD OF DIRECTORS LEADERSHIP Kenneth Barrow, Chair* Marcia Robinson, President* Ellie Caulkins, Lifetime Honorary Chair* OFFICERS Sheila Bisenius, Chair Emeritus* Charles Kafadar, Treasurer, President of the Opera Colorado Foundation* Merrill Shields, Secretary* Dirk de Roos, General Counsel* COMMITTEE CHAIRS Susan Adams, Co-Chair, Volunteers* Stephen Dilts, Co-Chair, Education and Community Programs* Joy Dinsdale, Co-Chair, Education and Community Programs* Craig Johnson, Chair, Development Committee* Debra Tepper, Co-Chair, Volunteers* Larry Zimmer, Chair, Audience Development Committee*

DIRECTORS DIRECTORS Bruce Allen Suzanne Dost Bucy Liane Clasen Hugh Grant Michael Hughes* Kalleen Malone William Maniatis Steve Marx Pamela Merrill Muffy Moore Gerald Saul Alessandra Schulein Jeffrey Sherman Shirley Smith Harry Sterling Robert Swift Byron Watson Britney Weil Carol Crossin Whitley*

HONORARY DIRECTORS Jill Irvine Crow Nellie Mae Duman Jeremy Kinney Carla Lucero Kolomitz Barbara McDonnell Jeremy Shamos Susan Shamos LIFETIME HONORARY DIRECTOR Loring W. Knoblach *Members of the Executive Committee


OPERA COLORADO STAFF Gregory Carpenter, General Director ADMINISTRATION Darrel Curtice, Director of Finance and Administration Julie Nowasell, Staff Accountant ARTISTIC AND PRODUCTION Brad Trexell, Director of Artistic Planning Hally Albers, Production Manager DEVELOPMENT Dan Hanley, Associate Director of Development Susan Hennessy, Manager of Development and Special Events EDUCATION Cherity Koepke, Director of Education and Community Programs/Opera Colorado Young Artists Emilie Elmore, Manager of Education and Community Programs Chris Wittels, Education Intern MARKETING Rex Fuller, Director of Marketing Heather Tinley, Marketing and Promotions Coordinator Laura Kirby, Ticket Services Manager Katie Bulota, Assistant Ticket Services Manager Ben Davis, Group Sales and Ticket Services Assistant

Photos by Jesse Hernandez


A MESSAGE FROM THE GENERAL DIRECTOR 2011 was a year of extraordinary revitalization for Opera Colorado. After three fiscal years of budget shortfalls, 2011 represented a year of solid financial results, with a balanced budget and a modest year-end surplus. The Board of Directors approved our 5-Year Long Range Plan in July of 2011 and we were off and running in implementing our new artistic vision, restructuring the layout of the opera season and creating a new identity for Opera Colorado. Artistically, we began to focus our attention towards lesser know works (Rusalka), paving the way for more adventuresome repertoire to be presented in future seasons. Through the use of 21st century technology we created an extraordinary production incorporating for the first time video projection into a non-traditional set, creating a more visually stimulating presentation of opera. Our audience responded enthusiastically and future productions will take this engaging approach. In the summer of 2011 we moved forward with appointing a new creative firm to rebrand Opera Colorado with a focus on setting Opera Colorado apart from other performing arts institutions in the Denver Metro Area and creating an identity focused on our home at the Ellie Caulkins Opera House and the “live� nature of our performances. Rassman Design created and launched our new brand in the fall of 2011 and we are excited to see the stimulating results of his work over the next few years. As always, community engagement remains a high priority for Opera Colorado and our Education and Community Programs, along with the Opera Colorado Young Artists are at the heart of our efforts. Each year we reach further into the local community and expand our services throughout the state and into Wyoming. Our programs for school age children are some of the finest in Colorado and are setting trends in arts education. Opera Colorado is an extraordinarily resilient company on the verge of celebrating its 30th Anniversary in 2013. We are grateful for the tremendous support of our Board of Directors, volunteers, and the community and we look forward to many years of exciting performances and community service. Sincerely,

Greg Carpenter General Director 4

2011 PRODUCTIONS Opera Colorado’s 2011 fiscal year featured two mainstage productions at the Ellie Caulkins Opera House at the Denver Performing Arts Complex. The year began in February with Opera Colorado’s Rocky Mountain regional premiere of Dvořák’s Rusalka, inspired by Bohemian folk tales and sung in Czech. In April and May, we performed another fairy tale, Rossini’s La Cenerentola (Cinderella). Once again, the Colorado Symphony joined the cast and chorus of Opera Colorado to present these magnificent productions.


RUSALKA Sponsored by: Boettcher Foundation, Ellie Caulkins, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth T. Barrow, Merle Chambers and Hugh Grant, Pam and Dave Duke, Marcia and Richard Robinson, Susan and Jeremy Shamos, Bonfils-Stanton Foundation, The Ritz-Carlton Denver, and Kevin Taylor’s at the Opera House February 12, 15, 18 & 20, 2011 Ellie Caulkins Opera House Opera in Three Acts Composer: Antonín Dvořák Librettist: Jaroslav Kvapil Rusalka The Prince First Wood Sprite Second Wood Sprite Third Wood Sprite Vodník Ježibaba A Hunter The Foreign Princess

Kelly Kaduce Avgust Amonov* Nicolle Foland Anna Noggle* Megan Marino* Stefan Szkafarowsky* Catherine Cook* Adam Ulrich** Dana Beth Miller*

Dancers: Theresa Anton Laurence Curry Nicole Dagesse Gregory Gonzalez Rachael Harding

Joe Jensen Julie Murphy Michael Richman Brittany Roney Stephan Straub

The Colorado Symphony Opera Colorado Chorus Conductor Stage Director Assistant Director Choreographer Lighting Designer Projections Designer Sound Designer Costume Designer Set Designer Chorus Master Wig and Makeup Design

Alexander Polianichko* Eric Simonson* Bill Murray* Rachael Harding Robert Wierzel* Wendall K. Harrington Michael Cousins* Kärin Kopischke* Erhard Rom* John Baril Ronell Oliveri

*Opera Colorado debut **Opera Colorado Young Artist Photos by Matthew Staver


LA CENERENTOLA (CINDERELLA) Sponsored by: Boettcher Foundation, Ellie Caulkins, Mike and Julie Bock, and The Curtis Hotel April 30, May 3, 6 & 8, 2011 Ellie Caulkins Opera House Opera in Three Acts Composer: Gioachino Rossini Librettist: Jacopo Ferretti Alidoro Angelina (Cinderella) Clorinda Tisbe Don Magnifico Prince Ramiro Dandini

Dale Travis Daniela Mack* Christie Hageman*/** Julie Tobiska*/** Philip Cokorinos Michele Angelini* Daniel Belcher*

The Colorado Symphony Opera Colorado Chorus Conductor Timothy Long Stage Director Grischa Asagaroff* Associate Stage Director Greg Fortner* Assistant Director Emily Martin Moberley Lighting Designer Chris Maravich Scenery and Costumes Designed by Jean-Pierre Ponnelle Chorus Master John Baril Wig and Makeup Design Ronell Oliveri *Opera Colorado debut **Opera Colorado Young Artist Photos by Matthew Staver


EDUCATION AND COMMUNITY PROGRAMS 2011-2012 Opera Colorado reached a total of 35,647 students and adults during the 2011-2012 season through programs conducted by the Education & Community Programs department. This is an increase of 6,445 from the total number of people served in the 20102011 season. Programs for students reached a total of 20,950 from 112 Colorado schools during the 2011-2012 school year. This is a decrease of 86 students from the 2010-2011 school year. We attribute this minor decrease to a Backstage Workshop that had to be cancelled in October of 2011 due to weather related school closures. Community and audience development programs for adults reached 14,697 during the 2011-2012 season. This is an increase of 6,531 from the 2010-2011 season. We attribute this sizeable increase to a continued effort to expand our adult education programs and utilize our educational programs and the Young Artists as audience development tools.


EDUCATION AND COMMUNITY PROGRAMS 2011-2012 (cont.) SCHOLARSHIPS We provided $8,749.50 in scholarships, allowing 3,959 students from 19 schools and 3 community venues to attend Backstage Workshops, Student Dress Rehearsals, the Student Matinee, Arias & Ensembles and In-School Performances. These programs were held at the Ellie Caulkins Opera House and at venues throughout the state of Colorado. This is an increase of $1,685.50 from the 2010-2011 season. The money to fund every scholarship we gave out came from Pathways funds from the SCFD and specific grants awarded to us from various corporate sponsors and foundations. FIELD TRIPS 4,803 students from 76 schools attended Student Dress Rehearsals of The Marriage of Figaro, Florencia en el Amazonas and Il Trovatore as well as a student matinee performance of The Marriage of Figaro. For the second time, we conducted a talk-back with students after the student matinee of The Marriage of Figaro. It was an even greater success than the first year. Over 450 students stayed for 45-minutes after the matinee performance and interacted with Opera Colorado staff and the Opera Colorado Young Artists. Approximately 40 volunteers assisted with field trips, helping with such things as bus arrival, checking in groups and assisting school groups with locating their assigned seating. BACKSTAGE WORKSHOPS 522 students from 19 schools attended this year’s Backstage Workshops.

Backstage Workshops continue to be one of our most popular programs. We added an additional workshop in the 2011-2012 school year to accommodate the demand. We did not sell the additional workshop out. This was a good tool for us to be able to learn how many workshops we should plan in the future. Looking at the demand, but not overscheduling, we are planning a total of 7 Backstage Workshops for the 2012-2013 school year. This program allows students the chance to learn first-hand about the skills needed to produce opera. The ECOH becomes a living classroom as small groups of students move from station to station, learning about stage management, design, stage combat, professional singing, conducting, directing, wigs and make-up and costumes. There were a total of 10 volunteer docents per day for these educational activities. The company (including production staff, singers, Education Committee members, and guest presenters) provided at least 5 additional volunteers for each of these activities.


EDUCATION AND COMMUNITY PROGRAMS 2011-2012 (cont.) PRE-PERFORMANCE LECTURES / POST OPERA TALK-BACKS 3,840 people attended the PrePre- Performance Lectures and Post Opera TalkTalk -Backs for the productions of The Marriage of Figaro, Florencia en el Amazonas and Il Trovatore. Pre-Performance Lectures are free to anyone attending the performance. Here, patrons attending the opera have the opportunity to hear various information regarding the composer; as well as learn the history of the time and other details. Lectures are presented 1-hour prior to the performance. Additionally, patrons have the opportunity to stay after the performance and participate in an interactive Post Opera Talk-Back with Greg Carpenter and Brad Trexell. Also free of change, these talk-backs provide a way for us to connect with our audience immediately after they have seen a performance and answer any questions they may have. IN-SCHOOL PROGRAMS Opera Colorado reached 10,087 students and 1,762 adults through the following inschool programs: Hansel and Gretel, Carmen, Arias & Ensembles, Opera Trunks, POPera and the SCFD Alliance Project. Example: Humperdinck’s Hansel and Gretel This outreach program reached 4,667 students and 103 adults at 20 performance venues in the 2011-2012 school year. In the two years that we have run Hansel & Gretel as a touring production, we have reached a total of 13,185 students and adults and performed a total of 46 shows. This makes Hansel & Gretel our most successful touring production ever. We are retiring the production this year and plan to bring it back in 4-5 year’s time. Example: Bizet’s Carmen In the first year of our touring production of Carmen we reached 2,671 people through 13 performances. The production was abridged by Cherity Koepke and Steven Aguilo-Arbues and runs 55-minutes in length. Fully staged and costumed, the production is sung in English but retains portions in French to allow audiences to hear the opera sung in its original language. Carmen has been successful in allowing us to reach older audiences though our touring opera program. It will continue for a second season in the 2012-2013 school year. Example: POPera We reached 1,375 students through our newest program, POPera. This program was developed by Meghan Benedetto, our Manager of Education & Community Programs, and teaches students about opera through the use of pop culture. Students are shown examples of how opera is used in movies, television and even cartoons. Then the pieces that they watched on the screen come alive as the Opera Colorado Young Artists perform them for the students. The program is highly interactive and especially geared for elementary school audiences as a way to introduce them to the art form in a new and unexpected way. It also provides an option for schools who cannot afford, or who do not have the space necessary, to bring in one of our touring operas. POPera is receiving rave reviews. Its success is another indication that our programming is meeting the needs of Colorado’s teachers. We will be fine-tuning the program over the summer and it will launch again in the fall of 2012. 10

EDUCATION AND COMMUNITY PROGRAMS 2011-2012 (cont.) GENERATION OC Approximately 237 students at 2 schools were reached through our residency program; Generation OC. Students involved received more than 200 hours of instruction by and interaction with Opera Colorado staff and teaching artists. This program is unlike any other arts education program in the state of Colorado and is gaining the attention of school board officials and peers from other opera companies.

Gen OC, as the students call it, provides participants the opportunity to learn and apply realworld skills such as critical thinking and problem solving. Students work on a project using Opera Colorado as the catalyst and one of our mainstage operas as the framework. Developed in response to the changing face of education and the new focus on 21st Century Workforce Readiness, Gen OC also provides students with exposure to possible careers in the arts. This is an area of focus that is becoming increasingly important in our schools and Gen OC is being held up as a model by the CDE for what career-focused programming can look like. In the fall of 2011, we worked with 8th grade language arts students from Rocky Heights Middle School and in the spring of 2012 we were at Elizabeth Middle School working with 8th grade drama students. The programs were both highly successful and the schools so supportive that, at their request, we will be undertaking a new challenge in the 2012-2013 school year. We will be running two Generation OC programs simultaneously in the fall of 2012 surrounding our mainstage opera, Romeo et Juliette. The hope is that these two schools can engage in information sharing and collaborate much like they would in a realworld business setting. While this quite an undertaking, we believe that it will add another dimension to the program and strengthen the skills of the students who participate. Planning is already underway for the 2012-2013 programs. By having the programs planned out and conducted far in advance of the mainstage opera being performed, we will be able to share more information about the program with the public. We plan to incorporate the student’s final projects into things such as lobby displays, program articles, blogs and more. Programs such as Gen OC keep Opera Colorado in the spotlight and at the forefront of innovative arts education programming. We plan to hold an additional 1 to 2 Gen OC programs in the spring and summer months of 2013. These will be held at new schools. Gen OC is funded though several grants including Xcel, HealthOne and the Sydney Frank Foundation. Without their generosity, the continuation of this program would not be possible. 11

EDUCATION AND COMMUNITY PROGRAMS 2011-2012 (cont.) ADULT EDUCATION Arias & Ensembles This outreach program reached 1,159 adults and 90 students at 17 performances this year. This program consists of operatic arias, duets, trios and ensembles from Opera Colorado productions as well as other great operatic and musical theatre repertoire. The program is performed by our Young Artists and accompanied by a pianist. Art Song Recitals We reached 462 people through the ArtSong recital series. ArtSong Recitals are special recital programs featuring each of the Opera Colorado Young Artists. This is an area of increasing challenge for us. This year, in an effort to maximize revenue opportunities, we charged an admission fee for the recitals. Attendance was much lower than anticipated. Over the summer, we will be looking at ways to increase attendance and maximize exposure for the Young Artists. SPECIAL EVENTS AND PERFORMANCES We reached a total of 12,775 people this year through special events and performances (5,301 students and 7,474 adults). There was a focused effort to increase the numbers served in this one area as we felt that it was a direct tie-in to audience development as well as an opportunity for increased exposure for Opera Colorado. We saw some large successes throughout the year. These included In-School Workshops, private dinners that patrons won at the 2011 Gala auction, Amazon Festival events, the Adams County Career Expo, the annual Colorado Thespian Convention, the Career & Internship Expo at Denver University, performances at the Children’s Museum, the Denver Art Museum, Museo de las Americas, and the new Clyfford Still Museum, a performance of Hansel & Gretel at Children’s Hospital, an afternoon of song for patients at Denver Health’s Cancer Treatment Center and a special performance of Arias & Ensembles for the Board of Directors. A NOTE ON HOW NUMBERS BREAKDOWN When comparing this year’s annual report to the 2011-2012 report, you will notice that our numbers have shifted in many areas; increasing in adult programming and decreasing somewhat in student programs. This is something we expected to see for several reasons. With the addition of Sideshow in the fall of 2012, time that would have been spent performing in schools was taken up with rehearsals. The concentrated focus on expanding our efforts in Special Events and Performances meant we had to decrease programs in other areas simply for scheduling reasons. We feel that we have reached a good balance between the number of students served and the number of adults served. We look to maintain a similar balance in the upcoming school year.


ANNUAL FUND CONTRIBUTORS 2011 Foundation, Corporate, and Government Contributors ANGEL ($100,000+) Avenir Foundation The Citizens of the Scientific & Cultural Facilities District COMPOSER ($50,000+) Boettcher Foundation Bonfils-Stanton Foundation IMPRESARIO ($20,000+) Chambers Family Fund The Colorado Trust Directed Contributions Program Faegre & Benson LLP Gates Family Foundation Shamos Family Foundation Galen & Ada Belle Spencer Foundation DIRECTOR ($10,000+) Caulkins Family Foundation Colorado Council on the Arts Colorado State Bank and Trust The Crawley Family Foundation Denver Post Charities Fidelity Investments Charitable Gift Fund Fine Arts Foundation HealthONE Virginia W. Hill Foundation Jeanne Land Foundation Mile High United Way Tulsa Community Foundation MAESTRO ($5,000+) Bucy Family Fund CIBER, Inc. Denver Lyric Opera Guild Ann & Gordon Getty Foundation Hawk Family Foundation Mabel Y. Hughes Charitable Trust Kinder Morgan Foundation Newmont Mining Corporation Wells Fargo Foundation Wittow Foundation Melvin & Elaine Wolf Foundation, Inc. Xcel Energy Foundation DIVA ($2,500+) David B. and Gretchen E. Black Family Foundation Ralph and Florence Burgess Charitable Trust Community First Foundation James A. Dooley Foundation ECA Foundation, Inc. G.G. Shaw, Inc. Kinney Oil Company Jess & Rose Kortz and Pearl Rae Foundation Priester Foundation

COMPRIMARIO ($1,000+) Academy of Lifelong Learning The Dobbins Foundation Fuller Family Fund The Hunt Family Foundation The Ethan James Foundation J.K. Mullen Foundation The Louis and Harold Price Foundation The Publishing House William D. Radichel Foundation Rebecca Reynolds Consulting Inc. The Schramm Foundation CHORISTER ($500+) Freeman Family Foundation The Garrett Family Foundation Livingston Family Foundation Petrie-Bowen Charitable Trust ROFAM Minerals LLC University of Denver JR & MJ Wilson Foundation AFICIONADO ($250+) Anonymous Case and StCloud Co. Nelson Family Foundation The Elmer F. Pierson Foundation State Street Wealth Manager Services Thank you to our In-Kind Contributors Alphagraphics BNY Mellon Wealth Management CEAVCO—Rental & Staging Division Centerplate Clos du Val Wine Co. LTD The Curtis Sarah Drohan Hole in the Wall—Firearms—Sporting Goods Kevin Taylor Restaurant Group Judith King Ms. Melba C. McDanal Mondo Vino Northern Trust, N.A. Joe Onofrio Piano Company Rassman Design Republic National Dist. Co. Mr. Robert Rich Theatrical Stage, Film & Exhibition #7 The Ritz-Carlton, Denver Skyy Spirits, LLC Wells Fargo Advisors The Westin Tabor Center Hotel W.H. Smith Wines


ANNUAL FUND CONTRIBUTORS 2011 Individuals Angel ($100,000) Anonymous Suzanne W. Joshel Estate and Irrevocable Trust Composer ($50,000+) Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth T. Barrow Ellie Caulkins Dave and Pam Duke Mrs. Nathaniel C. Merrill Susan and Jeremy Shamos Impresario ($20,000+) Anonymous Mike and Julie Bock Dr. Stephen L. Dilts Chris and Joy Dinsdale Hugh A. Grant and Merle C. Chambers Ms. Hilja K. Herfurth Mr. and Mrs. Arthur F. Holland Dr. and Mrs. Charles B. Kafadar Dr. and Mrs. William N. Maniatis Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Robinson Ann and Gerald Saul Alessandra and Ben Schulein Director ($10,000+) Mrs. Susan Adams Mr. Bruce Allen Al and Rebecca Bates Ms. Sheila S. Bisenius Peyton Bucy and Suzanne Dost Bucy Gregory A. Carpenter NoĂŤl and Thomas Congdon Harley and Lorraine Higbie Mr. Michael Hughes and Ms. Karen L. Brody Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy F. Kinney Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Malone Mrs. Jan P. Mayer Mrs. Rhea Miller Ms. Muffy Moore and Mr. Al Minier Jeff Baldwin and Debra J. Perry Merrill Shields and M. Ray Thomasson Marlis and Shirley Smith Patrick Spieles and Carol McMurry Mr. and Mrs. Charles I. Thompson The Tooth Fairy Martha and Will Tracey Byron Watson

Director ($10,000+) (continued) Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Weil Mrs. Carol C. Whitley Maestro ($5,000+) Mr. David I. Caulkins Mary and Tom Conroy Mr. and Mrs. Robert Damrauer Stasia Davison James Donaldson and Ellen Anderman Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gallagher Mr. and Mrs. C.Y. Harvey Mary Sue and Bob Hawk Craig N. Johnson and Alicia McCommons Estate of Patricia K. Johnson Diana W. and Mike Kinsey Frank and Virginia Leitz Tom and Mary Meade Robert R. Montgomery and Nancy Hawkins Craig and Maria Ponzio Myra and Robert Rich Vicki and Harry Sterling Mrs. Beatrice B. Taplin Estate of Beverly A. Walker Mr. and Mrs. Russell Wilkins II Herbert L. and Sandra Wittow Larry and Brigitte Zimmer Diva ($2,500+) Mr. and Mrs. Evan R. Anderman Anonymous Robin E. Black Peter H. Blair Thomas and Virginia Carr Mr. John N. Caulkins David Clayton Ms. Jennifer Garrett Mr. and Mrs. George C. Gibson Mr. Robert S. Graham Honorable and Mrs. Kenneth Laff Synergy Fine Wines Dr. and Mrs. Jeremy Lazarus Dr. and Mrs. Charles L. Lyford Barbara McDonnell Rene and Don Morgan Mr. and Mrs. George R. Ondeck Mr. and Mrs. Paul O. Wimer Mr. and Mrs. John Priester Charles and Reta Ralph Nijole and Walter Rasmussen Juan and Alicia Rodriguez Mr. and Mrs. George G. Shaw

Diva ($2,500+) (continued) Ruth S. Silver Mr. and Mrs. Burl S. Watson Sandy Wolf Comprimario ($1,000+) Tucker and Daniel Adams Mr. and Mrs. Mark P. Addison Ms. Ursel K. Albers Ed Altman and Dina Brudenell Altman Mr. and Mrs. William D. Armstrong Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth O. Avery Mr. Hartman Axley Jan and Charles Baucum Brian Bennett and Bev Daniels Rene Blanchette Brian Bross and Bonnie Daniels Lew and Leslie Cady Douglas and Constance Cain Mrs. Sue M. Cannon Mr. and Mrs. Maxwell Caulkins Mr. and Mrs. George P. Caulkins III Mr. David J. Chavolla Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Clasen Sue and Harold Cohen G. Kevin and Virginia Conwick Aubrey Copeland, MD Steve and Pat Corder Mr. Ronald Covey Ms. Jill Irvine Crow Ze and Dick Deane George and Yonnie Dikeou Richard T. and Margaret N. Dillon Mr. Tyson Dines III Dr. and Mrs. Louis Duman Dr. Terry and Rebecca Escamilla Wilbur E. and Dr. Marilyn Flachman (The Publishing House) Mr. and Mrs. John Fuller Mr. and Mrs. John Geister Ms. Abigail Gould Celeste and Jack Grynberg Deborah Hayes and James L. Martin III Beverlee B. Henry and The Honorable Robert P. Fullerton Mr. Clancy Herbst and Mrs. Linda Vitti Herbst Drs. Kathryn Hobbs and Marc Cohen Eileen Honnen Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Hunt Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Jennett Gary and Judith Judd Joe and Francine Kelso


Comprimario ($1,000+) (continued) Mr. and Mrs. Taylor Kirkpatrick Academy For Lifelong Learning Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Krisor Ms. Carole Leight Paul and Carol Lingenfelter Mr. Dominic L. Meylor Paul and Phyllis Miller Dr. Monica I. Minkoff and Mr. Harry M. Siegfried Ms. Janet R. Mordecai Dr. and Mrs. Calvern E. Narcisi Bonnie C. Perkins Mr. and Mrs. Jerold I. Perlstein Zondra Rae Pluss Bruce Polkowsky and William Powell Frederick Poppe, Jr. and Jana Edwards Mr. Thomas J. Powers Jr. Steven and Joan Ringel Ms. Ruth E. Schoening Linda and Paul Sinsar Dr. and Mrs. Edwin R. Smith Dr. and Mrs. Richard Southwell Rosemarie and James D. Voorhees Mr. Timothy Sweeney Mr. and Mrs. Robert Swift Ms. Susan Edith Taylor and Mr. Christopher H. Price Brian K. Thomson and Janet N. Moore Mr. and Mrs. John R. Trigg Stanley and Marcia Van Egmond Mr. and Mrs. Blair and Salina Whitaker Evan and Caroline Williams Kenneth and Mary Willis Mr. and Mrs. Paul O. Wimer Chorister ($500+) Ms. Natalie Ahn Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Albright Marilyn and Jules Amer Stan and Marianne Anderson Anonymous Ms. Sue Anschutz Rodgers Mr. and Mrs. John Ashby Mr. John E. Baril and Mr. Brian Cook Mr. Dagmar Kress Bassett Dr. and Mrs. Sol H. Bassow Peter Batty and Paula Kechichian Mr. and Mrs. Fredric H. Bender Mr. Mitchell Benedict III Charles Berberich and Marilyn Munsterman Drs. Tomas and Diane Berl Libby Bortz Ms. Karen M. Bruggenthies Dr. Bill and Betty Buchanan Rogene and Sandy Buchholz Mr. and Mrs. James T. Bunch Judy and Duncan Burdick Bart and Jane Burnett

Chorister ($500+) (continued) Marjorie and Doug Carriger Mark and Margaret Carson Mr. and Mrs. James A. Carty Dr. John and Elizabeth Carver Charlie Case and Val & Phillip St. Cloud Mrs. Elizabeth Caswell Dyer Ronald and Donna Charlin Alan and Barbara Charnes Ms. Judy Chiodo David and Joan Clark Ms. Kathryn Codo Robert I. Cohen and Gloria Lilly Cohen Catherine Cole Donna and Ted Connolly Dr. Robert Contiguglia Eric Coomer and Amber Hess Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Cox Mr. Brian D. Crane Nancy Crow and Mark Skrotzki Ms. Cheryl M. Cruickshank HCarolyn E. Daniels Charles and Eleanor DePuy Ms. Marian Ordway Dines Jerri Lynn Modrall and Eric E. Doering Timothy Donahue Melinda and Peter Douglas Peter and Marian Downs Laurie and Ben Duke III Walter W. and Maryruth Y. Duncan Kate Emerich Amy Feaster Jack Finlaw and Gregory Movesian Dr. and Mrs. Larry S. Fisher Mr. and Mrs. Robert Follett Terry Frazier and Kathy Wells Freeman Family Foundation Joyce and Sam Freeman L. Richard and Sigrid Halvorson Freese Jeff and Kathy Friedland Mr. Rex R. Fuller Baryn Futa Cynthia J. Garnier and Kenneth K. Hisamoto Alan and Sally Gass Max and Pat Grassfield Dr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Greenholz Hugh and Nancy Grove Carol and Fred Grover Mr. and Mrs. Ronald R. Guse Tom and Joan Hadden Dr. Lowell and Jesse Hansen Mr. Thomas E. Healy and Ms. Erin S. Colcannon Hal and Marty Hendershot Lee and Margaret Henry Ms. Ann Heyler Carol A. Hoffman

Chorister ($500+) (continued) Mr. and Mrs. William T. Hoffman Ms. Laura M. Hoffman Christine Hollander and Michael McGee Estate of Senta G. Holman Whitney and Halle Holmes Marcia Holt and John Holt Ruth Hopfenbeck and George Hopfenbeck Jr. Michael E. Huotari and Jill R. Stewart Mrs. Chris Janeczko Mrs. Jean N. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Ken Johnson Kendor and Paulette Jones Dr. and Mrs. John N. Kabalin Leslie Kaye Mr. John T. Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Kemp Dr. Lawrence Kim and Nhung Van Roberta and Mel Klein Herbert E. and Darlene Kress Mr. John T. Lake and Mr. Harold Winters Gaynel Lankenau Ann and James Leh Deanna Rose Leino Don and Ingrid Lindemann Mrs. Patricia A. Livingston Charles and Gretchen Lobitz Patty Lorie Kupetz Mrs. R. T. Lyford Jr. Tom and Ginnie Maes Mr. and Mrs. Loren Mall Marian E. Matheson Mo and Pam Mathews Larry J. Matthews, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Daniel McAuliffe Jim and Carole McCotter William and Virginia McGehee Dave and Miza McReynolds Dr. and Mrs. Alan Megibow Rosemary Metzler Charles and Carol Miller Mr. Henry B. Mohr Mrs. Lynnette Morrison Dr. and Mrs. John Moyer Drs. Michael and Mary Moynihan Mr. and Mrs. Chris J. Murphy Robert Nelson Drs. Sarah and Harold Nelson Kevin O’Connor and Janet Ellen Raasch Mr. Steven Okuley Roger and Stephanie Berg Oram Ronald Y. Otsuka Pat Pascoe Ms. Joan E. Payne Dorothy Pearson and Al Alioto Ms. Kathleen M. Price


Chorister ($500+) (continued) Robert and Mary Quillin Mr. and Mrs. Donald Quinn Gary and Gayle Ray Mr. and Mrs. Alexander R. Read Ayliffe and Fred Ris Mr. and Mrs. Paul Roberts Susan Rodger Joe Ronnenberg Mr. Joseph C. Rook Mr. Allan S. and Judith Rosenbaum Sig and Lucille Rosenfeld Mr. William E. Russell Ray and Suzanne Satter Mr. and Mrs. Karl A. Schmid Mr. Henry R. Schmoll Gary D. Schrenk Mrs. Nancy H. Schulein Bob and Lori Schuyler Ms. Nancy Siegel Ms. Christie Smith Mrs. Marcia D. Strickland Jim and Sue Swanson Prof. and Mrs. Joseph S. Szyliowicz Jim and Kate Taucher Jeanette and Jon Taylor Ms. Barbara Thorngren Alice and Frank Traylor Dr. and Mrs. John U. Trefny Mr. and Mrs. Stephen True Mr. John B. Trueblood Mr. Richard C. Tubbs and Ms. Marilyn Smith Mr. Donald L. Vawter Brian and Sarah Volkman Linda Wackwitz and Stephen Shurack Ed and Patty Wahtera Larned A. Waterman, Jr. Dick and Jean Watt Robert and Dorothy Wham Carol E. Wolf Scott and Karen Yarberry Zimmerman Jackson PC Jeri Zucherman Aficionado ($250+) Frank J. Adler Catherine H. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. William B. Anderson Anonymous Martha and Ken Ashley Mr. William Babich Mary E. Bahde Gregory Beattie and Stephanie Narcy Dr. and Mrs. Henry J. Beckwitt Mr. and Mrs. Brigham Bell Kathleen Benegar Mr. Charles E. Berry Linda E. Bjelland Stanley and Virginia Boucher

Aficionado ($250+) (continued) E. Candace Boyle and Thomas R. Salas Ms. Jay Breen Darrell Brown and Suzanne McNitt Mr. C. Deen Buttorff Mr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Butz Mr. E. Michael Canges and Ms. Nina A. Iwashko George M. and Carol G. Canon Barbara and Roger Chamberlain Professor Gerald W. Chapman Mr. Everett B. Clark Dr. Alan Como and InHye Como Dr. David J. Cooper and Evelyn W. Cooper Ms. Frances S. Corsello Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Creighton Mr. and Mrs. James E. Culhane Michael and Bonnie Dalke Ms. Wendy Davis Mrs. Joyce C. de Roos Ronald L. Deal Dr. and Mr. Deborah Deeg Max and Joyce Douglas Maud B. Duke Philippe and Cynthia Dunoyer Fred and Susan Forman Ms. Margaret P. Foster Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Garfein Rev. and Mrs. B. J. George Tennyson Grebenar and Judy Graese Mark Groshek MD and Carl Clark MD Ms. Gina Guy Jerry Jean Hale Homer and Treva Hancock Mr. Richard H. Hart Mr. and Mrs. Yoshiko Hata Mr. Philip Hiester Mr. Harold K. (Bud) Hill Arlene and Barry Hirschfeld Mr. and Mrs. Garrison L. Horle Barbara and Kevin Hughes Ms. Jane A. Hultin Mr. and Mrs. William C. Humphries Dr. Paul W. Husted Mr. and Mrs. Isely Marvin and Carole Johnson James and Jean Johnston Ms. Judy Johnston Mrs. Catherine A. Kaledo Kathleen Kelble Ms. Mary B. Kelley Mrs. Bernie C. Kern Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Kidder Elmer and Doris Koneman Mr. John W. Kure and Ms. Cheryl Solich Mr. and Mrs. Maurice A. Larue Jr.

Aficionado ($250+) (continued) Mr. Bernard Leason and Mrs. Frieda Sanidas Leason George and Sarah Leing Noel Lejeune and Lynn Callaway Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Levinson Robert and Patricia Lisensky Dr. and Mrs. James List Mr. Randall M. Livingston Mr. Richard J. Lovell Janet and David MacKenzie Dr. and Mrs. William Maclay Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Y. Marchand Ms. Anne Marquis John and Minda Marshall Dr. Merrylue Martin Mr. Andrew P. McCallin Myron McClellan and Lawrence Phillips Dr. and Mrs. Hugh J. McGee Jr. Frank and Patricia Mercado Don and Billie Middleton Mr. and Mrs. James Mills Frend John Miner and Jeff Lawhead Sue and Bill Mohrman Mr. William R. Moninger John and Mary Muth Mr. and Mrs. W. Peterson Nelson Richard L. Nielsen Maureen and Benjamin Nystuen Kent Obee Ms. Kelli O’Brien Mr. Kurt M. Olender and Ms. Kam C. Wong Bonnie M. Orkow Mr. Ben H. Parker Dr. and Mrs. David S. Pearlman Mr. and Mrs. Harry A. Phillips Mr. Andrew R. Pleszkun Rich and Kim Plumridge Mr. John Potter William M. and Kathryn L. Pride Irene M. Ibarra and Armando Quiroz Ms. Marcia L. Ragonetti Karyn K. Rieb Ms. Deborah Rohan Mr. Douglas J. Rooney Dr. and Mrs. Reuven E. Rosen Ron and Donnell Rosenberg Mary Ann Ross Richard L. Roth Paul D. Rubner and Vicki D. Jensen Richard and Sally Russo Jack and Ruth Salter Morris and Karen Sandstead Catherine K. Skokan Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence A. Sluss Philip and Rhonda Steckley Mr. and Mrs. Larry D. Stephens Mrs. Donna J. Stiles


Aficionado ($250+) (continued) Bill and Shirley Stout Giles D. Toll M.D. Elizabeth Tracey Nancy and Tim Tyler Ms. Carol A. Tyson Gretchen Vanderwerf and Gordon Jones Terri and Harry Vogler Carley J. Warren Hedy and Michael Weinberg Jeff and Martha Welborn Ms. Cia A. Wenzel Ms. Marilyn L. Wheeler Anne Williams Dr. and Mrs. Jack Zable Sue and Carl Zimet Crescendo Society The Society recognizes those individuals who established a planned gift with Opera Colorado

Charles Berberich and Marilyn Munsterman Ms. Sheila S. Bisenius Libby Bortz Ellie Caulkins Sandra Corriere Michael and Sheryl DeGenring Miss B. I. Garlinghouse Dr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Greenholz Mrs. Donna E. Hamilton Ms. Lisa R. James Dr. and Mrs. Charles B. Kafadar Mr. and Mrs. Ron Kahn Ms. Carole Leight Deanna Rose Leino Dr. and Mrs. Charles L. Lyford Janice McClary and Jan McNally Quinette Family Fund Mrs. Lee Roberts Mary Ann Rose Mr. Stephen W. Seifert Mr. and Mrs. Robert Vanbuskirk Dick and Jean Watt Mrs. Carol C. Whitley

Photos by Jesse Hernandez


STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL POSITION December 31, 2011 Opera Colorado Assets: Current assets: Cash and cash equivalents Contribution and grants receivable Intercompany (payable) receivable Investments Accounts receivable Prepaid expenses and other current assets Property and equipment (net of depreciation) Total current assets

$ 278,968 598,951 228,500 77,078 445,589 311,923 1,941,009

Restricted cash Contributions receivable - noncurrent portion Total assets Liabilities and Net Assets: Current liabilities: Notes payable Accounts payable Accrued Liabilities Deferred revenue Total current liabilities

23,600 190,000 $2,154,609

Opera Colorado Foundation

(228,500) 974,961 746,461 $ 746,461


278,968 598,951 974,961 77,078 445,589 311,923 2,687,470 23,600 190,000 $2,901,070

430,000 50,589 69,882 972,264


430,000 50,589 69,882 972,264





Net Assets: Unrestricted Temporarily restricted Permanently restricted

263,274 368,600 -

(463,632) 46,409 1,163,684

(200,358) 415,009 1,163,684

Total net assets







Total liabilities and net assets


STATEMENT OF ACTIVITIES December 31, 2011 Opera Colorado Foundation


$ 1,788,391 151,259 927,296 230,783 297,523 60,666 68,397 263,263

(9,465) 101,389

(151,259) -

1,788,391 927,296 230,783 297,523 60,666 (9,465) 68,397 364,652

Total unrestricted revenue





Expenses Production Grant to Opera Colorado General and administrative Box Office Marketing Fundraising

2,350,929 349,497 152,311 435,331 373,973

151,259 10,179 -

(151,259) -

2,350,929 359,676 152,311 435,331 373,973

Total expenses before depreciation and write-offs





Opera Colorado Change in Unrestricted Net Assets: Revenue: Contributions Contributions from Opera Colorado Foundation Ticket sales net of seat tax Special Events net of expense SCFD Educational events Investment loss Other Income Net assets released from restrictions (contributions)

Depreciation and write-offs

104,108 3,766,149

Total expenses Increase (decrease) in unrestricted net assets Change in Temporarily Restricted Net Assets: Contributions Cancellation of Pledge Investment loss Net assets released from restrictions




104,108 3,776,328






$ $

343,000 (50,000) (263,263)

(1,342) (1,389)


343,000 (50,000) (1,342) (264,652)






2,500 (100,000)


2,500 (100,000)




(97,500) (118,579)

Increase (decrease) in temporarily restricted net assets Change in Permanently Restricted Net Assets: Contributions Net assets released from restrictions Increase (decrease) in permanently restricted net assets Change in net assets




Net assets at beginning of year






$ 746,461



Net assets at end of year




Ticket Sales 24%

Special Events and Other 10%

Contributions 58%

SCFD Tax 8%


Corporations 4%

Foundations 40% Individuals 55%

Government and Other 1%


Fundraising 10%

Marketing 12%

Box Office 4%

General Administration 9%

Opera Production 62%

Depreciation and Other 3%


2011 Annual Report  

Opera Colorado's 2011 Annual Report

2011 Annual Report  

Opera Colorado's 2011 Annual Report