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O21 Table of  Contents Volume2  |  No.4  

3 Interview  with     Jerry  Grossman:  Cello   Kim  Feltkamp  

21 Interview  with     Julia  Pilant:  French  horn   Ilana  Walder-­‐Biesanz  

7 Interview  with     David  Chan:  Violin   Kevin  Ng  

25 Interview  with     Susan  Spector:  Oboe   Jennifer  Choi  

11 Beyond  the  Standard   Repertoire     Ilana  Walder-­‐Biesanz  

29 The  Royal  Opera     on  the  Big  Screen   Lewis  Wolstanholme  

13 Interview  with     Melissa  Robason:  Library   Laura  Petrarcha  

31 Different, and Luckier Griffin Candey  

15 The  Metropolitan  Opera   Orchestra   Jennifer  Choi  

33 Interview with Anthony McGill: Clarinet Gregory Moomjy  

Summer 2014  

The Opera Industry: Is it broken?