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Four things without which your website design is incomplete

• No matter whether yours is an eStore or a charity website seeking donations online, here are four things you should look for in your website. • Designing a website from ground up can be challenging and overwhelming, especially if you are new to it and have no technical background. It’s true that your website design should be esthetically appealing. However, there are certain elements of website design that doesn’t meet the eye but are critical to the success of your online venture. Read on to find out four things that make your website compete successfully on the web.

1. CMS: • Imagine this, you just found out that on your apparel eStore, the link to men shirts is wrongly linked to kid’s apparel. No matter how beautifully and creatively your website is designed, it will give your visitors a hitch while browsing. That’s why you need an appropriate content management system or CMS which gives you complete control of every aspect of your website. Joomla, Drupal and WordPress are some CMSs that can be used to manage web content without much technical knowledge.

2. SEO friendly: • Being on the first page of search engines is extremely important for eCommerce websites. Speak to your website developer about keeping the web design as per the guidelines of search engines and integrating SEO modules to your website. This will improve visibility among target customers.

3. Convert traffic: • You have a website and receive decent traffic volumes, but how many of them actually buy from you? This is called conversion rate. Make sure that the inquiry form or the buy now tabs are conveniently placed to increase your chances of turning browsers into buyers.

4. User experience: • Website design goes beyond just being visually attractive. Large flash banners may look welcoming but it can slow down your website and give hutchie user experience. Your visitors will be searching some sort of information on your website, try to make the browsing experience a smooth sail.

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