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hank you to all who played a part in our continued success over the last school year. OpenWorld /HDUQLQJ KDV PDGH VLJQLÀFDQW LPSURYHPHQW DQG impact, and much of it could not have been accomplished without your support; which includes the hard work and dedication of our 95 volunteers. As we continue into our second decade of developing leadership and igniting a love of learning, OWL has served 523 students (46% are female) at 11 sites with 66,474 contact hours during the 2011-12 school year, which brings our cumulative totals to almost 5,000 students served with over 550,000 contact hours since we began our program just over 12 years ago. As we move forward, we maintain the distinction of delivering the only elementary and middle school curriculum in the world to have received ISTE’s NETS*S Skills Seal of Alignment. We have expanded our partnerships to include site operations within the Aurora Public Schools District and are exploring continued expansion into additional local school districts when appropriate. We continue to work on ‘business’ partnerships that can create incremental revenue for OWL, while providing our award-winning curriculum, wrapped in program assessment and outcome analytics, to both out-of-school and in-school providers everywhere. Special thanks to our teachers, staff, board, funders, volunteers and most of all, to our students, who demonstrate to us every day that a simple shift into a love of learning can make all the difference in the world. In Gratitude, Dean Abrams CEO

OUR MISSION OpenWorld Learning supports children’s school success by tapping the power of digital technology and peer teaching to develop leadership and ignite a love of learning.





OWL uses computer programming, robotics, stop-motion animation and graphic design to ignite a real love, eagerness and competency for learning within our students.


The OWL team is dedicated to assisting children in remembering and reconnecting with the love and passion for learning that begins as a seed in every one of us.


OWL opens the eyes, minds, and hearts of children, to the joys DQGEHQHĂ€WVRIOHDUQLQJ6FLHQFH Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) skills through fun and engaging project-based programs.


OWL would not exist without it’s dedicated staff and volunteers; incredible teachers and amazing students; as well as its active and engaged Board of Directors, and generous donors and supporters.

ACCOUNTABILITY OWL now offers the only curriculum in the country to have received the globally-recognized ISTE Seal of Alignment for its elementary and middle curriculum; the gold standard for measuring digital literacy in students.



Achieve, Believe, Create

GRADES 3RD – 5TH OWL’s International Society for Technology in Education’s (ISTE) NETS*S aligned Elementary School program focuses on engaging elementary school students through an innovative, fun and engaging after-school program that is offered at no cost four days a week, three hours a day. The program includes learning lab, homework help, healthy snack, and team energizer. Students develop basic skills in reading, writing, and math concurrently as they develop the core skills necessary in the Information Age, including peer teaching, critical thinking, analytical reasoning, problem

solving, teamwork, and leadership. Students in this program learn advanced technology skills that include computer programming, animation, Internet research and multi-media presentation. They learn these skills by creating projects in MicroWorlds — a child-friendly, multimedia authoring tool that uses LOGO, a computer programming language developed at MIT. The creativity and ingenuity of the students as they use MicroWorlds to create personally meaningful projects in art, animation, multi-media presentation, interactive software and game design is striking.







*Incentives include T-Shirts, digital cameras, computers and jump drives which are earned by completing levels in the curriculum.

MIDDLE SCHOOL PROGRAM Advanced Technology Real World Application

GRADES 6TH-8TH The core of the Middle School Program is divided into distinctive “Techno Tracksâ€?, including robotics, stop-motion animation, and graphic design. This curriculum is currently the only ISTE NETS*S aligned resource for Middle School Students in the USA. In 2009 OWL implemented a new component to the Middle School curriculum called Career Exploration, which is designed to help students become aware of the skills that are necessary for their future job success. Students attain WKLV NQRZOHGJH E\ UHVHDUFKLQJ FDUHHU Ă€HOGV visiting prominent universities and companies, taking aptitude tests, receiving mentoring,






and listening to guest speakers from leading industries within Colorado.


The program teaches iconic computer programming in an open-ended approach, which supports the development of problem solving skills, project planning and management, DV ZHOO DV PHWDFRJQLWLRQ WKURXJK UHĂ HFWLRQ and feedback. One of our main goals is to keep an inventive, hands-on learning approach to curriculum design and implementation, one that enables children to learn by building, imagining, playing, testing and improving their inventions by sharing it with peers and teachers.


OWL SUMMER CAMPS 2012 Eagleton Create Your Own Adventure Camp June 4- June 29, 2012 OWL’s Eagleton Create Your Own Adventure Camp focused on the Youth One Book One Denver initiative. The students read the book, “Holes,” which was incorporated into every part of our summer camp.


“Everything at camp was focused around “Holes”, but my favorite part was learning PhotoShop.” –Ossa, age 10

“My daughter has never read a complete book on her own. This summer the staff at OWL really helped her feel accomplished as she read and completed “Holes” on her own.” – Cristela, Parent

Metro Tech Camp June 11-29, 2012 Summer camps held on the Metro State Campus focused on a weekly theme:

Community Leadership

6SHFLÀFDOO\ GHYHORSHG IRU VWXGHQWV ZKR ZDQWHG WR EH not only technology leaders, but also leaders in their community.


Cartoon Animation

Students learned the elements of graphic design WKURXJK ÀHOG WULS EDVHG UHVHDUFK DQG FUHDWHG WKHLU own cartoon strips using computer software such as MicroWorld, Scratch, Adobe Photoshop Express, Picnik, GIMP and more.

Game Design

In partnership with Microsoft using Kodu, a game designing platform that is compatible with X-Box, students explore the video gaming world through the eyes of a designer.









JULY 1, 2011 TO JUNE 30, 2012 ‡6th

annual Gala and Silent Auction raised $76K


Desmond joined OWL as the New Multi-Site Director


Camp Students met with Mayor Hancock to discuss the book “Holes.� The students read this book as part of the ONE BOOK ONE DENVER ‡Senator

Mike Johnston visited OWL summer camp students at Eagleton Elementary ‡Students

competed in OWL’s 7th Annual Tech Fair


The 2011 sixth annual gala event, Click On Us! “Igniting a Love of Learning� was another successful fundraiser. The passion and enthusiasm throughout the gala was contagious and a strong testament of the overwhelming support for our programs and the students we serve. Community support is crucial to the success of our mission – we cannot ignite a love of learning within our students without your help.

THE VALUE OUR VOLUNTEERS BRING 2011-2012 VOLUNTEERS TOTAL VOLUNTEERS: 95 TOTAL HOURS: 1,541 PROJECTS INCLUDED: School Sites 2IÀFH3URMHFWV Career Exploration Back-to-School Campaign Click On Us! Gala Tech Fair and other special projects

OPPORTUNITIES TO SHARE Volunteer to Make a Difference! As an OpenWorld Learning volunteer, you can add value to students’ lives and lead by example. Involvement can be one time or daily. We have RSSRUWXQLWLHVDWWKHVFKRROVLWHVDVZHOODVLQWKHRIÀFH

Donate Supplies We are always in need of used laptops, new digital cameras, jump drives and other supplies.

Donate Services It takes a lot to run a 501(c)3. If you have expertise in DQ\ÀHOGLW·VOLNHO\WKDWZH·OOÀQGLWXVHIXO

Monetary Contributions No amount is too small, it is all part of the solution.




The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE®) is the premier membership association for educators and education leaders engaged in advancing excellence in learning and teaching through the innovative and effective use of technology in PK-12 and teacher education. ISTE’s National Educational Technology Standards for 6WXGHQWV 1(76‡6  DUH WKH standards for evaluating the skills and knowledge students need to learn effectively and live productively in an increasingly global and digital world. -Text from

“ISTE congratulates OpenWorld Learning for earning a Seal of Alignment IRU3URÀFLHQF\IRULWV·6WXGHQW Curriculum. The content and presentation of the curriculum materials is age appropriate and of very high quality.” – Carolyn Sykora, Seal of Alignment Senior Project Manager



In 2011-2012 OWL changed its focus on program and curriculum improvement from subjective internal review to quantitative data driven improvements.

s. on er. i t g a da an un M o er. f l on ag i a t n c lo  lua Ma L ee WH r va m L W h E 6 u O e Q ul yt for WLR am. om rric c db t D c u t e r . n X bli C u e nts d u DO rog n o O m Y P t u e f p ( to gn er ran es ali ssessm ere PH f the nv u RD SRUW f e R w m D l F o o D s a W A l o t a r X n t r W HV5H re fo sea den 1 ara H ffo d W2 uatio R d V 1 e 1 E 1 n U e n 01 IST d stu 01 LWVÀ val 20 ed T FOXWFRPshed in dA rov rch 2 2 tio e F p e d a t n t R e R G r i a G p 2 2 o O o lu BE ceiv lum a BE SHQH yea IN ÀUVW2 publ 013. 01 as a s rese 01 rom va ST prom 2 E 2 M e K M U e l p r w R V s e u E E  G L O :/· ill b arly 2 L’ C WL urric NE WL choo NE WL PT :/ thre E W O E U U AU OW w e S O a D L J O S 2 O c J 2 O



$LPHGWRÀQGHIÀFDF\DQG improve our overall program in support of our mission. OWL is hosting evaluation of its program at one DPS Elementary school. All 3rd -5th grade students are participating in the evaluation and interested students are randomly selected to participate in the program.


DOES OWL… ... excite Students about Learning? ... teach students how to use technology in responsible and creative ways?


... teach students how to have a good sense of group dynamics and leadership skills? ... teach students sound self-evaluation and SURMHFWUHÁHFWLRQ"

... teach students how to use computer based technology?


... increase academic engagement? ... increase academic effort? ... increase technology skills?




RESEARCH $LPHGWRĂ€QGRXWKRZ OWL affects the students success in the school day. OWL is conducting research with students from four DPS Elementary Schools and two '36 0LGGOH 6FKRROV UGWK grade students self-select to participate in the program.






Cash and Cash Equivalents Contributions Receivable Investments - Community First Foundation Prepaid Insurance Property and Equipment Donated Inventory Total Assets


Accounts Payable and Accrued Expenses Deferred Revenue Total Liabilities

June 30, 2012 $191,466 180,476 41,194 819 11,148 5,046 $430,149

$26,979 6,600 $33,579





Contributions and Grants: Individuals Corporations Foundations Government Events Other Income* Total Revenue

$149,226 110,874 295,555 20,000 156,386 109,898 $841,939

EXPENSES Program Services Supporting Services: General and Administrative Fundraising &RVWVRI'LUHFW%HQHĂ€WVWR'RQRUV Total Expenses

CHANGE IN NET ASSETS A complete copy of OpenWorld Learning’s ÀQDQFLDOVWDWHPHQWVDXGLWHGE\:DJQHU Barnes, PC, is available upon request.

June 30, 2012

NET ASSETS - July 1, 2011 NET ASSETS - June 30, 2012 *Other Income includes In-Kind Donations,Contributed Services, Investment Income and Miscellaneous Income

476,196 118,135 119,983  $776,876 $65,063 $331,507 $396,570



Amgen Foundation Anschutz Family Foundation The Barton Family Foundation, a donor advised fund of The Denver Foundation Borgen Family Foundation CoBiz Financial Community First Foundation Daniels Fund Denver Foundation Denver Post Charities First Data Foundation Fulcrum Foundation Gates Family Foundation Harmes C. Fishback/ Stapleton Foundation Trust Helen K and Arthur E Johnson Foundation Kerr Foundation Kinder Morgan Foundation Kroenke Sports Charities National Foundation for Philanthropy The Anschutz Foundation The Mental Health Center of Denver Toney Family Foundation Virginia W. Hill Foundation Western Union Foundation

GOVERNMENT Archuleta Elementary Kepner Middle School Vista Peak Campus


Alex Abbott Betsy & Dean Abrams Lora Adams Valeria Alberola Christy & Hal Anderson Jeff Andrews Chuck Andrus Anonymous Anonymous(2) Anonymous(3) Anonymous(4)





Antonio Archuleta L Archuleta Alvaro Arias Betty Arkell Ragan Armstrong Ted Ashcroft Vanessa Barker Virginia Bayless Abbie Beake John Beall Tim Beranek & Paula Molliconi Veronica Bernal Archuleta Fernando Bernal David Bernstein Peter & Susan Bishop Christopher & Sarah Bock Jon-Erik and Brooke Borgen Anne Brinkman Jay & Bunnie Busch Julie Bussey Jan Carl and Gene Harper Dave Carlson Jim Carter Michael & Marylou Cate Linda Chain Tyler & Devon Coombe John & Catherine Coucoules Bridget Coughlin Aaron & Kathleen Crane Melissa Crouch Tiffany Deines Susan & Jay Dikeman Ali Dinsel Jean Eckhoff Michelle Eidson Eric Eiteljorg Diane Felton Alan Fleming Jayne Ford Michael Fortney Tanya Frank Lynn Frashure Peter & Gail Fritzinger Keith Galante Jonathan & Robin Gear Julanna Gilbert John Joseph Glasman Melinda & Byron Grandy

James & Mary Ellen Green Annie Grenier 0DUN*ULIÀQ Gilbert Hamilton Susan Hankins JoAnn Harmon Ann Harris Su Hawk Brian Heselton Scott Hicar David Hite Michelle Hodges Pamela & Denny Hovik Kim Hudelson Molly Hughes-Butler Robert & Dita Hutchinson Therese Ivancovich Michael Keglovits SW Keil Jonathan Kelley Lydia Kerr Michael & Mary Kester Carolyn Kindt Chris & Kristine Laping Jeff Largen Clarissa Lee Rand & Leslie Lewis -LP/LQÀHOG Thomas Littman John Lucier Jocelyn Magnan Meredith & Jason Malec Russell Markin Ed & Sally Mattix Veronica McCaffrey Mary McCoin Steve McConahey Robert McKenzie & Jo Ruder Kendrick McLish & Karen Iker Mike McNamara & Diane Mayer Brad McNealy Laura & Edward Medina Holly Michaud David Miersch Chuck & Becky Morris Lindsey Muessel Steve & Claire Murchie

Annick Nadeau Enrique Natividad Jake Needell Lydia Zarganis Neptune Angela Norris-Hawkins John & Linda Oechsle Ginger Paiz Steve & Lynne Paris Kimberly Patmore & Thomas Haller Brendan Patterson Mike Piazza Jose Pinon Cori Plotkin Streetman Tonda Potts Sean Radcliffe Dave Redford Paula Redmond Heinke & Dieter Reitzig Rolf & Lea Ann Reitzig Dana Rinderknecht Lauren Romer Mary Chavez Rudolph Jo Ann Scharmann Lauren Schmidt Jeff & Jessica Sisson Alger Slosser Chris Smith Joe Smith Susan Smith Bianca Smothers Jessica & Yancy Spruill Jenna & Walker Stapleton Jerre & Mary Joy Stead Kathy Strandberg Tara Stroup Andrea & Jeffrey Tarr Doug Thompson Greg & Kathy Thompson Jaci Tylicki Van Veen, Peter Mike & Stefania Vaughan Robert & Tina Vidal Rich Walker Joel Walter Linda Walter Susan Weatherly Jody West

Brett & Shana Wilhelm Brian Wilhelm Bruce Wilhelm Clarke & Sara Jean Wilhelm Kevin Wilhelm Larry Wolcott Maria Young Scott Young Shira & Marty Zimmerman Estela Zuniga



Aurora Public Schools Boys and Girls Club of Metro Denver College In Colorado CollegeInvest Colorado Technology Association Community Computer Connection Daniels College of Business Denver CAMP Denver Museum of Nature & Science Denver Public Schools Denver Public Schools Foundation Denver Quality Afterschool Connection Denver School of Science and Technology 'HQYHU0D\RU·V2IÀFHIRU Education & children Food Bank of the Rockies Denver Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Lights on After School Initiative LCSI Metropolitan State University of Denver MIT Media Lab University of Denver

If we have inadvertently not listed your name, please accept our apologies.

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Your support makes our students’ success a reality.


Accuvant Ascendant Technology AmCheck AMG National Trust Bank Bill Barrett Corporation Bridge Centennial Ventures Colorado & Company Comcast Concerts For Kids Cooley LLP DaVita Denver PostNet DigitalGlobe Dream Big Day Camp Encana )DLUÀHOGDQG:RRGV Frame D’Art GAVS Glaceau - VitaminWater Good Search Great-West Financial Greenberg Traurig hartmannphoto Holland & Hart IHS IZZE Beverage Company Louik Holdings LLC Microsoft Microsoft Store - Park Meadows Orchard White Creative Pearson Prototest, LLC ReadyTalk Red Robin SofTec Solutions The Forte Group The Regis Company Time Warner Cable TriWorth Young Americans Education Foundation Zim Consulting

JULY 1, 2011 – JUNE 30, 2012




Valeria Alberola Tyler Coombe Jonathan Gear Annie Grenier Steven Halstedt Rich Harrison Su Hawk Robert Hutchinson Hemal Jhaveri Chris Laping Kendrick McLish Laura Medina Jo Ruder Jenna Stapleton Mary Joy Stead Jeff Tarr Michael Vaughan Bob Vidal Brett Wilhelm

DENVER ADVISORY BOARD Terrance Carroll Richard Garcia Alan Gottlieb Maria Guajardo Elsa Holguin Tim Marquez James Mejia Dan Ritchie Chris Romer

NATIONAL ADVISORY BOARD Gail Breslow Rick Burnes The Honorable Federico PeĂąa David Cavallo Seymour Papert Mitchel Resnick


Mary Chavez Rudolph Cindy PeĂąa Jim Polsfut Todd Siler

OpenWorld Learning supports children’s school success by tapping the power of digital technology and peer teaching to develop leadership and ignite a love of learning.

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OpenWorld Learning Annual Report 2011-12  

The Annual Report highlights important advances in OpenWorld Learning's fiscal year 2011-12