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January, February and March

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First Quarter of 2014!! Friends of Open Windows, we send you greetings in this first quarter of 2014. In the past months, we have been working enthusiastically on different programs. We are having more frequent and consistent visits from the children. Now they are coming more regularly to do their homework, attending computer classes, and participating in educational activities. In the computer lab, we are giving children classes in the morning and in the afternoon and two nights of the week we are providing classes for youth and adults. We are offering classes to new groups about how to use computers and Office software. This year, we are giving scholarships to 38 students, 8 for primary school and 30 for midlevel technical programs. Now we have intensified tutoring and we are working with small groups and in some cases on an individual basis with the students so they can improve math, communication and language, and the classes that are most difficult for them. The presence and support of groups of volunteers are the reason we can do projects for the community and to date we have had visits from three groups who have done community work. .

Constructing the different families’ room.

Finger knitting

Drawing pictures

SEWING CLASSES In March we began sewing classes thanks to Doña Zoila, who has been giving us her time since last year. The group is made up of women of San Miguel Dueñas. Now they are doing an apron and stitch sampler, attaching buttons, and making button holes. In addition, they are learning how to knit. They are enthusiastic and each week attend their classes.

Learning how to knit!

Doing different stitching!

DONATIONS The Municipal Firefighters of San José Calderas, Parramos, and Chimaltenango are starting work in this city and are located in a place with few resources. For this reason, we gave them a donation of a computer, a desk, and first aid materials they will be able to use to serve the community. Delivering a computer to the firefighters

GROUPS WHO PROVIDED COMMUNITY The group of students from Luther College in Iowa worked for one week. They contributed by painting the learning center facility, doing activities with the children, including performing a play promoting values, songs, acting, Painting and decorating! Doing activities! Building rooms! playing games, and sharing healthy snacks. They also built a sheet metal room in La Aldea El Rosario for the Godinez family, which is made up of a father, mother, and six children. The group Village Experience was able to build three sheet metal rooms in one day for three families: Doña Maximiliana’s family, Constructing a room! Families receiving cooking utensils! Building a room! Doña Felisa’s family, and the Collán family. They delivered a kitchen utensil kit to each family. Thanks to the support of María Isabel and Don Tom who helped with the translation, it was possible to do these three construction projects in one day. Another group of volunteers from the same organization visited the learning center in March. They provided community support to the coffee harvesting workers. A Canadian group called Developing World Connections was here for a week building two block rooms for the Xulú family and the González family. Thanks to Patrick for his help in coordinating the construction.

Casa y estufa Familia Otzín

Constructing homes!


VOLUNTEERS Sarah and Jeremy from Australia were here for a week of volunteering. They did activiShowing the finished mural Teaching art ties with the Anadee is a volunteer from England who children and Sharing with the children was here for two weeks. During her time helped in a with us, she gave math and English classchool by giving English classes. Michael was a volunteer with us for two ses, worked with a group painting and weeks. He did activities with the childecorating the library, reading with the dren, gave English classes and helped children, and sharing her art with them. with the construction of a sheet metal Thanks for the time shared in Open Winhome for a family. Thank you for shardows. ing your time!

Teaching how to make beaded rings

Lea is a volunteer from Germany who was teaching different groups of children how to make beaded rings. In addition, she taught English and did activities with the children Thanks for coming to Open Windows.

Thanks to Patrick for the volunteer work he did at Open Windows these past five months. The children, youth, and teachers appreciated his time, the happiness he shared, and the work he did to improve the programs at the computer lab and the scholarship money he collected for the children. . Serving the atol snack

Having fun with the children

All of these activities and programs could not be developed without the help of those that support this institution. Open Windows makes the dreams of many children come true thanks to these donations and the work of volunteers. We hope to be able to continue to count on their help.

Please send donation to USA Open Windows c/o John Davis 2934 North Saint Augustine PL Tucson AZ 85712-1270 USA


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News january to march 2014  
News january to march 2014  

Open Windows Newsletter from January, February and March 2014