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Fall Equinox 2013 Fall Equinox 2013

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Open Ways Gateway to the Pagan Communities Issue 169—Fall Equinox Open Ways is published online eight times a year, on the Quarters and Cross-Quarters, by The Nine Houses of Gaia, Inc. Circulation 3400+. Newsletter Staff Editor— Angel (Blue Capucian) Webmaster — Angel Advertising— Angel Proofreaders— Kate / Ali E-media—Ali Submissions Articles, letters, poetry, artwork, etc., are solicited from the community. We reserve the right to edit for length and content. Email or send self-addressed stamped envelope for Writers’ Guidelines. Type-written (single-sided) or word processed manuscripts are welcome, electronic submissions via e-mail preferred. Send submissions to: Open Ways Editor PO BOX 33182 Portland, OR 97292 E-mail: World Wide Web: Please do not send the original copy of your work! Manuscripts unaccompanied by a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope will not be returned. All submissions will be accepted at our discretion. Advertising Ads must be camera-ready. Payment must accompany ad. No credit card payments. Deadlines (page 3) apply. E-mailed ads and their payments must be received by the deadlines. No black backgrounds please! Email Editor for more info. Rates & Sizes (W x H) $15 for a business card size (3.5’ x 2”) $30 for quarter-page (3.5” x 4”) $60 for half page (7” x 4.5”) $120 for full page (7” x 9”) Discount for one-year, pre-paid ads. $10.00 for business name and phone number in Directory for 1 year.


Our Mission Statement The Nine Houses of Gaia is a non-profit organization incorporated in 1992 to sponsor the Northwest Fall Equinox Festival and publish Open Ways. Open Ways serves as an introduction to, and, an anchor for pagan communities in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest; a forum for the exchange of scholarly, practical, or experiential information, knowledge, and wisdom; a tool for instruction and communication; a “journal” of events, announcements, ideas, poetry, prose, illustration — anything of benefit or interest to Pagans, Wiccans, or other Nature Spiritualists. Copyright © 2011 All rights remain the property of contributing authors and artists. For reprint information, please contact Open Ways. Inquiries will be forwarded to appropriate parties. Statement of Confidentiality Open Ways honors the right to privacy. Information regarding our contributors or subscribers will not be made available under any circumstance. Our mailing lists and email lists are not for sale or trade. Contributors are encouraged to use pseudonyms. Open Ways and The Nine Houses of Gaia are not responsible for any content on other sites.

Cover Art: By Jamie Okulam Back page Art: By Chad Fenlon

Fall Equinox 2013

Open Ways OPEN WAYS DEADLINES This deadline schedule includes all articles, artwork, announcements, events and advertisements. Send everything to the Portland address for Open Ways on page 2 . Advertising rates are posted on the bottom of page 2.

Open Ways Issue Brigid 2013 Spring Equinox 2013 Beltane 2013 Summer Solstice 2013 Lughnasadh 2013 Fall Equinox 2013 Samhain 2013 Yule 2013

Submission Deadline January 5 February 21 April 3 May 23 July 4 August 23 October 1 November 21

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Submission deadlines are 4 weeks before the Sabbats and publication dates are 2 weeks before the Sabbats.

Table of Contents 4 - Letter from the Editor 5

12 - %ortes from the Dragons Chest By Carl %eal

- Call for Submissions 13 - Basic Spiritual Path Information


- Advertising in Open Ways 15- Ongoing Activities


- %orthwest Fall Equinox Festival

9 - We Are By Remy Taliesin DayStar

17- Ongoing Festivals 18- Pagan Community Directory 22 - Pagan Business Directory

10 - Love and Eros By Char

Fall Equinox 2013


Open Ways Letter from the Editor Fall Equinox is here! The turning of the wheel of the year brings us again to the end of the harvest. The time when the light and dark of our planet is equal. Enjoy your harvest and celebrate your plenty. Blessed Be, Angel

It Takes a Village to Raise... a Village Do you have knowledge and spiritual gifts to share with your community? Volunteer to present a workshop at the Northwest Fall Equinox Festival 2014! Please email a description of the workshop you wish to present to Be sure to include the length of the workshop and any preferred accommodations it might entail.

Do you have BIG MAGICK to share with your community? We are accepting proposals for NWFEF 2015 main ritual! The purpose of NWFEF is to celebrate the harvest. The main theme, ritual, and workshops differ from year to year depending on selection from proposals submitted by community members (you!). Your ritual proposal must have a complete outline; please contact to request "Tips and Tricks", a "rubric" to assist you in composing your proposal. Ritual proposal submission may be emailed to or mailed to PO Box 33182, Portland, OR 97292.

Share the Magick!!!


Fall Equinox 2013

Open Ways Submissions for Open Ways ! Open Ways Gateway to the Pagan Communities is a newsletter for the community by the community. We %EED your contributions! Guidelines for All Contributors We welcome articles up to 3,000 words of a scholarly, historical, news/event, or how-to–nature; letters; music; poetry; rituals for group or solo-practitioners; personal experience; interviews; artwork; etc. Please honor plurality and diversity. Address issues of interest to pagans, Wiccan’s, polytheists, Buddhists, or nature spiritualists. Where appropriate, include bibliographic references, sidebars, and graphics. Manuscripts will be accepted in any readable form; however we prefer articles via email if possible. Manuscripts and letters selected for publication may be edited for clarity, brevity, accuracy, or editorial consistency. Always include a self-addressed, stamped envelope if you wish your work returned. Never send your only copy! The editorial staff reserves the right to accept or reject any manuscript or work of art submitted for publication. Contributing Columnists (reoccurring) Column writing offers a lot of flexibility as well as a wide-ranging variety of topics on which to expound. Submit a proposal stating the intention of the column and frequency. Contributors that commit to being a reoccurring contributor to 4 or more issues will be given a complementary business card size advertisement. Contributions may be: • Regular features with the same by-line, title, and/or premise. • Of a subject matter that is by nature practical (how-to), historical, literary, ethical, philosophical, educational, social, moral, political, inspirational, magical, or whatever happens to stoke your bellows. • In a style appropriate for the subject matter, the author’s personal taste, and the editors guidelines of this publication. Book reviews We welcome and encourage your written book reviews. These do not need to be scholarly critiques of the material by someone with a lifetime of experience with the subject matter; often the best, most useful reviews are written by those with whom the readership can identify. The book you are reviewing does not need to be a new release. Readers are interested in your reaction to the book: did you enjoy it? Did it provoke any new ideas or change for you? Was it useful? Artwork Open Ways encourages submissions of all kinds of artwork: Larger pieces for the cover, smaller works for illustration, and even smaller ones to accent and fill in. Please be sure your images are high quality jpeg or tif files with 300dpi. Need help, just ask! Poetry We regularly run poetry in each issue, and plan to continue this as long as we have the poems to do so. Poems should be of reasonable length and on Pagan/Wiccan topics. Ones that reflect your personal thoughts and experiences are preferred. Reporting Open Ways needs your stories of events, speakers, and public festivals in your area to share with our readers. Or maybe you went for a walk in the woods and had an interesting experience. These are stories you would share around the circle.

Send submissions to: World Wide Web: Please DO NOT send the only copy of your work! All submissions will be accepted and/or edited for content at the discretion of the editorial staff.

Fall Equinox 2013


Open Ways Advertising in Open Ways Advertising is a great way to market your business, organization, festival or anything else that you want people to know about. Our rates are extremely affordable and now that we are an online magazine, ads can be full color at no additional charge. Where does Open Ways get seen?  is an incredible flip page viewer that is just like paging through a magazine. This site will also have a library of archived issues.  is our website where we will have both an embedded min-version of the reader as well as a pdf document for those with low-technology computers. Individuals can also embed the publication into their own websites, which we encourage.  Social Networks: acebook, Witchvox etc.  mail – we will send an email to our entire network with a link to view it.  Local Pagan friendly Shops – Posters will be distributed with an announcement of where to find our publication Please follow these guidelines when placing an ad: Please do not use a lot of black background. Payment must accompany ads. Deadlines apply. -mailed ads and their payments must be received by the deadlines. Copyright and Permissions All rights remain the property of the author or artist. Inquiries for reprint information/permission are forwarded to appropriate parties. Rates and Sizes (per Issue) $15.00 for business card size (3.5"x2") $30.00 for quarter-page (3.5"x4") $60 for half page (7"x4.5") $120.00 for full page (7"x9") 25% Discount for one-year, pre-paid ads. $10 for one year Business Name and Phone Number or email address in our Bussiness Directory

OPEN WAYS DEADLINES This deadline schedule includes all articles, artwork, announcements, events and advertisements.

Open Ways Issue Brigid 2013 Spring Equinox 2013 Beltane 2013 Summer Solstice 2013 Lughnasadh 2013 Fall Equinox 2013 Samhain 2013 Yule 2013

Submission Deadline January 5 February 21 April 3 May 23 July 4 August 23 October 1 November 21

Available By January 19 March 6 April 17 June 6 July 18 September 6 October 14 December 8

Submission deadlines are 4 weeks before the Sabbats and publication dates are 2 weeks before the Sabbats.


Fall Equinox 2013

Open Ways

NORTHWEST FALL EQUINOX FESTIVAL When: September 26 – 29th 2013 Where: Silver Falls State Park Fall Equinox festival celebrating the harvest! Event Details: This festival has been happening for over 20 years and continues to evolve and change. The main purpose is celebrating the harvest time. Cabins available... each sleeps 4-8 people, you must bring your own bedding. There will be a Craft corner for parents and their children as well as the young at heart to participate together creating a festival craft. Families are strongly encouraged to come. There will also be some awesome drum circles going on. Please bring your drums and other musical instruments for some wonderful community building time together. If you are interested in being a vendor email with a description of what you will be vending so we can list you in our festival packet. Workshop Proposals: Anyone wishing to present free workshops at the upcoming Fall Equinox Festival please email a description of the workshop you wish to present. Please include the length of the workshop. Email proposals to:

Ritual Proposals for 2015: NWFEF purpose is to celebrate the harvest. The main theme, Ritual and workshops differ from year to year depending on who is doing the main Ritual. We accept Ritual submissions via email to or by mail to PO Box 33182 Portland, OR 97292. The Ritual proposal must have a complete outline, if we feel there is not enough to get a clear picture it will be sent back to you with a request for more refining. Registration information and forms coming soon.

Fall Equinox 2013


Open Ways


Fall Equinox 2013

Open Ways We Are by Remy Taliesin DayStar We are practitioners of the craft; therefore We Are... We are stewards of the Earth... We are the ritualist of the Great Circle... We are the followers of the cycle... We are the ones to use the universal force of magick to create changes in the worlds... We are the walkers between the worlds... We are the weavers of the mysteries... We are the manipulators of the Elements... We are the travelers of time and space... We are the guardians of balance... We are the keepers of the mysteries.... We are the warriors and the healers... We are the one and the many... We are Witches! We are, oh yes, we are.

Fall Equinox 2013


Open Ways Love and Eros The stars our blanket, a coverlet of wishes whispered in the night. Sighs that seek the illusive form of the scrabble word score. The grass our mattress and our walls secluded from outside view, four eyes the only witness. The magic sought-fleeting with the seconds that it lasts, the illusion lost with the climax. Sky just sky with unreachable heights. Grass just grass with lumps and bugs. Sighs just sighs escaping the fairy tale. Char


Fall Equinox 2013

Open Ways

Notes From The Dragon’s Chest by Carl Neal

Bringing Paganism IntoThe 20th Century Ok, I know you are well aware that modern Paganism was born in the middle of the 20th Century, so you are probably chuckling at the title of this column. When it comes to technology, many Pagans are as well “wired” as they are “grounded”, if you will excuse the electrical pun. The title is just trying to draw attention to the fact that in our zeal to embrace old paths and new technologies I think that we inadvertently bypassed a powerful 20th Century technology that can truly help us connect and grow as a community. While I’m not sure I’m quite ready to embrace the title of “Elder”, I am old enough to clearly remember the world before personal computers. One communication medium dominated all others until personal computers and the World Wide Web came along. Pagans were some of the earliest adopters of those new technologies. I can remember talking to my Pagan mentor about the technology when IBM introduced the “PC Junior” (also called the “Peanut”). She was very excited because it was the first PC to come with a modem as standard equipment. She saw this as a sign that, in the future, all computers would be able to connect and communicate. She, very insightfully, saw this as a way for occult practitioners to find one another and communicate effectively for the first time. Those early days of the “home computer” were like a wild frontier and they were great fun. Yet in the midst of that revolution sat a media giant still largely ignored by the Pagan Community. Even now, more than 60 years after the introduction of color television, there is still virtually no Pagan presence on TV. Even so, there are people working to change that. I began research into “Pagan TV” at the start of this year while working to promote “The Pagan Voice” television show out of St. Paul. Unfortunately, The Pagan Voice didn’t make it to the summer, but before they shut their doors my fires were already stoked to get local Pagans onto local TV sets (and in fairness to the 21st Century, onto computer monitors as well). As I dug into this topic, I actually did find several other efforts at bringing quality TV programming to Pagans. These are primarily shows specifically designed for You Tube or other online venues. I found Pagan TV (by way of credit, there is a program called “Pagan TV”, I am using the term here more generically) fell into two basic categories. There were shows with some level of expertise (professional sound or lighting, good on-air personalities, etc.) and then the bulk of the efforts which were shot with webcams. The first category seems to have largely focused on the expertise – a professional sound operator volunteers to help with a show and the sound is awesome – but the content is not particularly interesting. The second category often had a lot of interesting topics and discussion, but was just terrible to watch and hear. A talking head in the center of the screen with bad audio does not make for great TV. But then I looked at the rare programs like The Pagan Voice, which had high production values, interesting on-air

Fall Equinox 2013


Open Ways personalities, and topics that really matter to our community. The contrast between those types of shows was striking and inspiring. Now I am the first to say that I don’t possess professional videography skills nor have I attended film or journalism school. That being said, I have often dreamed of being a photojournalist so I could combine a love of the camera with a love of writing and research. With that line of thinking I decided that I could use this interest to the betterment of our community. That is how my show “Magick Moment” was born. I can’t say when my technical skills will reach a level where my video work is truly interesting (due to reasons other than my errors), but I can say that producing a show (shooting video, editing, writing, creating graphics, and more) about the Pagan Community has simply drawn together many different threads of my life. Here at the time of Lammas, the first harvest, it is exciting to me to finally be getting the first harvest from Magick Moment. The idea came to me in January, took root while I was at PantheaCon in February, and then began to grow in March when I started taking classes at Salem’s Public Access station. In May the first blooms opened when I began to shoot video for the show (appropriately, my first video shoot was at a Beltane gathering). Now, here in the summer, I am beginning to have a first harvest of the early episodes. This project has certainly flowed with the Wheel of the Year. I see Magick Moment as a way that this Solitary Pagan can help to strengthen and grow the bonds between many isolated Communities, as well as the larger Communities that may not have met. I want to show people all over America what the Pagan Community in Oregon is doing. Magick Moment is only the first step in a larger project. I want to do my part to help our Communities take advantage of the medium of television. It is a powerful force that, thanks to advances in technology, is open to us for virtually no cost. I have invested a fair amount of money into this project so that I can do post-production work at home, however, that is not something that everyone has to do. With the amazing facilities that Public Access stations now offer, including professional quality video camera available at no cost, shows like this one can be produced by anyone who wants. And I would love to help you! If you would like to shoot video for Magick Moment, be a guest reporter, or even launch your own show, I would be thrilled. Just contact me and I will help you with any of those things. I dream of a world where every Community has one or more people shooting high quality video of the things that are happening locally. Then we could share all of those stories on a single, unified program. Am I just a dreamer? Perhaps, but let’s just see what the future brings. If you’d like to check out episodes of Magick Moment, please visit my You Tube channel: If you have any story suggestions or if you would like to appear in an episode, or just help out behind the scenes, shoot me an email at: I will be at NW Fall Equinox Festival in September as well as the Oregon Coast Pan Pagan Festival and both of the Pagan Pride Days in Oregon this year. If you would be willing to drop by and do a quick interview, I’d love to talk to you! None of the questions are very tough and everyone seems to have a great time. And please know that I am very aware that there are still those in our Community who cannot (yet) come out of the broom closet. I respect the desire of anyone who does not wish to appear on video. Only at public events (like PPD) will I record people in that way. Otherwise, I get consent from everyone I record. If I record people who choose not to appear, I blur their images so they cannot be recognized.



Fall Equinox 2013

Open Ways

Basic Spiritual Path Information

What Does “Merry Meet” Mean? Recently someone asked what does "Merry Meet" mean - so here's a brief description for those of you who don't know. Many of you may have seen a lot of Wiccans and Witches saying “Merry Meet” when they greet one another. This term is said because as Witches, we are full in spirit, balance and love so we are (or should be) a merry bunch, so when we say “Merry Meet” we are acknowledging that we are witches. It simply means pleased to see you. When we say “Merry Meet , Merry Part and Merry Meet again”. This refers to The Great Wheel. In that “What Has Been Will Be Again”. We believe that just like the seasons, the air, the water, the moon phases, yearly phases, life phases, everything turns full circle and comes around again and again. So we are saying we know we will see each other again. xx Fyre Star xxxx Fyre Starxx Facebook Advertisement for Open Ways.





























Fall Equinox 2013

$5000. WE




Open Ways


Fall Equinox 2013

Open Ways

ONGOING ACTIVITIES 8 Times a year, each Sabbath — Mystic Art Gathering & Information Circle (MAGIC) holds a public ritual and ceremony for the Solstices, Equinoxes, and cross-quarters in between. Typically in Vancouver or North Portland. These gatherings are free to the public, although a donation can will be passed. Families with kids are welcome. Held on the closest Saturday to the actual Sabbath, 7pm. Locations announced in advance if possible. Call 360-693-7349 or see our listing in the community directory under MAGIC as well as on My Space. Full moon Celebration — Held on the day of the full moon each month at 6:00pm. Come meet with your community and friends, bang some drums and hang out! Free Free Free and Fun Fun Fun! Held at Essential Elements Apothecary 3135 SE Hawthorne Portland, OR 97214.For more info Open Full & Dark Moon Rituals Hosted monthly at Celestial Awakenings in Vancouver, WA by The House of the Eternal Circle; a local, eclectic, loving, teaching coven. Please check or for dates and times. Suggested $10 donation. Or contact

SATURDAYS 1st Saturday Movie %ight Featuring a movie or documentary which cultivates spiritual growth.. Held at Crystal Temple 7275 Richmond Ave. Portland, OR. For info call 503-249-0303 or by web at Fall Equinox 2013

OR 97214. Please RSVP via http:/ W w w . m e e t u p . c o m / EssentialElementsHerbalists/ this allows us %on-denominational Sunday Service Integrate light into your being. Come to to make sure we have plenty of room for receive blessings and an uplifting spiritual all. reading to empower and enlighten your soul. After the service has ended there is a TUESDAYS guided meditation to bring prosperity into your life. Held at Crystal Temple 7275 Fairy Seership Richmond Ave. For info call 503-249- Meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month 0303 or by web at from 7-9pm. Held with House of Brigh and Orion Foxwood. Bring a potluck dish to share and a donation if able. Held at 1st Sunday Sare-apy. Always the first Sunday (no Sare-apy in 7036 SE Brooklyn St. Portland, OR. For August). Join us each first Sunday of the more information: or month. Activities include silent meditation, discussion of healing techniques, individual and group healing sessions and introduc- Open Reiki and Healing Circle tion to healing arts practitioners. Everyone Circle held on the 1rst Tuesday of the is welcome, this is a wonderful opportunity month from 9-11am. Held at the Celtic for healing– receiving and giving, and for Circle 3717 NW 25th St. Redmond, OR. making new alliances. Held at Hands of For info call 541-504-4627 or by email Freedom Healing 8725 NE Broadway, Portland OR 97220 from 1-4pm. Donations appreciated. Guided Meditation 1rst Tuesday at 7pm. Come and journey with us. Each months theme will be different. 1235 Commerce in Longview, WA Witches Tea Held the last Sunday of every month at 360-562-1900 or noon. Held at Essential Elements Apothecary and hosted by Raven Greywolf. WED%ESDAYS There will be a different activity/craft each month to enhance your witchy knowledge Witches Meet up and provide a place for community and A social event held on the 4th Tuesday of friends to meet. Usually free but some- every month. At 7PM. We have no set times a small donation is asked for. 3135 agenda or format, just talk and have fun. SE Hawthorne Portland, OR 97214. info at Held at the Guiding Tree 4831 SE Division Street Portland, OR. For more info A social event held on the 1rst Wed. of Herbalism Meet Held the first, second and third Sundays of every month at 7PM. We have no set the month. Learn and discuss the ancient agenda or format, just talk and have fun. art of Herbalism in an actual apothecary. We are a friendly, non-cliquish bunch who Being held at Held at Essential Elements have been meeting for over five years. Apothecary 3135 SE Hawthorne Portland, SU%DAYS


Open Ways

Ongoing Activities (continued)

Reiki Circle Every 2nd Wednesday come and receive healing and develop your Held at the Irishtown Pub, 11600 NE Mill Plain Blvd. Vancou- skills in a sacred temple surrounded by light beings. Held at Crystal ver WA. Temple, 7525 N Richmond Portland, OR. For info 503-249-0303 or on the web at Monthly Pagan Meet up A social event held on the 2nd Wed of every month at 7PM. We Drum circle just get together to talk and have fun. Held at Old Town Pizza Every 3rd Wednesday at 7pm. Lets explore rhythms and escape (between 2nd and 3rd on NW Davis) Portland, OR. For more reality in a sacred temple. A joyous monthly, multi-cultural spiritual info go to experience. Using sacred phrases drawn from the worlds many religious traditions, with live music and simple devotional movement. Bring an instrument if you have one, if not we can share. Reiki Share Circle Held at Crystal Temple 7525 N Richmond Portland, OR. For Every 1rst and 3rd Wednesdays at Sellwood Spirit Feathers, m o r e info 7704 SE 13th Portland, OR. For info call 503-230-0249. All are welcome! Healers Circle Second Wednesday of every month at 7pm. Practice , meet or visit Tarot night with others who are interested in Spiritual healing. 7525 N RichEvery 1rst Wednesday. Bring your cards, practice readings, be- mond Ave. in Portland, OR. For more info call 503-249-0303. $5 come more familiar with your card and discuss Tarot with other Donation. â˜ş readers. Held at Crystal Temple, 7525 N Richmond Portland, OR. For info cal 503-249-0303 or on the web at


Fall Equinox 2013

Open Ways

ONGOING FESTIVALS Northwest Fall Equinox Festival: A celebration of the harvest. Sponsored by The Nine Houses of Gaia. September 13-16th 2012. For more information visit Pagan Picnic: A potluck gathering sponsored by The Nine Houses of Gaia. The third Sunday in July. For more information visit Turning of The Wheel: Turning of the wheel is a festival created to take an earth based approach to celebrating the changing of the seasons while empowering and sustaining our diverse and talented community of artists, healers, organizations, and local businesses. We have woven together sacred ritual with entertainment, joyous celebration, abundance, fun, laughter, and love to create a beautiful family friendly festival that we hope to make a seasonal tradition. Our vision: Weaving community, celebrating the earth, and sharing our gifts. Pagan Faire: Now in its 22nd year! It's always in March, on a weekend day close to Spring Equinox, and is an allday merchant faire with entertainment and workshops followed by a Spring Equinox ritual. Open to the whole community, sponsored by SisterSpirit. For more information visit

Spring Mysteries Festival: A recreation of the Eleusinian Mysteries help is April and is presented by Aquarian Tabernacle Church. For more information visit Spiral Rhythms Festival: Magick and music for Mother Earth sponsored by M.A.G.I.C. Usually held in June. For information visit The Mother Earth Gathering: A “green living” celebration – an earth awareness festival, held in June for information visit http:// Pagan Campout: A campout for Pagans! Held in June. For information visit http://www.pagan Sunfest: A summer Solstice celebration sponsored by OWOW, held in June. For more information visit Summerstar Pagan Gathering: A starwood celebration, held in July. For more information visit Faerie Worlds Festival: A celebration of music, art and imagination inspired by the realm of Faerie. Held in July/August. For more information visit Beloved: Open air sacred art and music festival. Held in August. For more information visit The Middle Earth Gathering: A fall Equinox celebration, and earth awareness gathering, held in September. For more information visit Hekates Sickle: Walk the paths between the worlds and meet and Goddess and Gods learning the lessons of your ancestors and interacting with the divine. For more information visit Beltane in the Grove hosted by Spiral Grove Coven For more information visit

Fall Equinox 2013


Open Ways Pagan Community Directory Listing various kinds of resources for the Pagan Community, including circles (both open and closed), church groups, meeting places, study groups, and event organizers. Please, no retail outlets. A listing here does not necessarily mean a specific group can or will help you. To be included in this directory, please send information (limit 50 words which includes name and contact information) to Open Ways, PO Box 11183 Portland, OR 97211 ; or email or

ADF Druids of Portland

Our study group meets on the last Friday of every month at Essential Elements Apothecary and up to 8 times a year for Public Ritual. Affiliated with ADF (Ar nDraoicht Fein), We are in pursuit of authentic scholarship and modern practices. See our website at

Coven Caer Wy’east

Aquarian Tabernacle Church Serving the PNW since 1979. An interfaith church of Wicca and Earth Religions recognized and accredited worldwide. All are welcome at Open Circles near Seattle at NM & FM. Info and schedule : 360-793-1945, classes : 425-821-7246, Pagan Youth Group: Spiral Scouts International.360-793-9427. Black Hat Society Get out of the broom closet and knock off the cobwebs from your hat! The witchy gals in Central Oregon have formed a social network for fun, friendship and support. Many traditions are represented and welcomed. Get on our mailing list or upcoming activities. Cedar Mountain Coven We are an eclectic Celtic coven, with some Native American influences. We meet for Sabbaths, Esbats, laughter and support throughout the Portland/ Vancouver area. Closed to new members Samhain to Beltane, we do keep a waiting list for anyone interested. 18

A traditional Gardnerian Coven, sponsors a non-oath bound, British Traditional Wiccan Outer Court for seekers of traditional training.. We prefer to work with seekers 30 years or older. New training cycles usually begin each spring. For more info contact Steward Creace 503-622-1381 or Steward

For more info, or to volunteer, please contact Hermetic Fellowship

Meets 7:30 pm, 3rd Thursday of every month for talks, sometimes ritual, in the Western Esoteric Tradition. We focus on 8 main Paths: Theurgy & Holy Magic, Qabalah, the Ancient Mysteries, Grail Quest, NeoPaganism & Wicca, Alchemy, Gnosticism, and Rosicrucianism. Please email for location and to introduce your“Coven Call” self. email: Small Milwaukee-based coven seeking web: new members, age 18-30 willing to meet bi-monthly. Our group is very eclectic and Indigo Lights Circle Online Teen tends to focus on energy work. Teaching Group available. Please email us for an interview A place for uniquely gifted teens to celeat brate and explore the gifts the :Lord and Lady granted us with. Site address: http:// The Earth Gatherings An eclectic spiritual group with frequent get - together’s to discuss various spiritual Lyceum of Trees paths. Sponsors of The Mother Earth Gathering and The Middle Earth Gathering We are an educational coven located in Portland, Oregon. The group’s humble spark began to glow (June and September), Earth Awareness during Samhain 2000, and caught fire the following Festivals, honoring diversity and creating Yule. Lyceum focuses on classes for people beginbalance between wilderness and civiliza- ning to explore Paganism. Members are encouraged to offer classes and form study groups for deeper tion. 503-503-1415 PO Box 19655 explorations of areas of interest. For more information visit Portland, OR 97280. Oakmist Grove is accepting applications for our Portland training coven.* The Goddess Temple of Ashland is a sanc- Please see our website at tuary for the nurturance of the divine femi- for more infornine in all people. Jackson Wellspring, mation. 2253 Highway 99, Ashland, Oregon. Goddess Temple of Ashland

Fall Equinox 2013

Open Ways Learn the Craft of the Wise A gathering of heathens, pagans, wiccans, witches, and magickal thinkers in the Portland and Salem areas. This group hosts monthly circles in Portland and Salem, joins in the celebration of the Moon Cycles and the Sabbats, and is a teaching coven. We make it easy for new pagans, providing an open and friendly atmosphere and instruction at the beginning of each gathering. We also offer group classes, private instruction, and an exciting year and a day program. Find us at M.A.G.I.C. A Vancouver/Portland based group that holds four gatherings a year, teaches classes in metaphysics, and provides ordaining of clergy, and sponsors the Spiral Rhythms Festival. Call 360-693-7349 or Email and for more information. %ine Houses of Gaia (9HOG’S) A non-profit organization incorporated to facilitate networking among pagans in the Pacific Northwest. Sponsors of Open Ways Newsletter as well as Northwest Fall Equinox Festival. The NWFEF celebrates the great harvest, begun at Lammas and ending at Samhain. Contact info for Open Ways Officers of Avalon, Inc A non-profit benevolent organization representing Wiccans and other Pagans who work as police officers and other professionals in the emergency services members $15/yr for associate members. Membership dues $25/yr for full Newsletter The Dispatch. Registration forms available at PO Box 22 Baraboo, WI 53913-0022. Fall Equinox 2013

Open Doors Center for Healing Arts We at Open Doors believe that healing is a collaborative process with practitioner, client and source. We believe that each individual has a journey of healing that is unique. Our goal is to provide assistance for realigning, re-connecting and restoring the natural state of vibrational well being. Our Practitioners are experienced in many varieties of healing modalities that help with this process. Visit for more information about our energy-work and other events.

PDX Pagan Tribe This tribe is for heathens, pagans and free thinking individuals residing in or around Portland, OR, or other metro areas who want to communicate with other like minded folk. Please no political rants, there are other tribes for that. A person has to sign up with for free in order to join this tribe. The tribe is moderated in order to keep out hate mongers and spammers. Web address - pdxpagans.Portland

Pacific %W Pagans Yahoo Group An online community for Pagans in the Pacific Northwest, including Oregon Washington, Idaho, Alaska and British Columbia. When posting announcements for events in this group, please be sure they're in PNW. group/pnwpagans.

Sacred Oak Grove A Druid Grove in the Arthurian/CelticWiccan tradition. For those seeking a true Druidic path of knowledge, truth, justice, spiritual fellowship, and community service. Esbats, Sabbaths and tutorials. Members commit to both group and individual studies for spiritual growth. Now offering an outer circle. For information call 503235-5774 or

Polyamory Circle A gathering for folks exploring options beyond monogamy. Discussions include Other Worlds of Wonder (OWOW) open relationships, extended families, and A corporation organized to operate exclu- intentional communities. Everyone intersively for charitable purposes, including, ested is welcome to join us. For information but not limited to serving the Pagan com- and location Laury 503-285-4848. munity through sponsoring the Sun Fest festival and purchasing land to be held in Red Cedar Circle (Church of Si. Si. Wiss) trust for the Pagan community. Northwest Coast Medicine Johnny Moses Email address: teachings to all. Portland/Vancouver area Website: Address: P.O. Box 68803, Portland, OR meetings. For information and location call 503-245-5660 or 97268

PACT A democratic, eclectic teaching/training coven in three parts: A semi-private outer circle - by invitation only, two inner-core circles for PACT initiated. Lessons, degrees, and clergy training by PACT university. For info and a waiting list: email

Seattle Goddess Group A new site dedicated to worship of the Seattle based deity (As first seen in the “Summer of 2008 art book) “Let your love grow” is her prayer. http:// or


Open Ways

Eclectic coven that emphasizes increasing the power of the individual through strength of our Gestalt, focusing on diversity in beliefs and the practice of Magick Members range from Portland to Hood . River and Mt. Hood. Please send letter of intent to HPS Belle Evergreen at

Our order exists to serve the religious, spiritual and educational needs of its members within the Druidic, Wiccan and Pagan We are a circle of women committed to Community. If you are drawn to a Celtic healing, education ritual and service. (HERS) We celebrate the eight holy days path and aspire to study with the Druids, we of the wheel: Solstices and Equinoxes are welcome you. for all genders and families; Cross quarters Contact us at are for women only. For information: or http:// SpiralGrove Coven- an eclectic coven focusing

Silver Star Circle

The Ancient and Honorable Order of the Sacred Oaks


A Celtic Pagan circle meeting for Sabbats, full and new moons, weekly class and more. Located in Battle Ground Additional. info: email

Sister Spirit Eclectic women's spirituality group founded in 1985. Sister Spirit's purpose is to create a place where women of all spiritual backgrounds and traditions can celebrate women’s spirituality. Through female imagery we celebrate our connections with nature. We come together to explore our own spirits, and learn, grow, and expand to fully realize the divinity within. Website: Email/Phone: sisterspirit 503-7363297. Address Mailing: PO Box 9246 Portland, OR 97207. Physical address: 3430 SE Belmont #102, Portland, OR. (Office, library, and small group space)


Sophia Sanctuary Women’s Temple

on the Wheel of The Year as a path of Personal Growth. We circle in the Portland area. We host a festival, Beltaine In The Grove, for the Rites of May. Please see our website, or contact Seanachai at for more information

A Druidic order in the Arthurian/Celtic tradition, chartering groves meeting established criteria and dedicated to authentic Druidic principles and traditions. For those who aspire to the excellence of Druidry, Inc. in OR and 501(c)3. 503-235-5774 The Sorcerers Guild Dedicated to the enhancement of Magickal work within its membership. Public meetup at the Dancing Beans 1615 SE 12th Ave The Saint James Project Portland, OR held monthly. Email theA shamanic Arm of the Red Witch Tradi- for date and time. For tion. Includes Indigenous Shamanic train- m o r e i n f o r m a t i o n : h t t p : / / ing, pilgrimages and extensive her story/ s o r c e r e r s g u i l d . t r i b e . n e t o r history from the first century CE to the pre-, or sent. Prerequisite: Reiki 3 and 3 years of magickal hands-on experience. Meets at Toad House in McMinnville Oregon. Con- The Well of Diancecht tact info is Provides free sacred energy healing to veterans, active duty military and their families. We also list practitioners offering sliding The Sacred Cascade Grove scale services to serve members, veterans and their families. Info: The Sacred Cascade Grove of The Sacred Order of Gnostic Druidism offers a Druidic college in Central Oregon.

Fall Equinox 2013

Open Ways 2436.

West Hills Covenant of UU Pagans WHCUUPS/ (WICCA) (WHCUUPS ): As a growing, eclectic pagan community, we welcome new members! We meet bimonthly on 2nd and 4th Monday evenings, 6:30-8:00pm during the school year, and 7:30-9:00pm during the summer months), for structured thematic discussions/ activities and socializing. Together we also celebrate all eight Sabbats throughout the year. We also offer a Year and a Day class for aspiring Pagan (esp. Wiccan) Clergy. Contacts for the group are as follows: Rachel Walaskay (Moderator) or (503) 935-7795; Mary McGar (Co moderator) or (971) 242-1321. Feel free to visit our website and join the group to receive updates and information About upcoming events:

Women coming together to celebrate the Goddess in Her many forms. Weekly meetings: Wings-Retreats (called Forwards) Summer Gathering. Rituals email/ phone: 541-4853654. Address, PO Box 5296, Eugene, OR 97405 Women of the Goddess Women of the Goddess is a Pagan community in the Dianic tradition. Our purpose is to mark the eight Sabbats of the year in ritual with like-minded women, to strengthen the Goddess connection within ourselves, to share this connection with others, and to bring wholeness to the world and to our journey in it as the Wheel of the Year turns. Location Seattle, WA. Contacts: or 206-322-

Witches of Westwi ck Paranormal Society Centered in the beautiful foothills of the Columbia River Gorge. Specializing in Esoteric research and Theology. Dedicated to tribal rites of passage as well as the Major and Minor Pagan Holidays & Festivals. We love to explore the enchanted as well as the chilling. Contact Leanna at or 541-490-5718

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Open Ways

Pagan Business Directory A G Glass Studio LLC (503) 313-8028 Global Mineral If The Broom Fits Inner Compass Tarot

To advertise in our Pagan Business Directory, One year for $10.00, Business name and phone number or website only. Email: Or Mail information and payment to:

The Nine Houses of Gaia Open Ways Advertising PO Box 33182 Portland, OR 972

Alice Jordan Mother Earth’s Gifts and Treasures

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Of Earth & Air (503) 693-3600 VC Bath and Body Treats


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Open Ways The Nine Houses of Gaia Open Ways PO Box 33182 Portland, OR 97292 E-mail: World Wide Web:

Proceeds from the %orth West Fall Equinox Festival go to producing Open Ways Thank you for your support! Fall Equinox 2013


Fall equinox 2013  

Open Ways serves as an introduction to, and, an anchor for pagan communities in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest; a forum for the exchange o...

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