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Fall Equinox 2011 Fall Equinox 2011

Open Ways Open Ways Gateway to the Pagan Communities Issue 155—Fall Equinox Open Ways is published online eight times a year, on the Quarters and Cross-Quarters, by The Nine Houses of Gaia, Inc. Circulation 3400+. Newsletter Staff Editor— Kate Assistant Editor– Ali Assistant Editors Assistant– Angel Webmaster / Advertising— Kate Proofreaders— Kate and Ali Submissions Articles, letters, poetry, artwork, etc., are solicited from the community. We reserve the right to edit for length and content. Email or send self-addressed stamped envelope for Writers’ Guidelines. Type-written (single-sided) or word processed manuscripts are welcome, electronic submissions via e-mail preferred. Send submissions to: Open Ways Editor PO BOX 11183 Portland, OR 97211 E-mail: World Wide Web: Please do not send the original copy of your work! Manuscripts unaccompanied by a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope will not be returned. All submissions will be accepted at our discretion.

Open Ways Our Mission Statement The Nine Houses of Gaia is a non-profit organization incorporated in 1992 to sponsor the Northwest Fall Equinox Festival and publishOpen Ways. Open Ways serves as an introduction to, and, an anchor for pagan communities in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest; a forum for the exchange of scholarly, practical, or experiential information, knowledge, and wisdom; a tool for instruction and communication; a “journal” of events, announcements, ideas, poetry, prose, illustration — anything of benefit or interest to Pagans, Wiccans, or other Nature Spiritualists. Copyright © 2010 All rights remain the property of contributing authors and artists. For reprint information, please contact Open Ways. Inquiries will be forwarded to appropriate parties. Statement of Confidentiality Open Ways honors the right to privacy. Information regarding our contributors or subscribers will not be made available under any circumstance. Our mailing list is not for sale or trade. Contributors are encouraged to use pseudonyms.

Advertising Ads must be camera-ready. Payment must accompany ad. No credit card payments. Deadlines (page 3) apply. E-mailed ads and their payments must be received by the deadlines. No black backgrounds please! Email Editor for more info. Rates & Sizes (W x H) $15 for a business card size (3.5’ x 2”) $30 for quarter-page (3.5” x 4”) $60 for half page (7” x 4.5”) $120 for full page (7” x 9”) Discount for one-year, pre-paid ads.


Fall Equinox 2011

Open Ways OPEN WAYS DEADLINES This deadline schedule includes all articles, artwork, announcements, events and advertisements. Send everything to the Portland address for Open Ways on page 2 . Advertising rates are posted on the bottom of page 2. Open Ways Issue



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Table of Contents 4 - Letter from the Editor 5 - A Simple Fall Equinox Dinner 6 - Fall Equinox Word Search 7 - Basic Spiritual Path Information 8 - Family Corner 9- Catnip: For Cats and Their Human Companions by Maria Noel 11 - How to See the Aura Around Trees by Petherwin

Submission deadlines are 4 weeks before the Sabbats and publication dates are 2 weeks before the Sabbats.

12- Ongoing Activities 14 - Ongoing Festivals 15 - Free Community Events and Ritual Celebrations 17- Pagan Community Directory

Joke of the season: How many Pagans does it take to change a light bulb? None. We use candles! By Blue Capucian Fall Equinox 2011


Open Ways Letter from the Editor Dear Community Members, Welcome to the newest edition of Open Ways Newsletter! The new staff of Open Ways would like to wish all our readers a wonderful Fall Equinox filled with joy and prosperity! As you can see our format and staff have changed once more. We would like to thank Jonathon and Beth for their hard work on the last 2 editions. They have discovered just how much work goes into a publication. They did a beautiful job! Our current staff is not nearly so Tech savvy and so our format will be much closer to the printed Open Ways of the past. I have received many queries as to the status of 9 Houses and the Fall Equinox Festival we usually put on. This year has been a trying one, as most growth times are. 9 Houses is doing fine and we look forward to hosting the Fall Equinox 2012 Festival. The Main Rit-

ual for 2012 will be spectacular! You can look forward to hearing more about it in our upcoming issues. As I am sure most of our readers know, we are always looking for submissions of articles and art work for upcoming issues. I have discovered that our community has many talented artists and writers. One of whom I managed to snare as my own editorial angel. Please don’t be shy! Sharing helps a Community to grow and be strong. I would like to thank my amazing editorial staff, without whom no issues would be forth coming! We are starting from scratch putting Open Ways back together for you, so please be patient as we find all the pieces. Blessed Be, Kate

<a href="</a> by Jeanette O'Neil


Fall Equinox 2011

Open Ways A Simple Fall Equinox Dinner

1 flat oven cookie sheet Preheat the oven to the temperature on the package of rolls. Melt By Blue Capucian the butter (be very careful melted butter really hurts on bare skin). Place rolls on cookie sheet. Fold the paper towel and twist it so Mabon is the second of three harvest festivals. I associ- that you have a pointy end. Dip the pointy end of the paper towel ate this harvest with the variety and complexity of all the ripe fruits into the melted butter and draw a pentagram on each roll. If you and vegetables, the first grains being milled into flour. The first wish you may visualize during this step. Warm the rolls in the pumpkins are now ripe and ready for baking. This is also the time oven according to the directions on the package. Serve the rolls. that the aging Goddess passes from Mother to Crone as her consort the God prepares for his death at Samhain and his rebirth at Celebration Pie Yule. This is the time that marks the return of the dark, the longer 1 premade pie of choice night and shorter days of fall and winter. The Fall Equinox is a Whipped cream time of balance and equality, which is mirrored in the cycle of the Goddess and God Take the pie out of the package. If you got a tub of whipped In our busy lives it can be very hard to find time to cele- cream place 5 heaping tablespoons of whipped cream at the five brate the harvest festivals, the thought of spending hours preparing points of a star on top of the pie, if you got the spray can– draw a a meal and decorating our homes seems overwhelming. It doesn’t pentacle on the top of the pie. If you wish you may visualize durhave to be. I am a proponent of the old axiom KISS (Keep It Sim- ing this step. Serve the pie. ple Sweetie). Dinner rolls from the local bakery, a small ham or roast from the grocery store cooked in the crock pot with vegetables, a container of whipped cream (tub whipped cream or spray can) and a nice pie purchased from the bakery. Sounds like a nice dinner doesn’t it? If you pick up a few gourds, apples and an ear of corn you have all you need to decorate your altar or a table centerpiece. See how easy that was? One 30 minute trip to the grocery store and you are ready. Harvest Dinner

1 Roast or ham 4 Carrots – peeled and sliced into approx 2” thick rounds. 4 Potatoes – peeled and chopped into approx 4” chunks 1 Onion– peeled and chopped into approx 2” chunks Salt, pepper, garlic powder– a few good shakes of each. 1 can beef broth 1 crock pot Place the carrots in the crock pot. Then add the roast or ham, carrots, potatoes, onion and seasoning. Pour the beef broth over all, fill broth can with water and pour that in as well. Put the lid on the crock pot and cook for 4-6 hrs on high or 6-8 hrs on low. When ready to serve place the roast or ham on a plate and the vegetables in a bowl. This is great to put on to cook in the morning on low and by dinner time it is done.

Art by Crys September 2011

Celebration Dinner Rolls 1 pkg premade dinner rolls– any type it is made with grain! Melted butter 1 paper towel Fall Equinox 2011


Open Ways

Fall Equinox Word Search U K X R E W R F C L L A F E G


















Fall Equinox 2011

Open Ways

Basic Spiritual Path Information By Blue Capucian

Yule / Winter Solstice- Celebrates the longest night and shortest day of the year. Imbolg / Brigid / Groundhog dayâ&#x20AC;&#x201C; Celebrating the warming sun and lengthening days. Ostara / Spring Equinox- Celebrates the balance of night and Day,. Beltane / May Day- Celebrates the marriage of the Goddess and God.

Fall Equinox 2011

Litha / Summer Solstice- Celebrates the longest day and shortest night of the year. Lughnasad / Lammas- Celebrates the first grain harvest. Breads play a big part in these celebrations. Mabon / Fall Equinox - Celebrates the balance of night and Day,. Samhain / Halloween - For many is Wiccan New Year, night when the veil is thinnest between the living and the dead and celebrates the last harvest festival of the year.


Open Ways Family Corner

You can have a lot of fun with your kids by incorporating their toys and interests into your celebrations and rituals. Dolls, action figures and stuffed animal buddies are all wonderful additions to events that are all about family and community. I do not know where I acquired this picture so if anyone knows the source please let me know. I just love the doll all dressed up for Mabon! I frequently allowed my children to add their own touches to our holiday dĂŠcor when they were growing up. I will never forget the Barbie and Power Ranger nativity one Christmas at my mothers house. This is a memory for me and my children which still makes us smile 18 years later. Angelâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Fairy by Blue Capucian


Fall Equinox 2011

Open Ways CATNIP: For Cats and Their Human Companions By Maria Noel Reprint from OW Samhain 1996 and Samhain 2008.

would prefer not to have your plants mauled, try the seeds. I remember as a child, watching my father sprinkle some- Catnip plants require little moisture. Sow 20 inches apart, thing that looked like tea leaves on a piece of newspaper thinning to same as plants begin to crowd each other out. and how the family cat went wild over it, rolled and rubbing Seed potency will last about 5 years. and acting totally undignified.. Suddenly, she was Midgie of the Jungle! Stalking the wild shadow people who danced Preparation: on the walls and pouncing the unsuspecting air currents slithering, sinuously across the carpet. In the end, she just Use leaves and flowering tops either dry or fresh. Prepare flopped down on the floor in a self-satisfied, drunken stu- infusion using 1 teaspoon herb with 1 cup boiling water. por. Steep, don't boil. What many people don’t always realize that is that catnip Mash leaves and flowering tops to use as a poultice for (Nepeta Calaria) as an herb can be as useful to us hu- external bruises. mans as it is enjoyable to our feline friends. But while this member of the mint family affects cats as a stimulant and Dosage: an aphrodisiac, it’s main value to a human is quite the opInfusion: 1 to 2 cups per day. posite, a sedative. Catnip has long been given to children as a nervine. It is Tincture: 1/2 to 2 teaspoons at a time. also beneficial to the intestines and is useful in aiding digestion and for useful in aiding digestion and for flatulence. Magical Uses: It promotes perspiration and lowers abdominal body heat and can be taken for colds and fevers. It is safe for preg- This herb can be used in love magic and for animal connant women and can reduce morning sickness. Use in a tacts. Its planet is Venus and its element is water. It is assopoultice for bruises or as an enema for expelling worms. ciated deity is Bast. Use playfully with your cat to create or strengthen your psychic bond. Use in love sachets and History/Folklore: incenses, especially with rose pedals. In France, catnip is regularly grown in culinary herb gardens as seasoning. Before the use of tea from China, English peasantry brewed catnip tea claiming it was “as pleasant and more wholesome.” The root, when chewed, is said to ‘make the most gentle person fierce and quarrelsome’.’ It is said that a certain hangman took it to overcome the fear of doing his duty. Rats are said to dislike it and avoid it like the plague. That may make it useful as a protective screen.

Notes for Cats: It is possible for cats to become immune to the effects of catnip with too much usage. Therefore, it is not recommended that they indulge more than 1 or 2 times a week on a regular basis. Catnip Sleep Spell for Insomnia:

First get the permission of the person who is the recipient of the spell. Then ask for a piece of hair or a nail clipping. At sunrise, before the evening of the full moon, make a Catnip can be cultivated in early spring either by seed or sachet by placing some dried catnip with the hair or nail plant division, or in late spring by softwood cuttings. How- clipping in the center of a suitably sized square of blue or ever it is important to keep in mind the following saying: ‘If green cotton fabric. Draw together the edges of the fabric you set it, the cats will eat it. If you sow it, the cats don't know it.’ In fact ,there is no better way to attract cats into your yard than to plant a catnip plant. However, if you Growing Your Own:

Fall Equinox 2011


Open Ways Catnip, (continued) and tie with a cord to make a sachet. Hang the sachet in a sunny, south facing window. Make sure that it is placed in such a way that cats can’t get at it. Close your eyes and program the sachet by visualizing it receiving and absorbing the energy of the sun and moon, especially at noon and at night when the moon is high. Imagine the needed energy as powerful enough to cut through any clouds or other obstructions. Leave it there until sunrise on the following day. At sunrise, take the sachet down and hold it, visualizing the recipient going to bed and falling soundly asleep, waking refreshed in the morning. Then say these three words three times, “By the powers of the moon and sun, may ( )’s insomnia be done.’ Finish by saying, “So mote it be.” Give the talisman to the recipient and instruct him or her to put it under their pillow for a good night’s sleep. Be sure and mention that when it is no longer needed, either burn it or bury it at the base of a tree to cancel its effect. Psychic Bonding Ritual for You and Your Cat: Perform this ritual during the waxing of the full moon and in a closed room if you don’t think the cat will stay. You will need a bowl of milk, a piece of twine (about 3 feet), a 3” square of cotton fabric, and some catnip (either fresh or dried). Purify and define the ritual space as with any other ritual. It doesn’t matter which tradition you use although you may want to make it short stand sweet as the cat may be anxious to get to the good part. Make yourself comfortable for meditation. Make sure you are placed in such a way that you and your cat interact. Close your eyes, relax and take three deep breaths. When you feel relaxed and calm, call the cats name three times. Preferably the cat will come to you or will already be with you, but if not, don’t force her, just continue. Pet the cat (or visualize doing so), gently stroking, scratching and caressing her. Envision a glove of soft, white, warm light embracing you both. Send feelings of love to her. When you feel like you’ve both had enough it’s time for cakes and wine (or milk and ‘nip). Hold the bowl of milk in your hands and charge it with some of the cozy, warm, white, light energy. Drink part of it, 10

then place the bowl on the floor for the cat. While she is drinking, make a cat toy using fabric, catnip, and twine to make a satchel, tying firmly and leaving a long tail with the twine so you can drag it across the floor. If using fresh catnip, it helps to bruise the leaves and rub a little of it into the weave of the fabric. When the cat is finished drinking, its play time. Open the circle when finished. Note; If the cat really does not want to do this, don’t force it on her. Just try again some other time. Perhaps with successful repetition, she may grow to enjoy and look forward to it. Bibliography: McIntyre, Anne. “The Complete Woman’ Herbal” Jenney, Louise. “Today’s Herbal Health” Greive, Mrs. M. “A Modern Herbal” Santillo, Humbart T. “Natural Healing with Herbs” Lust, John. “The Herb Book” Bremness, Lesley. “The Complete Book of Herbs” Frazier, Anita. “The New Natural Cat” Fall Equinox 2011

Open Ways are usually vibrant for those people who are healthy, How to See the Aura Around Trees By Petherwin reprinted from OW Samhain 1995 and might appear to be in wider areas around out& 2008 going people. “Muddy” people should be avoided these are people who may be prone to criminal or unFirst, what is the “Aura”? The Aura is what the energy balanced behavior. If one of the trees that you are seeis called that comes from all living things: people, ing has a hole in it’s aura, perhaps the tree is sick in that trees, animals, birds, fish, everything has an Aura! area, or has been injured somehow. Now, you might wonder, what good is it, to learn how to see them? Once you can see an Aura around a tree This exercise of “un-focusing” and seeing the energy (which is easier than you think) then you will be train- around living beings is very good as a start for general ing your eyes to see auras around other beings. Some psychic development. doctors in the world still use this sight to help them di- I personally believe that our distant ancestors may agnose what is ailing their patients! When you have have learned this skill, to help them in the hunting they exercised your eyes for a few years, you too, will be had to do to survive. To them, perhaps, there was nothable to understand when a person has a certain colored ing unusual or out of the ordinary in seeing Auras. We, aura, what type of person they are. Eventually, you as humans, “forgot” how to use this skill, and are will be able to see Auras around everything that is gradually relearning it. alive. It is a lifelong ability, like riding a bicycle - once you know how, it’s easy to pick up again, when needed. It’s fun, too! When the light in the sky is filled with sunshine, go out into your yard, or find a park with tall trees. Make sure the sun isn’t in your eyes, so stand with the sun at your back. Look up at the trees with the light blue sky behind them, relax and just enjoy the view at first. Keep looking at the trees, say, for 3 - 5 minute, now look “beyond” the trees, like “un-focusing” a little bit - you still are seeing the trees, but you have changed the depth of your vision to include the space behind them also. You may start to see little quick movements of energy around the trees, the closer your vision goes toward the trees, the faster this energy is moving. You are seeing an Aura! After practicing, you will be able to detect various colors around the trees, usually though, more complex the being, the more colors you will find. Dogs, cats, and <a href=", for instance, have a wider band of color than image.php?image=2989&picture=willow-tree">Willow a squirrel or mouse. The energy colors around people Tree</a> by Anna Cervova Fall Equinox 2011


Open Ways

ONGOING ACTIVITIES 8 Times a year, each Sabbath — Mystic Art Gathering & Information Circle (MAGIC) holds a public ritual and ceremony for the Solstices, Equinoxes, and cross-quarters in between. Typically in Vancouver or North Portland. These gatherings are free to the public, although a donation can will be passed. Families with kids are welcome. Held on the closest Saturday to the actual Sabbath, 7pm. Locations announced in advance if possible. Call 360-693-7349 or see our listing in the community directory under MAGIC as well as on My Space. Full moon Celebration — Held on the day of the full moon each month at 6:00pm. Come meet with your community and friends, bang some drums and hang out! Free Free Free and Fun Fun Fun! Held at Essential Elements Apothecary 3135 SE Hawthorne Portland, OR 97214.For more info Open Full & Dark Moon Rituals Hosted monthly at Celestial Awakenings in Vancouver, WA by The House of the Eternal Circle; a local, eclectic, loving, teaching coven. Please check or for dates and times. Suggested $10 donation. Or contact

SATURDAYS 1st Saturday Movie Night Featuring a movie or documentary which cultivates spiritual growth.. Held at Crystal Temple 7275 Richmond Ave. Portland, OR. For info call 503-249-0303 or by web at 12

OR 97214. Please RSVP via http:/ W w w . m e e t u p . c o m / EssentialElementsHerbalists/ this allows us Non-denominational Sunday Service Integrate light into your being. Come to to make sure we have plenty of room for receive blessings and an uplifting spiritual all. reading to empower and enlighten your soul. After the service has ended there is a TUESDAYS guided meditation to bring prosperity into your life. Held at Crystal Temple 7275 Fairy Seership Richmond Ave. For info call 503-249- Meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month 0303 or by web at from 7-9pm. Held with House of Brigh and Orion Foxwood. Bring a potluck dish to share and a donation if able. Held at 1st Sunday Sare-apy. Always the first Sunday (no Sare-apy in 7036 SE Brooklyn St. Portland, OR. For August). Join us each first Sunday of the more information: or month. Activities include silent meditation, discussion of healing techniques, individual and group healing sessions and introduc- Open Reiki and Healing Circle tion to healing arts practitioners. Everyone Circle held on the 1rst Tuesday of the is welcome, this is a wonderful opportunity month from 9-11am. Held at the Celtic for healing– receiving and giving, and for Circle 3717 NW 25th St. Redmond, OR. making new alliances. Held at Hands of For info call 541-504-4627 or by email Freedom Healing 8725 NE Broadway, Portland OR 97220 from 1-4pm. Donations appreciated. Guided Meditation 1rst Tuesday at 7pm. Come and journey with us. Each months theme will be different. 1235 Commerce in Longview, WA Witches Tea Held the last Sunday of every month at 360-562-1900 or noon. Held at Essential Elements Apothecary and hosted by Raven Greywolf. WEDNESDAYS There will be a different activity/craft each month to enhance your witchy knowledge Witches Meet up and provide a place for community and A social event held on the 4th Tuesday of friends to meet. Usually free but some- every month. At 7PM. We have no set times a small donation is asked for. 3135 agenda or format, just talk and have fun. SE Hawthorne Portland, OR 97214. info at Held at the Guiding Tree 4831 SE sion Street Portland, OR. For more info A social event held on the 1rst Wed. of Herbalism Meet Held the first, second and third Sundays of every month at 7PM. We have no set the month. Learn and discuss the ancient agenda or format, just talk and have fun. art of Herbalism in an actual apothecary. We are a friendly, non-cliquish bunch who Being held at Held at Essential Elements have been meeting for over five years. Apothecary 3135 SE Hawthorne Portland, SUNDAYS

Fall Equinox 2011

Open Ways Ongoing Activities (continued)

Reiki Circle Every 2nd Wednesday come and receive healing and develop your Held at the Irishtown Pub, 11600 NE Mill Plain Blvd. Vancou- skills in a sacred temple surrounded by light beings. Held at Crystal ver WA. Temple, 7525 N Richmond Portland, OR. For info 503-249-0303 or on the web at Monthly Pagan Meet up A social event held on the 2nd Wed of every month at 7PM. We Drum circle just get together to talk and have fun. Held at Old Town Pizza Every 3rd Wednesday at 7pm. Lets explore rhythms and escape (between 2nd and 3rd on NW Davis) Portland, OR. For more reality in a sacred temple. A joyous monthly, multi-cultural spiritual info go to experience. Using sacred phrases drawn from the worlds many religious traditions, with live music and simple devotional movement. Bring an instrument if you have one, if not we can share. Reiki Share Circle Held at Crystal Temple 7525 N Richmond Portland, OR. For Every 1rst and 3rd Wednesdays at Sellwood Spirit Feathers, m o r e info 7704 SE 13th Portland, OR. For info call 503-230-0249. All are welcome! Healers Circle Second Wednesday of every month at 7pm. Practice , meet or visit Tarot night with others who are interested in Spiritual healing. 7525 N RichEvery 1rst Wednesday. Bring your cards, practice readings, be- mond Ave. in Portland, OR. For more info call 503-249-0303. $5 come more familiar with your card and discuss Tarot with other Donation. â&#x2DC;ş readers. Held at Crystal Temple, 7525 N Richmond Portland, OR. For info cal 503-249-0303 or on the web at

Fall Equinox 2011


Open Ways


Turning of The Wheel: Turning of the wheel is a festival created to take an earth based approach to celebrating the changing ofthe seasons while empowering and sustaining our diverse and talented community of artists, healers, organizations, and local businesses. We have woven together sacred ritual with entertainment, joyous celebration, abundance, fun, laughter, and love to create a beautiful family friendly festival that we hope to make a seasonal tradition. Our vision: Weaving community, celebrating the earth, and sharing our gifts. Spring Mysteries Festival: A recreation of the Eleusinian Mysteries help is April and is presented by Aquarian Tabernacle Church. For more information visit Spiral Rhythms Festival: Magick and music for Mother Earth sponsored by M.A.G.I.C. Usually held in June. For information visit The Mother Earth Gathering: A “green living” celebration – an earth awareness festival, held in June for information visithttp:// Pagan Campout: A campout for Pagans! Held in June. For information visit http://www.pagan Sunfest: A summer Solstice celebration sponsored by OWOW, held in June. For more information visit Summerstar Pagan Gathering: A starwood celebration, held in July. For more information visit Faerie Worlds Festival: A celebration of music, art and imagination inspired by the realm of Faerie. Held in July/August. For more information visit Beloved: Open air sacred art and music festival. Held in August. For more information visit Northwest Fall Equinox Festival: A celebration of the harvest. Sponsored by The Nine Houses of Gaia. Held in September. For more information visit The Middle Earth Gathering: A fall Equinox celebration, and earth awareness gathering, held in September. For more information visit Hekates Sickle: Walk the paths between the worlds and meet and Goddess and Gods learning the lessons of your ancestors and interacting with the divine. For more information visit


Fall Equinox 2011


All events on this page are FREE. Event hosts may accept a small donation. Donations are optional and very much appreciated. No one will be turned away for lack of funds. To have your events listed here, please make sure they fit the following criteria: 1) It is offered at no charge. 2) It is within our geographical area, generally, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Western Montana, Northern California, Nevada, Southern BC and Alberta.

Ritual Celebrations Sister Spirit’s Family Samhain Sat. Oct. 22 - Family Samhain at Kathleen's! The whole family (women, men, and children) are invited to celebrate Samhain with a Dia de los Muertos theme. Please bring treats and things to put on the ancestor altar. 4:00pm. Email for place info. and directions. SisterSpirit’s Women’s Samhain Celebration October 30th - 6pm. Being held at the Friends Hall, 4312 SE Stark., Portland. All Women and children are welcome. Costumes are encouraged. $5+ Love donation appreciated. Sister Spirit’s Wisdom’s Feast Sat., Nov. 19th - Wisdom's Feast: A Women's Spirituality Conference: Many Voices, One Vision. 9am3:30pm at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Vancouver. 4505 E 18th Street, Vancouver WA. Join us for a day of celebration and the wisdom of community! Keynote Speaker: Anne Newkirk Niven, Editor-in-Chief of Sage Woman magazine. Check online for workshop and registration information:

Community Events and Announcements Tues Oct 11th- Inner Journeys 7 pm. Bring your journal or come and start a new one. All women welcome. SisterSpirit office, 3430 SE Belmont #102. Call 503-736-3297 for info. $5+ donation appreciated. Wed Oct 12th- Women’s Healing Circle, 7 pm. All women welcome. SisterSpirit office, 3430 SE Belmont #102. Call 503-736-3297 for info. $5+ donation appreciated. Wed Oct 19th-Nature’s Magick, 7:30 pm. SisterSpirit Office, 3430 SE Belmont #102. All women welcome. Call 503-736-3297 for info. $5+ donation appreciated. Thurs Oct 20th Dream Conversations, Email Frodo for information and to confirm:, 7:00 pm. SisterSpirit Office, 3430 SE Belmont # 102. All women welcome. Come share your dreams and insights with other women! Call 503-736-3297 for info. $5+ donation appreciated. Thurs Oct 27th Women Writers Group, 7 pm. SisterSpirit office, 3430 SE Belmont #102. All women welcome. $5+ donations appreciated. Call 503-736-3297 Tues Nov 8th- Inner Journeys 7 pm. Bring your journal or come and start a new one. All women welcome. SisterSpirit office, 3430 SE Belmont #102. Call 503-736-3297 for info. $5+ donation appreciated. Wed Nov 9th- Women’s Healing Circle, 7 pm. All women welcome. SisterSpirit office, 3430 SE Belmont #102. Call 503-736-3297 for info. $5+ donation appreciated. Wed Nov 16th-Nature’s Magick, 7:30 pm. SisterSpirit Office, 3430 SE Belmont #102. All women welcome. Call 503-736-3297 for info. $5+ donation appreciated.

Fall Equinox 2011



Community Events and Announcements Sister Spirit Dream Conversations Thurs Nov 17th Dream Conversations, Email Frodo for information and to confirm:, 7:00 pm. SisterSpirit Office, 3430 SE Belmont # 102. All women welcome. Come share your dreams and insights with other women! Call 503-736-3297 for info. $5+ donation appreciated. Tuesday, Dec. 6th - Inner Journeys journal writing circle: 7pm at our office. 3430 SE Belmont #102, Portland OR Weds. Dec. 7th - Healing Circle: 7pm at our office. 3430 SE Belmont #102, Portland OR


Fall Equinox 2011

Open Ways Pagan Community Directory

Listing various kinds of resources for the Pagan Community, including circles (both open and closed), church groups, meeting places, study groups, and event organizers. Please, no retail outlets. A listing here does not necessarily mean a specific group can or will help you. To be included in this directory, please send information (limit 50 words which includes name and contact information) to Open Ways, P O Box 11183 Portland, OR 97211 ; or email or

ADF Druids of Portland

Our study group meets on the last Friday of every month at Essential Elements Apothecary and up to 8 times a year for Public Ritual. Affiliated with ADF (Ar nDraoicht Fein), We are in pursuit of authentic scholarship and modern practices. See our website at

Coven Caer Wy’east

Aquarian Tabernacle Church Serving the PNW since 1979. An interfaith church of Wicca and Earth Religions recognized and accredited worldwide. All are welcome at Open Circles near Seattle at NM & FM. Info and schedule : 360-793-1945, classes : 425-821-7246, Pagan Youth Group: Spiral Scouts International.360-793-9427. Black Hat Society Get out of the broom closet and knock off the cobwebs from your hat! The witchy gals in Central Oregon have formed a social network for fun, friendship and support. Many traditions are represented and welcomed. Get on our mailing list or upcoming activities. Cedar Mountain Coven We are an eclectic Celtic coven, with some Native American influences. We meet for Sabbaths, Esbats, laughter and support throughout the Portland/ Vancouver area. Closed to new members Samhain to Beltane, we do keep a waiting list for anyone interested. Fall Equinox 2011

A traditional Gardnerian Coven, sponsors a non-oath bound, British Traditional Wiccan Outer Court for seekers of traditional training.. We prefer to work with seekers 30 years or older. New training cycles usually begin each spring. For more info contact Steward Creace 503-622-1381 or steward

For more info, or to volunteer, please contact The Hermetic Fellowship

Exploring Western Esoteric Tradition: Ancient Mysteries, Wicca/NeoPaganism, Qabalah, Rosicrucianism, Alchemy, Gnosticism, Theurgy and Grail Quest. Meets monthly, 3rd Thursday. Informal presentations, open discussion, rituals and workshops occasionally. 1st semester of 2010, special focus on Rosicrucianism. “Coven Call” For more info call 503-255-7910 or by ( p r e f e r r e d ) Small Milwaukee-based coven seeking w e b new members, age 18-30 willing to meet, miforbi-monthly. Our group is very eclectic and tends to focus on energy work. Teaching available. Please email us for an interview Indigo Lights Circle Online Teen Group at A place for uniquely gifted teens to celebrate and explore the gifts the :Lord and An eclectic spiritual group with frequent Lady granted us with. Site address: http:// get - together’s to discuss various spiritual paths. Sponsors of The Mother Earth Gathering and The Middle Earth Gathering Lyceum of Trees (June and September), Earth Awareness Festivals, honoring diversity and creating We are an educational coven located in Portland, Oregon. The group’s humble spark began to glow balance between wilderness and civiliza- during Samhain 2000, and caught fire the following tion. 503-503-1415 Yule. Lyceum focuses on classes for people PO Box 19655 ning to explore Paganism. Members are encouraged to offer classes and form study groups for deeper Portland, OR 97280. The Earth Gatherings

explorations of areas of interest.

Goddess Temple of Ashland

For more information visit

The Goddess Temple of Ashland is a sanctuary for the nurturance of the divine feminine in all people. Jackson Wellspring, 2253 Highway 99, Ashland, Oregon. 17

Open Ways Learn the Craft of the Wise A gathering of heathens, pagans, wiccans, witches, and magickal thinkers in the Portland and Salem areas. This group hosts monthly circles in Portland and Salem, joins in the celebration of the Moon Cycles and the Sabbats, and is a teaching coven. We make it easy for new pagans, providing an open and friendly atmosphere and instruction at the beginning of each gathering. We also offer group classes, private instruction, and an exciting year and a day program. Find us at M.A.G.I.C. A Vancouver/Portland based group that holds four gatherings a year, teaches classes in metaphysics, and provides ordaining of clergy, and sponsors the Spiral Rhythms Festival. Call 360-693-7349 or Email and for more information. Nine Houses of Gaia (9HOG’S) A non-profit organization incorporated to facilitate networking among pagans in the Pacific Northwest. Sponsors of Open Ways Newsletter as well as Northwest Fall Equinox Festival. The NWFEF celebrates the great harvest, begun at Lammas and ending at Samhain. Contact info for Open Ways Officers of Avalon, Inc A non-profit benevolent organization representing Wiccans and other Pagans who work as police officers and other professionals in the emergency services members $15/yr for associate members. Membership dues $25/yr for full Newsletter The Dispatch. Registration forms available at PO Box 22 Baraboo, WI 53913-0022. 18

Open Doors Center for Healing Arts We at Open Doors believe that healing is a collaborative process with practitioner, client and source. We believe that each individual has a journey of healing that is unique. Our goal is to provide assistance for realigning, re-connecting and restoring the natural state of vibrational well being. Our Practitioners are experienced in many varieties of healing modalities that help with this process. Visit for more information about our energy-work and other events. Other Worlds of Wonder (OWOW) A corporation organized to operate exclusively for charitable purposes, including, but not limited to serving the Pagan community through sponsoring the Sun Fest festival and purchasing land to be held in trust for the Pagan community. Email address: Website: Address: P.O. Box 68803, Portland, OR 97268 Pacific NW Pagans Yahoo Group An online community for Pagans in the Pacific Northwest, including Oregon Washington, Idaho, Alaska and British Columbia. When posting announcements for events in this group, please be sure they're in PNW. group/pnwpagans. PACT A democratic, eclectic teaching/training coven in three parts: A semi-private outer circle - by invitation only, two inner-core circles for PACT initiated. Lessons, degrees, and clergy training by PACT university. For info and a waiting list: email

PDX Pagan Tribe This tribe is for heathens, pagans and free thinking individuals residing in or around Portland, OR, or other metro areas who want to communicate with other like minded folk. Please no political rants, there are other tribes for that. A person has to sign up with for free in order to join this tribe. The tribe is moderated in order to keep out hate mongers and spammers. Web address - pdxpagans.Portland Polyamory Circle A gathering for folks exploring options beyond monogamy. Discussions include open relationships, extended families, and intentional communities. Everyone interested is welcome to join us. For information and location Laury 503-285-4848. Red Cedar Circle (Church of Si. Si. Wiss) Northwest Coast Medicine Johnny Moses teachings to all. Portland/Vancouver area meetings. For information and location call 503-245-5660 or Sacred Oak Grove A Druid Grove in the Arthurian/CelticWiccan tradition. For those seeking a true Druidic path of knowledge, truth, justice, spiritual fellowship, and community service. Esbats, Sabbaths and tutorials. Members commit to both group and individual studies for spiritual growth. Now offering an outer circle. For information call 503235-5774 or Seattle Goddess Group A new site dedicated to worship of the Seattle based deity (As first seen in the “Summer of 2008 art book) “Let your love grow” is her prayer. http:// or Fall Equinox 2011

Open Ways Address Mailing: PO Box 9246 Portland, OR 97207. Physical address: 3430 SE Eclectic coven that emphasizes increasing Belmont #102, Portland, OR. (Office, lithe power of the individual through brary, and small group space) strength of our Gestalt, focusing on diversity in beliefs and the practice of Magick Sophia Sanctuary Women’s Temple Members range from Portland to Hood. River and Mt. Hood. Please send letter of We are a circle of women committed to intent to HPS Belle Evergreen at healing, education ritual and service. (HERS) We celebrate the eight holy days of the wheel: Solstices and Equinoxes are Silver Birch Grove, Order of the Sacred for all genders and families; Cross quarters Oaks are for womyn only. For information: or http:// If the bardic arts call to you, and your love of the Goddess and God speaks to you through Celtic and Arthurian-based my- The Ancient and Honorable Order of thology and lore, come walk our Pagan the Sacred Oaks path with us as we renew our grove. Now in Vancouver, WA. Contact silver- A Druidic order in the Arthurian/Celtic or 503-235- tradition, chartering groves meeting estab5774 or 360-936-1035. lished criteria and dedicated to authentic Druidic principles and traditions. For those Silver Star Circle who aspire to the excellence of Druidry, Inc. in OR and 501(c)3. 503-235-5774 A Celtic Pagan circle meeting for Sabbats, full and new moons, weekly class and more. Located in Battle Ground Additional. info: email slvrstarcir- The Saint James Project A shamanic Arm of the Red Witch TradiSisterSpirit tion. Includes Indigenous Shamanic training, pilgrimages and extensive herstory/ Eclectic women's spirituality group history from the first century CE to the prefounded in 1985. SisterSpirit’s purpose is sent. Prerequisite: Reiki 3 and 3 years of to create a place where women of all spiri- magickal hands-on experience. Meets at tual backgrounds and traditions can cele- Toad House in McMinnville Oregon. Conbrate women’s spirituality. Through fe- tact info is male imagery we celebrate our connections with nature. We come together to explore our own spirits, and learn, grow, The Sacred Cascade Grove and expand to fully realize the divinity within. Website: Email/Phone: sister- The Sacred Cascade Grove of The Sacred spirit 503-736- Order of Gnostic Druidism offers a Druidic 3297 college in Central Oregon. Shadowluz

Fall Equinox 2011

Our order exists to serve the religious, spiritual and educational needs of its members within the Druidic, Wiccan and Pagan Community. If you are drawn to a Celtic path and aspire to study with the Druids, we welcome you. Contact us at The Sorcerers Guild Dedicated to the enhancement of Magickal work within its membership. Public meetup at the Dancing Beans 1615 SE 12th Ave Portland, OR held monthly. Email for date and time. For more information: http:// or, or The Well of Diancecht Provides free sacred energy healing to veterans, active duty military and their families. We also list practitioners offering sliding scale services to serve members, veterans and their families. Info:


Open Ways West Hills Covenant of UU Pagans WHCUUPS/ (WHCUUPS ): (WICCA)


As a growing, eclectic pagan community, we welcome new members! We meet bimonthly on 2nd and 4th Monday evenings, 6:30-8:00pm during the school year, and 7:30-9:00pm during the summer months), for structured thematic discussions/ activities and socializing. Together we also celebrate all eight Sabbats throughout the year. We also offer a Year and a Day class for aspiring Pagan (esp. Wiccan) Clergy. Contacts for the group are as follows: Rachel Walaskay (Moderator) or (503) 935-7795; Mary McGar (Co moderator) or (971) 242-1321. Feel free to visit our website and join the group to receive updates and information About upcoming events:

Witches of Westwi ck Paranormal Society

Women coming together to celebrate the Goddess in Her many forms. Weekly meetings: Wings-Retreats (called Forwards) Summer Gathering. Rituals email/ phone: 541-4853654. Address, PO Box 5296, Eugene, OR 97405 Women of the Goddess Women of the Goddess is a Pagan community in the Dianic tradition. Our purpose is to mark the eight Sabbats of the year in ritual with like-minded women, to strengthen the Goddess connection within ourselves, to share this connection with others, and to bring wholeness to the world and to our journey in it as the Wheel of the Year turns. Location Seattle, WA. Contacts: or 206-322-

Centered in the beautiful foothills of the Columbia River Gorge. Specializing in Esoteric research and Theology. Dedicated to tribal rites of passage as well as the Major and Minor Pagan Holidays & Festivals. We love to explore the enchanted as well as the chilling. Contact Leanna at or 541-490-5718

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Proceeds from the NorthWest Fall Equinox Festival go to producing Open Ways Thank you for your support! Fall Equinox 2011


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