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Open Ways Open Ways Gateway to the Pagan Communities Issue 134—Fall Equinox Open Ways is published eight times a year, on the Quarters and Cross-Quarters, by The Nine Houses of Gaia, Inc. Circulation 3400+. Newsletter Staff Editor — Becca Nichols Distribution Team — Ellie, Rob, Dennis Webmaster: — Paul of Edgewood Submissions Articles, letters, poetry, artwork, etc., are solicited from the community. We reserve the right to edit for length and content. E-mail or send self-addressed stamped envelope for Writers’ Guidelines. Type-written (single-sided) or word processed manuscripts are welcome, electronic submissions via e-mail preferred. Send submissions to:

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Fall Equinox 2008

Open Ways You cannot stay on the summit forever; you have to come down again. So why bother in the first place? Because what is below does not know what is above, but what is above knows what is below. One climbs, one sees. One descends, one sees no longer, but one has seen. There is an art of conducting oneself in the lower regions by the memory of what one saw higher up. When one can no longer see, one can at least still know. Mt. Analogue

CONTENTS: 4— New Vision for Open Ways By Becca The Fleeting Moment By Spyder 5-6— Ritual Celebrations, Mtgs. & Announcements 7— Advice from the Priesthood By Sienna 8-9— Food Totems By Lupa 10— My Goddess By Tasara Got Peace? By Becca 11— Sacred Circle Dance By Ansur 12-13— The Autumn Equinox Through the Wisdom of a Bear By Rev. Lynn Stanley 14— Pluto: Tough Love Planet By Victoria P.

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Fall Equinox 2008



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Open Ways NEW VISION FOR OPEN WAYS I have a vision for the Open Ways that includes ALL aspects of “Paganism”, from Wicca , and Native American all the way to Buddhism. We are a diverse collective consciousness evolving here together. There is a beauty in all religions if you look closely enough. It is my mission as the editor of Open Ways to open your hearts and eyes to all the different religions and paths, after all we are the OPEN WAYS. You may have already noticed some small changes such as layout, text boxes and a few new article styles. I will continue to play with this and that as I fine tune the “look”. I plan on having a balance of articles covering all the diverse paths we all practice. There will continue to be articles such as alternate Totem Animals, peace prayers from all religions, personal accounts of peoples religious practices, and visions such as “My Goddess”. Look for some new authors, young and old. Any and all feedback will be gladly accepted and used. I would like to have a ,“Letter to the Editor” column again with positive and negative critique, as well as any ideas for articles etc. Remember this is your paper… the Community's paper. In closing I ask that we all open ourselves to different paths, religions and viewpoints. Let us all honor and celebrate the diversity of our community, it truly is a beautiful one, with all its different paths, races, ethnicities, cultures and opinions! Love and light to you all Becca

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The Fleeting Moment by Spyder Too much Too much now. Too much thinking and over thinking. I have done too much thinking. And now I here just to be And pheel. I don‟t need you to feel for me I don‟t need you to think anything for me I don‟t need you to feel for me I don‟t need you to love me anymore than now Every now and then And only always when always is just here now In a moment that pheels like an eternity. Because a moment is all I really have to spare. I can be everything in this moment And nothing tomorrow. I just got my today back, Why would I want to give away my tomorows Now? Don‟t over think this, Just be In this moment with me. Don‟t over feel this, Put your guilt and worries Upon a shelf They will be there tomorrow. Be here in the moment With me. I don‟t want anything but your now In this fleeting moment Pheel this Be here Now.

Fall Equinox 2008

Open Ways FREE COMMUNITY EVENTS AND RITUAL CELEBRATIONS!!! All events on this page are FREE. Event hosts may accept a small donation. Donations are optional and very much appreciated. No one will be turned away for lack of funds. To have your Events listed here, please make sure they fit these criteria: 1) It is offered at no charge. 2) It is within our geographical area, generally, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Western Montana, Northern California, Nevada, Southern BC and Alberta.

RITUAL CELEBRATIONS , ANNOUNCEMENTS AND MEETINGs 8th ANNUAL EISTEDDFOD Sunday Sept. 28th 2008 at The Rose and Thistle 2314 NE Broadway Portland OR. Starts at 2pm. Free Bardic contest sponsored by The Order of the Sacred Oaks, Oak grove and Silver Birch Grove. This is a traditional Bardic contest (with wonderful prices) for original works in the categories of poetry, short stories and song/music. All entries must be on a pagan, celtic, wiccan or druid theme and must be preformed at the event. Children are welcome. Entries must be postmarked no later then midnight, Sunday, September 20th 2008 or hand delivered to the address below by 6pm Tuesday the 22nd. Full details and entry forms available at Moonshadow , 3352 SE Hawthorn, or call 503-235-5774, or at our website, This is FREE to enter and attend!! PSYCHIC FAIRE October 10 - 12 2008 at The Wishing Well 139898 NE 28th St. Suite 104 Vancouver, WA. At the corner of NE 28th and NE 138th . Friday the 10th 2 - 9 pm And Saturday the 11th noon - 6pm. Details and participating practitioners will be posted closer to the event. Free event! Contact info: 360-993-0469 website: Fall Equinox 2008

Samhain Celebration!! Saturday October 25th We’moon Estacada 7pm Join SisterSpirit at Weâ€&#x;moon land in Estacada to celebrate Samhain. Potluck feast at 5pm and Ritual starts at 7pm. Dress warmly for the outdoor fire circle and please bring something to share for the vegetarian communal feast. Call SisterSpirit at 503-736-3297 for info. Donations of $5+ greatly appreciated. Wed. Sept. 17th - Magickal study group. 7:30pm. SisterSpirit Office, 3430 SE Belmont #102. All woman welcome. Call 503-736-3297 for info. $5 + donation appreciated. Wed. Sept. 17th - Quantum Touch Lecture. From7:008:30pm.Being held at Muddy Waters coffeehouse 2908 SE Belmont. Free Thursday Sept. 25th Women's Writers group, 7:00pm. Topic: To be Announced. All women welcome. SisterSpirit office, 3430 SE Belmont # 102. $5+ donation

Call 503-736 -3297 or email for more info. Wed. Oct. 1st - Quantum Touch Lecture. From 7:00 8:30pm. Being held at Fat Straw 4258 SE Hawthorne Blvd. Free Wed. Oct. 8 - Woman's Healing Circle, 7pm. Topic: Healing of the Cauldron and the Crone. Bring items to be charged on the memory altar in remembrance of loved ones who have passed. All woman welcome. SisterSpirit office, 3430 SE Belmont # 102. Call 503-7363297 for info. $5+ donation appreciated. Tues. Oct. 14 - Inner Journeys, 7pm. A journal writing circle for women. Topic: Exploring our shadows through the journal writing process. All women welcome. SisterSpirit office 3430 SE Belmont #102. Call 503-736-3297 for info. $5+ donation appreciated. Wed. Oct 25th - Magikal Study Group. 7:30pm. SisterSpirit office, 3430 SE Belmont #102. All women welcome. Call 503-7363297 for info. $5+ donation appreciated. Page 5

Open Ways healing, provide healing, and meet and establish new alliances. Location: Hands 8 times a year, each Sabbath - Mystic Arts of Freedom Healing, 8725 NE Broadway, Gathering & Information Circle Portland 97220 , 1pm -4pm. Donations (MAGIC) holds public ritual and cereare welcome but not required. mony for the Solstices, Equinoxes, and cross-quarters in between. Typically in Vancouver or North Portland, these gath- The Goddess Circle: 2nd Sunday from erings are free to the public, although a 6;30—8:00pm at the Guiding Tree 4831 donation can will be passes. Families with SE Division St. An open circle for kids are welcome. Held on the closest women and men with a different Goddess Saturday to the actual Sabbath, 7 pm, loca- focus each time. Contact Deandre @ 503tions announced in advance if possible. 704-6715 or email at deandra ElCall 360-693-7349 or see our listing in the lerbe@comcast for more info. Donations Community Directory under MAGIC as accepted. well as on Myspace. 4th Sunday’s: Deandra’s “dance The Sundays: Goddess” ritual also at The Guiding Tree Non-denominational Sunday Service @ in Portland, same address as above. Crystal Temple - 11am. Integrate light into your being. Come to receive blessings and an uplifting spiritual reading to em- 1st Tuesday - Open Reiki and Healing power and enlighten your soul. Crystal- Circle 9am to 11am. The Celtic Circle 7275 Richmond Ave. 503-249 3717 NW 25th St. Redmond, OR 541504-4627 or email -0303.


Salamander Medicine Lodge 503-313-6490 Contact: Mark Dragonfly Freeman Sweat Lodge Ceremonies, every 2nd Sunday at the Peace Garden in McMinnville Oregon. 7-person Turtle Lodge. Must RSVP and follow lodge protocol found under Introduction to Red Road Protocol: http://, under ALL POSTS.

Thursdays and Sundays - 12pm to 2pm. Open meditation in the Temple at Crystal Temple. 7525 N Richmond. 503-2490303 or Thursdays - Morris Dancing 7 to 9pm. Join Renegade Rose Morris Dancers, a group of Portland men and woman who perform ancient English folk dances on May Day and other community events. We’ll teach you the dances. Visit or call Lev at 971-570-3388. 2nd Fridays - Bardic Circle and Pot Luck dinner. For poets, storytellers, and musicians 5 to 7:30pm. The Celtic Circle 3717 NW 25th St. Redmond, OR 541-5044627 or email

Salamander Circle Last Saturday Reiki Training and Healing Circle. Meets in McMinnville OR every last Saturday of the month, 2 to 5pm. No fee. Reiki Attunements, Reiki Training and Reiki Healing Circle. Must RSVP. Contact Mark Dragonfly Freeman 503-313-6490 1st and 3rd Wed. - Reiki Share Circle - or email for 7pm to 9pm. Sellwood Spirit Feathers, more info. 7704 SE 13th. 503-230-0249. All welcome.

1st Wed. 7pm - Tarot night - Bring your cards, practice readings, become more familiar with your cards and discuss Tarot with other readers. Crystal Temple 7525 N Richmond 503-249-0303 or 1st Sunday Share-apy Always the 1st Sunday (no Share-apy in Aug.) Join us each first Sunday of the month this sum- 2nd Wed. 7pm - Reiki Circle - Receive mer, at Hands of Freedom Healing for our healing and develop your skills in a sacred regular monthly Share-apy, formally 1st temple surrounded by light beings. Crystal Sunday healing circle. Activities include Temple 7525 N Richmond 503-249-0303 silent meditation, discussion of healing or info@crysaltemple.or. techniques, individual and group healing sessions and introduction to healing arts practitioners. Everyone is welcome, this is 3rd Wed, 7pm - Drum Circle - Lets exa Wonderful opportunity to experience plore rhythms and escape reality in a sacred temple. Bring an instrument if you Page 6

Fall Equinox 2008

Open Ways Advice from the Priesthood By Sienna This column is intended to be a format for the general Pagan population to ask anonymous questions regarding anything to do with the pagan lifestyle, from spiritual Earth worship to living in our modern-day society. Questions are answered from the philosophical standpoint of “Harm none, Do as Ye Will.� If you have questions for us, please write to, or send a letter to the editor of this paper. All questions shall remain anonymous.

Dear Sienna:

the book for you at the counter, rather than take it home. You will only be a minor for 3 more years. After that, you can move out and practice what you want. In the meantime, it won't help for you to be confrontational with your parents. Recognize their requests as them doing what they think is best for you because they love you, and not because they want to control you. Setting yourself up for conflict now will make the next three years difficult for everyone. Good luck! Sienna

I'm 15 years old, and I want to follow the path of Wicca. I can't really read books or go to websites about it because my parents raised me in the Mormon church and they think Wicca is against the Bible. I have to hide everything I do, and I only get to read Open Ways at the Library. My parents don't listen to me when I try to tell them it's not about the devil. I know deep inside me that Wicca is my religion. What can I do to convince them that it's not evil or going to send me to Hell? Thanks, Cissy Dear Cissy; You're not going to convince them of anything they don't already believe. You might be able to do so when you are older, but not now. Respect your parent's wishes and don't bring things they don't agree with into their house. Your parents cannot tell you what to believe inside yourself; that's something nobody can see. But you might be stuck practicing on the "astral planes" for the next few years. Don't try to do much more than solitary ceremonies until you are out of their house. Reading OW in the Library is one thing; putting up a Wiccan altar in your room is quite another. You can live without the altar by putting all magickal items in a box and storing the box somewhere, or merely having innocuous items that can double as magickal tools, like rocks, cups, and pocketknives. If you have access to the Library, you also have access to the books on Wicca that are there. It's possible to read the books there and have the librarians keep Fall Equinox 2008

A New Look At the Old Religion Thuri Calafia, author of DEDICANT: A Witch's Circle of Fire; A Course of Study in the Old Religion, is currently teaching Dedicant level Wicca classes and offering a variety of workshops and other exciting events , such as Open Full Moon rituals and Witches' Afternoon Teas at Essential Elements Herbal Apothecary, located at 3135 SE Hawthorne Blvd in Portland. Upcoming workshop topics include: Passion's Gifts (sacred sexuality), What is Wicca?/Intro to Circles School, Sacred Masks, Divination, and Meditation. For more information, call Essential Elements at 503-2312831, or call Thuri at 503-956-7258 or email

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Open Ways Food Totems by Lupa

abstained from eating the animal that represented their clan totem as a part of a traditional taboo. However, if we look at the case of the Lakhota, the bison was (and still is) one of the most sacred animals in their totemic system precisely because they killed and ate it. The bison represented life to this culture; this is where the stereotype of “Indians always use every part of the animal” came from. Pig, Cow, Chicken and Turkey hardly have that sort of reverence attached to them in modern American culture. All of them are seen as stupid animals, and Pig is additionally stereotyped as dirty, stinky and gluttonous. Yet the majority of Americans rely on them to survive, though not as completely as the Lakhota a with the Bison. Because we can live without eating meat, and because we assume that meat will always be available, drained of blood and wrapped in plastic and Styrofoam, we take these animals for granted. There is an overabundance of domestic livestock; we even impact far-away places like Brazil in our hunger for beef, with thousands of acres of rain forest being slashed and burned to create pastureland for cattle. This is an unhealthy relationship on all levels. Factory farming demonstrates just how low our consideration for our fellow animals has sunk. At least deer and other wild animals are glamorized by the “thrill of the hunt” (no matter how macho and canned it may have become). Domestic animals live their brief, horrible lives in cramped, filthy quarters and die terrified and surrounded by the mechanically slaughtered carcasses of previous victims. Totemism can be a way to reach out to other species. Totems, in the archetypal sense, translate information between their respective species, and humanity. They are the Collective Unconscious‟ answer to our increasing distance from the immediately natural world. All species have archetypal totems, descended from the Animal Master of Joseph Campbell‟s theories on Paleolithic religious rites and artifacts. This includes domestic animals, both edible and otherwise.

In recent months I‟ve been working with some rather unorthodox totem animals in an attempt to break through the Big, Impressive North American Birds and Mammals (BINABM) stereotype of Neopagan totemism. BINABM refers to the tendency for most modern pagans who work with totems to stick with critters such as Eagle, Wolf, Bear, Deer, and other high-profile North American animals. This trend stems from earlier works on totemism which laid this particular practice almost exclusively at the feet of Native North Americans; much of the early Neopagan literature is a bastardization of indigenous lore all wrapped up in a pan-Native pseudo-tradition. One of the groups I‟ve been working with is what I call the “Food” totems. These are primarily domesticated animals that in this culture are primarily seen as sources of meat and other comestibles, as well as leather and other products. While Pagans and Magicians have a tendency to be more aware of the sanctity of animal life in general, wildlife tends to be more glamorized than domesticated animals, with the exception of dogs, cats, horses, and other American nonedibles. We assume a predatory role with regards to nonhuman animals, even if it‟s only a result of conditioning that lies primarily within the subconscious mind. Totems are animals that we either have been taught not to eat (dogs, cats and horses) or ones that we generally don‟t eat on a regular basis (wildlife). This means that very few people actually work with such totems such as a Pig or Cow. Some do not even acknowledge that domestic animals can even be totems, often stating that domestication has caused these creatures to lose their “medicine” (this word, by the way, is another bastardization of an indigenous concept). This displays quite clearly that predatory, consumerist bias. If an animal is unattainable for some reason, it must have some form of power, while the “dumb” animals that we slaughter by the millions every year in inhumane conditions are obviously powerless. However, if we take an honest look at indigenous cultures around the world, many of them did eat Experimentation A few months ago, I realized sacred animals. Some members of the tribe may have that I shared the cultural irreverence for the animals that I was eating one night after a supper of crab legs. Page 8

Fall Equinox 2008

Open Ways The entire steamed crab was brought out to me, a reminder that what I was consuming wasn‟t just something manufactured in a factory somewhere, but had been alive and well just a few hours before. This connection to the life of the animals is something I‟ve worked to be mindful of not only with my food, but also the animals whose skins, bones and other remains are incorporated into my artwork. Sitting there looking at the shell of the crab, I began thinking about how I was taking this animal for granted, seeing it solely as a delicacy to be dipped in melted butter. I thought about how I would react if I saw a slab of wolf meat on my plate, and realized that my reaction would be much more respectful—not just because I would be eating an endangered species, but because I was eating my primary totem. That night when I got home I did a meditation to contact Crab. I invited her to come and talk to me, and allowed her to say whatever was on her mind, as I figured she probably didn‟t get too many people talking to her. The first thing she homed in on was my perception of her as different because she wasn‟t a vertebrate. She showed me the strength and functionality of the exoskeleton, and the delicate gills that allowed her to extract oxygen from water. Then she contrasted it with my own soft flesh wrapped around calcinous bones, and lungs that drew in air. She explained to me that part of the reason that I saw her differently from other animals was because she was so alien in concept. Humanity in general seems to have a primarily negative view of invertebrates; crabs and lobsters are seen differently because they‟re “useful”. But ask most people to hold an insect, spider, or other “creepy-crawly”, and they‟ll very vehemently decline. (I‟ll admit to being more uncomfortable with “bugs” than I was as a child.) Sure, I could eat a crab, but I was less willing to see the totemic Crab as an equal with Wolf or Elk. Granted, Crab isn‟t a domestic animal; neither is Salmon, another common animal that ends up on my plate. However, I noticed that I treated them the same way as Cow, Pig, Chicken and Turkey, and I‟m not alone in that. I‟ve since then talked with Chicken and Pig, as well as Cornish Game Hen (which, if bought from Tyson, is in actuality just a very young chicken). They have emphasized, in various ways, the Fall Equinox 2008

need for respect for their physical children and, by extent, themselves. Chicken took me on a tour of life in a battery cage, while Pig very strongly recommended giving the respect that‟s due if we‟re going to have a relationship. And it is that last point that particularly concerns me now. I‟m continuing to talk to these “food” totems, but it‟s going to be a while before they trust and respect me enough to work with me. I have to do some serious revamping of my attitudes towards them and their children. They all have lessons to teach, but they‟ve been so burned and hurt by the ill treatment of their children and the cultural attitudes in general that they seem incredibly reluctant to work with a human magician, at least until the concerns of respect have been thoroughly addressed. This doesn‟t surprise me. The relationship between human and totem is not as simple as evoking the animal and saying “Do this for me because you are an animal spirit and therefore you are always willing to help me”. Instead, these relationships have to be cultivated, and it‟s hard to do when there‟s not enough respect involved. So I‟m going to take my time with these unappreciated totems, and really consider my relationships with them. I‟ll keep y‟all posted on my progress. Bibliography Brown, Joseph Epes (1997). Animals of the Soul: Sacred Animals of the Oglala Sioux. Rockport, Massachusetts: Element Books. Lupa (2006). Fang and Fur, Blood and Bone: A Primal Guide to Animal Magic. Stafford: Megalithica Books. Lupa is a neo-shaman living in Portland with her husband, Taylor, two cats, and a lot of books and art supplies. She has been working with animal totems from a neo-pagan perspective for over a decade, and her shamanic practice centers on working with animal spirits of various sorts. She is a published pagan author, a ritual tool artist, and if she could she‟d spend every day out hiking. Lupa may be found online at Page 9

Open Ways My Goddess by Tasara

My Goddess is not round and voluptuous but rather long and sinuous, gentle and veiny in her hands, like my mothers'. She is a horse, a cat, with reserved resolve but serving me grace. She is not the ocean (unless under the moon) but forest streams trickling through the roots „n stones down into fish-borne pools. She is not a rose but an iris, the lily of the valleys, maybe a few long daffodils but with the slender leaves included. My Goddess feels with her loins, walks long distances and does not worry about soft flowered beds of sumptuousness. Mine is the tall trees leaning long curves in the wind. She is the willow tree by the brook, the keeper of the scrying pool under the caves. She knows herself foremost before she comes to nurture. She is herself, her own private world of poetry and secret places and quiet humming. She is capable, astute behind her gentle touch. She soothes and holds the most fragile moments or beings, yet her healing come from her immense strength, complete and stellar vision, the long roads passes beneath her feet. She is cool (not hot with passion) yet warm in the crevices. She knows when to open and when it is best to store her Page 10

energy. She is resourceful and brilliant and laughs with the men. She comes when she wants to and dissolves into the crest of the wave at sea. She is a unicorn, not a fairy. She holds the power of the moon. She is humbled in adoration before that silver

Got Peace? By Becca

Gandis prayer for peace: I offer you peace I offer you love I offer you friendship I offer you beauty I hear your need I feel your feelings My wisdom flows from the highest source I salute that source in you. Let us work together for unity and love. A challenge to all readers, pagans, all human beings….. I challenge you all to walk the path of peace and love. I challenge you all to see the beauty in all people, all things, and all religions. I challenge you to make random acts of kindness such a regular part of your every day that it requires no thought or planning. As if it is coursing through your very blood, your very being. I challenge you to love with your full being. To love with no expectation of it even being returned. To fill your whole being, your heart and soul with love and peace. This is a goal that I have been working on for years now. It is a never ending challenge. A constantly evolving process. My greatest teachers have and always will be….. Children. They are the true masters of this path. They see beauty and amazement in all that is around them. I surround myself with these amazing little people and continue to learn. Children love with their whole being, never expecting anything in return and continue to love even when hurt. Study children and you will find that you are surrounded by little Buddhas. Accept my challenge or don't. I will leave you with this vision though….. A world where all people, animals and things are sacred. A world where all are loved and as a result there are no imperfect beings, we are all already perfect. In love there is no right or wrong, only beauty and perfection. So, I leave you with all the peace and love you have always been deserving of. I leave you with the knowledge that you are a perfect, loving, peaceful and glorious being. Peace is the way man!!!

Fall Equinox 2008

Open Ways SACRED CIRCLE DANCE By Ansur Sacred Circle Dance is a modern Circle Dance form that originated in the Findhorn Foundation community in Scotland around 1976… There are more than 5 physical senses. For example, a Sense of Balance exists—a function of the inner ear. There are other senses as well, but one that is very important to this article is a “Sense of Body Position” in which sensors in the muscles transmit the orientation of the body and its appendages to the brain. This is a “Spatial Perception/ Orientation/ Cognition” function/ sense (I call this the „SPOC‟). The SPOC along with the Sense of Balance is important when it comes to dancing since a dancer must be aware of where all of their body parts are so they can plan and execute their next movements. One area of the brain, named the Precuneus, apparently maps body position and helps plot the future dancer‟s path from signals received via the „SPOC‟.

a good workout while increasing their flexibility. The Egyptians‟ ceremonial dance represented the death and rebirth of Osiris. The Greek god Dionysus was worshiped with ecstatic dance. In Rome, dance brought life to festivals, celebration, and royal occasions. During the Black Plague in the Middle-Ages, people danced in the hope of evading the disease. The Ancient Israelites were great dancers and many early Christian sects followed this practice. Of course, some ultra righteous groups have since banned dancing — and some still do. They fear that dance can be such a powerful force it could threaten the stability of their totalitarian politics or religions.

There are many ways for Pagan groups to generate magic power to heal, bind, worship, and etc. Some of those methods involve “translating” physical movement or forces into power-generating-magic. One group I know of uses Toning, Singing, Treading the Edges of the Circle, and Sacred Circle or Cone Dancing. Of course, the most famous of the Sacred Circle Dances is “The Spiral Dance”. In the Spiral Dance, each person Research into what parts of the brain are indancing will come face to face with the other dancers volved in dancing has shown that both hemispheres and will see smiling faces, tranced faces, faces full of are involved and many diverse parts must cooperate in love, and faces lost in time. The Spiral Dance is wonorder for us to correctly move to music and rhythm. derful for creating uplifting, friendly feelings, and One study of brain function seems to show that one strengthening the community. A “Cone Dance” is a hemisphere of the brain “hears” and interprets music Sacred Circle Dance devoted to the express purpose of while the other hemisphere may subconsciously set our building a cone of magic power to be released at the feet to tapping in time with the rhythm. Another part dance‟s conclusion. of the brain acts like a metronome, helping us to synchronize our dance steps to the beat of the music. In many Sacred Circle Dances, there are “written” recognized notations on how to perform the The history and purpose of dance is varied and steps. These are symbols and letters representing the immense. It is thought that it may have evolved from direction you are facing, the direction of the movement, gestures and movements in order to communicate beand which foot to move — and how to move it. There fore or in addition to language. This is borne out by are also “beat times”, step-sets, intervals, and occasionfindings that the hemispheric mirror of the „Broca ally arm and hand gestures. Area” in our brain, which is associated with speech production and hand/finger gestures, is also involved in a In the group I belong to, we took the Macedodancer‟s leg movements. In any case, human dance is nian “PRAVA ORI” which is an ancient, simple threean ancient custom that has been and can be used for measure dance and modified it a bit. We named the recreation, relief of stress, MAGIC, and just to celebrate new dance, the PACT ORI. If there is room, we dance the joy of being alive. Dance can also be used for clockwise holding hands but if we need to compact the strength-training and as a moving meditation. One Continued on page 12 person I know dances to music while making movegroup, we huddle together with our arms over the ments with a large and heavy sword—thereby getting shoulders of our side-mates—“Greek Style”. Fall Equinox 2008

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Open Ways To describe the step-set of the PACT ORI: We begin with our feet together and point our faces to the center of the circle (all of the time). Then, in the first interval, we step to the left with our left foot and close to the left foot with the right. Next, in the second interval, we step forward--toward the center of the circle-with our left foot and bring our right up next to it— however, we do not put weight on the right foot this time—we just touch the ground next to the left foot; also, if we are holding hands, we swing our arms forward in time with the right foot movement. In the third and last interval, we move our right foot back (putting weight on it) then bring our left foot back also. Now we are back at our starting point. These three intervals are repeated until the High Priestess signifies that the cone of power is to be released or if it is a community building process—when the older members become pleasantly tired and wish to finish. Bibliography: • The Neuroscience of Dance‟ by Steven Brown and Lawrence M. Parsons, Scientific American magazine, July 2008 •A Great Circle; An eZine for Sacred/Circle dancers on the Internet, produced by Andy Bettis. (old: http:/; now:, Articles: •Dances: Where Do They Come From, Where Do They Lead?‟ by Laura Shannon •‟Some thoughts on Circle Dance Notation‟ by Andy Bettis •’Advice for leading a Spiral‟ by Andy Bettis •„The Reclaiming Spiral Dance‟ by Ray Price; Ansur is one of the founders and the Acting HP of PACT Coven in Milwaukie Oregon, and the author of several articles in Open Ways, Witches Vox, Pacific Pagan, and Circle (Sanctuary) Magazines.

Page 12

The Autumn Equinox Through the Wisdom of the Bear by Rev. Lynn Stanley The natural year is punctuated with two points of balance, the Vernal and Autumnal Equinox. In spring we pause for a day of perfect balance between light and dark, preparing for the extroversion and activity of summer. In the fall, we contemplate the blessings of the light year, our own unique harvest, and prepare our souls for the sleep of winter. The Autumn Equinox is a time of gathering in that we see reflected throughout nature; gathering in the sustaining harvest, preparing the home for winter, composing our spirits for dreaming in the long night. If we keep livestock, farm, or tend a large garden, the early autumn is a time of natural activity; harvesting summer‟s produce and preserving it for winter, insulating stable and field against winter‟s chill. While many of us no longer live so close to the earth, we can touch the currents of autumn by path working with the spirits of animals that undertake their own preparations for winter. Here in the Northwest we are blessed with beautiful forests and a diversity of wildlife. We do not have to look far afield to find animals that are making their own preparations near the time of the equinox. Perhaps they recognize the coming winter in the cooling weather and the shortening days; perhaps they carry within them, like the internal compass in migrating birds, an instinctual clock that compels the activities of autumn. Animals with which we already feel a strong spiritual bond can provide an allegory for our own soul preparations for winter, and a template for our spiritual work at the Autumn Equinox. In this article we will look at an animal native to the Northwest that is slowing down near the time of the equinox, preparing to enter its own giamos period along with the earth, the black bear. Bears are captivating to humans, both as a symbol of the beauty and power of nature, and because we see so much of ourselves in their curious, intelligent nature. They care for their young, engage in play, and even stand on two legs. We also have a long standing spiritual Continued on page 13 Fall Equinox 2008

Open Ways relationship with bears. Evidence of prehistoric bear worship has been found at in Europe. Stone altars and caches of bear bones dating to 70,00o years ago have been found in Switzerland, and bear statues and jewelry have been found throughout Celtic territory. Bears are also associated with rulers and deities of war. They have given their name to the Goddesses Andarta and Artois, as well as King Arthur. The Irish Guard of Britain wear hats of black bear fur, and The Black Bear is a march traditionally played by pipe bands and upon the return of Scottish soldiers to the barracks at day‟s end. At night, we can look up to see the Great Bear Ursa Major among the stars, pointing toward the North Star in Ursa Minor. This long standing spiritual relationship between man and bear makes the native black bear a natural choice for path working to deepen our relationship with nature.

ter is a time of turning within, of rest and sleep. They do not eat or drink, and they live in entirely the darkness of the den, taking nothing in, closed to outside stimulation. Yet for females, it is also a time of gestation. As the Triple Goddess turns her energy within to effect the renewal of the earth during the darkness of winter, bear mothers turn their energy to creation within the darkness of their dens. Although mating season is in June, pregnant bears do not begin gestation until November, when fertilized embryos begin to grow. You can work with bears to learn about the energy of the Autumn Equinox, by undertaking a meditative journey in which you seek out, or become a bear engaged in fall preparations, or simply by asking how your own autumn activities reflect those of bears. The ways in which you slow down as winter approaches; the experiences from the summer that you will you gestate into new parts of your personality this year; the In the early fall, the bear is still engaged in its major blessings of the light that you will take with you into light season activity of foraging for food. After a full sea- the darkness. son of harvesting local berry crops, honey from bee hives, small mammals, fish, and carrion, bears are at If you would like to bring bear reverence into your practheir peak fall weight. Now in the shortening days, tice, mark the events of the black bear‟s life cycle on they begin to slow down, lessening their activity gradu- your calendar, and honor the bear‟s activities as part of ally until they enter their dens in October. First, they your seasonal celebrations throughout the coming year. must make a new den for this winters rest, as they do Follow the black bear from the time they enter their not use the same den more than once. If a Mother has winter sleep in October to their emergence in April, cubs with her, they will enter the den with her, and will through the far ranging activities of summer, and see help in the construction of a nest. Orphaned cubs know how their habits reflect the seasons of the earth and our instinctively how to make a den, and will prepare their own sabbat themes. Bears provide a wonderful illustraown winter resting place. Bears will find or make a den tion for the light and dark year, as they seem to be prejust large enough to fit their body, and the cubs if there paring for each season to start at the time of the equiare any. They may dig out a burrow in the earth, or nox, awaiting the full arrival of light and dark in May choose a hollow tree, rock crevice or cave, or simply a and October. Visit the North American Bear Center at brush pile. The bear and cubs will gather leaves and for “A Year in the Life of a Bear” and fastwigs to make a nest, and scrape them into a pile for cinating information on this amazing creature. added warmth. Bears do not truly hibernate in the winter, as they do not enter a state of torpor, and their (Public service announcement): If you are moved to make an offering to bears in thanks for their teaching, please body temperature and heart rate remain relatively high and steady. If a female bear has mated the previ- make a contribution to a natural society that works for the ous summer, she will give birth in her den in January, preservation and safety of black bears. Please Do Not feed also known as the Bear Moon, and will nurse the bears or approach wild bears; bears that become acclimated to humans or look to us for food always will approach settleuntil it is time to leave the den in spring. ments and be labeled nuisance bears, and they are often shot. The best offering of gratitude you can give a bear is The bear spends the time of the autumnal equinox to preserve the sanctity of its habitat and contribute to slowing down, building a nest, and preparing for the sleep of winter. For black bears, as for many of us, win- public education about black bears. Fall Equinox 2008

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Open Ways PLUTO: TOUGH LOVE PLANET “Change or Die!” “Change or Die!” It‟s Pluto's Law: “Change or Die!”

Until we wake up; until we see that we‟ve no need for destructive energy;

what Pluto’s about, in reality “Change and Live!” is what is meant; so DO IT NOW— and live a life well spent!

Mighty Pluto strides through life, sowing harshness, bringing strife.

No need for infantile, primitive urges; No need to give way to emotional surges.

Victoria P. November 1995 Revised: August 2, 2008

“Change or Die!” “Change or Die!” Its Pluto's Law. “Change or Die!”

No need to hold on to the waste of the past, but to learn, to move on, transformed at last!


What occurred in the past— is it happening now? if it is— THEN STOP IT! If it‟s not—THEN DROP IT!

His demands, although they‟re great, reveal to us our chosen fate. To live as slaves to unconscious urges, to make life‟s songs arrays of funeral dirges.

OR To live life free, as truly powerful beings, no longer soul—blind, but clearly far—seeing. He holds a mirror so we can see the muck we‟re mired in, and He accepts no plea. No mercy given; no truce gained— we‟re truly driven until we‟re drained. Page 14

Perhaps no physical death, but of spirit and soul if we ignore this good God‟s goal: To bless us with release, to be renewed, to face the future with gratitude. For when we shake off the past‟s firm hold. we‟ve slipped the chains, we‟ve slipped the chains, we‟ve broken the mold. We can leave the prisons we‟ve kept ourselves in. We can walk in the sunlight and let new life begin.

This poem came to me with the following letter. In honor of Victoria not being able to attend the Bardic contest I have chosen to publish it here. Enclosed is a poem I wrote in 1995 and to which I have made a few minor changes today. It seems to me to be apropos to this time of chaos through which Earth and humankind are passing. I don’t know if you will find it appropriate for publishing in Open Ways, but feel free to use it or not. I thought of submitting it to the Bardic Contest (8th annual Eisteddfod) but wasn't sure which city Moonshadow is located in, as only the street address was given in the advertisement. At any rate, I am a senior citizen and I don’t get out much so would be unable to read at Eisteddfod. I have really enjoyed your publication and it is encouraging to see how many Pagan groups there are in the area. Many blessings to all of them. Very sincerely, Victoria R.

So though “Change or Die!” seems to be Fall Equinox 2008

Open Ways Pagans in Prison : A call to our Community WICCAN PRIEST OR PRIESTESS NEEDED! After eight years leading the Wiccan Circle known as the Brotherhood of the Wooden Chalice, I will be ending my volunteer service at Samain 2008. Anew volunteer is urgently needed.

The following is a poem submitted by an inmate:

Witch lore by Lord Wishmaker HP ’08

Sir Arnold le Poer 1324 Petronilla de Midia 1324 John de Notingham 1612 Anne Whittle 1612 The Brotherhood of the Wooden Chalice is the Wiccan circle Alison Device 1612 at the Oregon State Penitentiary in Salem. The Department Isobel Haldane 1623 of Corrections requires that religious services be led by an Isobel Gowdie 1662 outside volunteer. So, the Brotherhood will not be able to cele- Temperence Lloyd 1682 brate the full moons or the Wheel of the Year unless the Pagan communities can provide a Priest , Priestess or both. Each name listed above represents one million men, women and children who were mercilessly tortured and murdered in My experience as a volunteer was positive and life changing. the name of Witchcraft. I only hope that the inmates learned half as much from me as Blest Be Them All! I learned from them. In a sense, I am leaving because the In the name of the name of the unknown Witch this candle experience was too good. I decided to become a group counburns. Like heat cannot be separated from the flame their selor as a full time job and am finding it too hard to do simi- light never be separated from us. lar work as a volunteer. As above, So below As Within, So Without If you are interested please contact: Les Sinclair. For more As the Universe, So the Soul. info you can email me at S.M.I.B. Blessed Be, Ross

We at the MYSTERY GALLERY (14751 SE McLoughlin, Milwaukie, OR 97267) thank the Pagan Community for your patronage during our first 5 1/2 years. We are now located across from the Oak Grove Fred Meyers. HRS 11 to 7 (Tues-Sat) and Noon to 5 (S&M). TEL 503-659-7776 Fall Equinox 2008

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Open Ways A Giving of Thanks By Thuri Calafia

The high priestess holds a crystal pitcher aloft, causing a group "aaaahhh" as the sparkling facets of the crystal and water catch the golden light of the setting sun. She speaks of the power of water and the power of our emotions, of prosperity, growth, the main harvest and the harvest of the spirit. Finally, she speaks of gratitude and how important it is to be mindful of all that we have on this holiday of abundance and harvest. One of her coveners begins a soft chant, which a few others pick up. She turns to her partner, a woman she's loved for many years and tells her how grateful she is to have her in her life, bringing tears to more than her own eyes. Then, she pours her water into the large central cauldron on the altar between them, and passes the empty pitcher to another coven member, that he may speak of his reasons for gratitude at this special time. Mabon is the main harvest festival, the autumnal equinox, falling somewhere between September 20th and 23rd (for the exact date each year, consult a farmer's almanac). This year, it's on September 22nd. Mabon was the Celtic thanksgiving, and for many Pagans, the only thanksgiving they celebrate. At this special time, many Pagans look with gratitude to all they have. If you look at the Wheel of the Year and the position of the holiday, you'll see Mabon in the west, marking the beginning of the water quarter, and here in the northwest, that makes a lot of sense, for it's not too long after Mabon that the rains begin to fall. For incurable romantics such as myself, Mabon, and autumn, conjures thoughts of long slow dreamy evenings spent in front of a fire, deep conversations and special rituals celebrating all that we have, candlelight, music, and the harvest of the spirit. In Celtic Europe, Mabon was the traditional time of thanksgiving, for Mabon is the main harvest, so the abundance of produce and preparation for hunting season in many rePage 16

gions suggests large family meals and much giving of thanks. Our ancestors gave thanks, much as we in America do for our late-arriving Thanksgiving. Originally, this American tradition was celebrated in a more timely manner, closer to the actual harvest. On that first Thanksgiving, the native peoples of North America shared what they had with their eventual conquerors, in order to help keep them from starving. It's also interesting to note that the first main dish shared was not turkey, actually, but a Sturgeon, something that was in abundance in the rivers in New England at the time. I like to serve fish on Mabon for that reason, but even more so because of its association with water - it just makes sense that if we want to celebrate this time on the Wheel in its own element that we eat a water creature. Vegetarians and vegans can celebrate watery and autumn-ripened foods also - for large stuffed squashes, melons and berries are all appropriate for this holiday's feast. Another thing I associate with water and the energy of the season is dreaming. With the longer, quieter, and earlier nights of this time of year (as day and night are equal on Mabon), dream work seems almost inescapable to Pagans of all flavors. In many ancient cultures, there were dream temples, where the querent could go, perform a dreaming rite just before bed, and then sleep in the temple to receive sacred dreams. In the morning, the querent would be visited by priestesses and priests on staff, who would then help the dreamer understand and interpret her dreams. It was considered most wise to follow the instructions the Gods gave in her dream, and for many, the work done in the dream temples was profound, and often life-changing. For more information about Sacred Dreaming, read Cunninghamâ€&#x;s wonderful book on the subject. To get started on your own dream work, simply designate a tablet or notepad (I use a small spiral notebook) as a dream journal, and before sleeping, give yourself the positive affirmation that you will remember your dreams. Interpretation is another beast entirely. Fall Equinox 2008

Open Ways There have been dozens and dozens of books published on dream symbols in the occult field alone, and, as the study of dreams is as old as humankind, there are literally hundreds of books encompassing all walks of life, all cultures, all spiritual belief systems. Consequently, study in this field can be very confusing, what with all the contradictions and twists and turns. There is a lot to sift through, and I encourage you to read several authors on the subject, but ultimately to come up with your own system of symbols; only you can decide what each thing means to you personally. For example, if I dreamed of a big black dog that would symbolize protection and comfort to me, as I have long been owned by big black dogs, but for a man who was attacked by a big black dog as a child, that symbol will mean something completely different - and likely quite terrifying. Your symbols will grow and change, too, as moons and years go by and life changes the way you look at things. Remember, too, that for the clearest dream work, you'll want to moderate any prescription medication or recreational substance use, as these things can “fog up” your mind so you won‟t be able to recall your dreams, and some substances can even completely block them. Even more important to this study and practice, however, is getting enough sleep. If your sleep is short, you will not achieve the REM sleep and deeper levels that open you up to the starlight vision which allows these symbols to come through. Once you're in the habit of tracking your dreams, you can start working to achieve awareness within your dream. Try to see your hands (your purpose), or your feet (your Path). Once this happens, you may be able to remind yourself that you are dreaming. If you can stay in the dream state at this point, it becomes what is called a lucid dream - a clear dream in which the dreamer is aware he is dreaming. From this point, you can begin to control your dreams. Astral projection can become an adventure in flying, rather than a simple fragment of memory or dream stuff to be interFall Equinox 2008

preted, although that certainly has value too. With practice and continued tracking, astral projection as well as other dream work can become an avenue to achieve higher learning on the astral plane. For more information regarding learning to astral project in a lucid state, check out Robert Monroe‟s excellent book on the subject. As the shadows lengthen and the mists begin to swirl around us in the twilight of the year, we can look forward to an even darker holiday and all of its Mysteries, as well as the return of the light at Yule. For now, it is enough to simply be grateful for all that we have, sharing what we can with those less fortunate, and letting our hearts overflow with the abundance of emotion that is exalted in this romantic and exciting time. The last covener pours his water into the cauldron, bringing the water level up to the very lip of the huge vessel on the altar between them, and hands the empty pitcher to his High Priestess. She fills it up again and this time speaks of the love she has for her coveners, her Patron Gods and Matron Goddesses who brought these special and dear people to her. She grins mischievously as she pours this last pitcher full of water into the cauldron, spilling it over and splashing her unsuspecting coveners with the multi-blessed water. As one, they scoot back from the altar, laughing, but none escape the blessings of the water, except the High Priestess. Her lover notices this right away and makes a comment about needing to bless the HPS properly, starting a water fight which leaves the cauldron half full and the coven soaking wet as they make their way inside to the fragrant warm kitchen to enjoy their holiday feast. Thuri Calafia is the founder of Circles School and creator of the Circles System; a four level course of study in eclectic Wicca, and the author of DEDICANT: A Witch’s Circle of Fire; A Course of Study in the Old Religion, which will be released by Llewellyn Worldwide this fall. She is currently teaching Dedicant level classes in the Portland metro area, and is working on the second in Page 17

Open Ways Pagan Community Directory Listing various kinds of resources for the Pagan Community, including circles (both open and closed), church groups, meeting places, study groups, and event organizers. Please, no retail outlets. A listing here does not necessarily mean a specific group can or will help you. To be included in this directory, please send information (limit 50 words which includes name and contact information) to Open Ways, PO Box 17604, Portland, OR 97217; or email

12 Steps, Pagan Style Midnight Crow Vancouver, Washington I am a clean pagan offering support to assist those on the clean path in Wicca and Paganism. I have 17 years of recovery. I am willing to give assistance, support and counsel to those who are concerned with these issues. Announcement Board & Community Directory The-Web ~ Post: Rituals, Classes, Workshops... "Because folks don't have time to check every website or subject line for current events. Come see what yo u 'r e m i s s i n g. " ht t p: / / The Altar of Epona and Herne Healing Ministry ATC Our vision is to create a well trained, compassionate Priesthood to serve the Pagan Community. We have an online community, monthly distance healing and prayer request list, and provide free healing to military, vets & their family. For more info The Ancient and Honorable Order of the Sacred Oaks A Druidic order in the Page 18

Arthurian/Celtic tradition, chartering groves meeting est abli shed crit eria and dedicated to authentic druidic principles and traditions. For those who aspire to the e x c e l l e n c e o f D r u i d r y. Incorporated in Oregon and 501(c)3 503-235-5774 www.sacred -oak Aquarian Tabernacle Church (360) 793-1945 Serving the PNW since 1979. Interfaith church of Wicca and Earth Religions recognized and accredited worldwide. All welcome at Open Circles near Seattle at NM &FM. Info & Schedule: (360) 793-1945; Classes: (425) 821-7246; Pagan Youth group: Spiral Scouts International. (360)793-9427 Brotherhood of the Wooden Chalice We're a group of eclectic Wiccans housed in Oregon State Penitentiary. We gather once per moon for study, ritual, and mutual support. We have a priest, but we could use volunteers and donations. Cedar Mountain Coven An eclectic Celtic coven, with some Native American

influences. We meet for Sabbaths, Esbats, laughter and support throughout the Portland/ Vancouver area. Closed to new members Samhain to Beltaine, we do keep a waiting list for anyone interested. Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans (CUUPS) Washington County,Hillsboro, OR. Alana Graham, 503-359-9719 22785 NW Birch Street, Hillsboro, OR 97124-6599 We are a chapter of the Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans, Inc. and affiliated with the Unitarian Universalist Community Church of Washington County. Please visit http:// cuups.htm Coven Caer Wy’east: A traditional Gardnerian Coven, sponsors a non-oath bound, British Traditional Wiccan Outer Court for Seekers of traditional Wiccan training. We prefer to work with Seekers 30 years of age or older. New training cycles usually begin each spring. Contact: Steward Creace at or 503.622.1381 for more information. (Continued on page 19)

Fall Equinox 2008

Open Ways (Continued from page 18)

Crystal Cove Coven Lincoln County CrystalCoveCoven/ (Jeffery) or (Austin) We are an eclectic coven dedicated to helping those in need. We hold open circles periodically. We are a very positive coven, a family. For more information please feel free to contact us or visit the website. The Earth Gatherings PO. Box 19655 Portland, Oregon 97280 (503) 502-1415 An Eclectic Spiritual Group with frequent get-to-togethers to discuss various spiritual paths. Sponsors of The Mother Earth Gathering and The Middle Earth Gathering (June and September), Earth Awareness Festivals, honoring diversity and creating balance between Wilderness & Civilization. G o l d e n A p p l e We are a Druid grove populated with seekers and teachers of knowledge. We hold Open Druidic rituals at various holidays during the year. Please feel free to visit our site at o r e m a i l u s a t for further information. Golden Apple is affiliated with ADF ( as a protogrove. The Hermetic Fellowship Fall Equinox 2008

( 5 0 3 ) 2 5 5 - 7 9 1 0 miforrest@hermeticfellowship.o rg (preferred) Exploring Western Esoteric Tradition: Ancient Mysteries, Wicca/NeoPaganism, Kabala, Rosicrucianism, Alchemy, Gnosticism, Theurgy, & Grail Quest. Meets monthly, 3rd Thursday; informal presentations, open discussion. Ritual & workshops occasionally. Email for info. 1st semester of 2008, special focus on the Grail Quest. Join us! M.A.G.I.C.: A Vancouver based group that holds gatherings 4 times a year, teaches classes in metaphysics, and provides for ordaining of clergy, and sponsors the Spiral Rhythms Festival. Call 360-693 -7349 for details. Nine Houses of Gaia email: A non-profit organization incorporated to facilitate networking among pagans in the Pacific Northwest. It sponsors: Open Ways Newsletter OpenWays/ Northwest Fall Equinox Festival NWFEF/intro.html The NWFEF celebrates the Great Harvest, begun at Lammas and ending at Samhain. North American Council of Witches A non-profit organization.

Primary goal is protection under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution; secondary, lobbying for common power, strength in numbers. Request membership and general information at or call 503.228.2192. Officers of Avalon, Inc. is a non-profit benevolent organization representing Wiccans and other Pagans who work as police officers and other professionals in the emergency services. Membership dues: $25/yr for full members. $15/yr for associate members. PO Box 22, Baraboo, WI, 53913-0022.. Newsletter: The Dispatch. Registration forms available: Other Worlds of Wonder 14308 SE River Rd. Milwaukie, OR 97267 503-653-5843 We have gathered around a central purpose: the purchase of land for the local Pagan community. We honor all positive path traditions, and celebrate family and diversity at our festival, Sunfest. Pacific NW Pagans Yahoo Group p n w p a g a n s / An on-line community for P a ga ns i n t h e P a c i fi c Northwest, including Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Alaska, and (Continued on page 20)

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Open Ways (Continued from page 19)

British Columbia. When posting announcements for events in this group, please be sure they're in the PNW. PACT Area: Milwaukie/Greater Portland Vicinity A democratic, eclectic teaching/ training coven in three parts: A semi-private outer circle—by invitation only, two inner-core circles for PACT initiated. Lessons, degrees, and clergy training by PACT University. For information and a Waiting List: email:, or Portland Polyamory Circle is a gathering for folks exploring options beyond monogamy. Di s cus si ons include open relationships, extended families, and intentional communities. Everyone interested is welcome to join us. For information and location Laury (503)-285-4848. Red Cedar Circle (Church of Si.Si.Wiss) Northwest Coast Medicine Johnny Moses Teachings open to all.. Portland/Vancouver area meetings. (503) 245-5660 in OR. Sacred Oak Grove (503) 235-5774 A Druid Grove in the Arthurian/ Celtic-Wiccan tradition. For those seeking a true Druidic path of knowledge, truth, justice, spiritual fellowship, and community service. Esbats, Sabbaths and tutorials. Members commit to Page 20

both group and individual studies for spiritual growth. Now offering an Outer Circle The Saint James Project Contact: Silverstar Red Crow Shamanic Arm of the Red Witch Tradition. Includes Indigenous Shamanic training, pilgrimages and extensive herstory/history from the 1st Century CE to the present. Prerequisite: Reiki 3 and 3 years magickal hands-on experience. Meets at Toad House, McMinnville Oregon. Salamander Circle 503-313-6490 Contact: Mark Dragonfly Freeman Sweat Lodge Ceremonies, every 2nd Sunday at the Peace Garden in McMinnville Oregon. 7-person Turtle Lodge. Must RSVP and follow lodge protocol found under Introduction to Red Road Protocol: http:// , under ALL POSTS. Shadowluz Location: Members range from Portland to Hood River and Mt. Hood. Eclectic coven that emphasizes increasing the power of the individual through strength of our Gestalt, focusing on diversity in beliefs and the practice of Magick. Please send Letter of Intent to HPS Belle E v e r g r e e n a t + Silver Birch Grove

503-235-5774 A Druid Grove in the Celtic/ Arthurnian - Wiccan tradition. For those seeking a true Druid path of knowledge, truth, justice, spiritual fellowship and tutorials. Members commit to both group and individual studies for spiritual growth. Silver Star Circle Location Battle Ground, WA e m a i l A Celtic Pagan circle meeting for sabbats, full and new moons, weekly class and more. SisterSpirit 3430 SE Belmont #102 Portland, OR 97207 PO Box 9246 Portland, OR 97207. Phone: 503.736.3297 Web: ~ s i s t e r s p / a n d Women's spirituality organization honoring the Divine Feminine and celebrating the Goddess in all Her forms. Featuring on-going classes, circles, workshops and 1 monthly ritual. Presenters of the annual PaganFaire. Sophia Sanctuary Women's Temple S o p h i a S a n c t u a r y/ We are a circle of women committed to Healing, Education Ritual & Service (HERS). We celebrate the 8 holy days of The Wheel: Solstices & Equinoxes are for all genders & families; (Continued on page 21)

Fall Equinox 2008

Open Ways (Continued from page 20)

Cross Quarters are for womyn only. Sorcerer's Guild, The Dedicated to the enhancement of Magickal Work within its membership. Public meet-up at the Dancing Beans, 1615 SE 12th Ave, Portland, OR held monthly. E-mail for date & time. Info sources:,, Toad House & the Peace Garden McMinnville Oregon, USA Director: Silverstar Red Crow Peace Garden, open dawn to dusk for quiet prayer and meditation. 20’ lavender Peace Pole, erected in 2002, PEACE written in 13 languages. Hard working garden volunteers always needed. Write for information. Women In Conscious Creative Action (WICCA) PO Box 5296 Eugene, Oregon 97405 (541) 485-3654. Email: A women's church dedicated to the Goddess in Her many forms. Groups, newsletter, retreats, rituals, classes. Women of African Ceremony Portland, Ore. 503-238-1151 We are women who honor the earth and our African heritage through ceremony and ritual. We meet monthly.

World Tree Prayer Network Prayer and emergency energywork at no fee; serving the internet since 1994. Post your own requests. Have permission of the energy recipient first; then, include full name, age, and basic location including city, state and country and basic problem. PRAY FOR PEACE!

Healing prayer to Epona and Herne My Mother Epona, Goddess of the nurturing earth, Be with me as I do the sacred work of healing. Let the spirit of the land flow through me; Let the wisdom of all that grows flow through my hands. Great Mother, let me be a vessel for the energy of life, Let the river of your spirit flow through the channel of my soul. My Father Herne, God of the ancient wilderness, Be with me as I do the sacred work of healing. Let the spirit of the forest move through me, Let the wisdom of all that walks move through my hands. Antlered One, let me be a vessel for the energy of life. Let the wind of your spirit Blow through the channel of my soul. Lynn Stanley 2008

Women Of The Goddess Seattle, WA 206-322-2436 Contact: Janice Women Of The Goddess is a pagan community in the Dianic tradition. Membership is open to women over 18 years old of good intent who sincerely subscribe to our purpose.

Fall Equinox 2008

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Open Ways

A Gallery Of Gifts Jewelry Collectables Clothing

Interest For The Pagan Community 11:00-5:00p Exit 76 From I5 Next To The

Many Items Of

Historic Wolf Creek Tavern Po Box 352 Wolf Creek, Or 97497 541.866.2610

Essential Elements Apothecary & Tea House Healing Center

3135 SEHawthorneBlvd Portland, OR 97214

Liquid Extracts Herbal Detox Over 300 bulk herbs Gemstone Jewelry Incense Ethno-botanicals Books Essential oils Meeting space Forrentbythehourorday

Tarot readings Classes callfordatesandtimes & More

10% off with this coupon Elemental Magick Metaphysical Shoppe downstairs Page 22

Certified Master Herbalist & Proprietress Carmella Cook


503-231-2831 Open 10am– 9pm Daily EnergyHealings ByDonation Olivas, RN

with Sheri

UsuiReikiMaster Level4 HealingTouch™©

Call 971-275-2009 for an appt HelpwithChronicPain,PTSD,Fibromyalgia,Relaxation,ICanBalance Chakras,CleansetheLiver,Kidney,&Lungs,Balance EndocrineSystem,BalancePituitary, Hypothalamus,&PinealGlands,AuraClearing,&MuchMore

Fall Equinox 2008

Open Ways


ORLEANS CANDLE COMPANY ORLEANS CANDLE CO. is an authentic New Orleans spiritual store owned by two refugees from Hurricane Katrina. Their BOTANICA in New Orleans has been open since 1968, and now they are proud to open a store in North Portland. ALLARE INVITED !



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Open Ways The Nine Houses of Gaia Open Ways PO Box 14415 Portland, OR 97293-0415 Address Service Requested


Proceeds from the Northwest Fall Equinox Festival go to producing Open Ways. Thank you for your support! Page 24

Fall Equinox 2008

Fall Equinox 2008  

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