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WELCOME TO OUR 2014 SOCIAL WORK CATALOGUE! Welcome to our 2014 Social Work catalogue!

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New Titles Social Work Pocketbooks General Social Work Social Work with Adults and Older People Social Work with Children and Young People Research in Social Work Study Skills Index

Open University Press is continuing to work hard to provide social work students and practitioners with practical, engaging and useful books to be used throughout social work training and into employment. We have some major new books and new editions publishing this year, including the much anticipated second edition of An Introduction to Applying Social Work Theories and Methods by Barbra Teater. This book has established itself as the go-to book for students studying theories and methods, and the second edition will continue to build on its strong reputation. We also have a new edition from Margarete Parrish, and new books on offer include Contemporary Social Work Practice by Barbra Teater, The Social Work Portfolio written by a team of experts from Bournemouth University, and Practice Educating Social Work Students by Wendy Nicholas and Joanna Kerr. We are also making titles available in new and innovative ways, including customised textbooks through CreateTM and eBooks available through CourseSmart, so please consider these options as you look through the catalogue. We are constantly on the look-out for new ideas and we will be delighted to hear from you if you are interested in writing for Open University Press.


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An Introduction to Applying Social Work Theories and Methods 2/e


Contemporary Social Work Practice

Bristol University, UK

Assuming little to no prior knowledge, each chapter explores a single theory or method in depth and uses a variety of interactive tools to encourage the reader to explore their own theories and beliefs. Step-by-step illustrations show how to apply the theory or method to a social work case example, and exercises, questions, diagrams, tables and figures are all used to stimulate thought and encourage further learning.

This exciting new book provides an overview of fifteen different contemporary social work practice settings, spanning across the statutory, voluntary, private and third sectors. It serves as the perfect introduction to the various roles social workers can have and the numerous places they can work, equipping students with the knowledge, skills and values required to work in areas ranging from mental health to fostering and adoption, and from alcohol and drug treatment services to youth offending.

New to this edition:

Each chapter provides:






Chapter on Community Work provides a step-bystep approach to community work that social workers can adapt to best fit their practice Chapter on Groupwork provides an overview of the rationale for groupwork, the types of groups social workers may encounter in their practice, group processes and the practicalities in planning, running and ending a group Expanded chapter on motivational interviewing to include new material on change talk and sustain talk New case studies exploring areas of growing priority in practice such as dementia

l l l l

An overview of the setting, including the role of the social worker, how service users gain access to the service and key issues, definitions or terms specific to the setting Legislation and policy guidance related to the specific setting The key theories and methods related to the setting Best practice approaches and the benefits and challenges of working within the setting Case examples illustrating the application of the information to practice

Social work students will find this an invaluable handbook that they will refer to time and again throughout their education and into their assessed and supported year of employment.

Contents: Introduction to theories and methods / Social systems theory and the ecological perspective / The strengths perspective / Empowerment and use of language / Social constructivism / Feminist theory and practice / Person-centred approach / Motivational interviewing / Cognitive behavioural therapy / Solution-focused practice / Task-centred social work / Crisis intervention / Community work / Groupwork

Contents: Children and families / Fostering and adoption / Youth work / Youth offending / Service user and carer involvement / Learning difficulties / Physical disabilities / Older adults / Mental health / Domestic violence and abuse / Healthcare settings / Alcohol and other drug treatment / Housing and homelessness / Asylum and refugee / Rehabilitation and corrections / Self-harming

Paperback ÂŁ24.99 March 2014 280pp

Paperback ÂŁ24.99 February 2014 312pp

ISBN: 978-0-335-24763-9 eBook: 978-0-335-24764-6

Lee-Ann Fenge, Kate Howe, Mel Hughes and Gill Thomas

Barbra Teater

Bristol University, UK

ISBN: 978-0-335-24603-8 eBook: 978-0-335-24604-5

The Social Work Portfolio A Student's Guide to Evidencing your Practice

A Handbook for Students

Barbra Teater This bestseller is the leading introduction to the most commonly used theories and methods in social work practice.



All at Bournemouth University, UK

The portfolio is an essential part of the summative assessment within qualifying social work programmes. All students are required to complete a practice portfolio to provide evidence of their learning in practice. This essential book demonstrates how students can use the portfolio to demonstrate their learning in terms of developing core knowledge, values and skills. Topics covered include: l l l l l l l

What a portfolio is, and how to make best use of it in your learning journey How to evidence your capability using the Professional Capabilities Framework for Social Workers How to reflect on your own learning needs and learning style How to work with your practice educator in terms of practice learning and portfolio development How to evidence the use of theory How to evidence meaningful service user and carer involvement How to use your portfolio as a basis for future CPD learning, including the need to develop Personal Development Plans and the role of AYSE

Written by a team of experts from Bournemouth University, each chapter uses a range of reflective activities, practice educator comments, and student testimony to illustrate the discussion. Contents: Getting started / Evidencing your capability using the Professional Capabilities Framework / Making sense of yourself as a learner / Working with your practice educator / Evidencing the use of theory in your practice / Visibility of self within your portfolio / Meaningful service user and carer involvement in student placements / A continuum of lifelong learning Paperback ÂŁ19.99 May 2014 208pp

Open UP eBooks are widely available, for full details visit

ISBN: 978-0-335-24531-4 eBook: 978-0-335-24532-1



Social Work Perspectives on Human Behaviour 2/e


Practice NEW Educating Social Work Students

Theory and Practice

Supporting Qualifying Students on their Placements

Keith Popple

Bournemouth University, UK

London South Bank University, UK

This book accessibly explains key concepts including attachment, trauma, developmental psychology and oppression. The book now includes:


Analysing Community Work 2/e

Margarete Parrish Using bio-psychosocial framework, the textbook explains the wide basis of perspectives on which we build an understanding of people's behaviours and why and how we respond in the way we do.

l l


A brand new chapter on Attachment More coverage of neurological concepts and their influence on behaviour Expanded material on older people and resilience, crime and violence against black and minority ethnic groups, and domestic violence issues More coverage of mental health, alcohol and drugs and their impact on behaviour

Both qualified practice educators, UK

This is a brand new update of an established and popular text on community work. Written in a straightforward way, this book is grounded in practice issues and tackles political and theoretical issues head-on.

This is an ideal companion for anyone involved in practice educating social work students. Whether you are an on-site or off-site practice educator, or a practice supervisor, the book will guide you through the main aspects of your role, providing answers to any anxieties or questions you may have, from the pre-placement assessment to writing the final placement report.

New for the second edition:

Checklists, suggestions and quick links to theory, research and the competency framework are included throughout.

l l l l l

Analysis of the work of New Labour Consideration of Coalition government policies, for example, the 'Big Society' project A new international dimension throughout the text, and an important new chapter on international community work Increased emphasis on community work roles, skills and challenges Updated pedagogy, including end of chapter summaries and reflective questions

Fully updated to reflect the Munro report and recent social worker task force recommendations, this new edition also includes brand new and additional case studies and pedagogy.

Written by an established expert for students on qualifying programmes and practitioners, this book is unparalleled in its comprehensive and accessible overview of the field.

Contents: Part 1: Biological dimensions of human behaviour / Biological and medical influences on behaviour / Developmental models and considerations / Part 2: Psychological dimensions of human behaviour / Freud's psychoanalytic and Erikson's developmental theories of behaviour / Neo-Freudian or ego psychology perspectives / Attachment and object relations theories / Behaviourism / Cognition and cognitive theories / Humanist and existentialist perspectives on behaviour / Influences of trauma on behaviour / Mental health related influences on behaviour / Substance use related influences on behaviour / Part 3: Social dimensions of behaviour / Systems theory, ecosystems and personal-cultural-social (PCS) perspectives / Families and family systems / Feminist perspectives on behaviour / Theories of sociological and socio-economic influences on behaviour / Summary: A bio-psychosocial perspective, strengths and resilience

Contents: Introduction / What is community? / The development of British community work / Community work theory / Models of community Work / Community work in practice / Community work internationally / Conclusions and future directions

Paperback £24.99 August 2014 360pp

Wendy Nicholas and Joanna Kerr

Paperback £24.99 September 2014 200pp

ISBN: 978-0-335-24511-6 eBook: 978-0-335-24512-3

Contents: Introduction / Setting up the placement / Enabling learning and development / Assessment / Quality Assurance and Higher Education Institutions / If things go wrong / The off-site practice educator / So what about your own personal development and support needs? Paperback £19.99 September 2014 176pp

ISBN: 978-0-335-26282-3 eBook: 978-0-335-26283-0

Excellence in Dementia Care 2/e


Principles and Practices Murna Downs and Barbara Bowers (Eds) University of Bradford, UK; University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA

“This book is to be recommended for anybody who is interested in a multi-, inter- or even cross-disciplinarian approach to care for dementia. It might also be useful for a nonprofessional audience also because it is extremely didactic and accessible.” International Journal of Integrated Care Paperback £32.99 September 2014 608pp

ISBN: 978-0-335-26284-7 eBook: 978-0-335-26285-4

Customise your course reading, visit

ISBN: 978-0-335-24533-8 eBook: 978-0-335-24534-5

SOCIAL WORK POCKETBOOKS Conducting the Home Visit in Child Protection

Social Work Pocketbooks Series This series of pocketbooks is published in association with Community Care. Written by experienced practitioners, the books provide concise and practical guidance to help frontline social workers solve day-to-day problems.

Managing Contact for Young People Sally Scott

Joanna Nicolas Independent Child Protection Consultant and Trainer, UK

“This is an immensely readable and engaging book, which would have been an enormous resource for me as a practitioner and as a manager of social workers, earlier on in my career.” Penny Thompson, Chief Executive of the General Social Care Council (GSCC) Conducting home visits is a task which many feel unprepared for and is fraught with difficulties.

Huddersfield University, UK

“This easy to understand book is accessible to all students who are beginning a placement and need to understand the legislation and philosophy behind contact provision, with excellent tips on how to supervise contact. Invaluable.” Paula Beesley, Freelance Practice Educator, North Yorkshire

Written by an experienced social worker, this book is clear, straight-forward and jargon-free. Useful features include: l l l l l

Real case examples Realistic solutions to everyday difficulties Examples of what to say What you need to look out for Reference to topical research including the Munro Review of Child Protection findings

Paperback £9.99 2012 104pp

Setting up and managing contact visits is a fundamental aspect of working in children and families services, but the process can be complicated, and dependent on many factors such as the legal status of the child, the proposed plan for the child, and the contact order.

Paperback £9.99 2013 136pp

Report Writing Daisy Bogg Independent Social Worker and Consultant, UK

“This informative and easy to follow book will be useful in supporting Social Care professionals to develop this core social work skill in producing factual, structured, effective and well presented reports for various social needs and client groups.” Veronica Clifton, Social Worker and Practice Teacher This easy to use guide provides key information, hints and tips to help you to develop your report writing style and to consider best practice in your written communication. The book contains: l l l l

A range of report templates Examples of good practice in report writing Specialist chapters covering legal, policy and assessment situations Checklists to provide reminders of content and style requirements

Paperback £9.99 2012 128pp

ISBN: 978-0-335-24527-7 eBook: 978-0-335-24528-4

Applying a Personalised Approach to Eligibility Criteria

This concise pocketbook covers the day-to-day tasks required in setting up, managing and recording contact visits. Practitioners and students will find this book invaluable in helping them to understand best practice in this area, as well as the common pitfalls and mistakes that can be made, and how to overcome these.

Daisy Bogg Independent Social Worker and Consultant, UK

The eligibility criteria for social care services can be difficult to apply to complex needs.

ISBN: 978-0-335-24523-9 eBook: 978-0-335-24524-6

This book includes a range of useful practice suggestions and guidance to help social workers think about how they can apply eligibility to psychosocial issues and needs to ensure individuals are able to access appropriate support options. Paperback £9.99 2012 112pp


ISBN: 978-0-335-24515-4 eBook: 978-0-335-24516-1

Open UP eBooks are widely available, for full details visit

ISBN: 978-0-335-24513-0 eBook: 978-0-335-24514-7


SOCIAL WORK POCKETBOOKS Assessments in Social Work with Adults Elaine Aspinwall-Roberts Liverpool John Moores University, UK

“This is an excellent addition to the pocket book series; offering sound practical approaches to everyday assessments and real-life examples on how to deal with problematic situations when working in Adult Social Care ... I thoroughly recommend this book both as a key text for students and reference guide for practitioners.” Liz Armitage, Newly Qualified Social Worker This accessible survival guide is friendly, nonpatronising and realistic about the day-to-day difficulties and challenges associated with assessing adults. It encourages you to reflect on how you work, and what you bring to the task. The book contains: l l l l

Practical examples, advice and tips, including dealing with pitfalls Good practice and point of law reminders Fresh ideas on how to develop your assessment skills with adults Advice on working constructively with others in the field


Working with Substance Users

Bill McKitterick Former Director of Social Services

“This excellent book is a back to basics reminder of the fundamentals of supervision. It provides an easy to read guide to improve and strengthen the essential yet sometimes neglected supervision process. One particular strength is the good-practice checklists in each chapter; they summarise what is core and crucial to the effectiveness of supervision, providing useful examples of practice and a ‘what to do’ list of actions.” Sofie Franklin, Child Protection Social Worker, UK Supervision has a special place in the development of social work practice skills and continuing professional development. However it can be neglected or overshadowed. This book focuses on the practical and workable ways for preparing for and using supervision, ensuring it is provided and making improvements if it is not working for you. Written by an experienced practitioner, this book recognises the working environment of social workers and their managers and provides the structure for them to collaborate as peers.

Kim Heanue and Chris Lawton University of Huddersfield, UK; Manager in the Voluntary Sector, UK

“Heanue and Lawton have created an excellent source for any social work practitioner. This book is a clear, easy reader with boxes in each section to highlight key points, checklists and examples of practice.” Louisa Saunders, Newly Qualified Social Worker Social workers are often faced with issues of substance misuse, whether they work in children's services, adult services or mental health. Written by authors with widespread experience in the profession, this pocketbook will assist students and social workers in: l l l l

Understanding drug and alcohol misuse Assessing the risks Recognising how and when to intervene Liaising more effectively with drug treatment services

Paperback £9.99 2012 112pp

Useful features include: Paperback £9.99 2012 96pp

ISBN: 978-0-335-24521-5 eBook: 978-0-335-24522-2

l l l l l

Practical ways for supervisors and social workers to prepare for and use supervision Strategies to improve supervision or start again when it has fallen into disuse Methods and advice to protect and prioritise time and space for supervision Advice on maintaining supervision alongside organisational focus on performance management Addressing supervision in multi-professional settings

Paperback £9.99 2012 136pp

ISBN: 978-0-335-24525-3 eBook: 978-0-335-24526-0

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ISBN: 978-0-335-24519-2 eBook: 978-0-335-24520-8

GENERAL SOCIAL WORK Reflective Practice for Social Workers

Critical Analysis Skills for Social Workers

Teamworking Skills for Social Workers

A Handbook for Developing Professional Confidence

David Wilkins and Godfred Boahen

Ruben Martin

Linda Bruce Former Lecturer and Training Officer

“This is a well-written text that provides much-needed clarity around a central process within professional social work. Students, practitioners and managers will learn lots about how to use reflection effectively. Linda Bruce writes with authority and a deep understanding - she has done an excellent job.” Steven Hothersall, Head of Social Work Education, Edge Hill University, UK This book demystifies the reflective process and provides a straight forward knowledge base to enhance professional development. This book will help you to understand and evidence your development as a reflective practitioner, and guide the assessment of others’ ability to reflect.

University of Kent; The Open University, UK

This book offers a very basic, step-by-step model to help any social worker to develop an analytical mindset. It shows how analysis can be woven into the whole process of social work engagement, resulting in better decision making, more efficient ways of working and, ultimately, better outcomes for social work service users. Topics covered include: l l

The skills that underpin critical analysis The role of emotion and intuition in critical analysis l Models to aid critical analysis l The importance of supervision, and the idea that good analysis does not happen when social workers try to do it on their own Paperback £21.99 2013 160pp

Topics covered include:

Paperback £22.99 2013 160pp

ISBN: 978-0-335-24408-9 eBook: 978-0-335-24409-6

University of Kent, UK

This book provides a practical and applied overview of the different types of teams social workers will encounter, and explores the dynamics present when people work together, the roles individuals play and the skills necessary for effective teamworking in the context of social work practice. Topics covered include: l l l l

The variety of teams that involve social workers Characteristics of individuals who are part of a team and the formal and informal roles they play The importance of emotional intelligence and resilience and the concept of self-leadership and personal development How being part of a team relates to working in organisations

Paperback £21.99 2013 144pp

Facing Danger in the Helping Professions


How to develop a professional identity and an understanding of professional culture l A summary of key theoretical explanations of the concepts of ‘reflection’ and ‘reflective practice’ l The significance of Emotional Intelligence for social work practice and how the reflective process can enhance interpersonal and intrapersonal competence l How to overcome common obstacles to reflective practice, including low motivation and lack of confidence in your reflective abilities l How to write reflectively in order to evidence development of reflective practice to others l How to create a learning environment that enables growth and development through reflection and provides accurate assessment outcomes

ISBN: 978-0-335-24649-6 eBook: 978-0-335-24650-2

A Skilled Approach Iain Bourne Director of IMPACT Training and Consultation Ltd, UK

The book focuses on the immediate face-to-face management of interpersonal danger, and it looks at ways in which helping professionals should implement good practice, while dealing with the moments of extreme stress, confusion, fear and anxiety that these situations give rise to. Key features: l

Based on the author’s dangerous behaviour training courses l Helps the reader to understand and control their reactions in moments of stress and effectively diffuse situations l Case studies are used to allow the reader to place themselves in the incident and reflect on what they might be thinking, feeling and doing in situation Paperback £24.99 2013 232pp


ISBN: 978-0-335-24583-3 eBook: 978-0-335-245840

Open UP eBooks are widely available, for full details visit

ISBN: 978-0-335-24605-2 eBook: 978-0-335-24648-9




Social Policy 4/e Ken Blakemore and Louise Warwick-Booth

Social Work Skills and Knowledge 3/e

Swansea University; Leeds Metropolitan University, UK

A Practice Handbook

Melanie Parris

Pamela Trevithick

Bucks New University, UK


An Introduction

“This textbook has always been a useful teaching resource because it combines substantial and engaging analysis with ‘stand alone’ extracts. The new edition adds a chapter on global social policy, updates on the Coalition Government and guides to what is in the book. The added activities are well thought out and can be adapted or expanded to suit the needs of particular students.” Hedley Bashforth, Teaching Fellow in Social Policy, University of Bath, UK “Social Policy: An Introduction will remain a core social policy text on reading lists across the country due to its well written and comprehensive nature. Completely revised, it has been updated and extended to reflect contemporary developments in social policy, including the policy implications of the Coalition Government, and now includes a chapter on global social policy environments reflecting the continued internationalisation of social policy debates. Updated pedagogical features, which include activities for the reader, learning outcomes at the start of each chapter and detailed case studies throughout, enhance this thought-provoking and stimulating text.” Dr Liam Foster, University of Sheffield, UK

Bucks New University, UK

“A fantastic guide to social work practice and one I would recommend for the bookshelf of any social work student. It has a user friendly style that presents issues in an accessible way.” Kate Grant, Social Work Student, University of Bristol, UK “A brilliant MUST BUY book for all social workers. It covers an amazing range of issues which are easy to find using the index. I will use it constantly throughout my career.” Amanda Moorcroft, Social Work Practitioner, UK

Social Work Skills and Knowledge is considered to be a leading text in the field of social work skills and the knowledge base underpinning practice. The book is in-depth, scholarly but very accessible and extremely well regarded by students, academics and practitioners alike. This 3rd edition has been thoroughly updated to include sections on theoretical, factual and practice knowledge, and clearly relates these to contemporary social work. Pam Trevithick addresses key issues and debates on social work and features a wide range of up-to-date illustrative examples, accessible appendices and comprehensive references. Paperback £23.99 2012 432pp

ISBN: 978-0-335-23807-1 eBook: 978-0-335-24062-3


“A very practical and accessible introduction to some of the key concepts and notions which are needed by practitioners in social work. This book helpfully explores the relationship between social work and social care, setting social work in a broader context. It addresses a spectrum of relevant issues such as communication, collaboration and working with service users whilst encouraging more critical and analytical thinking with a wealth of ‘Pause for Thought’ exercises.” Georgina Koubel, Senior Lecturer, Canterbury Christ Church University, UK This book introduces key areas of social work knowledge and skills, and is invaluable reading for social work students preparing for their first practice placement, or taking introductory practice modules. The book provides a foundation for students to develop appropriate professional standards of behaviour, with the ultimate goal of becoming a competent and confident practitioner. Topics include working in teams and organisations, recording information and writing professionally, managing stress and fear and being assertive. Paperback £21.99 2012 224pp

This is a much-needed and thorough update of this highly respected introductory textbook to social policy. This is a fast-moving field and there have been many developments since the previous edition published. Updates include: l

Changes in social policy introduced by the Coalition government l Incorporation of an international perspective throughout, as well as a new chapter; ‘The global social policy environment’ l Updated pedagogy and text design to suit contemporary student needs Paperback £27.99 2013 376pp

An Introduction to Social Work Practice

ISBN: 978-0-335-24662-5 eBook: 978-0-335-24663-2

Customise your course reading, visit

ISBN: 978-0-335-23840-8 eBook: 978-0-335-23842-2

GENERAL SOCIAL WORK The Social Worker's Guide to the Social Sciences


The Key Concepts

This book provides social work students and professionals with core knowledge of the most important concepts in the social sciences. Offering a straightforward guide to diverse and complex disciplines, the book will equip and encourage you to delve further into the way societies function and individuals behave. Paperback £21.99 2013 304pp

Understanding Social Work

The Definitive A to Z of Social Work and Social Care

History and Context

Staffordshire University; Manchester University, UK

Staffordshire University; Manchester University, UK

“This should be one of the first books you put in your bag in the morning. Concise yet thorough, with full and accessible explanations, it is set out in a way that readily demonstrates the link between social science and social work. An exceptional, user friendly guide which you will use and re-use as a ‘must have’ reference text.” Martin Sheedy, Liverpool John Moores University, UK

Dictionary of Social Work

Martin Thomas and John Pierson (Eds)

John Pierson and Martin Thomas

With over 1500 entries, this popular dictionary provides concise and up-to-date explanations of the theories, approaches and terminology that define front line social work and social care. These entries explain, in jargon-free language, how key concepts can be used to improve practice. Clear explanations outline significant developments such as Every Child Matters and the personalization of adult services. Paperback £21.99 2010 560pp

Race and Ethnicity in a Welfare Society

Core Themes in Social Work

Liverpool John Moores University, UK

This book encourages students and practitioners to connect with the important debates surrounding the core themes in social work and challenges them to revisit the direction social work is and should be going in. The key contexts of social work are explored using knowledge from the disciplines of social theory, politics, sociology, psychology and ethics. Paperback £19.99 2012 184pp

Staffordshire University, UK

The evolution of social work offers a rich source of insight and inspiration for contemporary practice. It is essential that students understand how it has been shaped by past events and what this means for the future of social work and their roles as social workers. Paperback £22.99 2011 264pp

ISBN: 978-0-335-23795-1 eBook: 978-0-335-24028-9

Advocacy and Social Work Practice

ISBN: 978-0-335-23881-1 eBook: 978-0-335-23883-5

Charlotte Williams OBE and Mark R D Johnson

Martin Sheedy

John Pierson

Tom Wilks

ISBN: 978-0-335-24571-0 eBook: 978-0-335-24572-7

Power, Poverty, Politics and Values


Keele University; De Montfort University, Leicester, UK

This book considers major transformations in the delivery and practices of welfare, their implications for the engagement, access and participation of ethnic minorities, as well as covering issues of race and ethnicity within the context of a variety of welfare policy arenas. The book suggests ways that welfare practices could be transformed to incorporate the ideas such as 'cosmopolitan citizenship' within a welfare society. Paperback £24.99 2010 248pp

ISBN: 978-0-335-22531-6 eBook: 978-0-335-24077-7

London South Bank University, UK

Skills in advocacy are essential for every social work student and practitioner. This accessible book provides an introduction to advocacy, examining the theoretical knowledge and practical skills needed to undertake advocacy roles and work constructively with the growing number of independent advocates. The book also includes: l l l

A range of practical examples from a variety of different settings, linking theory and practice A strong focus on skills, with specific strategies for presenting a case effectively and assertive negotiation Coverage of the current practice context, including statutory advocacy roles and the impact of personalisation on advocacy

Paperback £22.99 2012 208pp

ISBN: 978-0-335-24455-3 eBook: 978-0-335-24456-0

Open UP eBooks are widely available, for full details visit

ISBN: 978-0-335-24303-7 eBook: 978-0-335-24304-4



Workplace Learning in Health and Social Care

A Sociology Of Mental Health and Illness 5/e

Carolyn Jackson and Claire Thurgate

University of Southampton; University of Liverpool, UK

Paperback £18.99 2011 160pp

Contents: Perspectives on mental health and illness / Social stratification and mental health / Gender, sexuality and mental health / Race, ethnicity and mental health / Age, ageing and mental health / The organization of mental health work / Mental health work and professions / The treatment of mental health problems / Prisons, criminal justice and mental health / Mental health and legalism / Stigma and recovery / Users of mental health services / Prevention, public mental health and the pursuit of happiness Paperback £28.99 May 2014 352pp

ISBN: 978-0-335-26276-2 eBook: 978-0-335-26277-9

ISBN: 978-0-335-23750-0 eBook: 978-0-335-23977-1

The new edition of this bestselling book has been thoroughly updated and the seven-eyed supervision model which is at the core of the book has been expanded and developed to reflect its use in many professions and different parts of the world. The authors have added a number of new approaches, models and techniques including: l l

A former BMA Medical Book of the Year award winner, this book provides a sociological analysis of major areas of mental health and illness and helps students to develop a critical approach to the subject. This new edition is fully updated, taking into consideration changes in the areas of sociology, social psychiatry and policy analysis and changes to policy and therapeutic law. This is a key teaching and learning resource for undergraduates and postgraduates studying a range of medical sociology and health-related courses, as well as trainee mental health workers in the fields of social work, nursing, clinical psychology and psychiatry.

Bath Consultancy Group; Centre for Supervision and Team Development, UK

Both at Canterbury Christ Church University, UK

This book is an essential student guide to getting the most out of your workplace learning experiences. The book is designed to help you understand how it links to your foundation degree, lifelong learning and your own individual personal development.

The Solution Focused Helper Ethics and Practice in Health and Social Care Trish Walsh Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

“Walsh’s book is not only thorough, thoughtful, and clearly written, it is also timely because as SF practice applications with their parallel knowledge bases continue to multiply, the questions Walsh addresses so competently are cutting edge for adopting a SF approach to practice in human services.” Peter De Jong, Solution-focused Therapist, Trainer, and Consultant and Emeritus Professor of Social Work, Calvin College, USA Based in part on original research with over 50 practitioners, this absorbing book provides a practice model for solution-focused helping, developed from real-life experiences across a number of settings. Paperback £22.99 2010 248pp

ISBN: 978-0-335-22884-3 eBook: 978-0-335-24066-1

Supervision in the Helping Professions 4/e Peter Hawkins and Robin Shohet

A Student's Guide

Anne Rogers and David Pilgrim

“A Sociology of Mental Health and Illness is an intellectual 'tour de force'. Rogers and Pilgrim cogently dismantle professional pretensions towards mastery of mental illness, and in their place construct compelling arguments for the need to focus on the social, economic and political determinants of mental well-being.” Professor Chris Dowrick, University of Liverpool, UK


l l

Techniques for supervising in groups The CLEAR model for structuring the process of a supervision session How to adapt supervision to learning styles How to use video and interpersonal process recall in training supervisors

The chapter on working transculturally has been expanded to include analysis of the challenges of working with asylum seekers and refugees. Paperback £26.99 2012 304pp

ISBN: 978-0-335-24311-2 eBook: 978-0-335-24354-9

Learning Disability 2/e A Life cycle Approach Gordon Grant, Paul Ramcharan, Margaret Flynn and Malcolm Richardson (Eds) Sheffield Hallam University, UK; RMIT University, Australia; Flynn and Eley Associates Ltd, UK; Sheffield Hallam University, UK

This text has established itself as the foundational primer for those studying the lived experiences of people with learning disabilities and their families, and outcomes achieved through services and support systems. Paperback £32.99 2010 536pp

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ISBN: 978-0-335-23843-9 eBook: 978-0-335-23844-6


Social Work with Adults


Canterbury Christ Church University, UK

Murna Downs and Barbara Bowers (Eds) University of Bradford, UK; University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA

“This book is to be recommended for anybody who is interested in a multi-, inter- or even cross-disciplinarian approach to care for dementia. It might also be useful for a nonprofessional audience also because it is extremely didactic and accessible.” International Journal of Integrated Care This scholarly yet accessible textbook is the most comprehensive single text in the field of dementia care. Drawn from research evidence, international expertise and good practice guidelines, the book has been crafted alongside people with dementia and their families. Case studies and quotes in every chapter illustrate the realities of living with dementia and bring the theory to life. Fully updated with 10 brand new chapters, this landmark textbook has enormous breadth and gives an authoritative overview of dementia care. The 2nd edition now includes chapters on the following topics: l l l l l l l

Dementia friendly communities Representations of dementia in the media Younger people with dementia The arts and dementia Enhancing relationships between families and those with dementia Whole person assessment Transitions in care

Contents: Part 1: The context of dementia care Part 2: Conceptualizing dementia care / Part 3: Best practice dementia care for the person / Part 4: Care pathways / Part 5: Making sustainable change happen in dementia care: Changing the culture of care Paperback £32.99 September 2014 608pp

The Pocketbook Guide to Mental Health Act Assessments

Georgina Koubel (Ed)

Principles and Practices

ISBN: 978-0-335-24533-8 eBook: 978-0-335-24534-5

“Few texts capture or combine the perspectives and experiences of both adult service users and those social workers who seek to support and work alongside them. This one does and should be applauded for this. The reader gains a real sense of each contributor as a person and as a professional and/or service user. This is, above all, a positive, forward-looking book and one which I recommend to students, practice educators and university lecturers alike.” Jem Price, Social Worker and Senior Lecturer, University of Brighton, UK “This is a well written, authoritative and accessible text that would be a good resource for anyone wanting to learn about social work with adults in the UK. Each chapter is well organised, with clearly expressed learning outcomes and with thoughtful activities included to support learning.” Dr Peter Scourfield, Senior Lecturer in Social Work, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, UK

Social Work with Adults is a definitive and accessible textbook on adult services for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. This invaluable book explores developments in working with adults from the days of the Poor Laws to current policies on personalisation in a dynamic and informative way. Written with expertise gained either through professional roles or through life experience, the book captures the voices and personal experiences of practitioners and service users, as well as those of academics and trainers. These experts examine the social and political contexts that frame social work and share their insights and understanding around the topic, bringing the dilemmas and discourses to life. Paperback £23.99 2013 232pp


Claire Barcham Camden and Islington Mental Health and Social Care Trust, UK

“This guide is an excellent resource … It has a good balance between the legal context and practical/ operational issues. I particularly like the checklists and examples from practice which can be used as an aide memoire … This will be an invaluable reference book to keep in your assessment bag.” Karen Lloyd, Training Consultant & AMHP, Oldham Council, UK This handy pocketbook for Approved Mental Health Professionals (AMHPs) provides key advice for busy practitioners on the day-to-day aspects of using and applying the Mental Health Act. This includes practical advice on how to set up an assessment, how to undertake an assessment and how to make and implement informed decisions quickly. The busy practitioner will find this guide invaluable when they need to quickly find information to complete an assessment. This useful book includes: l l l l

A summary of the different sources of law and explanation of where the Mental Capacity Act fits in Examples of best practice and common pitfalls Checklists and decision making flow charts Links to the law that AMHPs need to be aware of in their practice

Written by an experienced practitioner, this practical guide is not only suitable for new and experienced social workers, but also junior doctors and those considering training as an AMHP. Paperback £19.99 2012 176pp

ISBN: 978-0-335-24542-0 eBook: 978-0-335-24543-7

Open UP eBooks are widely available, for full details visit

ISBN: 978-0-335-24507-9 eBook: 978-0-335-24508-6


SOCIAL WORK WITH ADULTS AND OLDER PEOPLE Personalisation for Social Workers Opportunities and Challenges for Frontline Practice Jenni Burton, Thomas Toscano and Mariam Zonouzi All at Buckinghamshire New University; UK

Personalisation remains a huge talking point in the world of social care. This timely book addresses the tensions, opportunities and challenges faced by social workers attempting to implement personal funding and support. Written by three academics with extensive first hand experience of supporting people in personalised ways, the book highlights the ethical dilemmas and complexities of frontline practice and is grounded in a pragmatic and creative approach to personalisation. The authors offer an honest representation of positive aspects of personalisation and examine areas that cause concern. The book also: l l l


Contains scenarios based on realistic examples of supporting service users and carers Recognises the political, social, cultural and individual factors that interplay in personalisation

Social Work and Drug Use Ian Paylor, Fiona Measham and Hugh Asher

Margaret Greenfields, Roger Dalrymple and Agnes Fanning (Eds)

All at Lancaster University, UK

This text aims to provide a comprehensive basis for social workers to develop a rounded and considered approach to their practice with drug and alcohol users, in light of a clear understanding of the competing pressures that impact on drug and alcohol users’ lives. The book unravels the relevant theory and research and provides insights and practical pointers for those working with drug users.

All at Buckinghamshire New University, UK

“This important book brings together valuable resources and insights in a key area of practice which has often been overlooked, and where disadvantage and discrimination are rife, but which also deserves and demands serious attention of the kind offered here.” Roger Smith, Professor of Social Work Research, De Montfort University, UK

Key topics covered include: l l l l

Prevalence, patterns and policy and defining drug users Stigma, HCV and HIV; care and control The service user’s perspective; involving service users in services and interventions Recovery; networking, advocacy and empowerment

Paperback £23.99 2012 184pp

Provides a balance between an academic understanding of personalisation and application in practice

ISBN: 978-0-335-23455-4 eBook: 978-0-335-24023-4

This book discusses adult vulnerability in a range of health, social care and community contexts through a series of thematic approaches. The distinctive emphasis of the book combines an overview of the social policy context with a theorized and critical stance on each of the key areas. Issues of equality of opportunity and the position of minority communities are addressed in each chapter. Paperback £22.99 2011 296pp

Social Work with Older People

Presents a vision for what the future would look like with fully implemented personalisation in adult social care

Paperback £22.99 2012 128pp

Working with Adults at Risk of Harm

Approaches to Person-Centred Practice

ISBN: 978-0-335-24395-2 eBook: 978-0-335-24396-9

Barbara Hall and Terry Scragg (Eds) Both at the University of Chichester, UK

This book takes a unique person-centred approach to working with older people and provides an introduction to the legislation, policy, theory and research needed by social workers. Paperback £22.99 2012 256pp

ISBN: 978-0-335-24420-1 eBook: 978-0-335-24421-8

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ISBN: 978-0-335-24122-4 eBook: 978-0-335-24124-8

SOCIAL WORK WITH CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE Communication with Children and their Families


Brian Corby, David Shemmings and David Wilkins

Liz Davies and Evelyn Kerrigan Lebloch

This is an innovative book that uses scripts from real life situations to demonstrate every day scenarios social workers encounter when communicating with children and their families. Each scenario presents best practice and also common pitfalls that social workers could fall into. Readers are guided through relevant theoretical frameworks, legislation, policy and various ethical dilemmas related to each situation to gain a thorough understanding of the best ways to communicate with children and their families in complex and challenging situations. Paperback £21.99 2013 224pp

ISBN: 978-0-335-24418-8 eBook: 978-0-335-24419-5

Social Work in the Youth Justice System

An Evidence Base for Confident Practice

Responding to Need and Protection Both at London Metropolitan University, UK

Child Abuse 4/e

A Multidisciplinary Perspective Darrell Fox and Elaine Arnull

Late of University of Central Lancashire; University of Kent; University of Kent, UK

“This text stands out in the field [due to] its comprehensiveness. While it makes a conventional bow to the necessity for up-to-date research and evidencebased practice, it is unusual in its insistence that to be fully understood these issues must also be seen in both a historic and a cross-cultural perspective. This updated edition should prove invaluable to students, academics, policy makers and professionals across many jurisdictions.” Helen Buckley, Associate Professor and Co-ordinator, Postgraduate Diploma in Child Protection and Welfare, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland This seminal text on theory and research has been fully updated in terms of policy, cases and research. With a clarity of writing, the authors provide a knowledge base for the whole area of child abuse and child protection which is accessible to both the qualified experienced practitioner and in-experienced student, in particular the use of clear examples used to highlight a discussion or point.

Children's and Families Services for the Yukon Government in Canada; Bucks New University, UK

This book has been designed for social workers working within the youth justice system. This is a highly demanding area of practice requiring a depth of knowledge and skill. All Youth Offending Teams are required to employ a social worker, yet it is often a challenge to find space within youth justice practice to uphold social work values. This practical book demonstrates how practitioners can work in creative, ethical and reflective ways within youth offending teams.Topics include: l l l l l

Legislation Multiagency working Risk assessment Working with high risk offenders Alternative interventions

Case studies, vignettes and reflective questions are used throughout to help students and practitioners relate theory directly to practice. Paperback £23.99 2013 184pp

The book provides: l l l l l

Summaries of content at the beginning of each chapter Detailed history chapters with chronologies at the end Critical debate / standpoint on research studies and statistics Comprehensive coverage of relevant issues, historical and contemporary Extensive bibliography

Paperback £27.99 2012 424pp


ISBN: 978-0-335-24509-3 eBook: 978-0-335-24510-9

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ISBN: 978-0-335-24569-7 eBook: 978-0-335-24570-3


SOCIAL WORK WITH CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE ‘Transforming’ Children’s Services?

Understanding Advocacy for Children and Young People

Social Work, Neoliberalism and the ‘Modern’ World

Jane Boylan and Jane Dalrymple

National University in Galway, Ireland

“This is an excellent book and one of the best I have read for some time. It is a must have for all social work and social policy students and practitioners. Policy makers and managers should also read and digest this, even though they will probably find large parts an uncomfortable read.” Steve Rogowski, Review in Professional Social Work This book provides an accessible overview of the ‘transformation’ of Children’s Services. In doing this, it draws on social theory, critical social policy and takes account of developments in other countries. Paul Michael Garrett argues that the many changes which have taken place within, and beyond, Children’s Services are related to the politics of Neoliberalism which, it is maintained, lie at the core of the Change for Children programme. Paperback £25.99 2009 200pp

ISBN: 978-0-335-23425-7 eBook: 978-0-335-23954-2

“The authors of this most instructive book see the 'radical potential' of advocacy to promote the voice and agency of the young ... This is a significant book ... It should prove useful to students of social work, law, and pre-eminently of children's rights. It is not an easy read, but it is well worth engaging with.” Children and Society, Vol 24. 2010 Presenting children and young people's advocacy as an exciting, radical and constantly developing way of working, this book explores its controversial and challenging nature through a comprehensive examination of the theory and practice of advocacy. The authors draw on their own research and the experiences of young people, advocates and professionals working with children and young people to examine key messages and debates that have emerged. Case examples are used to illustrate advocacy dilemmas in a range of settings. Paperback £23.99 2009 160pp

Working with ‘Denied’ Child Abuse Andrew Turnell and Susie Essex Child Protection Consultant, Perth, Australia; Family Therapist for North Bristol CAMHS, UK

This text presents an innovative, safety-focused, partnership-based, model called Resolutions, which provides an alternative approach for responding rigorously and creatively to such cases. It describes each stage of this practical model and demonstrates the approach through many case examples from therapists, statutory social workers and other professionals working in Europe, North America and Australasia. ISBN: 978-0-335-21657-4 eBook: 978-0-335-23030-3

ISBN: 978-0-335-22373-2 eBook: 978-0-335-23919-1

McGraw-Hill Create™ allows you to create customised eBooks and print books to support your teaching. Create the ultimate book for your course by selecting chapters from different OpenUP books and adding your own notes to create a book that fits perfectly to your module outline.

Flexible content options š    š   š  

9h[Wj[™YWd^[bfoekjeZ[b_l[ [hjW_beh[Z Yekhi[cWj[h_WbjeoekhijkZ[d dji"XhWdZ[Z m_j^oekhkd_l[hi_jo¾ibe]eWdZ Z_dYbkZ_d] oekhemddej[i$ OekhYkijeccWj[h_WbYekbZX[ Oe X WlW_bWXb[ Wifh_dj"[Xeeai"_dZ_l_ZkWbY^ ^Wfj[hieh Z[fWhjc[djb_Y[dY[i\ehBCIYedj[dj$ 9edj[djYWdX[Z[b_l[h[Zl_WWZ_h[Yj Z[fWhjc[djiWb[ehZemdbeWZ Z[Z\hecj^[ 9h[Wj[JC[8eeaijeh[XoijkZ[ [dji$

Create a custom project in three steps:

The Resolutions Approach

Paperback £25.99 2006 224pp

Customise your course reading

University of Keele; University of the West of England, UK

Paul Michael Garrett

š Find - The state-of-the-art search engine allows you to filter through books, sort the results and select content. š Arrange - Match your textbook to your teaching style in minutes. š Personalise - Add your own notes to tailor your book to your course content.

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Doing a Literature Review in Health and Social Care 3/e Helen Aveyard

Both at Oxford Brookes University, UK

Oxford Brookes University, UK

“This really helped me complete my dissertation. Well set out, easy to understand and for literature review beginners a very good place to start.” “This book has really helped me understand what a literature review is, and gives great insight into what is expected from your literature review.” “Buy this book: it's a god send!” This bestselling book is a step-by-step guide to doing a literature review in health and social care. It is vital reading for all those undertaking their undergraduate or postgraduate dissertation or any research module which involves a literature review. The book provides a practical guide to doing a literature review from start to finish. This third edition includes: l l l l l

More examples of real life research scenarios More emphasis on how to ask the right question More advice on following a clear search strategy Expanded guide to using a range of critical appraisal tools More coverage of how to write up your results

Contents: Why do a literature review in health and social care? / How do I develop a question for my literature review? / What literature will be relevant to my literature review? / How do I search for literature? / How do I critically appraise the literature? / How do I analyse my findings? / How do I discuss my findings and make recommendations? / FAQ Paperback £19.99 January 2014 208pp


The jargon-free accessible language and up-to-date examples in this book make it a valuable resource for a range of health professionals. The importance of evidence based practice means that this text will be as relevant for experienced practitioners as it will be for students embarking on a career in health and social care. Sally Dowling, Senior Lecturer, University of the West of England, UK This is the book for anyone who has ever wondered what evidence based practice is or how to relate it to practice. Fully updated in this brand new edition, this book is simple and easy to understand – and designed to help those new to the topic to apply the concept to their practice and learning with ease. This new edition features: l l l l

Additional material on literature reviews and searching for literature Even more examples for health and social care practice Extra material on qualitative research and evidence based practice Expanded section on hierarchies of evidence

This books is key reading for everyone involved in looking at and applying evidence in healthcare. Paperback £21.99 2013 200pp

A Beginner’s Guide to Critical Thinking in Health and Social Care Helen Aveyard, Pam Sharp and Mary Woolliams

Helen Aveyard and Pam Sharp

A Practical Guide Amazon reviews for the 2nd edition:

A Beginner’s Guide to EvidenceBased Practice in Health and Social Care 2/e


All at Oxford Brookes University, UK

“A critical approach to reading and writing is expected from all students in health and social care courses. However, students often find this one of the more difficult aspects. This book sets about correcting the problem, and it does so in a step by step fashion by using relevant examples, learning activities and highlighting key information. It encourages readers to think and evaluate written material for themselves, and not to take every piece of literature as Gospel. The book is very well written and laid out. It uses plain English and relies on very little on jargon, therefore making it very readable. I will definitely use it going into my course and would have no hesitation recommending it to course tutors and peers.” Conor Hamilton, Student Nurse, Queen's University Belfast, UK This is a beginner's guide to the skills of critical thinking, writing and appraisal in health and social care, and talks you through every stage of becoming a critical thinker. Each chapter tackles a different aspect of the process and using examples and simple language shows you how it's done. Paperback £19.99 2011 168pp

ISBN: 978-0-335-24672-4 eBook: 978-0-335-24673-1

ISBN: 978-0-335-26307-3 eBook: 978-0-335-26308-0

Open UP eBooks are widely available, for full details visit

ISBN: 978-0-335-24366-2 eBook: 978-0-335-24367-9





Research Methods in Health 4/e

University of Southampton, UK

This bestselling book provides an accessible introduction to the concepts and practicalities of research methods in health and health services. This new edition has been extensively re-worked and expanded and now includes expanded coverage of: l l l l l l l

Qualitative methods Social research Evaluation methodology Mixed methods Secondary data analysis Literature reviewing and critical appraisal Evidence based practice

Covering all core methodologies in detail the book is grounded in the author's career as a researcher on health and health service issues, and the valuable experience this has provided in meeting the challenges of research on people and organisations in real life settings.

Malcolm Carey University of Manchester, UK

Research is now identified as comprising an integral part of everyday practice within health and social care. This edition equips students and practitioners within social work with the skills and knowledge to effectively undertake research and complete their dissertation. The book demystifies tasks which may at first seem difficult, such as the literature review or interviews with practitioners, and clarifies the research process by providing a straightforward guide to the basics. Topics include: l l l l l l


an essential companion for students and researchers of health and health services, health clinicians and policy-makers with responsibility for applying research findings and judging the soundness of research.

Social Research 4/e Tim May University of Salford, UK

This text successfully bridges the gap between theory and methods in social research, clearly illuminating these essential components for understanding the dynamics of social relations. Updates include: l l l l

Glyndwr University, UK

This handy book is an ideal companion for all health and nursing students looking for an accessible guide to research. Written in a friendly style, the book takes the stress out of research learning by offering realistic, practical guidance and demystifying research methods jargon. The book takes you through the main methods, tools and approaches used by health researchers and uses examples and case studies to highlight good and bad practice in research. Ideal for students and practitioners new to the subject! Paperback £19.99 2012 216pp

New chapters, including case study research Links to additional websites and IT applications Updated experiential examples and scenarios More international examples

Paperback £26.99 2011 320pp

ISBN: 978-0-335-23567-4 eBook: 978-0-335-23998-6

ISBN: 978-0-335-24473-7 eBook: 978-0-335-24474-4

Doing Social Work Research Roger Smith

ISBN: 978-0-335-24759-2 eBook: 978-0-335-24760-8

Issues, Methods and Process

Contents: Section 1: Investigating health services and health: The scope of research / Section 2: The philosophy, theory and practice / Section 3: Quantitative research: Sampling and research methods / Section 4: The tools of quantitative research / Section 5: Qualitative and mixed research methods ISBN: 978-0-335-26274-8 eBook: 978-0-335-26275-5

Tracy Ross

Deciding a topic Setting a research question and clear objectives Stages followed whilst completing a dissertation How to undertake a literature review Analysis and writing up Ethical issues

Paperback £23.99 2013 256pp

Research Methods in Health, Fourth Edition is

Paperback £29.99 June 2014 528pp

A Survival Guide for Health Research Methods

Using Small-Scale Qualitative Methodology

Investigating Health and Health Services Ann Bowling

The Social Work Dissertation 2/e

De Montfort University, UK

“This book offers many practical examples of research projects taken from the author’s own experience as a researcher. These examples illustrate the usually complex concepts of research methodology by showing how they are practised in the real world of social work. Especially useful are the common features of social work research discussed at length in the final chapter, as a way of finding common ground in the disputed terrain of social work as a profession, and in social work research in particular.” Heather D’Cruz, School of Health and Social Development, Deakin University, Australia This accessible book will help intending researchers to relate 'methodology' to 'method', so that they can make authoritative decisions about how to turn initial research questions into valid and feasible investigative strategies. Paperback £23.99 2009 200pp

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ISBN: 978-0-335-23564-3 eBook: 978-0-335-24047-0

STUDY SKILLS Doing Your Research Project 6/e


The Good Research Guide 5/e

Just Write It! NEW EDITION

A Guide for First-time Researchers

For Small Scale Research Projects

Judith Bell and Stephen Waters

Martyn Denscombe

Former lecturer; Social Digital Coach with the Digitise Youth Academy, UK

De Montfort University, UK

This is the market leading book for anyone doing their research project. Clear, concise and extremely readable, this book provides a practical, step-by-step guide to doing a research project from start to finish.

as THE introductory book on the basics of social research. It provides practical and straightforward guidance for those who need to conduct smallscale research projects as part of their undergraduate, postgraduate or professional studies, covering all the major issues and concerns from start to finish. This brand new 5th edition is thoroughly updated throughout and includes developments in research such as the use of social media, internet research and online surveys.

Thoroughly updated but retaining its well-loved style, this 6th edition includes: l l l l

Information on using online surveys Information on online interviewing and using online platforms for observation, e.g. Skype, Google Hangouts New chapter on the use of social media in small scale research Thoroughly updated chapter on literature searching

This practical, no-nonsense guide is vital reading for all those embarking on undergraduate or postgraduate study in any discipline, and for professionals in such fields as social science, education and health

The Good Research Guide has established itself

New to this edition: l l

l l l

New material on the use of social media New and updated material on: - internet research - online surveys - narrative approaches - issues surrounding the 'interaction effect' ('halo effect' and 'interviewer effect') - issues surrounding validity and reliability New material on systematic literature reviews New material on research paradigms New material on the use of software for quantitative data analysis Updated pedagogy including further reading at the end of each chapter

Contents: Part 1: Preparing the ground / Approaches to research / Planning the project / Ethics and integrity in research / Reading, referencing and the management of information / Literature searching / The review of the literature / Part 2: Selecting methods of data collection / The analysis of documentary evidence / Social media and research / Designing and administering questionnaires / Planning and conducting interviews / Diaries, logs and critical incidents / Part 3: Interpreting the evidence and reporting the findings / Observation / Interpreting the evidence and reporting the findings / Writing the report / References / Index

Contents: Part 1: Strategies For Social Research / Surveys and sampling / Case studies / Experiments / Ethnography / Phenomenology / Grounded theory / Action research / Mixed methods / Part 2: Methods of social research / Questionnaires / Interviews and focus groups / Observation / Documents / Part 3: Analysis / Quantitative data / Qualitative data / Writing up the research

Paperback £21.99 August 2014 328pp

Paperback £21.99 September 2014 440pp

ISBN: 978-0-335-26446-9 eBook: 978-0-335-26447-6



Greta Solomon Freelance Professional Writer, Journalist, Writing Tutor and PR Practitioner, UK

“The biggest stumbling block for some students is their writing skills, yet the ability to articulate yourself in writing is vital for success. Just Write It! is a reader-friendly, step by step book, which demystifies academic writing and breaks the process down into bite-sized chunks. It gives great practical advice in simple stages, which guide the reader to developing their writing skills.” Vanessa Heaslip, Senior Lecturer in Adult Nursing, Bournemouth University, UK This book uses a proven method and set of techniques that unlock creativity and teach students to fully articulate their thoughts and tackle any written task. Quizzes, exercises and checklists allow students to assess their current writing behaviour and track their improvement. Paperback £11.99 2013 192pp

ISBN: 978-0-335-26470-4 eBook: 978-0-335-26471-1

Open UP eBooks are widely available, for full details visit

ISBN: 978-0-335-24599-4 eBook: 978-0-335-24600-7


STUDY SKILLS Teaching to Avoid Plagiarism

Your Phd Coach

How to Promote Good Source Use

Jeff Gill and Will Medd

Linnaeus University, Sweden

John Biggam

As a complex issue that requires thoughtful and sensitive handling, plagiarism simply cannot be addressed by warnings; detection software and punishment alone. Teaching to Avoid Plagiarism focuses on prevention rather than punishment and promotes a proactive, rather than reactive, approach to dealing with the issue.

This book is your own personal PhD coach. It’s not just about surviving your PhD, it’s about thriving in the experience. Taking a unique self-coaching approach, this book will enable you to understand how to navigate your way through the various challenges posed by PhD study with resilience, self-sufficiency, and the determination to succeed.

Drawing on her teaching experience as well as her academic research, Diane Pecorari offers a unique insight into this pervasive problem as well as practical advice on how to promote good source use to students and help them to avoid plagiarism. With a series of activities to help readers solidify their grasp of the approaches advised in the book, Teaching to Avoid Plagiarism is an essential guide for anyone in a student-facing role who wants to handle plagiarism more effectively.

Each chapter contains self-coaching challenges so that you can discover what works for you and generate fresh ideas to enable you to move forwards, banish self-doubt, bust procrastination, and realise your full potential to make the most of your PhD experience. Paperback £16.99 2013 184pp

ISBN: 978-0-335-24593-2 eBook: 978-0-335-24594-9

Research Proposals

Drawing a parallel between a research proposal and a sales pitch, this practical book shows you how to 'sell' your research idea, and guides you through each stage of doing a research proposal:

Paperback £19.99 2012 192pp

“The ONE book you need to guide you through writing your master's thesis ... The book provides structure, clarity, time management and advice on content for your dissertation. I am delighted to say I passed my Master's with a distinction and owe a lot to the guidance provided by this book.” Amazon Review This popular book continues to demystify the dissertation writing process. Taking a step-by-step approach to the dissertation life cycle and highlighting examples of good and bad practice and the common mistakes that students often make, the book provides clear guidance on how to gain marks, as well as how to avoid losing them. From your initial research proposal to your final submission, you will find this book an indispensible guide. Paperback £23.99 2011 384pp

University of the West of Scotland, UK

De Montfort University, UK

Choosing a research topic Reviewing the literature Formulating the research question Explaining the research methods Estimating the costs Planning the time involved Writing up the proposal

Glasgow Caledonian University, UK

Rowena Murray

A Practical Guide

l l l l l l l

ISBN: 978-0-335-24767-7 eBook: 978-0-335-24768-4

Writing for Academic Journals 3/e

Martyn Denscombe

Succeeding with your Master's Dissertation 2/e A Step-by-Step Handbook

Better Balance Coaching, UK; University of Lancaster, UK

Diane Pecorari

Paperback £24.99 2013 208pp


How to Get the PhD Experience You Want

Writing for publication is a daunting and time-consuming task for many academics. This book demystifies the process of writing academic papers, showing readers what good papers look like and how they can be written. The third edition has been comprehensively updated to reflect the changing landscape of academic writing, including the most recent research and theory on writing across the disciplines. Drawing on her extensive experience of running writing workshops and working closely with academics on developing writing, Rowena Murray offers practical and tested strategies for good academic writing. Paperback £22.99 2013 256pp

ISBN: 978-0-335-26302-8 eBook: 978-0-335-26303-5

ISBN: 978-0-335-24406-5 eBook: 978-0-335-24407-2

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ISBN: 978-0-335-24225-2 eBook: 978-0-335-24226-9

INDEX A Advocacy and Social Work Practice 7 Analysing Community Work 2/e 2 Applying a Personalised Approach to Eligibility Criteria, 3 Aspinwall-Roberts, E 4 Assessments in Social Work with Adults 4 Aveyard, H 13 Aveyard, H, Sharp, P 13 Aveyard, H, Sharp, P and Woolliams, M 13 B Barcham, C 9 Beginner’s Guide to Critical Thinking in Health and Social Care, A 13 Beginner’s Guide to Evidence-Based Practice in Health and Social Care, A 2/e 13 Bell, J and Waters, S 15 Blakemore, K and Warwick-Booth, L 6 Biggam, J 16 Bogg, D 3 Bourne, I 5 Bowling, A 14 Boylan, J and Dalrymple, J 12 Bruce, L 5 Burton, J, Toscano, T and Zonouzi, M 10 C Carey, M 14 Child Abuse 4/e 11 Communication with Children and Their Families 11 Conducting the Home Visit in Child Protection 3 Contemporary Social Work Practice 1 Corby, B, Shemmings, D and Wilkins, D 11 Core Themes in Social Work 7 Critical Analysis Skills for Social Workers 5 D Davies, L and Kerrigan Lebloch, E 11 Denscombe, M 15, 16 Dictionary of Social Work 7 Doing a Literature Review in Health and Social Care 3/e 13 Doing Social Work Research 14 Doing Your Research Project 6/e 15 Downs, M and Bowers, B 2, 9 E Excellence in Dementia Care 2/e 2, 9 F Facing Danger in the Helping Professions 5 Fenge, L.A., Howe, K, Hughes, M and Thomas, G 1 Fox, D and Arnull, E 11

G Garrett, P.M. 12 Good Research Guide, The 5/e 15 Gill, J and Medd, W 16 Grant, G, Ramcharan, P, Flynn, M, and Richardson, M 8 Greenfields, M, Dalrymple, R and Fanning, A 10 H Hall, B and Scragg, T 10 Hawkins, P and Shohet, R 8 Heanue, K and Lawton, C 4 I Introduction to Applying Social Work Theories and Methods, An 2/e 1 Introduction to Social Work Practice, An 6 J Jackson, C and Thurgate, C 8 Just Write It! 15 KL Koubel, G 9 Learning Disability 2/e 8 M Managing Contact for Young People 3 Martin, R 5 May, T 14 McKitterick, B 4 Murray, R 16 N Nicholas, W and Kerr, J 2 Nicolas, J 3 P Parris, M 6 Parrish, M 2 Paylor, I, Measham, F and Asher, H 10 Pecorari, D 16 Pierson, J 7 Pierson, J and Thomas, M 7 Personalisation for Social Workers 10 Pocketbook Guide to Mental Health Act Assessments, The 9 Popple, K 2 Practice Educating Social Work Students 2 R Race and Ethnicity in a Welfare Society 7 Reflective Practice for Social Workers 5 Report Writing 3 Research Methods in Health 4/e 14 Research Proposals 16 Rogers, A and Pilgrim, D 8 Ross, T 14


S Scott, S 3 Sheedy, M 7 Smith, R 14 Social Policy 4/e 6 Social Research 4/e 14 Social Work and Drug Use 10 Social Work Dissertation, The 2/e 14 Social Work in the Youth Justice System 11 Social Work Perspectives on Human Behaviour 2/e 2 Social Work Portfolio, The 1 Social Work Skills and Knowledge 3/e 6 Social Work With Adults 9 Social Work with Older People 10 Social Worker's Guide to the Social Sciences, The 7 Sociology Of Mental Health and Illness, A 5/e 8 Solomon, G 15 Solution-Focused Helper, The 8 Succeeding with your Master's Dissertation 2/e 16 Supervision 4 Supervision in the Helping Professions 4/e 8 Survival Guide for Health Research Methods, A 14 T Teaching to Avoid Plagiarism 16 Teamworking Skills for Social Workers 5 Teater, B 1 Thomas, M and Pierson, J 7 ‘Transforming’ Children’s Services? 12 Trevithick, B 6 Turnell, A and Essex, S 12 UV Understanding Advocacy for Children and Young People 12 Understanding Social Work 7 W Walsh, T 8 Wilkins, D and Boahen, G 5 Wilks, T 7 Williams, C and Johnson, M 7 Working with Adults at Risk of Harm 10 Working with ‘Denied’ Child Abuse 12 Working with Substance Users 4 Workplace Learning in Health and Social Care 8 Writing for Academic Journals 3/e 16 Y Your Phd Coach 16

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Social Work catalogue 2014  

Open University Press Social Work catalogue 2014

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