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Improve your counselling skills With Great books by John McLeod An Introduction to Counselling 5th Edition John McLeod

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This bestseller provides a comprehensive introduction to the theory and practice of counselling and psychotherapy. This new edition has been thoroughly updated with new research, examples from practice and case studies. An extended introduction is used to explain the new 4-part structure and help readers to track key themes across each section of the book. Enhanced by new material debates around evidence-based practice, third wave CBT therapies such as ACT and mindfulness, recent developments within psychodynamic theory, motivational interviewing, reality therapy and embedded counselling, this new edition also explores the political context of counselling and provides coverage of key professional issues. An Introduction to Counselling remains the book of choice for students and tutors on introductory counselling courses.

Now includes 7 new chapters: l The

interdisciplinary knowledge base for counselling theory and practice l Gestalt therapy l Feminist therapy l Art-making as a therapeutic practice l Therapy in nature: using the outdoor environment l Pluralism: an organising framework for counselling practice l The future of counseling: International perspectives

Each chapter enhances learning with the following pedagogy: l Topics

for further discussion terms and concepts l Suggested further reading l Case studies and illustrations l Landmark research studies l Key

Paperback ÂŁ34.99 August 2013 856pp

ISBN: 978-0-335-24722-6 eBook: 978-0-335-24723-3

TABLE OF CONTENTS Part 1: Introduction to counselling l What is counselling? l The social and historical origins of counselling l The interdisciplinary knowledge base for counselling theory and practice l Theory in counselling: Using conceptual tools to facilitate understanding and guide action Part 2: Counselling approaches

l Themes and issues in the

psychodynamic approach to counselling l The cognitive-behavioural approach to counselling l Theory and practice of the person-centred approach l Transactional analysis: A comprehensive theoretical system l Gestalt counselling l Existential therapy l Constructivist, narrative and collaborative approaches: Counselling as conversation l Working with family systems

l Multicultural counselling l Feminist therapy l Art-making as a therapeutic practice l Therapy in nature: using the

outdoor environment

Part 3: Integrating approaches

l The challenge of therapeutic


l Pluralism: an organising framework

for counselling practice

l The counselling relationship l The process of counselling

Part 4: Professional issues in counselling l The politics of counselling l Virtues, values and ethics in counselling practice l Different formats for the delivery of counselling services l The role of research in counselling and psychotherapy l Being and becoming a counsellor l The future of counselling: international perspectives These chapters will also be available through Amazon as Kindle Shorts

The Counsellor’s Workbook, 2nd Edition Developing a Personal Approach John McLeod This workbook offers you a personal exploration of the key issues that may emerge during your development as a therapist. It provides you with an opportunity to document and consolidate your learning and personal development. The text can be used as a stand-alone resource or as a companion text with either the bestselling text, An Introduction to Counselling 5/e or other key sources. This book will help you to become an effective counsellor or psychotherapist by: l Deepening and consolidating personal learning and development l Facilitating the integration of theory, practice and personal experience l Providing arenas for collaborative dialogue and exploration with fellow trainees This edition of The Counsellor’s Workbook has been comprehensively updated to reflect developments in the field and it now contains over eighty unique exercises. Paperback £24.99 2009 168pp

ISBN: 978-0-335-22871-3 eBook: 978-0-335-24002-9

Counselling Skills, 2nd Edition A Practical Guide for Counsellors and Helping Professionals John McLeod and Julia McLeod “Counselling Skill is a refreshing read that has aided my continuing professional development through a process of self-reflection. It has also influenced my approach as a nurse now that I have applied counselling skill concepts during social interactions with patients.” Nursing Standard This bestselling book is designed to help counselling trainees acquire and develop the skills and techniques needed to have therapeutic impact with their clients. It also provides those in the helping professions with an easy-to-follow model of ‘embedded counselling’ that gives you all the tools you need to counsel on the job. The new edition features nine new chapters, including an A-Z of practical counselling skills, dealing with difficult relationships, issues caused by cultural diversity or life transitions, and issues in loss and bereavement. The book is packed with exercises and information on recent studies, to help readers relate theory to their own practice, it also covers: • Building a counselling relationship • Resolving difficult feelings and emotions • Working together to change behaviour Paperback £28.99 2011 496pp

• Developing understanding of clients’ issues • Ethical principles of counselling practice

ISBN: 978-0-335-24426-3 eBook: 978-0-335-24427-0

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