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At OpenUP we share your passion for learning and making a difference in your practice. We pride ourselves on the quality of our authors – all of them are leading experts in their field, so they tell you exactly what you need to know in a way that makes sense. In July 2013, we eagerly await the publication of the enhanced fifth edition of John McLeod’s bestseller Introduction to Counselling. Our first CBT text for Psychological Well-being Practitioners, CBT for Mild to Moderate Anxiety and Depression, publishes in October. Following the success of Stop Worrying, we are expanding our list of evidence based self-help titles as we try to slow down and find peace in an increasingly frantic world. Live in the Moment: The Beginner’s Guide to Mindfulness will show you and your clients how to do just that. We are also proud to announce the release of our first graphic novel. The beautifully illustrated Couple Therapy: The Dramas of Love and Sex is endorsed by Relate and will let you be a fly on the wall in a Relate counselling room. Our coaching list is going from strength to strength with Jenny Rogers’ recent publication of Manager as Coach, two new titles in our flagship Coaching in Practice series and the new edition of the bestselling Coaching, Mentoring and Organizational Consultancy. Best wishes, Monika Lee, Senior Commissioning Editor ( Bryony Waters, Senior Product Manager (

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An Introduction to Counselling 5/e John McLeod University of Abertay, Dundee, UK and University of Oslo, Norway

This bestseller provides a comprehensive introduction to the theory and practice of counselling and psychotherapy. This new edition has been thoroughly updated with new research, examples from practice and case studies. An extended introduction is used to explain the new four-part structure and help readers to track key themes across each section of the book. This updated edition now includes seven new chapters. It includes seven new chapters: l l l l l l


Neuroscience and other disciplines related to counselling Gestalt therapy Feminist approaches to counselling Arts-based practice Using nature and the outdoor environment in counselling Pluralism as a framework for integrating ideas and methods from different therapeutic traditions The future of counselling – international perspectives

Enhanced by new material debates around evidence-based practice, third wave CBT therapies such as ACT and mindfulness, recent developments within psychodynamic theory, motivational interviewing, reality therapy and embedded counselling, this new edition also explores the political context of counselling and provides coverage of key professional issues. Contents: Part 1: Introduction to Counselling / Part 2: Counselling approaches / Part 3: Integrating approaches / Part 4: Professional issues in counselling Paperback June 2013 856pp

ISBN: 978-0-335-24722-6 eBook: 978-0-335-24723-3

Counselling Skills 2/e

The Counsellor's Workbook 2/e

A Practical Guide for Counsellors and the Helping Professions

Developing a Personal Approach John McLeod University of Abertay, Dundee, UK and University of Oslo, Norway

John McLeod and Julia McLeod Both at University of Abertay, Dundee, UK and University of Oslo, Norway

“The book is carefully crafted and beautifully written; it includes exercises and examples that enhance learning; it is comprehensive and completely relevant for anyone who seeks to use counselling skills competently in their work.” Professor Sue Wheeler, University of Leicester, UK This bestselling book is designed to help counselling trainees acquire and develop the skills and techniques needed to have therapeutic impact with their clients. It also provides those in the helping professions with an easy-to-follow model of ‘embedded counselling’ that provides tools and strategies for offering counselling relationships within a diversity of work settings.

The Counsellor's Workbook offers you a personal exploration of the key issues that may emerge during your development as a therapist. It provides you with an opportunity to document and consolidate your learning and personal development. The book can be used as a stand-alone resource or as a companion text with either the bestselling text, An Introduction to Counselling 5/e or other key sources. Paperback 2009 168pp

Key skills such as caring, listening, questioning and reframing, reflection, attunement to a client, challenging and giving advice l Building a counselling relationship l Developing understanding of clients’ issues l Resolving difficult feelings and emotions l Ethical principles of counselling practice l Working together to change behaviour

Key Concepts in Counselling and Psychotherapy A Critical A-Z Guide to Theory Vicki Smith, Patrizia Collard, Paula Nicolson and Rowan Bayne


Counselling Skills 2/e is packed with exercises and information on recent studies, to help readers relate theory to their own practice. Written in an accessible, engaging style, with numerous case examples, this book is suitable for students taking modules in counselling skills, counsellors in training, and any professionals who provide counselling support within their roles. ISBN: 978-0-335-24426-3 eBook: 978-0-335-24427-0

ISBN: 978-0-335-22871-3 eBook: 978-0-335-24002-9


The new edition is thoroughly revised and features nine new chapters, addressing such topics as: an A-Z of practical counselling skills, dealing with difficult relationships, issues caused by cultural diversity or life transitions, and issues in loss and bereavement. The book also covers:

Paperback 2011 344pp


Huddersfield University; University of East London; Royal Holloway, University of London; University of East London, UK

This book is designed as a first source for students with an essay on counselling theory to write, a case study to analyse, a belief or assumption to challenge, or a question about someone, e.g. a client or themselves, to explore. Using the popular alphabetical format and written in an accessible writing style, this book is easy to navigate, a must-have tool for trainee counsellors, counselling psychologists, coaches, mentors and others who use counselling skills in their intended careers. It will also appeal to practitioners wanting to refresh their knowledge of theory and research. Paperback 2012 304pp

eBooks are widely available, for full details visit

ISBN: 978-0-335-24221-4 eBook: 978-0-335-24222-1



A Beginner’s Guide to Mindfulness


Live in the Moment Ernst Bohlmeijer and Monique Hulsbergen University of Twente, Netherlands; Independent Clinical Psychologist

Life is not easy. There are times when we are full of gloom, doubt, fear, bitter disappointment or insecurity. This practical book will help you to experience greater freedom and quality in your life and teach you how to cope with stressful situations. Combining mindfulness and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) exercises in an accessible, nine-week programme, Bohlmeijer and Hulsbergen show you how to observe your thoughts without judgement and connect with the ‘here and now’ in your life. By spending a few minutes a day, you will discover what really matters to you in life and learn to base your day to day actions on your values. Learn how to live in the moment with this step by step guide to mindfulness and walk away from fighting difficult emotions. You will find peace and greater joy, as well as reduced anxiety and stress. Contents: Part 1: What is ‘living in the moment’? / Week 1 What do I want out of life? / Week 2 I’m not there yet / Week 3 Leave your mind out of it / Part 2: Resources for living in the moment / Week 4 Hello insecurity, welcome / Week 5 The ‘trial balloons’ of the mind / Week 6 Who exactly am I? / Part 3: Living in the moment in practice / Week 7 How do you want to live in the moment? / Week 8 Go for it! / Week 9 Keep going for it Paperback May 2013 224pp

ISBN: 978-0-335-24735-6 eBook: 978-0-335-24736-3

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Couple Therapy Barbara Bloomfield, Rudi Dallos and Chris Radley

CBT for Mild to Moderate Depression and Anxiety

Couples and family counsellor and Supervisor with Relate; Plymouth University; Freelance creative consultant, UK

A Guide to Lowintensity Interventions

Dramas of Love and Sex

Anthony and Andrea aren't getting on. It's five weeks away from their marriage and Andrea has caught her fiance cheating on the internet, with an older woman! Share this couple's journey with their counsellor and become a fly on the wall as they journey into their most private and unknown places. Much more than a comic strip, it takes you into the hidden world of the Relate counselling room, and lets you into the private worlds of three fictional couples as they struggle to improve their relationships and their sex lives. Counsellor Barbara Bloomfield discusses each case with renowned family therapist, Professor Rudi Dallos, as they share thoughts, theories and active techniques that will help each couple to understand what's gone wrong and how to make changes for the better.


Colin Hughes and Stephen Herron Both at Queen's University Belfast, UK

This book provides information and support using evidence-based, low-intensity psychological treatments involving cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) for mild to moderate mental illness. The book’s main focus is on supporting lowintensity workers (Psychological Well-Being Practitioners) with patient self-management. It closely mirrors the key components of assessment, therapeutic relationship, treatment of low mood, anxiety and panic, sign posting and basic psychopharmacology. Designed as a core text for modules 1 and 2 of the Postgraduate Certificate for Low-intensity Therapies Workers (IAPT), this book is also suitable for all undergraduate and postgraduate courses that require the student to have a basic skill set for the treatment of low mood and anxiety/panic, i.e. psychology, counselling, CBT, nursing and social work. It is a useful practical companion to all who have an interest in or work directly with clients who experience common mental health problems.

Contents: Introduction by Professor Rudi Dallos / Foreword by Ruth Sutherland, CEO of Relate / 1 The Warmth of Strangers / 2 The Burdened Boy / 3 Mummy Dearest / An exercise for couples to try at home / Bibliography

Contents: Introduction / Therapeutic relationship/communication / CBT session structure / Assessment and measurement / Treatment of low mood / Treatment of anxiety/panic / Sleep hygiene / Relapse prevention / Sign posting: What happens when the low intensity approach appears not to be effective / Basic psychopharmacology

Paperback August 2013 176pp

Paperback October 2013 320pp

ISBN: 978-0-335-26336-3 eBook: 978-0-335-26337-0

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ISBN: 978-0-335-24208-5 eBook: 978-0-335-24210-8



Attachment and Systemic Family Therapy

This book offers an integrative, family-based approach to understanding and addressing the psychological and relational needs of distressed children and their parents. The book blends attachment theory and basic developmental research with the diverse insights and methods of all schools of family systems theory. The problems addressed range from mild developmental issues, to autism, ADHD, disability, divorce and separation, psychosomatic disorders, and child protection and out-of-home placement. Crittenden, Dallos, Landini and Kozlowska present a model of attachment that fits the breadth of clinical variation, focuses on family strengths, is developmentally sophisticated and structurally informed by insights from neurology and information-processing. Contents: Part 1: Infancy / Birth / Toddlerhood / Part 2: Preschool / Before language / Older preschoolers / Part 3: School Years / Going to school / Pre-pubescent / Part 4: Adolescence / Puberty / Mid-adolescence / Part 5: Transition to Adulthood / Leaving home / Summary of Concepts and Conclusions Paperback October 2013 224pp

ISBN: 978-0-335-23590-2 eBook: 978-0-335-23933-7


This new edition has been thoroughly updated and the seven-eyed supervision model which is at the core of the book has been expanded and developed to reflect its use in many professions and different parts of the world. The authors have added new models, approaches and techniques including: l l l l

Techniques for supervising in groups The CLEAR model for structuring the process of a supervision session How to adapt supervision to learning styles How to use video and interpersonal process recall in training supervisors

This text is written for those professionals who wish to learn more about the application of hypnosis to their work. This new edition is extensively rewritten and updated with recent research findings, treatment plans and RCTs results, as well as PET and FRMI techniques. It also features a new chapter on hypnotherapy and eating disorders. Michael Heap remains a leader in the field of hypnotherapy, and he brings a host of new contributors to this edition, which will prove useful to counselling and psychotherapy practitioners, trainees, clinical psychologists, medics and hypnotherapists. Both the full book and individual chapters are available for purchase from Amazon Kindle. Paperback 2012 264pp

ISBN: 978-0-335-24311-2 eBook: 978-0-335-24354-9

Colin Lago (Ed) Fellow of BACP, UK

“An invaluable resource which is both stimulating and disturbing in its implications.” Brian Thorne, University of East Anglia, UK

Transference and Projection Jan Grant and Jim Crawley Curtin University of Technology; Edith Cowan University, Perth, Western Australia

This popular book describes, defines and demonstrates the clinical applications of transference and projection and how they are used by psychotherapists as 'mirrors to the self' - as reflections of a client's internal structure and core ways of relating to other people. There is an emphasis on understanding transference as a normal organising process that helps individuals make sense of interpersonal experiences. Paperback 2002

ISBN: 978-0-335-24445-4 eBook: 978-0-335-24446-1

The Handbook of Transcultural Counselling and Psychotherapy

The chapter on working transculturally has been expanded to include analysis of the challenges of working with asylum seekers and refugees. Paperback 2012 328pp

A Handbook University of Sheffield, UK

Bath Consultancy Group; Centre for Supervision and Team Development, UK

“This book remains a seminal text in supervision. In the fourth edition the authors bring a contemporary perspective to bear on supervision with an emphasis on the wider contextual and cultural contexts of our work as supervisors.” Professor Maria Gilbert, Metanoia Institute, London

Hypnotherapy 2/e Michael Heap (Ed)

Peter Hawkins and Robin Shohet

Patricia McKinsey Crittenden, Rudi Dallos, Andrea Landini and Kasia Kozlowska University of Virginia, USA; Plymouth University, UK; Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist; Children's Hospital at Westmead, and Sydney University, Australia

Supervision in the Helping Professions 4/e


This book sets out to combine recent critical thinking and contemporary research findings in the field of transcultural counselling and psychotherapy, with an extensive exploration of the effects of different cultural heritages upon potential client and therapist populations. Paperback 2011 352pp

ISBN: 978-0-335-20314-7 eBook: 978-0-335-23164

eBooks are widely available, for full details visit

ISBN: 978-0-335-23849-1 eBook: 978-0-335-23851-4



An Introduction to Family Therapy 3/e


Rudi Dallos and Ros Draper

Michael Jacobs

Plymouth University; Previously of Tavistock Clinic, London, UK

The book considers both British and international perspectives and includes the latest developments in current practice, regulation and innovation, looking at these developments within a wider political, cultural and geographical context. Paperback 2010 392pp


ISBN: 978-0-335-23801-9 eBook: 978-0-335-23936-8

Stop Worrying Get Your Life Back on Track with CBT Ad Kerkhof


The Core of Psychodynamic Counselling and Therapy

Systemic Theory and Practice

This text provides an overview of the core concepts informing family therapy and systemic practice, covering the development of this innovative field from the 1950s to the present day.

The Presenting Past 4/e

Independent Practitioner, UK

Known for his straightforward and accessible writing style, in this new edition Michael Jacobs provides new clinical examples of issues concerning the past as they are presented to clients in counselling and psychotherapy and makes the connection between theory and practice. Michael's commitment to exploring the value of attachment theory for the psychodynamic practice continues with references to the latest cutting edge advances in this field. The book's new structure takes the reader into the main themes more quickly and demonstrates them in practice during therapy. A series of sessions, beginning, middle and end, is then introduced before the book proceeds to look at the way past experience influences presenting issues. Paperback 2012 288pp

How to Eat and Not Worry About it Julia Buckroyd University of Hertfordshire, UK

“This valuable book makes sense of how food and eating may be misused and become entangled with emotions as a way of dealing with them." Dr Helena Fox - Clinical Psychiatrist for Channel 4’s Supersize vs Superskinny and Capio Nightingale Hospital This book can help you if the way you use food bothers you and you feel it is beyond your control. Understanding Your Eating will help you become more aware of your feelings towards food, understand your emotional eating, and explore the reasons behind your challenges, so that you can find other ways of managing your day-to-day experiences. Paperback 2011 244pp

The Therapist's Use of Self

We all worry about things some of us even worry about the fact that we are worrying. This practical book will help you to put your fears into perspective and teach you to cope with stressful situations. Using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) exercises to understand the nature and seriousness of your worrying, Kerkhof shows you how to stop the cycle of worrying. By spending 15 minutes, twice a day, you will learn to take control of your repetitive thoughts. Paperback 2010 200pp

ISBN: 978-0-335-24252-8 eBook: 978-0-335-24253-5

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Rudi Dallos and Jacqui Stedmon (Eds)

John Rowan and Michael Jacobs Both Independent Practitioners, UK

This book deals with what is perhaps the central question in therapy - who is the therapist? And how does that actually come across and manifest itself in the therapeutic relationship? A good deal of the thinking about this in psychoanalysis has come under the heading of countertransference. Much of the thinking in the humanistic approaches has come under such headings as empathy, genuineness, nonpossessive warmth, presence, personhood. Paperback 2002

ISBN: 978-0-335-20776-3 eBook: 978-0-335-23266-6

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ISBN: 978-0-335-24197-2 eBook: 978-0-335-24198-9

Reflective Practice in Psychotherapy and Counselling

ISBN: 978-0-335-24718-9 eBook: 978-0-335-24719-6

Vrije Universiteit, The Netherlands

“This is a wise, practical book full of genuinely useful strategies for dealing with your worries.” Dr Stephen Briers, Clinical psychologist and broadcaster

Understanding Your Eating

Both at Plymouth University, UK

This book offers an exploration of reflective practice within different models of psychotherapy and counselling: CBT, psychodynamic and narrative, systemic family therapy and community approaches. Throughout, it employs a range of illustrations from a variety of clinical contexts to illustrate reflective practice in action. These include work with; children and families, adult mental health, trauma and abuse, learning disability, youth offending and bereavement and loss. Paperback 2009 288pp


ISBN: 978-0-335-23361-8 eBook: 978-0-335-24051-7


Positive Psychology in a Nutshell

The Business of Therapy

Paperback 2012 216pp

"This book is a marvel! It is packed with truly vital information both for the newly qualified and for the experienced therapist in private practice. This book gives an engaging and practical insight into what is usually the very private world of private practice." Susanna Abse, CEO, The Tavistock Centre for Couple Relationships, London, UK This practical, accessible guide, written by a therapist with 25 years of experience in thriving practice, is an invaluable resource for counsellors, therapists and psychologists embarking on the daunting task of setting up in private practice. Paperback 2012 216pp

Positive Psychology

Rosie March-Smith Registered Psychotherapist with the UK Council for Psychotherapy

Both at University of East London, UK

"This is an exceptional book that synthesizes more than a decade of positive psychology research into chapters that are engaging, accessible, and educational." Professor Alex Linley, Founding Director, Capp Discover the latest research findings and thinking on the topics of happiness, flow, optimism, motivation, character strengths, love and more! Paperback 2011 336pp

ISBN: 978-0-335-24195-8 eBook: 978-0-335-24196-5

This book examines some of the factors involved in making good decisions, the range of thinking skills we need in order to make effective choices and some of the factors that can prevent us from making sound decisions in our work with clients. The text provides invaluable guidance on how to tackle the task of decision-making in 'real world' counselling and psychotherapeutic settings in order to develop a systematic, effective and creative approach. Paperback 2012 208pp

ISBN: 978-0-335-24563-5 eBook: 978-0-335-24564-2

A Therapist's Tale

Kate Hefferon and Ilona Boniwell

Middlesex University; Royal Holloway, University of London, UK

“Therapists, trainees and those who are simply interested in how and why we relate the way we do, will find gems in this book. Its richness lies in the weaving of theory and personal testimony in a truly integrative and fascinating way.” Dr Moira Walker, UKCP registered psychotherapist and a Fellow of the BACP

Del Loewenthal and Dr Richard House (Eds) Both at Roehampton University, UK

CBT has become an increasingly popular therapy and is now widely recommended. Part of CBT's appeal lies in the fact that it is time-limited and cheaper than most alternatives. The editors of this book argue that in the rush to embrace CBT there has not been sufficient attention paid to the potential drawbacks of such a therapy. Paperback 2010 208pp

This fascinating book reveals what goes on in therapy sessions. It shows you how getting to the core of a painful issue or a relationship problem can be achieved within the first few sessions. The book shows how exploring the unconscious mind can help people to overcome relationship difficulties. Paperback 2011 208pp

ISBN: 978-0-335-24434-8 eBook: 978-0-335-24435-5

Critically Engaging CBT

Relationship Therapy

ISBN: 978-0-335-24720-2 eBook: 978-0-335-24721-9

Theory, Research and Applications

David Lane and Sarah Corrie

Tavistock Centre for Couple Relationships, UK

University of East London, UK

Discover the latest thinking on the topics of happiness, flow, optimism, motivation, character strengths and love, and learn how to apply it to your life. Ilona Boniwell presents an engaging overview of the science of optimal functioning and well-being, which combines real readability with a broad academic base applied to day-to-day life.

A Practical Guide

Pauline Hodson

Ilona Boniwell “Dr Ilona Boniwell is recognized as Europe’s leading researcher, innovator and thinker in the expanding world of positive psychology. This brilliant little book is packed with scientific evidence identifying the key ingredients that help to create a happy life. Read it and learn how to change yours for the better.” Dr Cecilia d'Felice, Consultant Psychologist, Author and Columnist for The Times and The Metro

Making Successful Decisions in Counselling and Psychotherapy

How to Run a Successful Private Practice

The Science of Happiness


ISBN: 978-0-335-23892-7 eBook: 978-0-335-23894-1

eBooks are widely available, for full details visit

ISBN: 978-0-335-23829-3 eBook: 978-0-335-23831-6



Coaching Skills 3/e

Manager as Coach The New Way to Get Results

A Handbook “A straightforward approach to the simple art of coaching conversations, while offering insight into the complexity and sophistication of coaching for those looking to take their practice to the next level.” Dr Jonathan Passmore, Independent Consultant “Jenny Rogers writes with enviable elegance and simplicity about the skills that coaches need. This third edition is a testament to her belief that coaches never stop learning. There is a good deal of new material, including a chapter on advances in neuroscience, new insights from the recent coaching literature and new models to consider.” Lis Paice, NHS Mentor of the Year, 2010 Substantially updated, the latest edition has new material on coaching and the human brain, working with clients on their self-limiting beliefs, new models of understanding what coaching is and being a coach during the psychological stresses of a severe economic recession. Coaching Skills is a popular text for coach training schools all over the world, brought to life with dozens of case studies and practical guidance, while also emphasizing the importance of underpinning psychological awareness and understanding.

“This pragmatic book will stimulate managers to drive higher performance and get the best out of people. In such a challenging environment, this can only be good for business!” Carolyn McCall, CEO, Easy Jet How do you manage performance? ‘Employee engagement’ is the magical ingredient: it makes staff genuinely committed, creating excellent work. Few organizations actually achieve it, though all say they want it. Jenny Rogers believes coaching is the most reliable way of producing it. Validated by ILM, Manager as Coach challenges many of the traditional assumptions about what works in management and shows you, step by step, how to be a brilliant manager and get fantastic results: l l l l

Reduce your stress Develop employees' key skills Create a culture of engagement Improve bottom line results

Paperback 2012 312pp

ISBN: 978-0-335-24559-8 eBook: 978-0-335-24560-4

Developing a Coaching Business Jenny Rogers Jenny Rogers Coaching, UK

This book explains step by step how to build a successful new coaching business using an innovative method of selling with integrity. Using case studies, it clearly analyses the practical issues that can make or break a new venture.

Jenny Rogers Coaching, UK

“If you've ever wondered what the interviewer really wants to know, Job Interview Success gives you all the answers.” Clare Whitmell, CVs and Interviews Expert for Guardian Careers Jenny Rogers has coached hundreds of people through the high-pressure experience of a job interview. Job Interview Success turns you into your own coach, teaching you to understand and then manage the emotional and psychological aspects of the selection process. Paperback 2011 234pp

Developing Successful Diversity Mentoring Programmes

ISBN: 978-0-077-14018-2 eBook: 978-0-077-14019-9

Getting the Best Out of a Group

An International Casebook

Jenny Rogers

David Clutterbuck, Kirsten Poulsen and Frances Kochan

Jenny Rogers Coaching, UK

What is facilitation and why is it so important? To facilitate means to make something easy, so the challenge of facilitation is to make it easier for a group to learn, to develop and succeed. Facilitation bypasses coercion, teaching or chairing. Facilitating Groups, is written by a facilitator with thirty years of experience and cuts to the heart of the practical skills that any facilitator needs. Paperback 2010 200pp

ISBN: 978-0-335-24096-8 eBook: 978-0-335-24098-2

ISBN: 978-0-077-13018-3 eBook: 978-0-077-13722-9


Facilitating Groups

This book will support you whether you are an experienced coach working with senior executives, or a beginner taking your first steps on the journey to becoming a master-practitioner.

Paperback 2006 160pp

Jenny Rogers

Jenny Rogers Coaching, UK

Jenny Rogers Coaching, UK

Job Interview Success Be Your Own Coach

Jenny Rogers

Jenny Rogers

Paperback 2012 304pp


Independent Practitioners

This unique book provides an overview of how organizations around the world have applied mentoring principles to integrate minorities, to improve community relations and to harness the creative potential of different perspectives. The book explores what makes mentoring work in a diversity context, what undermines it, what constitutes good practice and what to avoid. Paperback 2012 256pp

ISBN: 978-0-335-22049-6 eBook: 978-0-335-23017-4

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ISBN: 978-0-335-24388-4 eBook: 978-0-335-24389-1

SUPERVISION IN CONTEXT Supervision in Action

Supervision in Context Series Editors: Peter Hawkins and Robin Shohet The books in this series look at how to create, develop and sustain helping relationships, through providing quality supervision to those who work broadly in the people and helping professions.

A Relational Approach to Coaching and Consulting Supervision

Theory and Practice


Tatiana Bachkirova, Peter Jackson and David Clutterbuck (Eds)

l l

All at Oxford Brookes University, UK l

A compact overview of the whole profession of coaching and consulting supervision More than 40 real-life case vignettes A full overview of types of contract and methodology, with specific flowcharts An introduction to the ethics of supervision

Paperback 2012 272pp

Paperback 2011 2012 312pp

ISBN: 978-0-335-24298-6 eBook: 978-0-335-24299-3

ISBN: 978-0-335-24577-2 eBook: 978-0-335-24578-9

Clinical Supervision in the Medical Profession

This bestselling book has been thoroughly updated and the seven-eyed supervision model which is at the core of the book has been expanded and developed to reflect its use in many professions and different parts of the world. The authors have added a number of new approaches, models and techniques including: l l l l

Techniques for supervising in groups The CLEAR model for structuring the process of a supervision session How to adapt supervision to learning styles How to use video and interpersonal process recall in training supervisors

The chapter on working transculturally has been expanded to include analysis of the challenges of working with asylum seekers and refugees. Paperback 2012 328pp

Structured Reflective Practice

This is the first book to address the full spectrum of coaching and mentoring supervision. The reader gets an opportunity to compare and contrast different approaches and models, and is introduced to theory in a concise, accessible way. Coaching and Mentoring Supervision is the definitive text for coaching supervisors, supervisees and those working toward qualifications in coaching supervision. It will be of value both to HR professionals and those participating in mentoring programmes.

Bath Consultancy Group; Centre for Supervision and Team Development, UK

Ashridge Business School, UK

Coaching and Mentoring Supervision

University of Southampton; Centre for Supervision and Team Development, UK

A Practical Guide for Supervisees, Clinical Supervisors and Managers

This book provides practical tools to enable those in the medical profession to engage positively with regulatory challenges, increase satisfaction at work and improve quality of care.

Paperback 2012 300pp

ISBN: 978-0-335-24292-4 eBook: 978-0-335-24294- 8

ISBN: 978-0-335-24311-2 eBook: 978-0-335-24354-9

Skills of Clinical Supervision for Nurses 2/e

David Owen and Robin Shohet (Eds)

The authors consider reasons for supervision, look at how the demands for doctors to complete reflective practice are developing and provide suggested support for and models of supervision that doctors might use. This book will strike a cord with anyone committed to continued professional development and will give them the means to enable, structure and evaluate reflective practice.

Supervision in the Helping Professions 4/e Peter Hawkins and Robin Shohet

Erik de Haan This book will help professional supervisors, consultants and coaches with the ‘care for the self’ aspect of their role - the art of enhancing one’s own performance with the help of experience in practice. The book features:

This highly practical, comprehensive book reflects the increasing professionalisation of coaching and mentoring, and the mounting expectation that coaches undergo regular supervision to ensure the quality and safety of their practice, and to encourage their continued professional development. The contributing authors include most of the world’s foremost authorities in the subject, who present the latest thinking in this rapidly evolving field.



Meg Bond and Stevie Holland Both at GO education, UK

This perennial bestseller provides a practical and accessible, skills-based text on how to implement and engage in clinical supervision. Offering grounded perspectives on supervision for nurses, it has been updated to reflect changes and developments in the profession. Paperback 2011 328pp

eBooks are widely available, for full details visit

ISBN: 978-0-335-23815-6 eBook: 978-0-335-23816-3


COACHING IN PRACTICE Coaching in Practice


Series Editor: Jenny Rogers This series is an essential aid for both the novice coach eager to learn how to grow a coaching practice, and the more experienced coach looking for new knowledge and strategies. Combining theory with practice, it provides a comprehensive guide to becoming successful in this rapidly expanding profession.


The Hidden History of Coaching Leni Wildflower Fielding Graduate University, USA

As coaches we need to know where our core ideas come from. Furnished with such knowledge we have access to a much more flexible toolkit, and are in a better position to judge where and when to call on one technique rather than another. Many of the psychological theories and therapies, and the social and spiritual movements out of which coaching has evolved, remain relatively unknown and unacknowledged. They constitute our Hidden History. This immensely readable book fills a serious gap in our understanding of the origins of coaching. It is unique in tracking not just the tangled roots of contemporary coaching practice, but also in giving insights into the founders and developers of these earlier approaches to human development - quirky individuals and brilliant theorists, many with flaws and foibles and heroic personal stories. Fascinating in themselves, these narratives contribute to a richer understanding of our shared principles. Contents: Introduction: Here comes everybody / We’re all OK / The reawakening spirit / Creative encounters / Knowing our own minds / New ways of healing / Empowered learning Paperback February 2013 256pp

ISBN: 978-0-335-24540-6 eBook: 978-0-335-24541-3

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New Coach

Coaching with Empathy

Reflections from a Learning Journey

Anne Brockbank and Ian McGill Both at Brockbank McGill Associates, UK

This ground-breaking book will give you the skills you need to become an advanced coach. and make a lasting difference to your clients.

Lis Paice Independent coach and physician

This frank account of one leader’s journey to become a coach is a must have for beginner coaches. Lis Paice’s easy conversational style and rich supply of real-life examples make this an enjoyable read even for the absolute beginner. The questions she raises about coaching will also stimulate reflection for experienced coaches, trainers and supervisors. Topics include:

The emotional world of clients is problematic, as coaches are wary of getting into therapy, and emotions may even be ignored in a premature focus on solutions. You will gain the confidence to use different levels and modes of empathy in a range of settings, to suit your client’s stage in the change process, whilst maintaining a focus on solutions.

l l l l l

Contents: Why use empathy in coaching? / Empathy in situational coaching / Neuroscience and empathy / Once more with feeling / Questions: Why are you asking? / Using the NEWW model / Challenge in coaching / The boundary between coaching and therapy

Contents: Who needs training? / Beginner's luck / Rules, tools and techniques / Learning the role of the coach / Opening and closing / Perspectives and positivity / Holding back / Out of the comfort zone / Skills for life / Professional coach

Paperback June 2013 256pp

Paperback 2012 136pp

ISBN: 978-0-335-24655-7 eBook: 978-0-335-24656-4

How coaching differs from other ways of helping What the role of the coach entails Getting to grips with the principles of coaching Trying out different tools and techniques Finding ways of helping the client to new perspectives and insights

Creating a Coaching Culture

Psychological Dimensions of Executive Coaching

Peter Hawkins Bath Consultancy Group, UK

Hawkins gives a well researched and practical answer to the whole question of how you create a ‘coaching culture’ and provides a step-by-step guide to implementing this change.

Peter Bluckert Founding member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council

This book provides the framework for a psychological approach to executive coaching. It shows how performance-related issues in the workplace often have a psychological dimension to them and provides the reader with an understanding of how to work in more depth to help people resolve their issues and unlock their potential. Paperback 2006 168pp

ISBN: 978-0-335-22061-8 eBook: 978-0-335-22954-3

@OpenUPCounselling or @OpenUP_Coaching and

ISBN: 978-0-335-24688-5 eBook: 978-0-335-24689-2

Case studies show how a wide range of international organizations have developed successful coaching strategies to increase the effectiveness of their businesses. This book will provide you with valuable insights whether you are a coach, an organization consultant, an HR professional or a Chief Executive. Paperback 2012 208pp


ISBN: 978-0-335-23895-8 eBook: 978-0-335-23897-2


Neuropsychology for Coaches

Executive Coaching

Coaching Positively

Understanding the Basics

A Psychodynamic Approach

Paul Brown and Virginia Brown

Catherine Sandler

Lessons for Coaches from Positive Psychology

Founder of Sandler Lanz, UK

London South Bank University; School of Coaching , UK

“This book is a delicious feast of neuroscience. As coaches we leave the authors’ table satisfied and nourished. We can no longer use neuroscience to honour our coaching. We must change our coaching to honour neuroscience.” Nancy Kline, President, Time To Think, UK Neuroscience is revolutionising coaching: it helps us understand the biological basis of our behaviour. This includes the behaviour of the coach and the client. This practical and much needed book explains basic brain functioning and offers a guide to using this knowledge to advance our coaching and make our practice more effective. It builds extensively on the fact that we do now know that feelings underly all decision-making and focuses coaching on helping clients establish intelligent emotions as the basis of their own decision systems. Using a systemic model of emotions, energy and change, Paul Brown and Virginia Brown show coaches how to integrate the client's life experience into coaching and create change. Paperback 2012 208pp

“In this brilliant and accessible book, Catherine Sandler demystifies the language around psychodynamic thinking and applies its concepts to her coaching practice. Case studies bring the theory to life and make it both easy to understand and relevant to a range of contexts.” ***** Amazon Review Sandler describes exactly what she does when coaching, and why, explaining step-by-step how psychodynamic concepts influence her practice. In particular, she demonstrates how the skilful use of psychodynamic insights can enable coaches to: l l l l

Understand their clients in depth, including those thoughts and emotions that lie ‘below the surface’ Forge strong working relationships with their clients that rapidly engage them in the coaching process Promote significant, observable improvement in their clients’ behaviour and performance at work Help clients to remain effective and skilful even when under pressure

Paperback 2011 168pp

Phil Hayes

Reflective Practice and Supervision for Coaches

Management Futures Ltd, UK

Julie Hay

This book is a practical guide for executive coaches who would like to introduce elements of NLP into their coaching. NLP can be used to help individuals attain high performance in their lives and work.

Founding director of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council

ISBN: 978-0-335-22059-5 eBook: 978-0-335-22984-0

Matt Driver Management Futures Ltd, UK

“The growing positive psychology evidence base has a multitude of applications to coaching, and Matt Driver shows us exactly how in this superb book.” Alex Linley, Founding Director, Capp Coaching is a positive practice which focuses on building people's resourcefulness and positive beliefs about themselves. Recent research into positive psychology supports and builds upon current coaching practice and also refines it. This straightforward, practical book brings together: l l l

Substantial psychological research The author's experience of coaching and the practice of many other coaches Examples from coaching clients that shows what has worked best for them

Paperback 2011 184pp

ISBN: 978-0-335-24115-6 eBook: 978-0-335-24116-3

Developing a Coaching Business Jenny Rogers Management Futures Ltd, UK

ISBN: 978-0-335-24547-5 eBook: 978-0-335-24548-2

NLP Coaching

Paperback 2007 160pp

ISBN: 978-0-335-23793-7 eBook: 978-0-335-24040-1


This practical book helps coaches to improve their practice through reflection and professional support in their work. It explains how these developments can be made alone, with colleagues or with a supervisor, utilising a range of tried and tested frameworks. Paperback 2006 176pp

ISBN: 978-0-335-22063-2 eBook: 978-0-335-22983-3

This book explains step-by-step how to build a successful new coaching business using an innovative method of selling with integrity. Using case studies, it clearly analyses the practical issues that can make or break a new venture. Paperback 2006 160pp

ISBN: 978-0-335-22049-6 eBook: 978-0-335-23017-4

Therapist into Coach Julia Vaughan Smith UKCP Registered Integrative Psychotherapist, UK

This book considers what coaching is, the routes by which people have become coaches, the coaching client, coaching methods and the issues within running a mixed practice. Paperback 2006 168pp

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ISBN: 978-0-335-22051-9 eBook: 978-0-335-23032-7



Facilitiating Action Learning


A Practitoner’s Guide

Author, broadcaster and columnist, UK

This uplifting book gives the reader simple tools to develop the confidence and resilience to deal with whatever the future brings. Beautifully written, it shatters myths about getting older and helps readers to feel confident and valued, and encouraged to take on new challenges and continue to enjoy life’s opportunities.

Suitable as the course text for ILM Level 5 and 7 qualifications in Action Learning Facilitation. This is a concise guide to this well-established approach to leadership and management development. In this practical book, Mike Pedler and Christine Abbott present a new threefold model of the facilitator’s role – as initiator, set adviser and facilitator of organisational learning.

Paperback April 2013 200pp

Supported by many real life cases and practical examples, this superbly practical book shows you how – as a manager, business coach, trainer or facilitator – you can add to your repertoire of skills and abilities, and enhance your effectiveness as a leader and developer.


ISBN: 978-0-077-14597-2 eBook: 978-0-077-14598-9

Coaching and Mentoring at Work 2/e

Peter Hawkins and Nick Smith Both at Bath Consultancy Group, UK

The substantially revised second edition includes new material on: l l l l l l

Transformational coaching Developments in the field of neuroscience and the implications for coaching Systemic team coaching, developments in leadership, and creating a coaching culture Group supervision Oshry’s approach to understanding systemic patterns in organizational relationships Expanded seven-eyed model

Paperback June 2013 368pp

Developing Effective Practice

Contents: Action learning: Its origins and principles / Facilitating action learning: An overview / The accoucheur: Initiating action learning / The set adviser / The organisation developer / Becoming critical / An action learning way of working / Developing your practice

Indepedent Consultants, UK

The new edition of this popular, practical and authoritative book has been revised and updated throughout, with two new chapters. It features: l

Developmental Coaching


Working With the Self Tatiana Bachkirova


Oxford Brookes University, UK

This groundbreaking book explores the most puzzling and debated aspects of human nature, such as 'self', 'free will' and 'psychological evolution' - and then introduces both a new theory of developmental coaching and a new framework for coaching practice.


Nine key principles of effective coaching and mentoring, showing how to apply them Self development checklists and prompts, and a wealth of interactive case material The Skilled Helper model and how to apply it to coaching and mentoring The hot topics of ethical practice, training and developing a coaching culture

Paperback 2012 320pp

ISBN: 978-0-335-24385-3 eBook: 978-0-335-24386-0

ISBN: 978-0-335-23855-2 eBook: 978-0-335-23857-6

ISBN: 978-0-335-24714-1 eBook: 978-0-335-24715-8

Leading and Coaching Teams to Success

Mary Connor and Julia Pokora

ISBN: 978-0-335-24597-0 eBook: 978-0-335-24598-7

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Supervision and Development

Keren Smedley

Henley Business School, University of Reading and Centre for Action Learning Facilitation; Centre for Action Learning Facilitation, Open University and Leeds Metropolitan University, UK

Paperback 2011 288pp

Coaching, Mentoring and Organizational Consultancy 2/e


A Handbook for Career and Life Success

Mike Pedler and Christine Abbott

Paperback January 2013 232pp

Live the Life You Love at 50+

The Secret Life of Teams Phil Hayes Jenny Rogers Coaching, UK

This practical user guide offers an easily digestible synopses of some of the most important team theories. It is based on more than 20 years of real hands-on experience from an author who is both a specialist in team development and has personally led numerous teams. This book is a must-read for managers and team leaders who want to build strong performing teams of their own. It will also be of interest to professional coaches and team coaches, facilitators, consultants, HR professionals and trainers. Paperback 2011 224pp

@OpenUPCounselling or @OpenUP_Coaching and


ISBN: 978-0-335-23852-1 eBook: 978-0-335-23854-5




Attachment and Systemic Family Therapy 3 Bachikirova, T, Jackson, P and Clutterbuck, D 7 Bachkirova, T 10 Beginner’s Guide to Mindfulness, A 2 Bloomfield, B, Dallos, R and Radley, C 2 Bluckert, P 8 Bohlmeijer, E and Hulsbergen, M 2 Bond, M and Holland, S 7 Boniwell, I 5 Brockbank, A and McGill, I 8 Brown, P and Brown, V 9 Buckroyd, J 4 Business of Therapy, The 5

Executive Coaching 9 Facilitating Action Learning 10 Facilitating Groups 6 Grant, J and Crawley, J 3

Neuropsychology for Coaches 9 New Coach 8 NLP Coaching 9 Owen, D and Shohet, R 7



Handbook of Transcultural Counselling and Psychotherapy, The 3 Hawkins, P and Shohet, R 3, 7 Hawkins, P and Smith, N 10 Hawkins, P 8 Hay, J 9 Hayes, P 9, 10 Heap, M 3 Hefferon, J and Boniwell, I 5 Hidden History of Coaching, The 8 Hodson, P 5 Hughes, C and Herron, S 2 Hypnotherapy 2/e 3

Paice, L 8 Pedler, M and Abbott, C 10 Positive Psychology in a Nutshell 5 Positive Psychology 5 Presenting Past, The 4/e 4 Psychological Dimensions of Executive Coaching 8

C CBT for Mild to Moderate Depression and Anxiety 2 Clinical Supervision in the Medical Profession 7 Clutterbuck, D, Poulsen, K and Kochan, F 6 Coaching and Mentoring at Work 2/e 10 Coaching and Mentoring Supervision 7 Coaching Positively 9 Coaching Skills 3/e 6 Coaching with Empathy 8 Coaching, Mentoring and Organizational Consultancy 10 Connor, M and Pokora, J 10 Counselling Skills 2/e 1 Counsellor’s Workbook 2/e 1 Couple Therapy 2 Creating a Coaching Culture 8 Critically Engaging CBT 5

D Dallos, R and Draper, R 4 Dallos, R and Stedmon, J 4 De Haan, E 7 Developing a Coaching Business 6, 9 Developing Successful Diversity Mentoring Programmes 6 Developmental Coaching 10 Driver, M 9

IJ Introduction to Counselling, An 5/e 1 Introduction to Family Therapy, An 3/e 4 Jacobs, M 4 Job Interview Success 6

K Kerkhof, A 4 Key Concepts in Counselling and Psychotherapy 1


R Reflective Practice and Supervision for Coaches 9 Reflective Practice in Psychotherapy and Counselling 4 Relationship Therapy 5 Rogers, J 6, 9 Rowan, J and Jacobs, M 4

S Sandler, C 9 Skills of Clinical Supervision for Nurses 2/e 7 Smedley, K 10 Smith, V, Collard, P, Nicolson, P and Bayne, R 1 Stop Worrying 4 Supervision in Action 7 Supervision in the Helping Professions 4/e 3, 7

Lago, C 3 Lane, D and Corrie, S 5 Leading and Coaching Teams to Success 10 Live the Life You Love at 50+ 10 Loewenthal, D and House, R 5



Understanding Your Eating 4 Vaughan Smith, J 9 Wildflower, L 8

Making Successful Decisions in Counselling and Psychotherapy 5 Manager as Coach 6 March-Smith, R 5 McKinsey Crittenden, P, Dallos, R, Landini, A and Kozlowska, K 3 McLeod, J 1 McLeod, J and McLeod, J 1


Therapist’s Use of Self, The 4 Therapist into Coach 9 Transference and Projection 3


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Counselling & Coaching 2013 International Catalogue  

Counselling & Coaching 2013 International Catalogue