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PIE CORBETT & JULIA STRONG TALK FOR WRITING SERIES Perfect Talk for Writing in the Early Years

How to teach story and rhyme, and involve families 2-5 years Pie Corbett and Julia Strong

Available in May 2014 This book shows early years settings how to set up the approach and how to involve parents, carers and other family members through learning the same stories that the children are learning. This family involvement not only helps the children’s linguistic development but also increases the confidence of family members in supporting their children.

for Early Years, Primary & Secondary This practical resource offers: Schools ● 9 stories and rhymes together with storymaps for Nursery-age children, and another 9 for Foundation Stage children

● Fully worked, tried and tested examples of

how to establish the ‘Talk for Writing’ approach in early years settings

● DVD of Pie Corbett workshops with teachers showing

‘Talk for Writing’ in action and demonstrating how to deliver training

● 2nd DVD with video footage of Nursery and

Foundation Stage children and parents involved in the approach, plus interviews with teachers and parents

● Downloadable versions of the stories together with

amendable colour version of the story maps

Paperback + 2 DVDs £32.99 May 2014 208pp

Julia Strong

Building on best practice, this practical guide takes you step by step through how to establish quality written communication across the secondary curriculum. It can be used as a handbook by a literacy coordinator to lead the approach as well as being a source of practical ideas for each subject area. Every teacher can help students internalize the pattern of language of their subject through focused talk activities related to exemplar text. This enables students to independently generate the sentence patterns and structures that are key to effective communication in any subject. Paperback + DVD £26.99 September 2013 256pp

ISBN: 978-0-335-26260-1 eBook ISBN: 978-0-335-26261-8

ISBN: 978-0-335-26340-0 eBook ISBN: 978-0-335-26341-7

Talk for Writing BES T across the SELLER Curriculum

Talk for Writing in Secondary NEW Schools

How to achieve effective reading, writing and communication across the curriculum


How to teach nonfiction writing 5-12 years Pie Corbett and Julia Strong

Talk for Writing across the Curriculum shows you how to help children speak the language of nonfiction before they attempt to write it. This is a three-step process using fun, multi-sensory activities. It helps build children’s confidence and linguistic ability to such an extent they are able to create their own writing.

This practical resource offers: ● Fully worked, tried and tested examples of how to apply

‘Talk for Writing’ to each non-fiction text type

● DVD of Pie Corbett ‘s workshops with teachers showing

‘Talk for Writing’ in action

Paperback +DVD £26.99 2011 192pp

ISBN: 978-0-335-24088-3 eBook ISBN: 978-0-335-24090-6

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Talk for Writing' is a proven approach to teaching creative writing that is fun, engaging and motivating for children. Now you can apply thi...

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