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A new way for your child to express themselves... Fashion as Play

Explore, design, create and Play! See fashion and the world around in a more creative and fun way.

Without play and experimentation we will never discover the new ways of creating and discovering new unusual materials and the need of recycling and reusing fabrics.

Fashion as play workshops give children the chance to learn and experiment with fashion and design, on a new and exciting level.

Creating new techniques, experimenting with what clothes can or could be to putting the finishing touches to the clothes and even putting on a catwalk.

Children have fun, express themselves through creative play and learn new skills at the same time!

Pushing your child’s imagination to the limits.

Become a designer for the day, and use methods that real designers use!

Fashion as play workshops are available as private workshops for birthday parties, schools and youth groups.

To hear more about the Fashion as Play scheme, book a workshop, or for prices please see the website or get in touch or a chat!

There is a number of fun and creative workshops to choose from including ‘The Zero Workshop’ (a back to basics materials and recycling workshop), T-shirt Customising , Fashion design basics or even The Imaginarium where you can feed your childs imagination!

All of which the child will take home something they have created throughout the day as a designer!


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Fashion As Play  

Fashion As Play design brief for Amy Smallwood