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EDITOR’S LETTER - ISSUE #5 OPEN is now a year old. We’re growing up and we’re into some really heavy stuff right now. You’d better be okay with it! Welcome to the psychedelia issue. Unfortunately we weren’t allowed to attach free acid-laced blotting paper to the cover of the magazine like a free CD giveaway for y’all (joking). This is our first attempt at a themed issue inspired by, amongst other things, the Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia taking place this September. I know, it sounds a strange one doesn’t it? And psychedelics are illegal substances aren’t they? Don’t worry it’s a celebration of art, music and culture inspired by the psychedelic genre. We’re behind them - stick it to the man, man! Anyway, here’s a great quote from Terence Mckenna; a psychonaut and a modern day philosopher who is sadly no longer with us but his message continues to be heard thanks to YouTube: “Psychedelics are illegal not because a loving government is concerned that you may jump out of a third story window. Psychedelics are illegal because they dissolve opinion structures and culturally laid down models of behaviour and information processing. They open you up to the possibility that everything you know is wrong.” Told you it was heavy stuff. Oh, and don’t take drugs kids. Also in this issue, Hardwell is a DJ on fire in 2013 and this city appreciates good dance/house/EDM (select accordingly) music more than any other. The Dutch prodigy speaks exclusively to OPEN ahead of his appearance at Creamfields on page 46. Mixed martial arts is the fastest growing sport in the world right now and we followed fighters from Liverpool’s Next Generation MMA gym when Europe’s biggest promotion Cage Warriors came to town. See why it’s called a blood sport on page 50. We’ve also got a year’s supply of Nando’s to give away on page 78! Is this the best issue ever? Peace! Robbie Muldoon Editor

Editor: Robbie Muldoon Creative Director: Robert May Director & Sales: Michael Smith Director: Adam Duffy Sales: Michael Tremarco Graham Stazicker Website development: Stephen White

CONTRIBUTORS: Words: @ScouseBirdProbs, Peter Cranfield, Polly Daszkiewicz, Zoe Yvonne Delaney, Victoria Melia, Kieran Owens Photos: Adam Akins, Mike Brits, Amy Faith Special Thanks: Cage Warriors, Nando’s Queen Square, Paul Rimmer, and Vass from Urban Rebel PR!

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STYLE ’60s Fashion Revival Monochrome, Bold Prints, Pops of Colour and a Whole Lot of Cool


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Sole Selection Walking Bold Street Quarter Streetwear Fashion Shoot



KO Fitness Jumping on a Fad Diet Bandwagon Won’t Keep that Weight Off!

Cutthroat Pete’s Guide to Beards Grooming Tips For Your Facial Décor Hair Trends for Autumn Fancy a Low Knot? Suggestions From a Specialist


Silent Bill The Wanka Bars Are on Me!


Posters On Acid By Adam Pobiak



The Street Beats Radio Show Representin’ The L100


The Beat Goes On 3B Records Has Been at the Cutting Edge of Electronic Music for 24 Years


What’s Happening Some of OPEN’s favourite events taking place across Liverpool


Home Sweet Cookin’ Review of Home Canteen & Bar


Now Open The Guide to Some of the Newest Places


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Around Town


Out About Town Places to Go, Things to Do, Drinks to Be Drunk


Citygrams A Visual Description of Liverpool Life and Culture Using Instagram


Ask Scouse Bird Problems Can’t Cope? We’ve Enlisted You Some Help


Viral Vidz A Selection of Videos to Watch on Your Phone Using Layar







Summer of Love The Birth of Psychedelic Culture and Liverpool Psych Fest


Go Hardwell Or Go Home The Rise of a Superstar DJ


Into the Lion’s Den Liverpool’s Next Generation MMA Fighters


Win a Year’s Worth of Nando’s The Nando’s in Queen Square Wants to Give Somebody Free Chicken


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Highlights: August - October Some of OPEN’s favourite events taking place across Liverpool this season.

AUGUST ALIVE: IN THE FACE OF DEATH, UNTIL 15 SEPTEMBER This exhibition is by world renowned photographer Rankin and is the photographer’s look at death and mortality.

HALF MOON RUN, SHIPPING FORECAST, 20 AUGUST This Canadian indie rock band (pictured right) from Montreal has received critical acclaim for their three-part harmonies. They have opened for Mumford & Sons and are a nightmarishly satisfying experience both live and digitally, and will surely

LIVERPOOL MUSIC AWARDS, 25 AUGUST The second ever Liverpool Music Awards returns to the city as part of the new Liverpool International Music Festival. continue to expand.

CREAMFIELDS, 23 – 25 AUGUST Creamfields 2013 brings the best DJs in the world to the North West: AVICII, Knife Party, Nicky Romero, Madeon, The Prodigy, Steve Angello, Eric Prydz, Guetta, Afrojack, Hardwell, Tommy Trash, Ingrosso, Chuckie… do we need

to go on?

SUMMERCAMP FESTIVAL AT LIVERPOOL BALTIC TRIANGLE, 23 – 24 AUGUST Summercamp is a small festival with big talent up close, boasting top acts such as Mount Kimbie, Martha Wainwright and Ghostpoet, world-class art courtesy of Liverpool Biennial and mouthwatering flavours curated by Sunday Brunch’s Simon Rimmer, plus much more.

LIVERPOOL INTERNATIONAL MUSIC FESTIVAL, 23 – 26 AUGUST After 20 years The Mathew Street festival has a makeover and a name change, but will still be one of the biggest free music festivals in Europe.



SEPTEMBER SPACE – 20TH ANNIVERSARY TOUR, EAST VILLAGE ARTS CLUB, 7TH SEPTEMBER Cheeky, scouse outfit whose quirky, uplifting brand of indie-pop has produced many smiles, as well as some irresistable tunes (‘Neighbourhood’, ‘Female Of The Species’, ‘Me And You Vs The World’).

WE ARE ELECTRIC FEAT HARD ROCK SOFA AND SWANKY TUNES, O2 ACADEMY, 14 SEPTEMBER We Are Electric, a new night-life experience bringing you the hottest djs, on a big stage, powered by a massive soundsystem.

DEATHWAVE PRESENTS ABYSMAL TORMENT, LOMAX, 25 SEPTEMBER A brutal death metal night featuring energetic and humorous local Liverpool act Neuroma. Get ready for a methodic extermination of extremophiles!


Shows are all still to be confirmed but in the past few years you could have seen John Bishop, Jason Manford, Jimmy Carr, Dara O’Brian, Russell Howard, Stewart Lee, Jack Dee, Ross Noble, Sarah Millican...



Brothers, Eoin and Rory Loveless are back in Liverpool at East Village Arts Club following the release of their debut album and stomping performances at Liverpool Sound City and Glastonbury.

ARCTIC MONKEYS, ECHO ARENA, 28 OCTOBER This Liverpool tour date follows the release of the band’s fifth album entitled ‘AM’ in September and the band’s headline appearance at Glastonbury. If you have an event that you would like to promote contact

The Liverpool International Festival Of Psychedelia returns this September for two days of worship at Camp and Furnace. This is the UK’s largest celebration of psychedelic sub-culture. Shalom.






THE WANKA BARS ARE ON ME! VISIT WWW.SILENTBILL.COUK Silent Bill is an urban artist from Liverpool who challenges authority with the sharp weapon of art. His keeps his identity a mystery as he delivers a slap across the face to the zombified populace by transforming everyday objects into something that makes people stop and take notice; like cutting up bank notes into military silhouettes; lending his hand to a spot of street graffiti; or creating his own brand of Wanka Bars and distributing them to people (he also makes exceedingly good cunt cakes, apparently). OPEN: Who is Silent Bill and what are his intentions? Silent Bill: My intentions are always sincere and good natured with hopes that my pieces might inspire people to think about current socio/economic issues or failing that I hope it might just give them a bit of a laugh and cheer them up on the way to work. A lot of your art is based around money and carries socio-political messages, such as the military soldiers and tank shapes cut out of dollar bills. Do you have a particular world view you feel strongly about? It may sound like I’m up on my soapbox with my tin foil hat on but we have witnessed in our life time the world’s greatest theft right under our noses. The transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich was done right in front of us and there’s been no one to answer for it. Where did all the hundreds of billions of the quantitative easing money go?

It certainly didn’t fix anything considering the welfare cuts, job losses, inflation above the 2% target, increasing utility costs, housing crisis, food banks etc. We’ve all been shafted. What have people’s reactions been like to your Wanka Bars? It’s all been positive but I get the best reactions when people check the back of the bar and closely read the ingredients which I jokingly said included horse sperm (NB. It’s a lie; the bars don’t contain horse sperm, it’s donkey sperm). Has anybody found the Golden Shower ticket yet?! No comment!

What is a view you wish more people knew about/held? I use money a lot in my art because I paradoxically both love and hate it. I love its intricate designs and it is something that your eyes are instantly drawn to but I also hate fiat currency and all it stands for. I wish people would understand that it doesn’t exist. It’s actually quite a simple concept but is something that is difficult to get your head around at first, it’s all based on peoples confidence and faith in a government issued piece of paper with 20 pound wrote on it being worth £20. Go to to read the full interview with Silent Bill.

DON’T SHOW RANKIN AN INSTAGRAM Rankin is one of the most famous photographers in the world and was recently in Liverpool for the opening of his latest exhibition, ALIVE: In The Face of Death at the Walker Art Gallery. After 30 years of photographing pop-culture icons including Kate Moss, Madonna, the Rolling Stones and a portrait of the Queen smiling! We decided to ask him what his thoughts on Instagram are.

Rankin: I mean for me it’s funny - because everybody has got a phone camera with Instagram and they think they’re photographers. I tried for seven years to be a photographer so you know, I’m like I fucking trained for this guys you know!? I spent like, 20 odd years perfecting it! But at the same time I love the fact that people have access to that and talk about it. It’s just

a bit boring when someone says, ‘oh do you like my photos?’ And you’re like, you know Instagram isn’t really a photo - I just have to tell you. It’s not a photographer’s photo, it’s an amateur’s photo. And that’s good - but it can be a bit difficult.

ALIVE: In The Face of Death runs at the Walker Art Gallery until 15th Sep 2013.




THE STREET BEATS RADIO SHOW IS REPRESENTIN’ THE ‘L100’ (THAT’S LIVERPOOL 100%!) Despite urban music dominating the charts, there is still no specialised urban radio show on either of the city’s biggest commercial stations.

switch over and this forces them to play safe. Therefore, no urban shows, no indie shows, and no drum & bass/ dubstep shows.

DJ 2 Kind has been involved in urban music on a local level in Liverpool for over20 years and now he is flying the flag for hip hop across the Mersey airwaves and also championing the cause for local urban artists on his The Street Beats Radio Show on 7Waves Radio.

The reason they ‘allow’ specialised dance shows at the weekend is down to the fact that Liverpool gained

OPEN: How have you seen the Liverpool urban music scene develop over the past 20 years? DJ 2KIND: Liverpool has always had a wealth of urban talent and during the late 80’s early 90’s a number of hip hop crews from Liverpool came together to call themselves The Pool Stable. From that collective you had DJ Olabean who went on to produce remixes for Destiny’s Child, Ja Rule and Mariah Carey. During the late 90’s Liverpool became more known for its club nights and events which gave us nights like No Fakin which was responsible for bringing some of the biggest names in Hip Hop to Liverpool. From the many interviews I have with local urban artists today, most will say that their inspiration came from one of two things; Grime or Eminem! Why do you think it there is no specialised urban music show on Juice FM or Radio City? It comes down to money. Commercial radio stations need to maximize their income so feel that they must play the most commercial music to attract the most listeners and bring in more advertising. Anything that doesn’t have an instant ‘pop’ sound could make people 16


such a huge reputation as a ‘dance city’ from global brands like Cream, record shop/label 3Beat and local legendary nights like The State, The Paradox and The 051. This has given the station bosses the idea that this is what the people want of a weekend.

There is a group called Beyond Average who are without doubt my favourite Liverpool Hip Hop group of all time. and if I want to listen to someone to remind me of why I got into Hip Hop in the first place then I would listen to the incredible lyrical talents of Aydoe and Jamie Broad.

Who are some of your favourite local urban artists?

Liverpool is on an incredible level with regards to urban music and the people I mentioned are just a few that are doing us proud right now.

The great thing about Liverpool urban artists now is the diversity. So if I wanted Soul and Alternative soul I would check out Kof or Esco Williams. If I wanted clever lyrics and incredible passion I’d check out Innuendo.

The Street Beats Radio Show is aired every Friday 8pm-11pm on 7Waves Radio 92.1FM







It’s amazing how drugs, sunburn, and the sight of a wrinkly 70 year-old Mick Jagger strutting his stuff on the world’s biggest stage can provoke nostalgia in somebody about something that happened before they were even born. “It feels like the Summer of Love again!”, said a beaming 20-something festival goer tripping balls on 2CB next to me as the Rolling Stones wrapped their Glastonbury 2013 headline performance. This declaration of nostalgic euphoria made me laugh at the time, but with the Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia taking place in September it’s worth asking, is the psychedelic counter-culture making a comeback? Did it ever go away? There are comparisons to be drawn between then and now besides the obvious fact that the Rolling Stones were huge back then and 46 years later they still are, pulling the biggest crowd ever seen at the Pyramid Stage. It seems the legacies from the ‘60s are still with us, as though that period marked the birth of our current culture with the spirit staying with us over the past 40-odd-years helping shape the generations that have come since. Back then there was stupid wars like Vietenam; today we have the Afghanistan and Syria conflicts. Back then society was shook up by youth drug use; it still is today with kids getting their kicks through the legal-highs market. For those who don’t know, the ‘Summer of Love’ refers to 1967 when the revolutionary underground youth culture of the hippy movement captured the world’s attention. The 18


focus was San Francisco, where 100,000 young people travelled from across America and beyond, attracted by the promise of the chance to cast off the chains of conservative social values and experiment with drugs and sex. Basically, it was the blueprint for Ibiza and every other hedonistic holiday resort ever since, kind of – without the commercialism and with a lot more spirituality and nakedness. There was a lot of nakedness. Although hippies also gathered in major cities across the U.S., Canada, and Europe; San Francisco remained the epicentre of the social earthquake which would come to be known as the Hippie Revolution. The key ideas of the 1960s hippie movement were: communal living, political decentralisation, environmental awareness and ‘dropping out’; which coined the slogan ‘turn on, tune in, drop out’. A new generation had developed through the early 1960s, partly led by writers such as the American Beat Poet Allen Ginsberg, who in May 1965 arrived in the UK for his first summertime visit to explore the country. It was on

this trip as he travelled to Liverpool where he gave a reading and hung out with the emerging rock bands struggling to escape from the shadow of the Beatles, that the voice of the times was impressed enough to draw comparisons between the city by the Mersey and the city by the Bay as he wrote: ‘it’s like San Francisco in Liverpool except the weather is greyer – lovely city, mad music. Liverpool is at the present time the centre of consciousness of the human universe. They’re resurrecting the human form divine there…’ Hey #itsliverpool, we’ve found your new marketing campaign! As the counterculture came to a head during the ‘Summer of Love’ two years after Ginsberg’s visit to Liverpool, the city was firmly associated with psychedelia. The psychedelic phenomena impacted culture beyond its weight in the fields of film, fashion, design and music where it really had its moment: the influence of LSD and marijuana acted as engines that drove the Beatles’ Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band which was released in the summer of ‘67, and other key albums included Jimi

Hendrix’s Are You Experienced?, Cream’s Disraeli Gears, Pink Floyd’s Piper at the Gates of Dawn, and the self-titled album from the Doors. We’re sorry Justin and Jay Z but compared to that list legends of the summer you are not.

hippies eventually had to go back to university or get a job, the utopian dream had come to an end. The Summer of Love was over. But we still feel the ripples of hippiedom and psychedelia today. Continued >

By the autumn of ‘67 the hippies’ hopeful aspirations congregated in San Francisco had become a mess. The realities of ‘dropping out’ hit home: thousands suffered from serious drug addiction and mental problems, or became homeless. Major bummer. Realising that peace and love couldn’t sustain them forever, most of the



Student accommodation Ready Sept. 2013 From


/week 0800 008 7888 a new way of student living... 20 SUMMER 2013

THEN AND NOW: ’67 – ‘13 Though more than a generation has passed since the revolutionary ideals of the Summer of Love of 1967, the 1960s in many ways seem with us still today.

TIE DYE IS EVERYWHERE 60s fashion has actually made a big comeback in 2013 with people comfortably rocking tie-dye clothes like some mass expression of peace and love. Everybody knows that fashion moves in circles but the tie-dye garment is such an iconic look from the 60s that it’s popularity today really is a throw back to the Summer of Love. Last

season’s fashion show in Paris saw a big ‘60s revival with Marc Jacobs’ Louis Vuitton collection.

It’s not just fashion channeling the 60s look, the craze is also influencing beauty looks too with girls inspired to adopt beehives, bouffant hairstyles and heavy eyes.

FUCKED-UP, PSYCHEDELIC POP MUSIC In 1967 the Rolling Stones were the first western band to play behind the Iron Curtain when they performed in Poland, Warsaw, where tickets to the gig were distributed by the Communists Party much to the dismay of the band. The crowd were ordered to act accordingly or they would be removed. The song they played to wrap their set list that night was ‘Satisfaction’. 46 years later they performed the same song as they dropped the curtain on their first ever Glastonbury performance. Surely that’s enough to provoke a certain nostalgia in even the most cynical of us. The Summer of Love gave birth to the psych-rock genre of music, but who is getting high and flying the flag for psychedelia today? The band who really captures the psych-sound of the past and brings it into the modern day is Tame Impala. You could label the Australian band’s


sound as ‘neo-psychedelia’, or just borrow front-man Kevin Parker’s own description: ‘fucked-up, psychedelic pop music’. Whatever you want to call it, the sonics coming from their Other stage performance at Glastonbury this year stood out from everything else around them. With the accompanying trippy visuals on each screen either side of the stage you half expected to turn around to find yourself in a field full of hippies at the very first Glasto!

EVERYBODY’S TRIPPIN’ The use of drugs during the Summer of Love was widespread with LSD being the most popular substance together with weed. The perception-altering effects of acid were often interpreted to be a path for evolution onto a “higher plane” of consciousness. The use of psychedelics was a driving force behind much of the art, music and film of the day. And with Justin Timberlake admitting this year to ‘tripping my mind out’ at Coachella, that pretty much seals hallucinogens as being ‘in’ – doesn’t it? The Second Summer of Love is a name given to the to the ecstasy and rave culture of ’88-’89 as it first hit Britain. The rise of electronic dance music combined with the euphoric effects of MDMA meant tie-dye was back in, and the iconic hippie peace sign was swapped for the smiley logo. In 2013 it seems there is a new recreational drug of the times emerging - 2CB. The illegal class A substance was labeled in a 2013 UN drug report as the ‘drug of choice for Colombia’s elite’, which it also said > SUMMER 2013


was indicative of a global trend. 2CB is an hallucinogenic with effects described as a cross between LSD and MDMA. A coming together of the two states of high associated with each summer of love.

EVERYBODY’S DOING YOGA The hippie revolution found much inspiration in the spirituality and mysticism of the eastern world. One result of this looking eastwards was the adoption of teaching yoga. It wasn’t until the 1960s that it really began to take off. Prominent Indian yogis began moving to Western countries to extend their teachings, which were taken on board by hippies and by the time of the summer of ’67 the Beatles had been profoundly influenced by their exposure to yoga, which helped to completely westernize the practice. The yoga boom of the late ‘60s and ‘70s mellowed until the last decade when the “holistic movement” took off. In the west today, tens of millions crave organic food, alternative medicine, yoga and meditation. There has never been so many yoga classes available. Instead of associating yoga with loin cloths or smelly hippies, today it’s associated with spas, massages, and lavish retreats.

LIVERPOOL INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF PSYCHEDELIA The Liverpool International Festival Of Psychedelia returns this September for two days of worship. This is the UK’s largest celebration of psychedelic sub-culture. Liverpool Psych Fest celebrates artists operating at the cutting edge of today’s global psychedelic renaissance,

alongside visual art, film, performance and mind expanding visual delights. Headlining will be San Francisco act Moon Duo who will be bringing their sprawling psych jams to the main stage at Psych Fest. Led by Wooden Shjips singer/guitarist Ripley Johnson and partnered by his wife Sanae Yamada, the pair released second LP ‘Circles’ late last year to great fanfare. The duo have carved themselves a niche as creators of concise prog-psych gems on record, and lengthier space rock excursions live. Treading the boards at the European festival circuit over the summer, the duo conclude their UK visit with what is guaranteed to be a hypnotic headline performance. And what a nice conclusion to the article, as the psych sound born out of the home of the hippie revolution comes to Liverpool. The Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia 2013, at Camp and Furnace, 27-28 September: turn on, tune in, rock out!

WE STILL FEEL THE RIPPLES OF HIPPIEDOM AND PSYCHEDELIA TODAY Above: Australian psych-rockers Tame Impala. Left: Moon Duo from San Francisco will perform at Liverpool Psych Fest

22 SUMMER 2013

SUMMER 2013 23





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Dr James Clinic offers a wide range of excellent non surgical cosmetic treatments in the comfort of our luxurious, private and professional Liverpool based clinic. We are specialists in the latest non - surgical treatments including: • Anti wrinkle injections • Dermal Fillers • Sculptra • Dermapen

• Advanced Dermaroller • Thread Vein Removal • Skin Peels • Soprano Pain Free Hair Removal

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26 SUMMER 2013




Here at OPEN we’re a big fan of the Summer months - who isn’t?! - so despite the fact that Autumn is drawing in, we’re clinging onto thoughts of holidays and sunshine for as long as possible. What better way to do that than with clothes? The Sixties dominated the Spring/Summer 2013 catwalk shows, and is definitely a trend that can be carried all the way through to Autumn.

simple silhouettes. Be bold: the Sixties of today doesn’t care for floral prints; it revels in graphic statement pieces i.e. flowers are now either embroidered or oversized 3D embellishments as seen at the Prada and Moschino shows.

So here’s the plan: monochrome, bold prints, pops of colour and a whole lot of cool. High hemlines and strong

If you’re willing to wear a complete Sixties look rather than simply dipping a toe into the trend with one of our

With footwear, heels are - gasp! - low and simple. A frightening thought for those Liverpool Ladies more accustomed to six-inch stilts!

picks, why not embrace some of the Sixties beauty trends? Think Twiggy and Bridget Bardot: strong statement eyes, nude lips and a beehive or bouffant hair complete the look. Marc Jacobs did this best at his S/S13 show, where he modernised the statement liner of the Sixties by replacing with dark grey smudged kohl liner. Sound like a plan? Here are OPEN’s top Sixties picks to carry on the Summer of Love.

£270 The Row

£68 Topshop

£45 ASOS

£35 Topshop

£229 MAJE

£19.99 Zara




Jacked up to perfection, the combination of form and function achieves total harmony on these evolutionary silhouettes, bringing back the Trinomic series kicking and screaming into the next century.


Adidas Originals Tech Super Trainers in Legend Ink, These retro classics feature a breathable canvas upper with stylish suede overlays. Every step you take will be absorbed by the cushioned midsole and grippy outsole.


The Asics Gel Lyte III Flamingo is a collaboration between Ronnie Fieg and ASICS. The shoe appears in this “Flamingo” colorway highlighted by its soft blue and pink paired with a light grey suede-mesh upper and off-white midsole.

28 SUMMER 2013


The ZX series houses some of the greatest Adidas running silhouettes of all time. The original blueprint: it was one of the first, released in 1985, a year after the collection was first established. These shoes were built to last, and oh boy have they.


These Gel Saga are presented in a premium nylon mesh and faux suede also featuring Asics’s Silicone Gel shock absorption bubble in the EVA midsole, a grippy out sole, and bright details on the heel and tongue.

NIKE AIR 180 EM RRP: £78.00

Nike have taken inspiration and a colour palate from the South American coastline with the new ‘Beaches of Rio’ Pack. Featuring a bold blue, orange and purple colourway across its stitch free, lightweight and breathable mesh.

SUMMER 2013 29

KO FITNESS JUMPING ON A FAD DIET BANDWAGON WON’T KEEP THAT WEIGHT OFF! This column is to help you keep fit. Kieran Owens, a personal trainer from Liverpool, runs a series of beach boot camps in Spain, and is a nutrition specialist. Here, he delivers you the latest training tips and cutting edge advice.

A number of the latest fad diets are currently hot topics, and don’t get me wrong people WILL lose weight on them but they WON’T keep that weight off.

indulgers (26.1 per cent UK). So a free pass to eat as many burgers, pizzas and tubs of ice cream for 5 days a week is just morally irresponsible!

This year’s culprits amongst many others are the Intermittent Fasters (the 5:2 Diet) and the Paleo Peeps (the Caveman diet)… not to mention a certain shake craze that is certainly sweeping Liverpool but seems relatively unknown to some parts of the U.K, which I won’t name, but rhymes with pain and strife! There’s not enough pages in this magazine for me to get into that one I’m afraid.

Let’s face it most of the fad diet crowd don’t have the will power to keep it so simple or they wouldn’t be fad dieting in the first place. They will BINGE! And binge eating is an eating disorder and nobody should be promoting that no matter how much weight you lose.


THE CAVEMAN DIET We move onto the complete polar opposite end of the spectrum and go into Paleo or Caveman territory. The principles behind this diet go as follows: NO processed, refined ‘food’ - or ‘shite’ to use the scientific term.



Fasting has been around for centuries, there are still many religions and cultures that practice it and it is said to help the body become more healthy through overall calorie reduction. So transform that into a diet for humans and intermittent fasting, or the 5:2 diet, is born.

If you can’t kill it If you can’t catch it If it doesn’t fall from a tree Or grow from the ground…


To live like a strict caveman or woman is going to cost you a fortune (there’s irony in there somewhere) because everything must be organic and free range. And it’s strict.

Basically you fast for two days on 500 calories per day, and the other 5 you can eat whatever your gluttonous face desires. And that’s it.

WHY IT WON’T STICK While good in theory the geniuses behind it must have forgotten that we are fast becoming a world of obese over

30 SUMMER 2013

Don’t eat it!


All legumes and peas are out. Lentils are out Quinoa is out Rye is out Potatoes, pasta and rice of any kind are all out

Whey protein is out Dairy of any kind is out No wonder you’re going to lose weight, you’ve just effectively eliminated most calorie dense foods available! It’s important to have at least one day each week where you raise your carbohydrates to keep your metabolic rate high, otherwise you will eventually find it harder and harder to lose weight on low calories, because years of starving yourself will take it’s toll on your metabolism.

DO TRY My advice is to give the 5:2 diet a wide berth, but take some of what the Caveman diet has to offer on board. Be realistic and if you can’t be so strict with organic do the next best thing and stay clear of all frozen refined foods. A general rule is the longer the products shelf life the worse it’s going to be for you. Try this for a month instead. Download ‘My Fitness Pal’ on your smartphone and log everything you eat in it for 3 days. This will give you an average daily caloric intake as well as a breakdown of your carb, protein and fats. If you want to lose weight take away 200-500 calories per day while keeping your protein intake at around 1 gram per pound of body weight. Keep your fibrous vegetable intake high and drink lots of water. Keep logging in everything you eat you’ll be surprised how much it helps. AND EXERCISE!!!

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10 Ashfield Road, Aigburth, Liverpool L17 0BZ Telephone: 0151 728 7900 Open Mag August Ad:Layout 1 31/07/2013 12:38 Page 2

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Beards are definitely stamping a groove on 2013... Everyone from trendy hipster males, to A-list celebrities, to middle aged dads are having a go at cultivating some facial topiary.

If you wear your beard longer, you should treat it like you do the hair on your head. It requires regular shampoo and conditioning. I also suggest that you brush or comb your beard daily, this will stop it from getting tangled and messy. This also keeps your beard looking in top shape.

If you fancy having a go at growing your own, we have enlisted you the help of Liverpool’s top barber and beard specialist Cutthroat Pete to offer his top five growing/grooming tips for your facial décor.

Speak to your Barber about how to shape your beard and what tools they suggest to maintain your new growth. Your barber should be able to give you all the advice you need to get you on your way to growing a boss beard. I always suggest my clients with beards book in with me for a beard trim at least once every month or two to keep their beard looking its best.




Start as you mean to go on Make a decision as to which beard style you think you would like to achieve. If it’s something short and neat you want, this will require regular trimming and shaping. If you decide on a longer fuller beard, you will have to trim and shape your beard less regularly but will have to make sure you take extra care of the skin underneath your beard as it will see less day light and not be moisturized as often as freshly shaved skin.

I advise people, who want to regularly trim their beard, to use clippers. They make it easy to trim your facial hair to the same length all over and you are less likely to cut yourself than if you try to use scissors. Clippers are a good way of keeping the lines of your beard in order too. I use my cutthroat razor to shape peoples beards. They create nice clean lines, whereas a razor with four or five blades can be hard to use when shaping a beard. The top line of a full beard should go from the middle of the ear to the top lip with a nice clean curve. The bottom of the beard should finish around the Adam’s apple area, this can either be tapered or lined straight across.

I feel that people look at guys who have a beard differently. It can make you appear sophisticated. It can give a man with a round face a defined jawline. It can make the most boring 45 year old man feel like a rock star, and it can get a lucky 17 year old, with good growth, served at the bar!

Choose a beard style that suits your facial hair and face shape. Some guys will not be able to grow a big full beard, as their facial hair will be naturally thin or patchy. This doesn’t mean that you can’t rock a beard. You just need to pick something that will suit you.





Shorter beards or long stubble doesn’t need to be shampooed. You can use a good facial scrub to take care of your beard and skin.

If you would like to speak to Pete about an appointment or for some further advice on growing your beard, give him a follow on twitter @cutthroatpete All Star Barbers (appointment only) 0151 345 8398 241 Woolton Road, Childwall, L16 8NA



Beard type: David’s beard is not dense and doesn’t cover his whole chin area, but he wears it in a way that suits his face shape. I think beards like David’s look better when kept shorter, usually no longer than a number 2. The bottom of the beard around the Adam’s apple area looks better tapered.

Beard type: This beard is thick and course, especially with the majority of it being grey. Beards like this look well either really short, like a longer stubble or can be grown out thick but still maintained and groomed regularly. I advise people with beards like this to keep the top of their cheeks shaved and around the neck area should be kept smart to keep the beard looking good.

JOHNNY DEPP Beard type: Johnny Depp’s beard only grows in small patches and is not very thick. It is not impossible for people with a beard growth like this to sport some facial hair, but it helps to have cool hair and maybe a killer pair of spectacles to pull it off. If your beard doesn’t grow on your cheeks but it grows around your top lip and chin, you could either go for a nice short sharp moustache, or something a bit more daring like Johnny. I would advise the wearer to keep the hair trimmed and to line the moustache on their lip so as it doesn’t appear scraggly.

TOM HARDY Beard Type: Tom Hardy has good facial coverage, but I can tell by researching lots of pictures of his beard, that it is not overly thick and course, it appears thicker because he has allowed it to get more length. I feel like this is a really powerful look, it creates a strong image. It doesn’t look like he has undergone any specific beard grooming regimens with this beard. If the unkempt, beach bum, castaway look is the one you would like to go for, this can be achieved by simply letting your beard grow out for about 3-6 months.

ZAC BROWN (Zac Brown Band) Beard type: This beard type is great for experimenting with. It looks good worn either short or longer. It is quite dense but can be brushed to make it look groomed and it holds a good shape. To grow a beard of this length would take about 2-3 months. The neck area is tapered and shaved clean around the Adam’s apple area, the tops of the cheeks are kept clean shaved too.

WOMEN READERS OF OPEN, TO BEARD OR NOT TO BEARD? THAT IS THE QUESTION! @Nic_Raby it SO depends on the type of beard!! Brian Blessed full on facial garden – no! Marcus Collins nice little cheeky growth - yes! @AmyFaithPhoto !!BEARD!! Always with a beard. Men without facial hair are freaks. Soz. #notsoz Kelly Clark @spencermoo really depends on the man. If it’s part of a look then yes, he just looks like he’s given up on life beard x Jenn D @JennDmusic I think somewhere in the middle of no beard and beard is a wonderful thing! Like really long stubble!? Haha x Christopher Killen @Chriskillen10 what if it’s ginger though? #gingerbeard

SUMMER 2013 33


I’ve had an evolving relationship with my hair ever since I was a child. Being a ginger, I’ve suffered at the hands of school bullies and as a teenager I was compelled to begin the ‘bottle dye cycle’, ending up with brown hair, bright red roots and an all-over tinge of green: Not recommended! But with age comes wisdom, and I now embrace my Titian locks and treat them to a professional

dye every now and then. So on behalf of OPEN, I headed along to to Voodou on Bold Street to see if they could work their Black Magic on my wig!



I was treated to a colour and cut by Jamie. His effortless manner and charm made me feel comfortable and he discussed my hair at length with me until we came to the idea of an

all-over colour enhancing red tint for a summery look. I loved the vibrancy and evenness of the shade and I received a great cut which thickened up my bobbed hair. Jamie’s been in the industry for over 8 years, working at Voodou and other established hair salons. As we head into autumn he shared his colour and look trends for the months ahead:

A sleek ponytail, like One Tree Hill star Sophia Bush’s, gives you a clean, sexy, put together look in seconds.


Move over beachy waves. Soft, touchable curls are a huge hair trend for AW13, like Twilight star Ashley Greene’s.


High buns have pretty much had their moment now and it’s time for low knots to take the spotlight. Twist and wrap your hair around itself like you would with a bun and then pull it through the middle to create a knot. Then, tuck the hair you’ve pulled through the style under the bun for a sophisticated look, or leave it out for an undone effect. Emma Stone does this look perfectly.


With less humidity in the winter, you won’t have to worry about your hair frizzing up the same... So go ahead and steal Selena Gomez’s super-sleek ‘do. We love!

34 SUMMER 2013

A hidden braid, like Ciara’s, is the new way to wear the much loved summer plait. Choose a section of hair that will allow your braid to pop through, but not be completely visible at all times. Expect to get complimented on this surprising style.

We’re at: 108 Bold Street, Liverpool, L1 4HY Telephone: 0151-709-6607 Downstairs... Dillinger’s Bar A swanky speakeasy hidden behind a bookcase...

Exclusive Cocktail Masterclass

Dillinger Booth Package

Indulge & impress Step back into the 1920’s with your friends and join us in making 2 Classic Cocktails for just £16 £20 to include canapés

750 ml Grey goose Vodka Bottle of Laurent Perrier Champagne 2 Pitchers of mixers & 4 cans of Red Bull Mixed Fruits 4 Jaeger Bombs - £250

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750 ml House Vodka 2 Pitchers of Mixer or 6 cans Red Bull Bottle of House Champagne - £125

(Cut out this voucher and bring into Sapphire Lounge – Please call venue to reserve your table)

SUMMER 2013 35

STREET QUARTER Photography by Amy Faith Styling by Becka Corner Hair and Make-up: Capello Liverpool Models: Jonny Kearns, Jordan Wilkie, Monique Agar and Tessa Burton Location: Hope Street Quarter

36 SUMMER 2013

Girls All items from Resurrection Supra trainers from Resurrection Boy Clothing from Resurrection Nike trainers exclusive to size?



Boy (left) Carhartt shirt - Weavers Door Carhartt shorts - Weavers Door Saucony trainers - size? Boy (right) Carhartt t-shirt - Weavers Door Trousers - Weavers Door Nike Jordan’s – size? Girl Blazer - Topshop Carhartt shirt - Resurrection Trousers - Topshop Nike Jordan’s – size?

38 SUMMER 2013

SUMMER 2013 39

40 SUMMER 2013

Boy (from left to right) Reason t-shirt Urban Outfitters Dr. Denim Jeans Urban Outfitters Girl Vest and hat Urban Outfitters Boy Reason t-shirt Urban Outfitters Dr. denim jeans Urban Outfitters Girl Hat - Urban Outfitters Jeans - Topshop



Boy (left) All clothing from Topman Vans from size? Girl Bomber jacket from Topman Jeans from Topshop Boy (right) All clothing from Topman Vans from size?

42 SUMMER 2013


THE BEAT GOES ON 3B RECORDS HAS BEEN AT THE CUTTING EDGE OF ELECTRONIC MUSIC IN LIVERPOOL FOR 24 YEARS Record Store Day is the one day of the year that all of the independently owned record stores across the world come together with artists to celebrate the art and love of music. It came into being in 2007 when over 700 independent stores in the USA joined up to celebrate their unique culture and it is now held on the third Saturday in April every year all over the place. The day is a shock and awe type raid for collectors with special vinyl and CD releases and various promotional products made exclusively for the occasion with hundreds of artists across the globe making special appearances and performances at rammed in stores. At this point you might be thinking ‘just let those grubby hoarders cop their limited edition 12”s - physical’s dead anyway.’ But you would be wrong. iTunes sales in 2011 accounted for 17.9 percent of the market and HMV, 19.1. So there’s still a craving for physical over digital, there’s life in the record store yet. Liverpool began to earn a reputation as a dance city thanks to the success of nightclubs from The State to Cream through the 90s. 3 Beat Records was there from the beginning starting out as a second hand dance music record stall in Quiggins it attracted DJs from far and wide and is said to have become a favourite of legendary DJs Paul Oakenfold and Seb Fontaine. The shop won numerous awards including Music Week’s independent record shop of the year in 2002. It then moved premises to Slater Street where it remains the cornerstone of the city’s house/trance and electro music scene. The organisers of Record Store Day are keen to thank the people in the stores, who they laud as creative and cool and making the experience on the ground what it is. So we went in store to speak to the man relied upon by fellow DJs and dance music fanatics for his expert knowledge and advice, resident Cream DJ and owner of the-now-named 3B Records Jemmy, to ask his thoughts on the state of the modern record store. Photos by Mike Brits So how did you end up owning 3 Beat? I was in Uni, just about to go into my final year and this job at 3 Beat came up. I’d been shopping there for years, as a massive vinyl junkie basically, and I ended up getting it and it was amazing. There’s something special about the shop, it’s always been there. But four years later in 2009 John and Pez, the previous owners, wanted to shut it to focus on the label. The three of us who were working there at the time didn’t want that - we didn’t want to have to go and find a normal job. So we wanted to keep it going and we bought it. How is the shop doing in these days of digital downloads? It can be hard sometimes but there are certain points of the year that do really well, like Record Store Day, you

44 SUMMER 2013

do a month’s takings in a day just on vinyl, it’s ridiculous. Vinyl sales are growing - especially the limited edition releases or the vinyl exclusive stuff - CD sales are dropping and ticket sales are booming. We also do DJ in stores, which do well, with people like Carl Craig, Four Tet, Digweed, Sasha, and Soulwax who have all done them for us. They come to launch their albums or releases. We try to do at least one or two of them a month. It’s tough, I’m not going to lie, nobody is making a lot of money, but we get by nicely and there’s no sign of things changing. Infact there’s certain parts of our business, such as tickets and etickets, which are growing quite quickly so the future is looking bright. How was this year’s Record Store Day compared to previous years? Well it’s only been going three years with us and I reckon it’s grown by about

100% every year and now we have queues outside in the morning with a constant flow of people throughout the day and the records are going so quick we’re like, ‘nooo! Why didn’t we buy more of that!?’ What were the most popular records this year? Caribou sold loads actually, that kind of electronic sound still does really well on vinyl but crosses over to some of the indie heads as well. The White Stripes was a big one, there is such a wide range of people coming through the doors because the lines between genres are much more blurred now and gives us the chance to take a few more risks with the stock we buy in.

Jemmy: Resident Cream DJ and owner of 3B Records

Have you noticed a shift in the sort of clientele over the years? I suppose it used to be all about DJs but now it’s more about music collectors. Do you deal with many big name DJs? I speak to quite a lot of them just through the shop, sending them records and stuff, most of them have shopped with us at some point. The reason they still buy vinyl is because they want those special vinyl exclusive records in their sets, because if everyone is just buying off Beatport or iTunes or wherever they download from, they’ll all be playing the same stuff. You can catch Jemmy at Creamfields on Sunday 25th August on the Richie Hawtin Presents ENTER. stage


SUMMER 2013 45


The universe was one full of four-piece guitar bands until electronic dance music’s ‘big bang’ eruption of July 1977 when Donna Summer released the eternally popular ‘I Feel Love’. The production was at the heart of this groundbreaking record with Summer’s voice floating over a kick drum, gravitating bass line and sumptuous synths. It sounded unlike anything on the airwaves at the time. It pioneered the use of electronics and machines, instantly impacting the music culture of the day; going straight to number one and cashing in on the pink pound as it became a gay dance club anthem. In the following years electronic dance music continued to expand its popularity and evolve its sound until a pivotal moment in the summer of 1994 when Glastonbury tuned in to Orbital. Brothers Paul and Phil Hartnoll took to the stage, their heads bobbing up and down from behind the decks, lit up by their trademark torch spectacles looking like a pair of extraterrestrials descending from outer space. They instantly converted the 40,000 hardened indie heads congregated at the NME stage. A mix of tunes like ‘Chime’ and 90s’ strength Mollys no doubt aided this musical awakening. A year later Glastonbury had a dance tent. Now it has an entire dance village catering to all the subgenres there is.

46 SUMMER 2013


Today the biggest names in dance are global superstars with some commentators reckoning they are the new rock stars, which is dubious claim until we see a coked up Daft Punk break up after throwing their helmets at each other and storming off stage or when David Guetta checks into rehab with a heroin addiction. The latter has in fact been responsible for electronic dance music completely cracking America in recent years, launching the genre into unprecedented heights of popularity and commercial success. What we used to know as dance music has undergone

the golden beaches and glittering skyscrapers of the Miami coastline was broadcast from a circling chopper across YouTube for a worldwide audience. No other genre of music could pull off such a grand, glamorous stage.

a rebrand and now sits in a tidy little package labeled EDM.

popular set to come out of Ultra Miami in 2013, was 24 year-old Dutchman Robbert van de Corput; better known as Hardwell.

As the 2013 Ultra Music Festival held in Miami was streamed live over the internet to millions of people around the world the scale and popularity of EDM was made obvious. A typically cold, dark, wet night over here was transformed as a view of the sun soaked rave sandwiched between

All the big names in the industry were there; Avicii, Armin van Burren, David Guetta, Deadmau5, Swedish House Mafia, Tiësto – you name them, they were there. But emerging as the undisputed star of this EDM showcase, with what was unanimously the most

Hailing from the same city in Netherlands as his great mentor Tiësto, at the young age of 13 Hardwell’s talents were so advanced that he was able capture the ears of a major Dutch label. In 2012 DJ Mag pinpointed... >



Spaceman: Hardwell performing in Amsterdam

the big beat maker as one of the leaders of a new generation of DJs ranking him #6 in their world prestigious DJ Mag Top 100 poll. It was the fastest rise recorded in the poll’s history. Industry insiders are predicting that the 2013 poll will see Hardwell break into the top five, probably at the expense of Guetta. The demand for Hardwell at the moment continues to swell. As well as working with artists as big as Rihanna, he rules cyberspace. Before stealing Ultra this year his 2012 set at Tomorrowland had amassed an amazing 16 million views on YouTube. These enormous figures confirm Hardwell’s status amongst the dance music community as currently the most popular EDM artist in terms of live set streams. So what has he got which has him soaring to such great heights? Simply put, it’s the Hardwell sound. It’s a sound characterized by complex drum ensembles, daring synths, and emotive chords. The current world #1 DJ Armin van Buuren can’t even describe it: “it’s hard to describe other than you can clearly hear his signature in each of his own productions and remixes. That’s class.” It seems the young Dutchman has created the ultimate formula for ‘Big Room House’.

48 SUMMER 2013

Hardwell is viewed by many as Tiësto’s prodigy, and the legendary Dutchman says the abilities of his tutee are ‘adaptive and creative enough to be at the forefront of the scene for a long time to come.’ Whether he can go further than the man who gave the world ‘Adagio for Strings’, only time will tell. Hardwell has got the goods to back up the hype. But what is it like being the biggest up and coming star in a music genre that currently enjoys unprecedented worldwide popularity? OPEN tried to get into the mind of a modern day superstar DJ.

OPEN: With all the massive commercial success you are currently experiencing, your confidence must be sky high at the moment. But do you now feel extra

pressure when you are producing new music? HARDWELL: It’s funny, I don’t really because I have always set myself such high standards that I won’t release anything unless I am 100% happy with it. This goes for everyone who releases on Revealed, everything must be 100% right before we put it out on the label. OPEN: Some people say that DJs are the new rock stars, but how would you describe your lifestyle as a superstar DJ? Is it really all sex, drugs and EDM!? HARDWELL: I don’t know about DJs being the new rock stars but it is fair to say dance music is definitely the hottest ticket in town at this time. I think people wanted something different and refreshing and electronic music has given the music industry the shot in the arm it needed. My own schedule is pretty demanding with so many shows

happened it would need to feel right and work, otherwise I wouldn’t want to release it regardless of who I am working with on the track. OPEN: Space seems to be very much a theme that runs through your music and how you market yourself, what is it about the idea of cosmic music that inspires you? HARDWELL: It was never intended to be an overriding theme but it is something that interests me. The idea of space exploration interests me as I am trying to explore different approaches to music. Also, it suggests escapism which is something that I feel people find in music. Something which we tried to convey in the music video for ‘Apollo’. OPEN: We’re sure all the touring must be amazing, but does it ever have a negative effect on your personal life and ability to get in a creative zone?

happening each week so I don’t party as hard as I used to because I like to keep focused when performing and also be fresh for when I’m working on music. OPEN: You have developed a very distinctive sound, during your early years did you ever have a moment where people were telling you your music wasn’t going to lead anywhere for you? If so, what did you do about it? HARDWELL: I feel it’s about finding the right balance. You must take on board people’s opinions because this will help you improve as a person. But at the same time you must have faith in your own ability and style. If I hadn’t followed the path I had I wouldn’t be where I am now. OPEN: You started out as a hip-hop DJ, can we expect to see Hardwell producing for any hip-hop artists anytime soon? We think Eminem over a Hardwell beat would be pretty sick! It worked for Busta Rhymes and Diplo! HARDWELL: I am a big fan of Eminem so that would be cool and I wouldn’t say it will never happen but it is not something that I am working towards right now. My sound keeps evolving so who knows? Maybe in the future I’ll give it a go but if something like that ever

HARDWELL: Touring is amazing and the best part about being a DJ. I get to see the world and interact with my fans which I feel is really important as without them I wouldn’t be where I am. Negatives, well being away from family and friends can often be difficult but it comes with the territory. But I often play alongside friends like Dannic and Dyro which is cool and is great to be able to share the experience with people you know.

from your debut album when it is released? HARDWELL: At the moment my focus is on the new Revealed Volume 4 album which came out last week. We actually launched the album at my Las Vegas residency Hakkasan, during EDC Week. Dyro and Dannic joined me for the show. I also had Heather Bright aka Bright Lights perform ‘Never Say Goodbye’ live with me which was amazing. Regarding an artist album, this is something I’m working towards. I don’t have a set date for when it will be released. I want to put something together that people will revisit so it is important to me that the end result is very special.

There is no doubt Hardwell is one of the most in demand DJs of the day, a manager of his own record label Revealed Recordings, the host of his own radio show and podcast, Hardwell On Air, he is helping to shape the current state of EDM and is sure to leave an everlasting imprint. Hardwell will be taking to the Clublife South Stage at Creamfields 2013, Sunday 25th August.

As for being able to maintain my creativity, I travel everywhere with a laptop so I create a lot of ideas whilst on the road, when I get back to my studio I finish them off. OPEN: What can we expect to hear


SUMMER 2013 49


There’s no denying that mixed martial arts is a brutal sport. Indeed, first time viewers will probably be shocked at what they see before them as is the natural reaction to witnessing spinning kicks to the head, leg-breaking submissions and the blood, all that blood. You would have to be some sort of sociopath to take pleasure from watching such violence with all sense of empathy absent. The body is just not meant to be treated in that way, and therein lies the beauty of the sport. MMA is the ultimate test of any man (or woman) who steps inside the cage, it’s there that the hardest possible questions are asked of the human mind, body, and soul. The mind is the most vulnerable component of any fighter as the ability to keep it focused in combat when others lose theirs is often the fine line between glorious victory and devastating defeat. The gruelling training, the pain, the sweat, the dieting it is all an investment and part of the process of optimising the body for battle. Every man who enters the octagon will have already searched his soul for the determination and courage it takes to be locked inside a cage in a one-on-one war before an arena of spectators with the possibility and probability of serious injury. It’s 50 SUMMER 2013

the art of war, it’s as old as human civilization itself and it’s the fastest growing sport in the world today whether you like it or not. In July, Cage Warriors 57 brought the biggest MMA card ever to be held in Liverpool to the Echo Arena and broadcast it live to millions of people around the world. The Cage Warriors Fighting Championship is a promotion that has been going over 10 years since its first show in London. Events are held all over the world with Cage Warriors 58 set to take place in Grozny, Chechnya. It is Europe’s leading MMA promotion but it also prides itself on being the platform where fighters can launch themselves into the world’s premier MMA championship - the UFC. Some of the biggest UFC stars made their name in Cage Warriors and the bill featured not just top fighters from the UK and abroad but some of Liverpool’s best and most promising up-and-coming talent looking to make the leap into the UFC one day soon. From Next Generation MMA Gym, based in the city centre of Liverpool, they have already produced the UK’s first female UFC competitor in Rosi Sexton and now two more fighters, Chris Fishgold and Danny Roberts are touted by many to

have what it takes to make the step up. But not before competing with fighters who have dared challenge them on their own patch, they must be brave men who enter into the lion’s den. We followed the Next Generation team during fight week, from the preparation in the gym to competing in the octagon.

Opposite: Marcin Wrzosek, nicknamed ‘The Polish Zombie” makes his entrance to take on scouser Chris Fishgold at the Liverpool Echo Arena for Cage Warriors 57.



Clockwise from top: 21 year-old featherweight Chris Fishgold gets his hands wrapped as he prepares to add a ninth win without loss to his record. Fishgold and the ‘Polish Zombie’ ready to fight. Fishgold with the logo of his gym, Next Generation MMA, tattooed on his arm slamming elbows. Danny ‘Hot Chocolate’ Roberts at the gym days before his fight. After already having one opponent change, he is now faced with second late change and will fight Henry Fadipe from Northern Ireland. 52


SUMMER 2013 53

Clockwise from top: Fishgold wins by TKO (strikes) in the second round after a dominating display. A nasty cut on the head of Roberts spills blood everywhere. Both fighters seem exhausted as Roberts grounds and pounds Fadipe. 54 SUMMER 2013



Above: Roberts, originally a boxer who moved to Liverpool from Bristol, sends Fadipe flying in a gruelling fight. Right: Blood covers both fighters before the fight is temporarily stopped to clean up the wound. 56 SUMMER 2013



Right: Danny ‘Hot Chocolate’ Roberts claims a hard fought third round victory by submission (rear-naked choke) in a dramatic contest.

Next Generation MMA Liverpool is offering 2 weeks free classes for new members. Just visit www.

58 SUMMER 2013

SUMMER 2013 59

POSTERS ON ACID Designs by Adam Pobiak

It’s been a long and twisted path for Adam Pobiak, raised in Pittsburgh USA, before moving to London where he has now lived for seven years, via a short stint in Germany. His contemporary psych-art screen-printed posters are often displayed at music festivals all around the world, including just recently at the Liverpool Sound City music festival with the traveling gig poster exhibition Screenadelica. He is inspired by the art of the psychedelic 60s and his work is a mash-up of digital illustration blended through the screen-printing

process. We like to imagine Adam as a modern day bohemian creating his posters in a London studio somewhere, wrapped in a purple haze with Jimi Hendrix blazing in the background - but we can’t confirm or deny this is his modus operandi. One thing is for sure, with these posters being commissioned by some of todays best bands, it definitely feels like the psychedelia influence of the 60s is resurgent in the 2010s. Now, go and stick some Tame Impala on.


View more of Adam’s work and even purchase some of his prints at

60 SUMMER 2013


61 61

62 SUMMER 2013

SUMMER 2013 63

64 SUMMER 2013

SUMMER 2013 65





LABOUR COULD ‘FORCE’ LETTING AGENTS TO LOWER RENTS The Labour Party could force letting agents and landlords to lower rents if it comes into power. Liam Byrne, the shadow work and pensions secretary, told the BBC that doing so would allow housing benefits to be cut. He said the government is currently spending £24 billion in this area, with

INDUSTRY NEWS much of that money going to the private rental sector. By limiting this spend, he believes more funding could be put towards social housing. “Why don’t we give local councils the power to bring down the cost of rents,” Mr Byrne stated. “That would stop the housing benefit bill going up and up and up.”

Such a move is likely to prove controversial and will draw criticism from both letting agents and landlords. According to the Guardian, Mr Byrne’s statements are a result of Labour trying to move away from its image as a bigspending party and to show voters that it is willing to cut the welfare budget.

MOST LETTING AGENTS ‘HAPPY TO TAKE ON’ HOUSING BENEFIT TENANTS Three-quarters of letting agents and landlords would be happy to take on renters receiving housing benefits. This is according to a study by property search website and goes against the common conception that agencies are opposed to renting out their properties to Local Housing Allowance (LHA) tenants. “Our research demonstrates that attitudes to LHA tenants are changing,” commented Aki Ellahi, founder of Dssmove. He added that if agencies and landlords

66 SUMMER 2013

know how to deal with renters on benefits, they can profit from potentially higher rental yields, smaller void periods and longer tenancies. The study also revealed that many agents see LHA individuals as no more problematic than private tenants. Four in ten said they thought people receiving housing benefits will take just as good care of a property as those who do not. Meanwhile, just a third claimed fraud and criminal activity is more of a risk with LHA tenants.

FIVE REASONS TO LIVE IN LIVERPOOL CITY CENTRE An estimated 30,000 people reside within the city centre and waterfront area of Liverpool. The city centre is a place for living, working, late nights and fresh starts. Here are five reasons why living in the city beats living in the suburbs.

Public transport and transportation in general, it is plentiful within Liverpool, with buses, trains, taxis and even a city cycle hire scheme which is set to launch later this year, allowing you to hop on a bike at various locations around the city centre. For many living in the city centre there is no need to own a car and it’s possible to walk to work.

1. Nightlife

A major benefit of living in the city centre is the sheer number of opportunities for employment. Not only are there shops and restaurants looking for staff, but many major companies have based their operations here, providing white collar and blue collar jobs within the numerous office blocks and developments that continue to spring up.

For many, the attraction of city centre living is the hustle and bustle, bright lights and vibrant nightlife and these are certainly big advantages compared to living in the suburbs. Liverpool has an abundance of nightlife and living in the city you will have it right on your doorstep, which will also see you saving stash in those night time taxi fares!

2. Shopping Shopping is plentiful. Liverpool ONE, Metquarter, Cavern Walks, Lord Street all conveniently close by. And no shortage of supermarkets for your weekly groceries.

3. Transport

4. Job Opportunities

5. Diversity

Not only is the city centre populace more diverse and accepting than some smaller suburban areas, but the properties available to rent come in all shapes and sizes. Renting city centre apartments is a great way to start your new life in the heart of Liverpool. When looking for an apartment you will be amazed at the choices of styles you will have. Everything from the typical suburban layout to a more industrial style apartment are currently available in the city centre. If you would like to find somewhere to live in the heart of the city, whether it be flats, apartments or houses, contact Golding Estates who currently has a wide range of properties to let in Liverpool city centre. One thing is for sure - if you choose to move into the a city centre you are very unlikely to ever be bored!





ONLINE DATING? Dear Scousebird Problems, What’s your advice on online dating websites? I’ve heard some people have tried and I’ve heard some people have good and bad experiences. Do you know of anybody who has had any luck? I mean, we’re in the year 2013 now – is it still looked at as a place for sad people? Any advice would be appreciated! R. Rabbit - aged 29 Yeh I thought this as well. I thought if someone as sound as me is considering joining a dating website then there must be other sound people on there as well. I was so very wrong. Ignore that Eastern European bird with the mad blue eyes on the advert, she’s havin you off. One particular site who insists there are plenty of fish in the sea only reassured me that they’re all friggin squids an catfishes who need to be tossed back in the sea like RAAAR now. I remember one little scrote, who worked in the stockroom in John Lewis apparently (obv couldn’t be let loose on the public), hounded me all day and night with messages on Kik (be assed givin me number out) and when I told him I wasn’t interested and could he please leave me alone cos my nan was dying (true) he decided to call me a string of expletives, sayin I was a cunt and up me own arse. Nice lad… why is it you’re single again?

If you’ve tapped out the talent in your current workplace, just get a new job, or at least a part-time bar job where you get to meet loads of single fitties. Fitties should be a mandatory company benefit.

HE’S NOT TELLING GIRLS AT COLLEGE THAT HE’S DATING ME Dear Scousebird Problems, I’ve just found out that my boyfriend has been telling girls in his class at college that he is single. He’s denying he told anybody that he was actually single, but just says he hasn’t mentioned to anyone that we’re dating – he’s been in college for 10 months! He says that I’m overreacting for letting it get to me, am I wrong here? D. Secret - aged 18 He’s well on the blag girl. Why jump off the ship when you can just wait until you can reach the dock? In his mind you’re alright and he likes having you around but he’s deffo on the lookout for some fit college bird so he can bum her head off. My advice is to Google some Marilyn Monroe quotes (she didn’t actually say them like, she was always pissed and lurching from fella to fella in an attempt for self validation but death has turned her into some sort of fierce feminist) about how if you’re not his priority then

For advice write to or follow @scousebirdprobs

68 SUMMER 2013

don’t be an option, mentally give him the finger an just fuck him off.

DATING DEALBREAKERS? Dear Scousebird Problems, I just started dating somebody a few weeks ago and I’m in that zone of trying to work out if I want to continue or not. I really like him but I’m cautious about people and question everything! In the past I have ignored some bad signs because I have a habit of giving the wrong people the benefit of the doubt. I was wondering what are some good dating deal-breakers that would cause you to stop seeing him a few weeks in? Thanks! Deal or Noel Deal - aged 23 Dating deal-breakers. Does he own any of the following? White jeans, Cleavage tops, Toms, Women’s underwear, Gay porn If so then fuck him off. Has he ever said any of the following? Mert, Ace, Mint, Ice lolly, Ketchup If so then fuck him off. If he displays any kind of wool behaviour, fuck him off. In fact, don’t date him unless he owns at least one head to toe grey tracky. You’ve got to be a jammy cow if you get Prince Charming the first time you kiss a frog, so just prepare to have your heart broken a few times. It’s a right of passage and character forming. So man yourself up and man up.



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FUNKY IRISH TAXI DRIVER We don’t know what made this taxi driver in Dublin become one with the sounds of Daft Punk and dance in the streets with a drunk blonde, but we’d like to think this is the result of a man who had just received the all clear from the sex clinic. A real-life Irish Quagmire. Giggity.

THE SINKING OF THE DUCK BOAT The moment the Yellow Duck Boat sank in the Albert Dock with 30 passengers on board. Yeah, the people making jokes about it were idiots.

STORE OWNER KNOCKS OUT ROBBER WITH A BASEBALL BAT One of these robbers is an optimist. Even after having his head taken off with a baseball bat, knocked out, unarmed and cornered by two firemen he still tries to adjust his mask and keep his identity hidden - as though he’s thinking, ‘maybe I can still get out of this one…’ Fail.

MEANWHILE IN RACIST NEWS COVERAGE… A local TV Station covering the June 2013 San Francisco Asiana plane crash in which two passengers died had a major Ron Burgandy moment when somebody inserted these false names into the report. Surely one of the worst cock ups on live TV ever made? Facepalm.

? This space will contain a fresh new video each month, because we know you have probably seen the others on this page by now!

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Slips, trips & falls, road traffic accidents, motorcycle accident claims, accidents at work, accidents abroad, industrial disease, criminal injuries, animal attacks... and more 70 SUMMER 2013

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Ask LLA Legal advice from the experts

Q. How do I know if I have been missold a mortgage? A. If you took out a new mortgage or remortgage after November 2004 and you can answer yes to any of the following, you could have a potential mis-sold mortgage claim:Did you receive mortgage advice from a broker – do you feel they didn’t give you correct information? Are you tied into a very high mortgage interest rate or did you pay a very high fee to your broker? Were you advised to consolidate your existing debts into your remortgage? Did you provide evidence of your income or payslips to the broker? Do you struggle with your mortgage payments each month? Do you have an interest only mortgage? Is your mortgage into retirement?

Q. I am currently going through divorce proceeding with my ex wife and she has stated that she intends to try an obtain money from my current girlfriends assets. My girlfriend has her own house and I only pay rent to live there. Can my ex wife do this? A. No she can not. Your girlfriend’s assets are not available for distribution within the financial settlement of the divorce. However the fact that you reside with her and she seems to have a property of her own may be a relevant fact in the sense that your wife may argue that in living at her property your housing needs are met. Also if you intend to cohabit then your girlfriend’s income is relevant in the sense that it would be expected that you each


contribute towards the monthly expenses, including utility bills, food ect, and as such your monthly outgoings would be reduced. Sharing your housing and living costs is likely to increase the amount of your disposable income, which would be relevant if your wife was asking for spousal maintenance from you.

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Q. My husband has had a serious accident which has left him with brain damage and his Doctor has advised me that he no longer has the mental capacity to be able to deal with his financial affairs. He has received a large amount of compensation. How do I protect him and his best interests?

A. Well it’s against the law for anyone under the age of 18 to be tattooed although it’s the tattoo artist rather than the minor who is at risk of a fine (up to £1,000) and potentially a criminal record! So, it’s sensible for the tattoo artist to ensure the customer is 18 or over. Once he is old enough though, he needs to make sure that he checks that the tattoo parlour is registered. There is a requirement for parlours to be registered with their local council and they are subject to inspections. If they aren’t registered, fines will be implemented and equipment seized. You should always check for a copy of their registration certificate on the wall – there should be one for the premise and for the person carrying out the tattoo. If they are not registered, look elsewhere.

A. In the event that a Doctor or other medical professional has advised that a person no longer has mental capacity, you will have to make an application to the Court of Protection on your husbands behalf to become his Deputy. The Court of Protection is a specialist Court, who make decisions and appoint Deputies to make decisions in the best interests of a person who lacks capacity and can no longer manage matters such as their financial affairs themselves (however the Court of Protection does also deal 0.with issues relating to Personal Welfare) A Deputy can either be a Professional person such as a Solicitor or a family member. You can have more than one Deputy appointed to act on a persons behalf. If a person is going to receive a large amount of compensation it is essential that a Deputy is appointed and it may even be a requirement of the Court before they are prepared to release the funds. This is so that the money is protected and no one is able to misappropriate it.

Q. Is Legal Aid available for family cases? A. Yes…and if Legal Aid isn’t available for

Q. My Son wants a tattoo but he’s only 16. I’m against it as I think that he’s too young to have a permanent fixture and I’m worried that it might go wrong? Can he have it done without my permission?

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SWEET HOME COOKIN’ By Victoria Melia


HOME CANTEEN & BAR Beetham Plaza 25 The Strand (via Brunswick St) Liverpool, L2 0XJ 0151 227 1969

“Welcome home” beamed Adam, our restaurant manager for the evening, as we entered the glass facade of Home Canteen & Bar. This venture from the team behind Puschka (Rodney Street) is situated in the old Heathcotes venue at Beetham Plaza. Home’s stylish open plan dining room is pervaded by something warm and cosy; the aroma of comfort food, an array of vintage 70s drop leaf tables you remember eating at in your nan’s as a kid, genuinely friendly staff. So it was easy to sit back enjoying a Home-style Bellini cocktail, savouring the relaxed atmosphere whilst deciding what feasts to order. Home’s is a simple yet carefully constructed menu of meat roasts and traditional dishes mixed with more distinctive appetisers like beetroot, carrot and caraway pate. We started with a couple of daring appetisers; Garstang blue cheese cake (on recommendation) and potted shrimps. My blue cheese cake was surprisingly mild, with a crunchy oat biscuit base accompanied by a tart homemade vegetable pickle. My partner’s dish of potted shrimps were strong in flavour and well-seasoned and went nicely with the unusual nutmeg butter on toast. A few minutes rest was needed between courses and we managed a good chat with Adam, covering everything from Kevin Bacon to the recipe for jam roly poly! We filled our cocktail glasses and soldiered on to course number two.

HUGE BRITISH FAVOURITES! Steak is always the order of the day for my partner, this one was sirloin, cooked medium and served with garlic and herb butter and chunky chips. I fell for the special of chicken and leek pie; a creamy sauce of moist chicken pieces and tangy leek enveloped in a puffed out, crisp, buttery layer of pastry. The serving was HUGE and came with mash. I only managed half before it defeated me! Both meals certainly lived up to Home’s ethos of ‘great homecooked British favourites’ with freshly prepared and locally-sourced ingredients and the staff couldn’t have been more welcoming or knowledgeable. It’s always so refreshing to chat with restaurant staff who have a genuine interest in the food they’re bringing to your table. At this point we needed an even bigger break before dessert!

FILL YOUR BOOTS! The other half chose dangerously and ordered jam roly poly pudding with custard, but I knew I’d need a fork-lift to get me home if I attempted such a dish. Mine was the simply named ‘Jelly & Blancmange’ which turned out to be one of the most delicious light desserts I’ve eaten. The slight fizz of the pear and Prosecco jelly complemented the silk-like blackberry panna cotta ‘blancmange‘ beautifully. All I heard across the table were murmurs of pleasure in between, ‘I love roly poly’ and ‘this custard’s bloody lovely’ and there may have even been some episodic plate-licking involved! Both desserts were a real delight and I could have taken a doggy bag home. So I leave you, reader, with two tips: if you’re heading Home (and you should), bring your appetite and wear stretchy pants!





A ‘wall of fame’ in tribute to Liverpool’s glamorous and fashion conscious women has replaced the Sky Sports plasma screens at the formerly Café Sports Express in Liverpool ONE. The new venue is a joint venture between Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher and the team behind Liverpool’s stylish Newz Bar and The Sir Thomas Hotel and will specialise in coffee, delicious high quality lunches and snacks and will pride itself on serving luxury deserts. By night, Moments comes alive as one of Liverpool’s most cosmopolitan bars offering an impressive selection of drinks from a comprehensive list of wine, champagne and cocktails. It’s the latest addition to a sophisticated quarter of the city encompassing the city’s fashion district and just a stones throw away from the Albert Dock.

HOAX 50 Stanley Street, Liverpool L1 6AU Tel: 0151 908 0098 HOAX Liverpool is a hostel for people who don’t do establishment. The independent thinkers and urban explorers. HOAX is the place to meet people that share a common mindset. HOAX is different. HOAX is fresh. HOAX is original. Enjoy comfortable rooms for 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 that focus on what’s important. 74


ONE, L1 3EU 40 years after Browns first opened in The Lanes of Brighton the stylish bar & brassiere is opening in Liverpool meaning its expertly mixed cocktails, classic dishes and excellent selection of wines and beers are now available in a 150 seat restaurant in Liverpool ONE after opening its doors at the end of July. Get 25% off!


Like en-suite bathrooms, clean towels and fresh linen. Enjoy free WiFi too, free continental breakfast and 24-hour reception. And more. It’s also a place to eat (and meet) at the Hopskotch Street Kitchen and Bar. In the basement you’ll find The Hatch where live performances take place so you can listen to the sound of the city

To celebrate the opening, Browns are giving every table of four a 25% discount off the total bill. Just become a friend of Browns by registering your details on their website and download your 25% off voucher. Offer applies Monday – Thursday from 29th July to the 29th August 2013.

BROWNS BAR & BRASSERIE 43a Paradise Street, Liverpool

Browns Bar

CITY WINE BAR & KITCHEN 21-23 Old Hall Street, Liverpool, L3 9BS Tel: 0151 294 3344 Mon-Sun: 11.30am – 1:00am City Wine Bar is a stylish, relaxed, and sophisticated new venue, which opened it’s doors in spring of 2013 on Old Hall Street in Liverpool’s swanky commercial district. Serving up the highest quality food, wine and cocktails, in an informal retreat from the busy street it’s an ideal place to drop in after a hard day at the office or a place to go for dinner with a group of friends at the weekend. The modern bar-kitchen venue was launched by the team behind Viva Brazil on Castle Street, and the open plan restaurant is open for lunch, dinner, coffee or drinks also offering small plates, deli planks, large plates and grills with all food prepared from locally sourced ingredients. Make sure to try one of City Wine Bar’s Signature cocktails - they really are something special!

City Wine Bar

Strawberry Daquiri topped with cream. Ingredients: Bacardi Superior Rum Strawberry Liqueur Home made strawberry purée Fresh Lime All blended together and finished with cream. Or you might fancy a smoked Old Fashioned…

Smoked old fashioned cocktail 2 bar spoons of soft brown sugar Dash of Angostura Bitters Orange peel All stirred together - the old fashioned way to dilute the drink. Smoked using oak wood chips for extra flavour. It could be the perfect tipple! Get mentioned in OPEN by contacting

2oz of Woodford bourbon




Nando’s (Queen Square) – Re-opened Since Nando’s opened in the Liverpool One complex people seem to have forgotten about their other restaurant situated in Queen Square right next to the bus station. After undergoing a complete refurbishment during the summer, the city’s original Nando’s location has re-opened. So don’t forget, when you get the cravings for that famous peri-peri chicken you can beat the queues by trying the restyled Queen Square hot spot. Nando’s are offering one lucky OPEN reader a year’s supply of meals for two, see page 80 for full details. Nando’s, Queen Square, Liverpool, L1 1RH Takeaway: 01517 084 124

Get mentioned in OPEN by contacting

Bierkeller – They do food as good as they do steins you know! Since Bierkeller opened its doors at the end of 2012 in the heart of Liverpool One, it’s offered the city a drinking experience like no other. It’s a real piece of Bavaria with the finest selection of draught German beers served up in steins in an environment that has rapidly built a great reputation by word of mouth alone. But it’s not just great big steins overflowing with the amber nectar at Bierkeller, they serve food too. The menu consists of plenty of feel-good foods, presented in a Phileas Fogg style around the world map, allowing you to make your choice of small dishes, burgers, pizzas, salads and sharing platters from each corner of the globe. We decided to go for a freshly made burger and not fancying the kangaroo burger on offer from the Oceania region of the menu we decided to play it closer to home with a meaty european wild boar burger and starters of a Spanish bitesize grilled chorizo sausage. After polishing off the tasty chorizo sausage the mouth watering boar burger arrived served with rich blue cheese and topped with crisp onion rings. The food certainly filled a hole, leaving just enough space to wash it all down with a delicious bottle of Brazilian beer, is there anything they’re not good at? Next time you find yourself looking for something to eat in town, head over to Bierkeller in Liverpool ONE. Trust us, ze food iz deliciouz! Food served Mon to Sat 12 till 9pm, Sun 12 till 8pm Bierkeller, 6 Thomas Steers Way, Liverpool One, L1 8LW 76


Delifonseca - The Good Food Guide Readers’ Restaurant of the Year for 2014 Receiving countless accolades since it’s opening in 2006, most recently awarded The Good Food Guide Readers’ Restaurant of the Year for 2014, ‘Delifonseca’ is undoubtedly one of Liverpool’s shining stars in the restaurant scene. Despite it’s constant stream of rave reviews, ‘Delifonseca’ remains, and please ignore the cringey phrase here, a hidden gem in Liverpool to most non foodies. However, just one trip to the Dockside restaurant was enough to stop us ever lazily choosing to dine in a chain restaurant again - within minutes of stepping foot into the venue, it’s easy to see why the critics can’t stop chucking awards at them. We opted to order some Double Salmon fishcakes and chunky chips with a cherry tomato chutney relish (£10.95) from the restaurants unique blackboard of specials; normally between 10 12 main courses feature and change daily. The blackboard menu runs alongside the standard printed menu which is full of classic deli platters and sandwiches; including their infamous ‘Po Boy’ sandwich; a crusty baguette filled with beef braised for hours in a rich beef stock and accompanied with tomato, lettuce and mayonnaise. The ‘Po Boy’ has sold over 12,000 since The Delifonseca opened its doors so is undoubtedly their signature dish. Delifonseca is open Mon-Sun; Deli: 8am - 9pm; Restaurant: 8am - late, Sunday times: Deli & Restaurant: 10am - 5pm Delifonseca Dockside, Brunswick Dock, Liverpool L3

The Brooklyn Mixer – The freshest hip hop joint in town y’all Brooklyn Mixer opened in December 2012 as a contemporary city bar, with a big emphasis on music and their resident DJ’s are NOT from other bars/venues. The mantra of the bar is ‘Eats, Beats, Doodles & Beer’ by which we mean to deliver a rich menu of unique bar snacks, an interesting and diverse musical playlist, rotating exhibitions of new artists work, photography, illustration, outsider art etc. Based in a large two floor Georgian building which wouldn’t look out of place in the real Brooklyn hood, expect to hear beats from some of undoubtedly the coolest artists of all time, for example; Kool and the Gang, Prince and the Revolution and the Notorious B.I.G. Great music, great atmosphere, great bar. The Brooklyn Mixer, 78 Seel Street, Liverpool, L1 4AZ

East Village Arts Club A venue for art, music, and FOOD! Formerly the Masque, the East Village Arts Club is a completely refurbished and re-launched venue hosting everything from art exhibits, enlightening debate forums to quality live music; all whilst still being the home of clubbing nights Chibuku and Circus. It also adds quality food to that list. It offers a casual dining experience, with a selection of feel-good foods, as fresh and funky as the parties thrown in the other areas of the club. OPEN sampled some of the delicious gourmet burgers on offer and left the table fuelled by drinks and a pleasant eating experience, drifting out of the door into a room of booming live music. What more can you ask for? East Village Arts Club restaurant is open 12pm –10pm East Village Arts Club, 90 Seel Street, Liverpool, L1 4BH SUMMER 2013



It’s Friday evening, you’ve just finished another hard week and now it’s time to play out. Whatever your plans are, a few drinks or a night at the cinema – what better way to start the night off than indulging in the delicious peri-peri chicken of a Nando’s? Well, indulging for free of course!

you could head down for a monthly treat or go with a group of your nearest and dearest, but make sure you use them all up (that should be no problem!) as they will expire after 12 months.


To mark the refurbishment and reopening of the Nando’s restaurant located in Queen Square, Liverpool, we are offering one lucky reader a year’s supply of meals for two in the form of 12 vouchers.

Scan this page using the Layar app on your smartphone and follow the link to the below tweet which you will need to then retweet to go into the draw.

You can split these up as you like, so,




SUPPLY OF NANDO’S! Check out the newly refurbished restaurant at Queen Square” Or if you don’t have Layar on your phone, go to competitions/ and click on the Nando’s link. And don’t forget to check out the newly refurbished Nando’s restaurant in Queen Square for a regular dose of spicy chicken. The winner will be randomly selected from the retweets on September 31st.



80 SUMMER 2013

The Psychedelia Issue  

The Summer 2013 issue of OPEN Magazine: Liverpool style, culture 'n' stuff.