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Joomla, is it just a CMS tool? In this article, the features and enhancements that are available with Joomla are being discussed. The whole idea is to showcase that Joomla is not just a CMS tool but a more effective tool for building comprehensive solutions. Joomla is known to be the best content management system of this era which helps and enables to build powerful websites and other online applications also. The ease of use and extensibility also made Joomla a popular demand among the masses. Since Joomla is so easy to use, as a Web designer or developer, one can quickly build sites for any clients and can satisfy their needs with minimal amount of instruction. Other than this, the application makes it easy for developers to create sophisticated add-ons that extend the power of Joomla into virtually unlimited directions. Some of the facilities that can be used through Joomla are mentioned below: One can easily control inventory systems Get customized data reporting tools Enhance Application bridges Get sophisticated Integrated e-commerce systems Complex business directories Easy to manage Reservation systems Improved Communication tools Joomla is one of the popular Content management system solutions that offers a whole range of user friendly features and promises robust core functionality. Therefore it is highly preferred by both developers as well as website owners across the world. Important features of Joomla ďƒź It is an open source solution which means that anyone can see the source of Joomla and can also modify it. ďƒź It is quite search engine friendly and also allows you to use custom page title, Meta description and Meta keywords in every page.

 One can keep their site safe from hacking issues by updating it with latest Joomla version.  Joomla offers different language packs for different languages.  Lets you integrate any Joomla template very easily just with the help of few clicks.  Joomla is updated on regular basis by its developers and this ensures security and reliability.  There are three types of Joomla extensions - Component, Module, and Plugins that help to extend the functionality of the site and accomplish all types of tasks. With these developers are building powerful applications on an open platform that anyone can use, share, and support thus making it clear that Joomla is not just a CMS tool but a more effective tool in designing a website. Softweb Solutions provides comprehensive and customized Joomla Web Development Services. We have an experienced team of Joomla Developers with complete skill set to deliver best Joomla solutions to all our clients worldwide. Contact us at for more information.

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Joomla, is it just a CMS tool?