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Create Premium User Interface with JSF Application Java Server Faces [JSF] is a standard Java technology for building web applications and in this article we have discussed about JSF in detail. Once upon a time, computers used to be considered as a data storage device that can display the required information as and when required as well as helps in complex calculations. But advancement in technologies has changed the way we use the computers. Today smart phones are acting as mini computers and traveling, shopping, branding & marketing, business operations and everything else that we can think about - has got some connection with computers and internet. Obviously as the areas of usage grow, users need a better way to communicate with devices for better and fruitful interactions. Abbreviated as UI, user interface is the junction between a user and a computer program. An interface is a set of commands or menus through which a user can easily communicate with a program or an application. Various technologies are available for the development of rich user interface. JavaServer Faces rather known as JSF is a standardized specification for building quality User Interfaces for server-side applications. Web applications build with JSF offers rich user interfaces with set of rich components. In other words, JSF technology is a user interface framework which is used for developing Java-based web applications. The web application must run on the server side, and render the user interface back to the client. The amazing technical part over here is: user interface code runs on the server, responding to events generated on the client. No wonder, developers love JSF for such reasons. Following can be listed as basic criteria for an application with rich user interfaces. Positioning of elements in places the user expects them:1. Speedy page loads 2. Activity indicators

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Help and tool tips areas Better navigations Smart use of color coding Clear picture of web features at a glance Over all high performance

JSF have capabilities to fulfill all these requirements along with good look and feel. They are believed to be a good solution for all major performance and scalability issues especially due to the latest powerful versions of JSF. Developing a user friendly and quick user interface is an absolutely critical requirement for a successful web application. It keeps your users satisfied, creates brand value and increases the chances of growth. On the other hand, today when virtual world has become more prior to real world, poor user experience at web is really very harmful. Professional JSF web application Development Company can utilize the maximum potential of JSF to make the web unique. About Softweb Solutions Softweb Solutions is Java Web Development Company to deliver JSF web application development service to build using JSF with rich graphics. Our Dedicated Developer makes your JSF Application as per your requirements and given satisfied solutions.

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Create premium user interface with jsf application