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==== ==== For when it's time to stop working for the man. ==== ====

Work from home on the internet has become more and more attractive as part time or full time activity. There are four stages you have to go through to work from your home to make money. Stage 1: Getting started Confucius said, "A journey of 1,000 leagues begins with a single step."You must overcome your hesitation and fear, and begin to work from home on the internet. Starting is more than half the battle. Starting is positioning the body before crawling. If you want to use a car, you have to start the engine first. Remember what Aristotle said: "Well begun is half done." If you start your work from home business well, you are on the way to make money by working from your home. Stage 2: Create to receive cash coming in consistently. The first time you earn cash, experience the excitement of working from home online! This is the springboard for your future growth. This is like crawling before walking. You must continue doing the right things to get consistent cash and move on to work from your home. Stage 3: Grow the monthly income figure. After you earn consistent cash, don't stay there. Make it grow as you work from your home. This is like walking after crawling, in preparation for running. Learn from your success and multiply your effort to grow your income from the same work from home business opportunity. At the same time, maintain your cash coming from your affiliates by keeping them stay with you in working from your home. Stage 4: Automate and duplicate. As your money flow grows, focus on reducing your work from home on the internet to keep or automate the money flow. This is like running effortlessly once you master the skills, or driving a car on cruise control to keep it at a set speed, or flying a plane on autopilot to keep it on a steady course. After you automate your money flow, search other work from home business opportunity and repeat stage 1 through stage 4 to create additional internet income streams from work from your home.

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==== ==== For when it's time to stop working for the man. ==== ====

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