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Providing opportunities that make a positive difference to the lives of young people in Norfolk.

Hello. 'Your Life' is a Big Lottery funded project aimed at children and young people living in Norfolk. Following the OPEN Youth Trust's core values ‘passion, respect, community, diversity and inspiration’ this project will underpin all of the Trust's work with young people. 'Your Life' will provide exciting opportunities for children and young people to develop their skill set, increase their confidence and make many new friends with a longer term aim of making a positive difference to their lives and careers. Based at OPEN on Bank Plain in Norwich the project will be accessible to children and young people of varying ages, abilities and backgrounds. 'Your Life' seeks to engage children and young people in a variety of positive activities within the fields of: • • • • • •


Arts and media Sports and fitness Health and wellbeing Dance and performing arts Education and training Employability and volunteering


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About Us. The OPEN Youth Trust was established in 2005 to provide opportunities for young people in Norfolk including those who are most disadvantaged, with the longer-term aim of making a positive difference to their lives. We aim to provide diverse and innovative ways to engage young people with focus on four key areas: participation, learning, employability and progression. All four underline the way in which we engage with young people to make a positive difference to their lives. We seek flexible solutions that are adaptable to the evolving landscape of young people including their varied attitudes, backgrounds, interests and behaviours. Our Mission. Providing opportunities that make a positive difference to the lives of young people in Norfolk. Our Values. The way we work and our culture is underpinned by our core values. These values help provide support, resources and processes that enable us to deliver life-changing opportunities. Our values are: • • • • •


Passion Respect Community Diversity Inspiration

Testimonials. Young person - Aimee McLean

I volunteered and become a part of the team. This gave me good experience with the general public and later allowed me to get my first job as a customer service advisor. I could not thank the staff enough for the support they have given me and I wouldn’t be the person I am today if I hadn’t had their help.

Young person - Kay Ai

OPEN in all of its activities, clubs and sessions are completely, utterly and totally accepting, empathetic and understanding. The staff are exceedingly supportive and helpful in a number of ways. When I was struggling to accept myself however the staff and young people were there for me and helped me become the confident and reflective young person I am today.

Parent - Bridget May Warrington

My daughter loves ballet so much she has a countdown to the next lesson. Her confidence has soared. Charlene has taught her that dancing is a great and fun way to keep fit. The staff and helpers are so friendly and positive. I can’t thank everyone at OPEN enough for helping her blossom.

School Partner - Angela Younger (Hall School)

OPEN has been able to provide suitable, age appropriate activities for our groups of students, who are not the usual pupils in mainstream schools. I know that the parents of our pupils are delighted to have found a service that their children can access and enjoy at their own level.

Partner Youth Organisation - Liz Fredericks (formerly Momentum)

OPEN has a fantastic track record for delivering high quality youth provision. They respond to individual needs and provide their services in such a way that any young person, regardless of circumstance, ability or background will benefit from taking part.


Climbing. OPEN’s climbing wall stands at 12m tall, the tallest indoor climbing wall in Norfolk, offering a range of sessions for a variety of ages, with courses and packages suitable for all abilities. Climbing Clubs

Climbing is quickly becoming a popular alternative sport, it’s a great way of keeping fit and a good way to meet new people. Children and young people not only learn how to climb but how to interact socially, solve difficult problems, build trust and work as a team. Sessions last 60 minutes and all equipment is provided.

Junior Ascenders Climbing Club

Junior Ascenders offers structured climbing sessions for children aged 7-12, giving them a fun and informal education about climbing and the importance of climbing techniques.

Ascenders Climbing Club

Ascenders is for ages 13-18 and is perfect for those wanting to use the wall as the physical section for Duke of Edinburgh Awards, for Scouts activity badges or simply for those wishing to climb on a regular basis.

Get Into Climbing

This weekly bookable climbing session is aimed at NEET young people and will give participants the opportunity to learn the skill of climbing with a qualified instructor, learn how to climb safely indoors, build self-esteem and engage with new people. Young people can choose to take part in one session as a taster or continue to attend on a weekly basis.


Taster Sessions for Children, Young People and Families

These are designed for anyone who wants to ‘have a go’. A great way to try climbing or to have fun with friends! Participants will learn the basics of climbing including roped climbing and traversing and get you hooked. All equipment is provided, although we ask that trainers are worn if possible. Tasters are open to all abilities and are suitable for children, young people and families.

NICAS (National Indoor Climbing Award Scheme)

NICAS is a progressive accredited scheme that enables a climber to log and record their achievements from a basic level right the way through to an advanced climber. It is nationally recognised and transferable from one climbing wall to another. There are five levels to NICAS and we are proud to be delivering Levels 1 and 2 right here at OPEN!

Hire the Climbing Wall!

Groups and birthday parties can book the climbing wall at OPEN throughout the year and we can tailor our sessions to the particular needs of the group. We have routes for everyone regardless of their age or ability and, complete with all the equipment needed to climb, our instructors will make sure your groups have plenty of fun, enjoyment and adrenaline filled experiences. We consider safety our number one priority whilst making sure that participants always get the most possible enjoyment out of each session.


Dance & Performing Arts.

Dance and Performing Arts sessions at OPEN will introduce you to a wide range of dance and drama styles and experiences. Ballet

One of the most graceful and fluid dance styles. Ballet is a wonderful way to get all the great health benefits of dance as well as learning self-discipline and body control. Anyone can enjoy the beauty and grace of ballet, regardless of age, ability or knowledge. Even if you’ve never stepped into a ballet class before, these lessons will enable you to explore the world of ballet, keep you fit and so much more! Open to all levels, this ballet class includes creative elements as well as classical technique.

Ignition Street Dance

A vibrant and exciting class that fuses street, hip-hop, contemporary and jazz! Ever wanted to dance like you were in a music video? These classes will enable you to learn fun and energetic routines to the latest tracks, focusing on building confidence, learning techniques and having the chance to choreograph your own routines! It is guaranteed to get your energy pumping, burning calories and making friends! This class is suitable for both girls and boys and will include tuition as well as plenty of fun! These sessions are open to all abilities.


Contemporary Dance

A creative class that will incorporate elements from many styles of dance! With the ever expanding dance related television shows, contemporary dance is fast becoming a dominant dance genre in today’s society. This class will give you the technical knowledge of varying dance forms as well as helping to develop your creativity. It will allow you to build self-esteem, learn new skills and make new friends. This class is suitable for all abilities, it doesn’t matter if you have not had any formal training before just come along, have a go and start your journey to creative empowerment!

Unleash Drama Company

Be who you want, where you want, when you want with the Unleash Drama Company! The Unleash Drama Company will give you the skills and confidence to take you to the next level! Ever thought you could be a movie star or are you just itching to be on the stage? Well now you can! These sessions will introduce you to a wide variety of drama experiences including character building, physical theatre, storytelling, script work, choreography, movement and improvisation skills. With performance opportunities throughout the year, a chance to make new friends and have plenty of fun, these sessions are perfect for all abilities in a relaxed environment! Unleash the drama!


Dance & Performing Arts cont... On Point Productions Learn to sing, move, perform and act all rolled into one in a fun and exciting environment. These sessions cover a range of activities including vocal technique, performance skills, character development, improvisation, voice projection, choreography and much more. The music and songs come from all eras of the pop charts and there are plenty of anthems from musical theatre thrown in for good measure. Within an extremely encouraging atmosphere, using a full hour of music, singing, dancing, exercise and acting, we will help you find new ways of expression and creativity, but most importantly you will have lots of fun too! With performance opportunities throughout the year, these sessions are perfect for all abilities in a relaxed environment! This class is suitable for both girls and boys and will include tuition

as well as creative empowerment! Hire the Dance Studio

The Dance Studio at OPEN offers great flexibility with a fully sprung floor, mirrored wall and adjustable barre, all in a light, vibrant environment! The studio is perfect for a range of dance or aerobic based activities, with the ability to host creative workshops including music and drama.


Eat Well. These workshops will give you the skills needed to be able to cook delicious home cooked food on a small budget. Do if you want to become the next Jamie Oliver? Or just think your cooking skills could do with a little bit of work? Then come and join us at our weekly ‘Eat Well’ workshops in our large, fully equipped kitchen. Not only will you learn many new culinary skills, you will make new friends, develop team work and learn money management techniques. There is no need to worry about bringing a packed dinner along to this session as each session will incorporate communal eating! So come along, cook, eat and be happy! All ingredients are supplied but donations are also welcome.


Tuesday Wednesday


Junior Ascenders Climbing Junior Ascenders Climbing Ballet On Point Productions

5.00pm – 6.00pm 6.00pm – 7.00pm 5.00pm – 6.00pm 6.00pm – 7.00pm

7 – 12 7 – 12 7 – 12 11 – 19

Get Into Climbing Ascenders Climbing Ascenders Climbing Music Tasters OPEN Studio Youth Forum Life Hack

1.00pm - 2.00pm 5.00pm – 6.00pm 6.00pm – 7.00pm 5.00pm – 6.00pm 6.00pm – 9.00pm 7.00pm – 8.30pm 7.00pm – 8.30pm

13 - 25 13 – 19 13 – 19 13 – 19 13 – 19 13 - 19 13 – 19 7 – 12 Families 7+ 7 – 12 13 – 19 13 - 19 11 – 19 16 – 25 7 – 12 13 – 19 13 – 19

Fun Day Friday in Drop In

3.00pm – 7.00pm* 10.00am – 6.00pm**

11 – 19 11 – 19

Junior Ascenders Climbing Taster Climbing Session Taster Climbing Session Ascenders Climbing Stand out in a crowd Work Ready Little Kids Rock Music Mayhem JAM!

10.00am – 11.00am 11.00am – 12.00pm 12.00pm – 1.00pm 1.00pm – 2.00pm 2.30pm – 4.00pm 4.00pm – 6.00pm 10.00am – 12.00pm 1.00pm – 2.00pm 3.00pm – 5.00pm

7 – 12 Families 7+ Families 7+ 13 – 19 14 – 25 11 – 19 4 – 6# 7 - 12 13 – 19


Junior Ascenders Climbing 5.00pm – 6.00pm Taster Climbing Session 6.00pm – 7.00pm Junior Ignite Street Dance 5.00pm – 6.00pm Ignition Street Dance 6.00pm – 7.00pm Contemporary Dance 7.00pm – 8.00pm Unleash Drama Company 8.00pm – 9.00pm Stand out in a crowd 11.00am – 12.30pm Junior Eat Well 5.00pm – 7.00pm Eat Well 7.00pm – 9.00pm OPEN Productions 5.00pm – 7.00pm






# Must be accompanied by an adult


To take part in any of the above activities (except Drop In), either call 01603 763111 or email to book a place.


Drop In

A service for young people aged 11-19, where you have somewhere to go and something to do! Feel safe, try new things and be yourself. Drop In is open from: 3.00pm - 7.00pm Tuesday - Friday and 10.00am - 6.00pm Saturdays during school term* or 10.00am - 6.00pm Tuesday - Saturday school holidays** No need to book, just drop in. Climbing - OPEN’s climbing wall stands at 12m tall, the tallest indoor climbing wall in Norfolk, offering a range of sessions for a variety of ages as well courses and packages suitable for all abilities. Performing Arts - These sessions will introduce you to a wide range of performing arts styles and experiences. Music Workshops - Using a range of resources and equipment these workshops will give you the chance to create, make and record your own music. Eat Well - These workshops will give you the skills needed to be able to cook delicious home cooked food on a small budget. Employability/Life Skills - In these sessions you will be given skills to help make you work ready and assist you with your journey into adulthood.


For information about the cost of each activity visit our website or call 01603 763111.


Music Workshops. Using a range of resources and equipment these workshops will give you the chance to create, make and record your own music. Jam!

Ever wish you had a dedicated space to get together with friends or fellow musicians and make music? Well now you can in our ‘Jam’ sessions. Our knowledgeable music tutor can help guide you to make the best music you can. With a range of instruments and resources to use ‘Jam’ is the perfect opportunity to develop your musical ability, make new friends and have fun! These sessions are open to all abilities.

OPEN Studio!

Come along to OPEN’s state of the art recording studio and record your own tracks. With the help of our fully trained technician you will feel like a true super star. Come alone or along with friends and let your musical talents shine!

OPEN Production

Want to know how to produce your own tracks? In this workshop you will learn a range of skills and production techniques, using various media platforms. Learn, develop and create music in our fun and relaxed environment, giving you the knowledge of how music producers work.


Music Tasters

These music sessions will give you the opportunity to just ‘have a go’. Don’t worry if you believe you’re not very musical, or if you cannot play an instrument. With the guidance of our very knowledgeable and friendly music tutor you will soon feel like a rock star! These sessions will cover many musical elements such as rhythm, chords and melody!

Music Mayhem

This workshop promises to be full of fun! You will have the chance to learn how to use a variety of apps, programmes and equipment that will enable you to make beats, create bass lines, sounds and mix tracks. You will have the opportunity to play instruments, write lyrics and make music!

Little Kids Rock

Do you think there’s a little rock star waiting to emerge in your child, or a child you know? Or do you think music could be the key to unlocking a child’s confidence and creativity? Then come along to Little Kids Rock. This is a chance for adults and children to rock out together, develop musicality and have fun! This session is aimed at families and will include music tuition as well as creative empowerment for both children and adults!


Drop In.

OPEN Drop in is a service for young people aged 11-19, where you have somewhere to go and something to do, feel safe, try new things and be yourself. There are computers so you can access the internet, write a CV, chat to friends online or do research for that school assignment. Also on offer are a range of recreational activities to keep you and your friends entertained whether it be pool, air hockey or computer consoles! Or you can just sit and chat, be yourself and have some fun! We have youth workers on site who will offer any help you may need on a range of subjects. Whether it be education, employment, housing or health, we will do our best to help you! The entrance for Drop In is 28 Castle Meadow, Norwich.

Youth Forum.

By getting involved in the Youth Forum you can make sure that your voice and that of young people are listened to! As a member of the Youth Forum you will help shape OPEN for present and future young people as well learn new skills in team work, leadership and fundraising. We are always looking for more young people to join, so if you think you could help or want to be a part of it, then get in contact! Help be the voice of young people and make a difference!


Employability/Life Skills. In these sessions you will be given skills to help make you

work ready and assist you with your journey into adulthood. Stand out in a crowd

There are thousands of people looking for work. It’s time to stand out in a crowd! Stand out in a crowd is a workshop that will help you learn how to look the part, act the part and it will give you the opportunity to work on your CV. If you have never written a CV or had an interview before this workshop can be tailored to your needs.

Work Ready

Want to find a job but not having much luck? Come along to ‘Work Ready’ a weekly course aimed at giving you the knowledge and skills required to succeed in the competitive world of job hunting. These courses are 6 weeks in length and are based around work industries such as retail and customer service. At the end of the course you will have gained an accreditation which will help enhance your CV further allowing you to be more work ready!

Life Hack

You’re getting older and closer to being an adult, but still not sure what that actually entails? Want to know how to do your own washing? Keep a home tidy? How to budget your money? And what taxes are?! This workshop will help to give you the skills you need to become a prepared young adult.


Young Volunteer Programme. Our ‘Young Volunteer Programme’ is designed to enable you to harness your talents, build your confidence, gain new skills and help develop your employability. Training

During your time volunteering at OPEN it is important that you have the opportunity to develop new and existing skills. You will therefore be provided with training which will consist of three two hour induction sessions. The volunteer training sessions are available for all new volunteers and will be beneficial to the development of your skills and experience. The sessions include: • Effective Communication • Why Volunteering? • Being a Role Model • OPEN’s Core Values • OPEN’s Areas of Participation

3 Stages!

The ‘Young Volunteer Programme’ contains three stages designed to give you time to grow and develop. After your first 10 hours of volunteering you will become a ‘Peer Mentor’, then once you reach 30 hours you will become a ‘Young Champion’ and finally, once you reach 50 hours, you will become a ‘Young Volunteer’. This process will serve to constantly enhance your experience of volunteering with us.



At OPEN we are committed to creating a working environment in which young people can feel a part of. In order to do this we provide all our volunteers with a t-shirt, which will identify you as an OPEN volunteer. The uniform is colour co-ordinated in accordance with the three stages of volunteering.

Personal Development

When you start as a volunteer you will be asked to carry out a ‘Personal Development Plan’ with a member of staff from OPEN. The purpose of this is to enable you to spend time thinking about what you hope to gain through volunteering, in particular, what skills you currently have and what areas you would like to develop. OPEN youth workers will work with you to plan your input in the ‘Young Volunteer Programme’, assessing your strengths and areas for development along the way, in order to help you set your own goals for self-improvement.


At OPEN we wish to make your experience as a volunteer as enjoyable and rewarding as possible. Volunteering gives you the opportunity to learn new skills and improve those you already have. As a volunteer you will be involved in the planning, delivery and evaluation of activities. Many people have moved into new areas of work off the back of volunteering and OPEN staff will work with you to develop the skills and experience that are vital for employability.


Party Packages. An OPEN party is an excellent way to celebrate a child’s birthday. Our party packages are great fun for boys and girls of all ages and all abilities. Every child is different so here at OPEN we pride ourselves on creating a totally unique birthday party experience. Each party package includes: • A photographer for the duration allowing you to cherish those wonderful memories! • A party bag for each party attendee • A free space for up to an hour for cake, food and drink. Party food is available upon request for an additional charge. Please note each party is aimed at a maximum of 10 children (some parties are appropriate for additional attendees but there will be a charge of £4.00 per person) The following parties are available as a one hour package but additional time can be added if appropriate to your needs. Dance The dance party package gives children and their friends a chance to learn the best moves to the latest tracks with a knowledgeable and friendly dance tutor.


Musical theatre A great way to incorporate dance, drama, and singing, this party package will ensure a fun and musical experience is had by all that take part. Climbing Everyone will get the chance to experience climbing, putting their trust in their friends (and our instructors) to get them to the top. We have routes for everyone regardless of age or ability. The following party packages require a minimum of two hours. Photography This party package gives children the opportunity to learn photography techniques using media based resources to make their very own ‘stop frame animation’, the final project will be available for download which is a great way to share children’s talent. Cooking This party package allows children to make their very own sweet treats in our highly equipped kitchen. All ingredients will be supplied but children may wish to bring their own apron as it could get messy! Recording Studio This party package will allow the birthday boy or girl to have fun with friends in our state of the art recording studio. Our knowledgeable and friendly technician will ensure fun is had by all involved while they sing their hearts out. Science We all know children love experimenting! Let OPEN deal with the aftermath of those scientific breakthroughs. Lots of fun, mess and goo is included in this party package. Themed OPEN likes to remain on trend with children’s likes, therefore we have themed party packages dependent on the ‘latest craze’ themes, for example ‘Loom Bands’, ‘Harry Potter’, ‘Frozen’, ‘Minecraft’ and ‘Despicable Me’.


SOS Bus.

The SOS Bus is there to help anyone at risk of illness, injury, emotional distress or other vulnerability and to ensure a safe journey home. It operates on a Friday and Saturday from 9.00pm - 3.00am and can be called during these times on 07833 505 505.

Venue Hire.

OPEN Conference boasts a 1450 capacity Banking Hall, six stunning function rooms and a private contemporary nightclub, featuring state-ofthe-art technology. In addition, OPEN Conference benefits from its own private entrance and reception lobby, as well as a wide range of facilities and services designed to complement any event perfectly, including inhouse technical support.

Live Music. Our aim is to be as diverse as possible in the music that is performed at OPEN. To date we’ve hosted jazz, funk & soul, rock, house music, reggae, pop, indie, hip hop and folk and we are continuing to work with both local and national promoters to try and provide something for everyone. Every penny made through commercial activities goes straight back in the OPEN Youth Trust’s charitable work. Through hiring our venue you are contributing to the positive difference of young peoples lives.


How to find us. The OPEN Youth Trust is located in the heart of Norwich city centre just minutes walk away from most major transport routes, including Norwich Train Station and the many bus stops on Castle Meadow and St Stephens.

OPEN 20 Bank Plain Norfolk NR2 4SF UK T 01603 763 111 E W Follow us on

OPEN Youth Trust Established 2005 Reg Charity No: 1108712 Company Reg No: 5320333


OPEN is a multi-purpose venue providing youth activities, live music, conferences, events and secure storage facilities all in the heart of Norwich. The OPEN Youth Trust is passionate about helping all young people achieve their full potential in life. We do this by offering a diverse range of opportunities for anyone aged 7 – 25 including climbing, dance and performing arts courses as well as the chance for young people to come and relax in our Drop In CafÊ. Our charity work with young people has made a huge impact on the local community by helping to change their lives for the better. By supporting our work you too can make a difference just text OYTN15 to 70070 to donate.


Your Life  

Booklet outlining all the positive activities on offer for children and young people at the OPEN Youth Trust in Norwich.

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