Easter school holidays 2018

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Easter Holiday Workshops for 4 - 12 year olds

OPEN Youth Trust, 20 Bank Plain, Nor wich, NR2 4SF

One Day Activities


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This course is ril pe the chance to rfect for active children, it will give them burn off steam sports based by taking part games and ac tivities. Childre in a range of while develop nw ing team work and co-ordina ill have fun get children a tion skills, let’ ctive! s

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to opennor wich.org.uk /you th-act iv it ie s/ whats-on/e aster/ Cos t £16 + booking

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10am - 2pm

Two Day Activities f

Tuesday 3rd & Wed

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0+b Cos t ÂŁ3 3pm m a 0 f rom 1 n u r s e i Ac t i v i t

for 7 - 12 year olds

dnesday 4th April

M us ic al Th eatre

Does your child love mu sical theatre? Love to pe rform? If so they should get involved in this works hop where they will lea rn singing, dancing and acting techniques. At the end of the workshop pa rticipants will have the opportunity to showcase their talents in a live pe rformance!

Te ll Yo ur Ow n Ta le

Do you have an interes t in the weird and wond erful? Do you wish to explore the fantastical wo rld of fairytales? This ac itivity will introduce you to some fairytale theor y, techniques and some key writing practices tha are indispensable to an t y aspiring writer. Ther e will be opportunities workshop anything prod to uced within the session which will help hone yo folklorist skills and set yo ur u on a path to becoming a master storyteller.

Th ere is an op tio n fo r al l ou r t wo day wor ksho ps of an ea rl y dr op -o ff from 9.00am at an addi tio na l ch arge of ÂŁ2 .50 pe r day (p ay ab le on th e day).

We al so have a sh owca se pe rf or m an ce m at 2.30pm on th e se co nd da y of each ac ti vi ty w hich pa re nt s/ca re rs ar e welc ome to at te nd


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Tuesday 10 th

& Wednesda y 11th April

May the For ce Be With Y The Force h ou as bee

n awoken an together to d OPEN is lo help defeat oking for ne the Darkside lightsaber a w Jedis to c ! Participants nd mask and ome w ill re Create their live some c new fellow lassic Star W Jedis. o w n ars scenes w it h th eir Pop Party Discover th e process o f learning to On day two sing a song , spend time and arrange in our fully e experience vocal parts. quipped rec performing ording studio , recording and and produc ing your ow Stop Frame n hit! Animation Do you kno w someone that films like Wa llace and Gro would love creating the ir very own m for develop animation ing their very it or The Lego movie? T his course is own filmma will work wit king and sto perfect h digital equ ry boarding ipment and props, mod sk so ill s. els and scen ftware to cre They ery created ate movies want to mak throughout u si n e a cameo a g the the day. The ppearance th to let imagin y may even emselves! T ations run w his worksho ild! p promises

Tuesday 10 th

Abseiling &

& Wednesda y 11th April

Participants Ascending w top of our c ill test their stamina by limbing wall hauling their u from the to p of our clim sing our ascending kit. own body weight to th e They will lea bing wall, w We guarante rn ith e their feet to participants will feel a expert tuition from ou to abseil r instructors uc te . Introduction h the ground. Suitable rrific sense of achieve ment when to Climbing for those w experience. ho have com workshops/ courses or h p ave similar c leted our limbing

*Earlybird places available if you book your places before 16th March. Lunch available from our Cafe. Spaces are limited and some bursary places available. For more information please call 01603 252110 or email activities@opennorwich.org.uk OPEN Youth Trust 20 Bank Plain, Norwich, NR2 4SF telephone: 01603 252110

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