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Learning Camps since 2007

Since 2007 we have run Learning Camps in Thailand. Disadvantaged youth learn for life and a better future.

Learning for Life, Nature and Future




Learning for Life, Nature and Future


Their Problem and Our Solution

Their Problem Poor children in Southeast Asia get poor educations and remain poor!

Our Solution Create learners! Openmind Projects helps youth in learning camps, at our Training Center, and in villages.

Learning for Life, Nature and Future


Another Problem and Our Solution

Their Problem Children live in remote villages and cannot come to camps at our Training Center.

Our Solution Bring our camps to them!

Learning for Life, Nature and Future


So Now, Finally, Mobile Camps!

2016 Our first Mobile Camps in the Thai-Myanmar Mountains! Refugee, migrant and stateless students participated. Teachers were impressed. Campers worked hard. They liked to learn. Success! Now we are planning more mobile camps.

Learning for Life, Nature and Future


Our Problem

But there’s a problem‌ Mobile Camps cost money!

We need your support to help these disadvantaged youth.

Learning for Life, Nature and Future


Participants Speak Out “I have personally sponsored camps and recruited the Rotary Club of San Jose, CA, to join me these past two years. I have witnessed remarkable results in learning at these camps. I intend to remain a very pleased sponsor.”

– Mike, American sponsor and volunteer

"With OMP’s learning style, the camp helped me to find myself and realized that everybody has abilities we just need opportunity to use them, I have more confidence than before, I've improved my IT and English skills... and realize that there are lots of things we can do to help other people as well!" – James, Thai camper

Learning for Life, Nature and Future


Why Camps? Background

Why Camps for Rural Students? • Opportunities for a good education are limited. • Village schools are under-resourced. • Students are unmotivated to learn, and many drop out • Rural youth are unprepared for modern jobs. • Many do not break out of poverty.

Learning for Life, Nature and Future


English: A Gateway with Closed Doors

English is a gateway to better education and jobs! But: • • • • • •

Thai students score poorly on international tests. They are taught to learn by rote. Students find English boring. Village English teachers speak little, if any, English. Students get no chances to use English. They are not motivated to learn.

Learning for Life, Nature and Future


Technology: Another Gateway and More Closed Doors

The Internet can be the best friend to isolated students, providing immense opportunities to learn! But: • Facilities for learning IT are almost nonexistent. • There’s limited or no electricity and Internet access. • Students don’t know how to use the Internet as a learning tool – only as chatting media.

Learning for Life, Nature and Future


Our Solution: from Passive to Active Learners

Camp teams: • Debate and compete – in English! • Use the Internet to search for the best arguments and facts. • Research global issues about the environment, technology, jobs, and education. Active learning transforms students from passive to active learners! It encourages critical thinking!

Learning for Life, Nature and Future



Everything Is Free for Campers! We design, develop, improve, and prepare the camps. We run the camps and provide:

• • • • • •

Training for our staff and volunteers Transportation to the camps (700 to 1200 km!) Camp supplies Meals Accommodation for staff, volunteers, and campers Technology, including smartphones when needed

This costs money!

Learning for Life, Nature and Future



Setting up Mobile Camps costs money– more than we can afford!

We can bring our camps to the students with your help!

Learning for Life, Nature and Future



Sponsor a Camp! Help a Camper! Bring hope and inspiration to children who otherwise see a bleak future.

Learning for Life, Nature and Future


About Us

Openmind Projects is a non-government organization based in Thailand. We focus on poverty reduction through education. We help local people through our Learning Camps, Training Center, and volunteers who go to field projects in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Nepal.

Learning for Life, Nature and Future


More About Us

We are recognized and recommended by CNN, The Bangkok Post, Lonely Planet, UNESCO, and the National Geographic Society. In 2008, Openmind Projects was a finalist in the Stockholm Challenge Award ICT for development.

Learning for Life, Nature and Future


About Our Camps

Campers are 13 to 18 year-old youths from impoverished backgrounds. They come to improve their English skills, but that is not all! They learn about the world and their options in it with the help of technology. Their future opportunities broaden with improved English, IT, and thinking skills.

Learning for Life, Nature and Future


Task Based Learning Campers get theme-based tasks to learn about issues they will face tomorrow. They use their new English and IT skills to solve those tasks. Then they share their findings with their friends! Major themes are Jobs & Technology, Food & Health, Environment & Global Warming, Education & Technology. 30 to 35 campers per camp work in 4 teams led by Openmind Projects staff and volunteers.

Learning for Life, Nature and Future


What Our Campers Do

Campers learn to learn – not just wait to be taught! Our campers become learners through camp activities: • Show what they learn in creative video logs • Give presentations about researched topics • Debate controversial issues within the themes .

Learning for Life, Nature and Future


How Camps Benefit the Campers

Camps inspire, build confidence, and promote independent thinking • • • • • •

Campers learn to learn using the internet. They gain new perspectives about the world. Curiosity is sparked. Pro-active learners and critical thinkers are born. Friendships form with students from other areas. Horizons broaden through interactions with overseas volunteers.


Learning for Life, Nature and Future


Our Learning Cycle

Learning for Life, Nature and Future


We Need to Cover Our Costs

The cost per camper is about 240 USD to attend a 7-day Mobile Camp – just 35 USD per day! This includes direct costs like food and accommodation, transport from our Center to remote areas, IT costs, salaries for our staff, designing the camps, recruitment of volunteers, and preparations for each camp.

Based on 30 to 35 campers attending, costs total an average of 7,500 USD per camp. . Learning for Life, Nature and Future


You Can Help

Sponsor or co-sponsor a camp, camper, or volunteer. We can discuss how you can help in other ways, too. Sponsors bring opportunities to those left behind in Southeast Asia!


Learning for Life, Nature and Future


How You Benefit

Sponsors can benefit in various ways: We can name a camp after you. You can send staff to attend a camp for free. We will make a camp video thanking you. You can send a volunteer to a camp or to our center. We will mention you as a camp sponsor on our website. You will have the lasting gratitude of the campers you have supported and of all of us at Openmind Projects. We are open to other options you may suggest.

Learning for Life, Nature and Future



"In school we follow the teacher and we follow the books in a passive way – In the OMP camps we learn how to use internet and we learn to be active learners.” – Akhom, Lao camper "The debates make me more confident. I learn English by searching, discussing, not by heart! First the volunteers teach me and then we have to search and find information and discuss with our friends before we present the information." – Wah Wah, Burmese camper "I now know what I want to do in my life and how I can use my ablilites in my life for a better future. It made me be able to think for my self and also listen to what other thinks too. It made me to the Guy I am Today." – Ghom, Thai camper

Learning for Life, Nature and Future


Thank You !

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