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In this issue: Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Community Editor’s greetings Season’s Greetings, Happy New Year 2010 was a year of turbulence in many places around the world, not least Thailand, our home country. Let’s hope 2011 will be a good year, for all, especially the less privileged. As for Openminded volunteers, they now have more opportunities. They can volunteer in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Nepal in education, child/health care projects as well as eco projects. As a volunteer you can select to stay at volunteer houses in Nongkhai (at our training center) or Krabi, Thailand, or with a host family, in a national park or live independently in a town or village. Next year we plan to offer several options on how to volunteer, which we will come back to in the New Year! OMP started with putting computers in two orphan homes and a small village at a home where children could come to play and learn. This year Mae Sot and the Burmese migrant/refugee children are in our focus.

Sven Mauleon - Founder OpenmindProjects and IT in Isan. 2011, the year of the trainee Over the years OpenmindProjects has had many talented young Thai, Lao, Khmer, Burmese/Karen staff and trainees staying with us for shorter or longer periods. They mostly stay at our Training Center, some in Krabi like our Mui’s nephew Jern, and they all do improve their English and computer... Thank you volunteers of 2010, Happy New Year and welcome new volunteers for 2011. Volunteers can contribute to making a difference even if on a short trip if, over time, you are one of many who together make the difference. And if

you bring and use your special skills at your place of volunteering. Doctors should in our view be doctors and teacher should be teachers etc. in... 2011, another year of improved cross culture and volunteer training. Over the years OpenmindProjects has had many talented overseas volunteers of all ages volunteering in projects in Thailand, Cambodia and Laos, even Nepal, for shorter or longer periods. Most of them come for a volunteer training in Nongkhai, Thailand and stay for 3-4 days at our Training Center.... Pai, Kai, Pada, Prom from Laos, Thailand and Burma Pai from LaosHello,My name is Paithong Chanthavong I was born in 1990 at 5 on Wednesday, In Borikhamxay province Thapadat city Hatkai village. We are 6 people in my family I have 2 sister, 1 brother and parents. My parents they are live together since they were 19 years old until now. Both of...

Volunteer and Travelet news: December 2010  
Volunteer and Travelet news: December 2010  

OpenmindProjects Volunteer and Travelet news: December 2010.