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“ We Get You Open !”

Created by: Selvyn ‘SELE’ Price

The Rapper

Def Jef

> The Producer

”Poet with Soul”



> Director/Editor

“peep Game” The Singer



”Smiles of Peace”

“ We get you the news straight from the streets” synopsis:

OPM Team will consist of

Bringing a new twist to

regular hosted columns and

> The Talent

urban media. not another TMZ

guest host segments. Brought

or a stale main stream

you weekly and special

network. We are covering non

segments bi-monthly we strive

traditional events and giving

to get you OPEN!

you up to date information on your favorite singers, actors, and celebs from around the globe. The new team will be covering global events and a


variety of relevant topics and

Break Beats & Hip Hop

presenting public with a new channel of diversit. The programming will entertain and educate the public about

Weekly Guest DJ: ?????

urban culture and style. The


SEGMENTS: Chop it Up!

TASTEMAKERS: Introducing new musicians and Artists Genre: Hip Hop, R&B, Neo Soul, Reggae, and Rock Hosted By: OPM TEAM Sponsor: RED BULL Show: 5 min w/Bumpers

FFM STYLE: Fashion & Style Column. Stylist, and Red Carpet Celebrity Garb

CULINARY SEGMENT New Chef’s, culinary events, Pop-Up’s and Entertainer’s Recipes..

Hosted By: OPM TEAM Sponsor: ORISUE Show: 5 min w/Bumpers

Digg’n The Crates: Dj’s Spinning the hottest new tracks in the clubs and airwaves, new videos



Hosted By: Dj Keith E. Sponsor: Technique Show: 5 min w/Bumpers

Behind the Lens The Stick: Tech Column Latest Technology and Gadgets in the market. “who’s Got next” Hosted By: Def Jef Sponsor: Adobe Show: 5 min w/Bumpers

FILMMAKER SEGMENT new FILMS, Directors, Behind the Scenes, Trailers

OPEN MIC: Live Shows, Private Concerts, Industry Listening Parties Hosted By: S.Johnson Sponsor: Sure Mic Show: 5 min w/Bumpers

Takashi Bufford Writer | Producer Location: Hollywood, CA




Kareem Campbell


Pro Skater


Eric Roberts




KATY SAH Production Designer


John Amos Actor


Production Staff & Crew

MATTEOS BROWN GRFX | Brownmedius.coms

Farah Franklin

Sizzle Reel: 2 min.

TAKASHI BUFFORD Legal & Creative


Production Companies

production: Peelhead Entertainment LLC. location: 2630 Lacy Street Studios | Los Angeles | CA | 90031 contact: 323.302.1161 | Producers : Selvyn Price & Takashi Bufford Starring: GRFX:

Format: HD | 1920 x 1080 Cameras: RED, 5D & & 7D, GoPro (POV HD) Hybrid: Scripted & Freestyle reality series Shows: 12 + episodes Time: 22min.episodes + 1 Hr. Season Finale Closed Caption: Yes Distribution: HD Broadcast & Mobile App Online Post Facilities:

Lightiron Digital

contact: Michael Cioni (HD Digital Intermediate, Deliverables, CC)

Legal & Registration

WGA-west (registration #1433388) Production Legal Team:

Show Runner & Representation Takashi Bufford: 310.663.5381 email:

Takashi Bufford: 818.992.7588 email:

Creative Artist Agency

2000 Avenue of the Stars | Los Angeles, CA 90067 t: 424.288.2000 f: 424.288.2900


Entertainment Industry


“Pro HD post shop located @ popular downtown Los Angeles


PEELHEAD ENT. LLC.& Peelhead Post Group


Selvyn ‘SELE’ Price



PEELHEAD ENTERTAINMENT LLC. Selvyn Price a season veteran of the film and television industry for more than 18 years. Clients include, MTV, BET, NBC, TNT, and SPIKE. He’s been mentored in every department of Film & Television since 1991 and graduated from PCC in 1993 with a Associate in Arts Degree. Selvyn won the Aurora International Film Festival Award in 2005’ for Excellence in Cinematography and Technical Skills. in 2008’ He was considered for a daytime Emmy for the post work completed for ‘WIGOUT’ a NBC networks original comedy web series. Selvyn has directed several videos for industry legends: Jon B. presents Jack Herrera (Vibezelect/Sony), J-Swift (Delicious Vinyl/ Pharcyde). Currently Selvyn has teamed up with K.C Amos (Director) to Produce quality HD music videos for K.C’s record label clients including: Mack-10 & YG $prano (Hoobanging), and Lela Brown (Smart Boy Entertainment). Producer with broad experience in all aspects of production, post production and online distribution. Direct experience with day to day film and video production, feature films, music videos, and commercials. Specializing in dealing with high profile clients and products on a very professional level from concept to completion. Selvyn was a crucial part of Roy Campanella II’s DCF team to develop 10 films for BET Networks in a 12 month plan budgeted for 12 Million using his Scheduling and Budgeting format. Selvyn has bee a freelance Producer for NBC owned commercial division since 2005. The relationship with film & television vendors is based on solid past completed projects. [4]

Vendors: LightIronworks, Keslow Cameras, Quixote Studios, Alpha Dogs, Cineworks, RED Studios, Sage Brush G&E, EVS, Lacy Street Studios, Birns & Sawyer, Movieola, Digital Jungle. Clients: NBC, MTV, BET, Showtime, Uber Content, & Comedy Central. Specialties: HD & Film Cinematographer, FCP editor, Digital Intermediate Technician (Alexa,RED,5D), PreProduction services, Movie Magic Budgeting and Scheduling, Production / Casting office space located Downtown L.A.

Peelhead Entertainment LLC.

2630 Lacy Street Studios Los Angeles, CA 90031 323.302.1161 cell | Links: IMDB ! LINKEDIN




“Bringing energy in 2012”



SEASONG ENTERTAINMENT hop life. Once of her first jobs was working at the Celebrity Theatre in Anaheim, a solid intro into the entertainment business. Ms. Robinson was a co-producer of Thug Angel, the critically acclaimed documentary on the life of the late rapper icon, Tupac Shakur. More recently, as the Director of two short films, she has demonstrated her talent for filmmaking beyond music videos.  She was the director of Billies (Ha’Ru Entertainment) and a transition director/post director of Wasabi Tuna (Celia Fox Entertainment), starring Anna Nicole Smith. 


Tracy Danielle Robinson, a singer and songwriter has more than 15 years of experience as a Southern California-based freelance director and producer. Her most recent recordings with YoYo, is poised for new CD Compilation. She studied communications at Central State College in Ohio and West Los Angeles College, and later took courses in filmmaking at AFI (American Film Institute) Extension and UCLA Extension. Today, she is widely known in the entertainment industry for her bold, poignant, and cutting edge music videos. Over the past decade, she has increasingly garnered praise for her artistry that reveals the sensitive and humane side of hip

Ms. Robinson has director/production credits for more than 150 music videos, 10 films, 20 television shows, 20 commercials, and numerous legal documentary videos. She has held professional positions at Fragile Films, Propaganda, Two Headed Monster, and Squeak Pictures.  In 1992, she formed, Look Hear Sound & Vision, her first production company, which focused on R&B. Alternative music, and hip-hop Ms. Robinson's list of music video and production clients reads like a "Who's Who" in the world of hip-hop entertainment. Her clients include hip-hop giants and recording artists Tupac Shakur, Ice[5] Cube, Snoop Dogg, MoThugs, Layzie Bone, Jodeci, Lina Santiago,

Queen Latifah, and Rick James.   Her former company, Look Hear, was responsible for more than a dozen of rapper/director Ice Cube's productions as well as several works by the multi-platinum selling artist, Tupac. Ms. Robinson has also collaborated with actress Kim Fields.  She worked behind the scenes in production on the Festivals in the Caribbean for Sinbad that aired on HBO.  And she was the Producer of The Breaking Out Special that aired on Pay Per View TV.  She has worked on reality TV shows starring Anna Nicole Smith and Kathy Griffin, The D List.  Ms. Robinson feels The Reality TV world has allowed for a varied amount of programming with a twist in storytelling, creating more opportunities in entertainment talent in front of the camera and behind the scenes. Today, Ms. Robinson is focused on emerging technology and entertainment related content and the vessels that distribute.

Producer/Director: Tracy D. Robinson Sea Song Entertainment 949-715-7148

Story by / Written by Story by / Written by



Story by / Written by Story by / Written by Takashi Bufford is a seasoned veteran of Hollywood. Having more than 15+ years of writing and creating feature and television screenplays and docudramas.

with the budgets. Everybody gave it a green light and then they went to Jada, but she didn’t want to do it. So that killed it.

Takashi got his start practicing corporate law on the East Coast before coming to Hollywood to pursue his film dreams. spoke with screenwriter Takashi Bufford (‘House Party 3′ and ‘Booty Call’) Why do you think the film still resonates as an urban cult classic? Takashi Bufford: Because it was a very good story. It was the first of its kind in that it featured four women. I think it had a certain truth to it that rang out and resonated. They were going to do a sequel and I never saw a studio so excited to doing it. They went to all through the departments and were cleared

Story by / Written by






PRODUCTION DESIGNER | ART DIRECTOR Katy Sahakyan is a design visionary. Her seamless style creates a cohesive blend between the concept and final product whether it’s a film set or live production event. Saha Designs’ collaborations with Producers and Directors always brings a unified vision to the screen. Katy attended A.I.U and earned a Visual Communication of Fine Arts Degree. Where she honed her artistic skills and gained knowledge of design concepts and art origination from her professors and studies.



Saha Designs was formed to facilitate production design and art direction for indy and commercial film & television production companies.

Currently Katy works with Event/ Production company K12K based in Glendale as the in house Head Designer and event art director.

SURF SHOP “Beach Heat”

EZ ‘Top of the world’ MV








NEWS: The BATTLE (ESPNU) reality series

December to January, 2011 Brownmedius & Peelhead Entertainment where contracted to complete 15 episodes of post on Executive Producer Dallas Austin’s reality series ‘THE BATTLE’ airing on ESPN U cosponsored by AT&T.

Kobe IV Promo

Saturday, February 28, 2009 Brownmedius & Attain Design Tackle Kobe Nike IV Promo: On December 25th 2008, Kobe IV shoes fill the Staples Center from box seats to floor side seats. The launch of Nike’s Broken Ankle viral campaign.

Mission Matthew Brown established Brownmedius in January of 2002 in preparation of indie film Truly Oreo. The success of Truly Oreo propelled Brownmedius to grow over the next 3 years. Alining with affiliates Team A.S.G and Goal Line Media producing over ten films and expanded in production services to creative design. The Mission of Brownmedius is produce creative story telling by way of Television, Film, and Internet Distribution.

Services: Conceptual Design Video Editing PowerPoint

Advertising/ Viral Marketing Green Screen Compositing Print Layout



Matthew Brown Phone: 410.206.1713

SD/HD Camera Work Motion Graphics

Email Address:


ORBIS APPS We Get You Mobile

Greg Seitz, Robert Wallington & Ian Wynne ORBIS MOBILE APPS TEAM

Orbis Apps Greg  enjoys  giving  back  and  working  with  different  chari5es  such  as  The  Make  A  Wish  Founda5on  and  the  Boys  and  Girls  Club.  Today  Greg  has  a   successful  show  called  App  Addix,  were  he  and  his  partners  con5nue  to  set  trends  with  new  Media,  while  leading  the  industry  with  a  fun  and   informa5ve  tech  show,  all  about  Mobile  Apps.  Greg  is  the  Execu5ve  producer  and  STAR’S  on  The  Hit  Show  App  Addix  with  their  New  Studio  being  built   at  The  Universal  City  Walk,  Universal  Studios,  Hollywood  California.  Greg  is  also  the  CEO  of  Buck  Star  Media  and  has  strategic  partnerships  with   General  Outdoor  and  Young  Electric  Sign  Company  (YESCO)  two  full  service  digital  Billboard  Adver5sing  Companies.  One  of  Greg  strongest   compe55ve  advantages  is  his  partnership  with  Xcorps  TV  a  na5onally  syndicated  Show  with  Over  50  million  viewers  in  the  US  alone.  Greg’s  newest   project  combing  all  of  his  resources  and  a  powerful  team  of  Industry  Leaders  is  Orbis  Apps.  Orbis  Apps  is  a  full  service  App  development  company   that  Designs,  Develops  and  Markets  Mobile  Applica5ons  for  all  PlaYorms.      

Robert Wallington  is  Chief  Informa5on  Officer  for  Orbis  Apps,  a  so[ware  development  and  consul5ng  firm  that  provides  custom  mobile  device   applica5on  development  and  web  middleware  solu5ons  to  corpora5ons,  non-­‐profit  organiza5ons  and  private  individuals.    He  is  chief  architect  for   technologies  that  are  used  to  implement  their  mobile  applica5ons  strategies  including  Android  SDK  Java,  iOS  C#,  Java  Enterprise  Web  Applica5ons,  Oracle   and  MySQL  rela5onal  database  management  systems.    Prior  to  his  current  posi5on  at  Orbis  Apps,  he  was  Senior  Consultant  and  So[ware  Engineer  for   Johns  Hopkins  University  Applied  Physics  Lab  working  on  Space  Systems,  Homeland  Security,  Underwater  Warfare,  Missle  Defense  workflow  and   informa5on  management  support  systems.    He  also  worked  13  years  as  a  Senior  Consultant  to  Pacific  Life  Annui5es,  Mutual  Funds  and  Investment   Divisions  in  developing  mul5ple  dynamic  e-­‐commerce  web  applica5ons  and  securi5es  trading  data  warehouse  systems.    His  contribu5ons  helped  earn   Pacific  Life  Annui5es  &  Mutual  funds  the  award  for  number  one  website  in  the  na5on  for  financial  professionals  for  8  straight  quarters.  articles for

The Green Sheet. Ian  Wynne has spent over 7 years working in the world of e-Commerce with a focus on high risk businesses and high value companies. With his initial foray in this area being with Blizzard Entertainment, maker of the hugely popular game World of Warcraft. While at Blizzard Ian was responsible for implementing and ongoing management of the global fraud prevention, chargeback management and payment processing areas. While at Blizzard Ian was success in saving millions of dollars in potential fraud and over a million and a half in processing optimization.

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Ian's currently focused on developing e-Commerce strategies for business looking to operate effectively online. Mythical Media was build to provide specifically e-Commerce businesses with the resources required to be successful online. E-Commerce strategies include seamlessly linking together; Design, Experience, Marketing and Product Development. Ian is currently the Co-Founder of Merchant University, Co-Chair of the Merchant Risk Council's Chargeback Committee where he has help contribute to educational sessions and advocacy initiatives working to provide merchants with better practices in chargeback management. Ian also is currently an Advisor and contributor to ISO & Agent and has written

Orbis Apps


We get you Mobile !


a digital urban publication, film, tech, music, and bikini girls.

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