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WATER SBCAST | 513 Garden Street, Santa Barbara

“Be formless, shapeless… Be water, my friend.”

Artists: Amabelle Aguiluz

Caryl St Ama

Greta Boesel

Reenie Charrière

Antonia Dimitrova

Samara DiMouro

Gregory Grano

Catharina Goldnau

Buena Johnson

Krista Machovina

Amy March

Paméla Simard

Daggi Wallace



open i art space STUDIO D 513 Garden Street, Santa Barbara

Amabelle Aguiluz CLOUDS

organic cotton and wire About: Amabelle incorporates soft sculpture, textiles, sound and installations into her practice. She studied at Politecnico di Milano, Italy and graduated from The Fashion Institute of Technology, New York. Her work is about flow, the human body and connection to the natural world. She collects, unravels and repairs salvaged materials combining traditioal and contemporary art techniques. Using free-form movements, Amabelle reshapes daily objects into sculptures and installations.


Encaustic and Pigment stick on panel 12’’ x 12” About: This current body of work focuses on the effects

of both natural and man-made disasters effecting the Gulf coast. I was especially struck by the images that poured in from the media from the BP Oil spill many years ago. I didn’t recognize places that I once called home, I didn’t recognize places that I played as a kid and young adult, but like a train wreck, I couldn’t turn away. Finally, after visiting the homestead and seeing with my own eyes the reality, I reentered my studio to try to make sense of the tragedies.


Digital Cantograph on Metal 12’’ x 12’’ About: Greta’s background as both a classically trained

pianist and an industrial engineer informs this series, in which she assigns colors, shapes, glyphs and/or other graphic elements to each half-tone on the musical scale, then creates visual representations of selected songs or song fragments. The work is partly aleatoric, that is, driven by the initial assignments (which remain consistent among songs in a given collection); variability is enhanced with the selective manipulation of other attributes, including grid size, aspect ratios, choice and length of song fragment, inclusion of harmonies (or not), etc.

Reenie Charrière SIREN’S DRESS About: Reenie is obsessed with how objects accumulate in our everyday spaces. Her work is motivated by the drama of landscapes and waterways, urban and rural. She gathers and transforms everyday materials, especially throwaways. Her sculptural installations play upon the unpredictable juxtaposition of natural and synthetic matter.

Antonia Dimitrova COMPOSITION IN BLUE NO. 5

Hand-pressed monotype on Kozo paper 36” x 30” About: Antonia

living and working in Miami uses intermodal process, to catalyze dialogues that explore tensions between lived experience and human longing. She layers movement, sound, written word and image, to process personal memories and experiences, giving voice to new narratives of awareness, growth, reconciliation and deepened spirituality.


acrylic on canvas 36” x 36’’

Gregory Grano I’M A TREE - DOCUMENTARY About: Gregory is a filmmaker and educator based in Los

Angeles. His first feature documentary explored trust, fear, and the “stranger” across the US, while his recent work has evolved into multimedia experiences, connecting humans, nature, and identity through visual stories. I’m A Tree was filmed primarily in the High Sierras of California, and is the first in a triptych of film installations celebrating energetic life in entities of nature.

I’m A Tree - Trailer

Catharina Goldnau About: Catharina explores transitions and materials in

sculptural work that borders functionality. Born next to the Iron Curtain in Germany, she moved to Canada at the age of 19. Catharina studied ceramics at Sheridan College, under Linda Sormin and Laura Kukkee. Forming clay by hand complements the intellectual task of manipulating clay and glaze chemistry. The effects of heat and fire play a pan-ultimate role in altering the piece, creating new forms and surfaces, tearing and splitting in the fire. Resins and textiles may be employed to supplement final touches. She is an award-winning graduate with a BA in Craft and Design with a specialty in Ceramics from Sheridan College. Catharina has recently graduated with a BA in Craft and Design with a Specialty in Ceramics from Sheridan College, Oakville, Ontario.


stoneware, shards, aditions, glazes, oxide 17cm h x 50cm x 50cm


photography on metal

About: Buena Johnson is a highly skilled fine artist,

painter and photographer who’s love for art has existed since she was a child. Her attention to detail and understanding that even the small things count, led to her being successful at drawing with photographic realism. Her preferred medium is Pencil. She has received widespread recognition for her legendary jazz, blues and gospel fine art as well as her wide body of work featuring Angels, the spiritual realm and uplifting messages inspired by verses from The Bible. Her hope is to share God’s love and light with the viewer.

Krista Machovina SURVIVAL SERIES


About: Krista is a painter and mixed media artist, with training as an

art therapist and art educator. As an artist, Krista draws inspiration from the natural world, in particular the sea and sky, vintage ephemera and found objects. These elements create a narrative of every changing boundaries; those that merge, some diffuse and others starkly clear. The human presence is noticeably absent in the paintings of the sea, creating a meditative, immersive environment for the viewer. Survival Series pieces are visual interpretations of vintage survival manuals, the content of which I found applicable to dealing with personal challenges and inspired me to do some related self help writing. In these pieces, my ever favorite theme of water is present, this time as a condition to which one must adapt and navigate to survive.

Amy March PNW

Acrylic on Canvas • 24” x 36”


photography 12’’ x12’’

About: Paméla Simard is a French-Canadian artist.

Drawn to performance, photography and installations, her interdisciplinary approach investigates the relationship between intimacy and identity through the act of concealing and revealing oneself. Operating across the presence and absence of the body, her work bears a significance that is both physical and emotional.

Simard has been exhibited internationally, including the Ph21 Gallery in Hungary and the CICA Museum in South Korea (2019). She participated in two international exchange programs in France (2013) and Australia (2014-15) where she studied and expanded her artistic practice. She holds a BFA in Art History and Studio Arts from Concordia University in Montréal, as well as an MFA in Sculpture/ Dimensional Studies at Alfred University, NY.

Daggi Wallace FRAGMENTS

pastel 11’’ x 14’’

About: Born and raised in Berlin, Germany (b. 1962),

and currently living near Los Angeles, CA, Daggi is a selftaught award winning painter specializing in contemporary figurative realism and portraiture. She has reached the level of Eminent Pastelist of the International Association of Pastel Societies and Master Pastelist of the Pastel Society of America as well as Signature Membership in several pastel societies. Working primarily in pastel and charcoal she pushes the more traditional boundaries of the medium by incorporating other materials and mediums into her work and presentation. Inspired by her dual cultural life she mixes realism with abstraction and personal narrative with social and political undercurrents. Her work has been shown at the National Arts Club and the Salmagundi Club in NYC, the Butler Institute of American Art, OH, The Zhou B. Art Center in Chicago, The Wausau Museum of Contemporary Art and is in several permanent corporate collections as well as private collections, including The Bennett Collection, throughout the U.S. and Europe. Galleries that have shown her work include RJD Gallery in NY and Abend Gallery in CO. She has won numerous awards in national and international exhibitions. Her work has been published in many magazines and books, including Poets and Artists Magazine, American Art Collector, Southwest Art, Professional Artist Magazine, International Artist Magazine, The Pastel Journal and Pratique Des Arts in France.



May 2nd, 2019 SBCAST | STUDIO D 513 Garden Street, Santa Barbara

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National Art Show Water  

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