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Open House Art “bringing creativity to your home”

OPEN HOUSE ART Tarrant Street Arundel West Sussex BN18 9DN T. 0844 693 1180 W. www.openhouseart.co.uk








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Arundel Gallery Trail - August/September 2012

A BIG welcome to Open House Art. Our organisation is dedicated to open studio/ trail events and the artists taking part in those events, nationwide. You will find details of events from north to south and east to west where you can browse the work of the many talented artists exhibiting at each event. Art lovers have access to all events under one roof; therefore, they can visit events they may never before have known existed. At OHA artists can create an online gallery and shop, adding new work as and when; which followers of their work may re -visit and continue to buy from all year long. They can link to multiple open studio events they take part in or network with artists from across the country. opening up opportunities to perhaps swop or share space at multiple events. Open House Art gives a listing, promotion, communication, community, marketing and sales to all events and their artists. Jacqueline J ACQUELINE J ERMYN - DIRECTOR - OHA


OPEN HOUSE ART “bringing creativity to your home”

Open House Art was founded to be the guide to independent art trails in the UK. Our site shows where and when local artists and makers are exhibiting in their homes or studios. But there is a lot more to discover about OHA and it can all be found in this guide.

Accepting debit and credit cards at our homes is a big bonus for users of your site. Most people these days only carry cards and not much cash ‚ SIMON MASKELL (ARTIST)

LISTING Open House Art was founded to become the de facto guide to independent art trails in the UK. OHA shows where and when local artists and makers are exhibiting either in their homes or in studios. Welist dates, opening times and shows maps for trails all over the UK.

COMMUNITY We are linking together the hundreds of Open House/Studio events that are barely aware of each into one big community, creating an opportunity for your artists and makers to become known nationwide. By grouping together as many of the UK trails as possible we will create a readymade audience for your artists. That audience is the people who walk through your artists open doors' and the open doors of thousands of others like them across the country. Suddenly the work of an artist in Aberdeen is being viewed by someone in Plymouth because that person visited a trail there and heard about OHA.

NEW FORCE We a re excited by the possibilities that OHA gives to both

trail organisers and artists. With your involvement we can create a new force in the UK art market. A force that offers high quality work at affordable prices without gallery premiums or commissions to pay, this means a buyer can be confident they are getting the best possible value available and an artist can be assured that their work is priced to sell. We hope that you agree. 5

We give you a free listing promoting your event. We are the 'hub' or directory of all Open Studio/Trail events, listed under one umbrella of information, giving a link to Trail/Open Studio websites. We give artists a link to their individual websites We give access to a debit/credit card facility to artists during their event to secure a sale. (this works using the same process as buying anything online) Artists can link to other trails they take part in on the OHA website at no extra cost (ÂŁ15 per year)


We make aware to the public, the existence of the many trails/Open Studio events nationwide, prompting visitors to visit different events. The concept is that when visitors to our site wish to find an artist who's, event they visited, not only do they find the artist on that event but also discover the many other events.


We give artists a link to their individual websites We give access to a debit/credit card facility to artists during their event to secure a sale. (this works using the same process as buying anything online) Artists can link to other trails they take part in on the OHA website at no extra cost (ÂŁ15 per year) We give artists free business cards on sign up We promote and sell artists work worldwide through OHA and our associates using OHA brand names to fit with artists specific artwork. We only charge a 9% administration charge on any sale made through OHA, avoiding gallery premiums We use social media to promote artists work. The website was specifically designed for artists taking part in these events and caters to their needs. WHAT YOU GET FROM US

Artists Trails Listing Promotion Communication Community Marketing Selling 7

I've had a look at your website and really like it, both the look and the idea behind it. So yes I would like to join you ‚ PAULA WOODWARD (ARTIST)

OUR VISION RATIONALE Open House Art was founded by artists and is run by artists, for the benefit of artists. It is a networking site for all artists but especially for those exhibiting from their home or studio. Hundreds of Open House/Studio events are barely aware of each other so we have linked them together into one community. WHAT IS AN ARTIST? For us an artist is a person of creativity and unquestionable talent working in a medium they love whatever that medium may be, from painting to jewellery making, perhaps woodcarving, sculpture, photography, weaving or ceramics, there are many more and they can all be found at Open House Art. ELEVATION We created Open House Art to be the organisation for self-representing artists who have, until now, been viewed fleetingly and in isolation to be represented on the national stage along with thousands of others. DO ALL OF YOUR ARTISTS LIVE OFF THEIR WORK? For some their livelihood is dependent upon their creations. For others it may be the first chance they have had to exhibit, gain recognition for their talent and have somebody recognise their talent by buying their artwork. ARTISTS CAN TAKE CARD PAYMENTS Often sales can be lost by the inability of an artist to take credit or debit card payments. You can now take payment by debit or credit card. No longer will you lose a sale because a buyer isn't carrying cash or their cheque book.


OPEN HOUSE ART We have created three brands to complement our main Open House Art brand. They are d e d i c a te d t o h e l p i n g m e m b e r s s e l l th e i r w o r k . These brands exist in the social media world w i t h t h e i r m a i n p l a tf o r m s r e s i d i n g o n P i n t e r e s t .

DITTO This is the OHA print shop where we turn selected artists work into limited edition runs. PRINTS AND PRINTMAKING

OPEN HOUSE COLLECTIVE The Open House Collective is dedicated mostly to the work of our DESIGNER/MAKERS. CERAMICS JEWELLERY WROUGHT IRON WORK






COMMUNICATION Communication leads to community. This is a self-evident fact and if you believe Thor Heyerdahl then this has been the case since man took to boats and discovered new worlds. Fortunately, now by using technology we can remain on dry land and speak across the world! That is not the only way to communicate our message because there are local communities whether by town, city, county or nation where face to face and printed materials are more effective than the digital world allows for. Where good ‘old fashioned’ pieces of paper (flyers, posters, business cards etc) put into people’s hands work. Most of us see hundreds if not thousands of art lovers during our events and handing them something to keep as a reminder for the rest of the year is a powerful communications vehicle. Therefore, we at OHA use a multi-strand approach to communication utilising both digital and traditional mediums to promote community amongst our members, art lovers and the public.

Civilization grew in the beginning from the minute that we had communication...that enabled people to get inspiration and ideas from each other ....‛ THOR HEYERDAHL

I've just had a browse through the website and must say it is professionally done and looks great! I'd be happy to be part of the website and thank you for contacting me ‛ ARTIST



Communication leads to community, that is,.. to understanding and mutual valuing ‛ ROLLO MAY

Your website looks fab and I love the work on show. I'm quite hard to please so it is really refreshing to see there's some great stuff going on ‛ SARA DOWNHAM

( ARTIST ) 13

5 facts

about social media


Nearly 60% of businesses have acquired a customer through their blog.


Company websites that have a blog have 55% more visitors than those who don’t.


Evidence suggests that web visitors from social sites convert 59% higher than those who aren’t communicating directly with their customers. BECOME A SOCIAL BUSINESS , FORBES . COM


5% of search results for the top twenty largest brands are links to user-generated content.


34% of bloggers post opinions about products and brands. ERIK QUALMAN , SOCIALNOMICS

SOCIAL MARKETING The use of social media for business is often overhyped. However, for the market that our members and we are in it is without doubt the most effective ways of promoting our joint interests. The reasons behind this are manifest. You only have to look at the amount of art, furniture, clothing, prints etc. now being sold routinely on the internet. With the creation of our brands the most effective way of driving people to the products within the brands is good old fashioned word of mouth and what used to be called ‘sight sellers’. (A catalogue of products that a salesperson would carry with him to show items to perspective buyers). If this sounds familiar it is because that is what social media sites now offer for visually promotable products – in other words our members collections. 15

SALES CHANNELS We have stated on more than one occasion, one of our aims is to help our members sell their work. We see so many art sites where work seems to be ‘hung’ in an online gallery which very few people visit. It is very difficult to promote an online art shop and even more difficult to drive art lovers and buyers to it. We however, realised we have a readymade audience. It is the people who walk through your open door and the open doors of thousands of others like you across the country. In addition we decided to take an even more proactive approach to selling; that approach being to take our members work to existing channels who have millions of members (One of our partners has over 5 million members), and, furthermore, whose members are accessing their sites with the intention of buying something. We have collaborated with a select number of lifestyle sales platforms. They are Achica, Fab, One Kings Lane, and Culture Label. We use these channels to sell our members work. We were careful when choosing our partners to match our members work with the most applicable sales outlet. For instance, it is almost impossible to sell original artwork through Fab, it does not fit with their extended product set or their members expectations; they require multiples of items to be available for sale, but they fit perfectly with Culture Labels approach.

It was lovely to speak to you today. I'm sure this venture will go from strength to strength ‛ CAROLINE KISBY (ARTIST)




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O P E N H O U S E A RT “bringing creativity to your home”

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