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BROADCAST YOUR INNOVATION. Quality & Value Meet Here. You’ve got messages, Openfax delivers. No contracts. No monthly service fees. Openfax is the easy way to send your emails, faxes and phone calls without any complicated contracts, software or hardware.

With no monthly charges you only pay for what you use and with Openfax, you know you will receive the best service and value available, Simple isn’t it. We know you’ll enjoy it because its’ Openfax and it’s always here when you need it.

DON’T BRAG? BUT IT’S HARD NOT TO. You know, its all about experience. Our experience in providing a quality service at unsurpassed value and your experience as being a valued customer. Starting in 1999, Openfax embarked on a journey to become the largest and best provider of electronic message delivery. We’re quickly reaching our goal by valuing customers like you that entrust us with their business. If you printed on paper every electronic message Openfax delivers in a year it be over 22,000 miles long and would circle the earth at the equator. That’s a lot of messages, and we care about each and every one of them because one might be yours.

EMAIL DESIGN, SEND, TRACK Openfax is the Email Marketing Service that lets you design, deliver and track email marketing campaigns. Design your own campaign or use a template to promote your business and see the results.

FAX UPLOAD, DELIVER, BE SEEN Deliver messages using fax without software, hardware or phone lines. Provide a list of fax numbers, a Microsoft Office® or Adobe ® PDF document and deliver and track your faxes in real-time and full-detail.

VOICE RECORD, DIAL, BE HEAR It just happened. You you have to tell everyone about it. Record you call, then let Openfax call everyone to tell everyone about it. With Openfax Voice Broadcasting getting the word out fast has never been quicker.

No guru required.

It’s really fast.

Ring. It’s for them.™

COMPARE AND FIND YOUR HAPPY FACE. Working with a partner that cares can help you find your happy face. When

Choosing Openfax as your provider will just add some zen to your busy business life. Get happy. Be here.

things simply work and work well, you’re free to move about your already busy day. Take a quick look and see why Openfax has earned the applause of thousands of customers around the globe.




Offers large cost savings without committing to large usage commitments.



Offers real-time and post reporting via secure web interface.



About Openfax  

Learn more about Openfax and our suite of electronic messaging services. Using Email, Fax and Voice messaging Openfax is able to deliver yo...

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