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Academic blogs for the humanities and social sciences

Hypotheses is a research blog platform open to all disciplines in the humanities and social OpenEdition est une the sciences. It showcases infrastructure cutting edge ofcomplète research for d’édition électronique au specialists and a general service de la communication readership interested in the scientifique and en sciences humanities social sciences. humaines et sociales. Elle rassemble quatre plateformes complémentaires dédiées respectivement aux revues avec, aux collections de livres avec OpenEdition Books, aux blogs scientifiques avec Hypothèses et aux annonces scientifiques avec Calenda. L’ensemble de ces plateformes reçoit 3 millions de visites mensuelles provenant du monde entier. Depuis 2011, OpenEdition propose le programme Freemium, un ensemble de services et de formats mis à disposition des bibliothèques et de leurs usagers.

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Hypotheses is part of a larger platform, OpenEdition, a comprehensive digital publishing OpenEdition développé par infrastructureest for the distribution le of Centre pour l’Édition academic information in the Électronique Ouverte (Cléo), humanities and social sciences. une initiative publique à but It comprises a journals platform non-lucratif soutenue par (, a books platform les(OpenEdition plus grandes institutions Books) and an de recherche françaises et online calendar announcing dont la principale mission thousands of academic est la promotion de l’édition events (Calenda).

électronique en libre accès.

OpenEdition is developed by the Centre for Open Electronic Publishing (Cleo), a non-profit public initiative supported by several major research institutions. Its principal objective is to promote open access digital publishing.

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Sustained growth Founded in 2009, Hypotheses now includes more than 800 blogs run by a community of 7,000 bloggers from all countries. New functions, such as the attribution of an ISSN to each blog, are regularly implemented to respond to the needs of academic blogging.

A variety of uses Hypotheses is a space for direct communication between researchers and for experimentation with new forms of academic writing and scientific enquiry. Hypotheses hosts different types of personal and collaborative blogs – research blogs, fieldwork blogs, seminar blogs, news and development blogs, etc. The platform is based on the user-friendly Wordpress system and is free to use.

International scope Bloggers post in all languages. Each community has its own scientific committee and discussion tools. The platform itself is organised into linguistic subdivisions corresponding to Spanish-, German-, and French- speaking blogging communities. Other subdivisions are currently under preparation.

Constant support Hypotheses offers free training in several languages on how to use Wordpress to write academic blogs. It also provides online editorial support tools (Maison des Carnets, Bloghaus, Casa de los blogs). @hypothesesorg

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Hypotheses presentation card (English)  
Hypotheses presentation card (English)