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“He took the children in his arms, placed his hands on them and blessed them.”

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Mark 10:16 For everything there is a time: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

a time to write a time to read a time to give a time to feed a time to sing a time to pray a time to work a time to play a time to eat a time to drink a time to listen a time to think a time to look a time to speak a time to share a time to meet a time to walk a time to fly a time to care a time to cry

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...a time to log on, put up posters, sign petitions, spread the word, a time to wake up to the world of the Secret Children. Make the most of your time this year with these Open Doors resources.

Open Doors UK, PO Box 6,. Witney, OX29 6WG. T 01993 885400 E I Open Doors Registered Charity in England and Wales No. 1125684 © Open Doors 2011

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children The hidden victims of the persecuted church

1 got a minute? min Have you

We just want to say a big thank you to all of you who’ve already responded to the Secret Children campaign, through which we are aiming to transform the lives of 10,000 children of the persecuted church. Since May, you’ve been praying, giving, teapartying – all to support children like Leah in Iraq, Amir in Egypt, Xiao Ming in China and Rika in Pakistan. All children whose stories we told in our first Secret Children booklet. All children who pay the price for being a Christian. Thank you so much. You’ve been brilliant.

“If we love and obey God, we know that we will love his children.” 1 John 5:2

“Whoever welcomes one of these little children in my name welcomes me.” Mark 9:37

But there are many more secret children. Many more stories to tell. Like Gabar’s friend in Nigeria. So on his behalf, and all the other secret children, we’d like to ask you to keep praying – and get others praying, too.

All photos used for illustrative purpose only (except Gabar’s friend, centre page)

We know you are busy people, and time is precious, but the time is coming for...


The International Day of Prayer! So, take a deep breath, open your diary and turn to Sunday 6 November, which is the International Day of Prayer for the persecuted church. It’s a great opportunity to make your friends, family, and church aware of the secret children and to pray for them. If that’s not a good day, pick another. We don’t mind. God doesn’t mind. Let’s just find time to pray for them. Now read through this booklet, which includes lots of ideas for prayer. Some take as little as 5 minutes, others as much as 49 days!

“Time is free, but it’s priceless. You can’t own it, but you can use it. You can’t keep it, but you can spend it. Once you’ve lost it you can never get it back.” Harvey Mackay



if you only

5 s have 5 mins... min

Show the Change their World film... or if you – or someone else – has been asked to lead prayers, use the following prayer:

.. let’s pray. 4

Loving God, our maker and healer – You know us and love us all: nothing is hidden from your sight. We pray for children around the world who are Christians or part of Christian families. For children who are bullied in school – strengthen them and make them a light to their friends. For children whose parents are in prison – help them to cope as they wait to be reunited.

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to be p laced in ive out, people’s 2. Pin Bibles to notic e boar 3. Use d at hou se grou p

For children whose parents have died – bring comfort and love through church, family and friends.

For children who wander the streets with nowhere to go – lead them to shelter and a caring home. For children who have witnessed violence – heal the memories of the past and give them a future to look forward to. Lord, they are part of our family, and we are your servants. Help us to share the blessings we have with them – so that the secret of your grace and love is the story of their lives.

5 isaiah 49:2

“But the LORD has promised to fight on our side and to rescue our children from those strong and violent enemies.”

if you have

half an hour... m30 ins your Bible study or prayer group, use the. time to tell people about the children of the. persecuted church and to pray for them..



Print out the prayer cards from the DVD. Read the Secret Children booklet on the DVD.

Familiarise yourself with the stories in the booklet before you meet with your group. Each story features a child’s drawing. Gather together the following seven items on a tray to represent the seven stories featured in the Secret Children booklet: a picture of a bird, a Bible, a Barbie doll, a picture of a prison door, a football, a T-shirt with a clothes peg, an exercise book and pen.

need... what you

Take the tray, the seven items and the prayer cards, to your group meeting.

Play ‘Kim’s Game’. Tell people to shut their eyes, then take one item away from the tray. Ask: what’s missing? When someone answers correctly, bring the item back. Do this a few times. The last time, use the item as a focus for telling the story and praying for the child. Give out the prayer cards. Read the story of the child relating to the missing item. Or read the longer version in the Secret Children booklet, and also the additional information on the facing page. Pray together, using the prayer from the appropriate prayer card. The rest of the group may wish to add their own prayers.

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le. r 2 in the Bib te p a ch ew h tt 1. Read Ma tion of Jesus. erod’s persecu ry H on ct le ef a 2. R ect Joseph, M How did it aff and others?


if you have

if you only

90 mins... m90 ins

60 s have an hour... min

Why not hold a prayer meeting for the Secret Children?. It could be on 6 November – the International Day of. Prayer – or another date to suit you.

Why not use your Sunday service to focus on the children of the persecuted church? It could be on 6 November – the International Day of Prayer – or if that date is no good, then pick another!





Be as creative as you like – just keep prayer at the centre.

The DVD includes an outline for an interactive Secret (Family) Service with ideas and resources:




1. Welcome – and prayer 2. Declare – the truth about God 3. Sing – suggestions for worship 4. Read and Listen – Exodus 1 & 2 or Matthew 2 5. Discover – Secret Children Treasure Hunt 6. Watch – DVD – Change their World 7. Make – a Prayer Picker 8. Pray – for the Secret Children and others

werPoin 2. Prayer t cards 3. Sunda y School lesson 4. Tea ser vice 5. Secret Chil 6. Colour dren films ing sheet w ith praye 7. Quiz sh rs eet

9. Respond – take away Secret Children leaflet 10. Conclude – a final blessing

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Change their World (5 mins Once Upon a Time (5 mins ) )


Find the DVD at the back of this booklet, with all the resources you will need.

:3 psalm 127

The Secret Children DVD features ideas and resources to help you put on a Secret Prayer Meeting:

1) Ideas for prayer stations

2) Ideas for action stations

3) Prayer cards

4) Audio prayer tracks*

5) Short films


PrAyer mee TIn G page on

the See c et ret SecrmeetIng PrAyer m the y eetIng r e Pr A To do list...





“Children are a blessing and a gift from the LORD.”

Station 7: colombi

Pedro – a disadvan for displ tage Items for Origami cards Jong-il, thin ay: display: Vario d swallows set of prayer including us simple *, pictuprayer Suggestio blanket. an re of Kim – posters, n: Suggestio old exercise book schoolroom item Prayer a papeStations you pray. Hold n: Write a s, and pen. r swal display prayer in in your hand cards, items forlow *Instructi the exerc s as ons in the ise book Station 8: practical ways . SundStations Action ay School– nig ke eria gabar – sessi Or maStation point. 2: Iraqpeople can support theon one resource Items for devastated e rance Leah display: Foot h larg – displaced the ent mixed wit World film Secret Children ball, shirt Items for on a smal ster at rs, , display: A to take away, Suggestio en po l DVD playe boots. Run the Chan Arrivals poste things – s ildr the tent, Departure child Ch n: ns. a filled rucks ren’s Bible ge their l of (Jenga blockHave a box of Lego r or laptop. , a map, a a Secret with severa nal quotatio leaflets ack, Suggestio response a doll and compass g Put up n: Wear theincluding atio a praying for s) available. each blocks or building strikin inspir rucksack . person hold bricks God’s prote while you it more le verses or to their block s Station 3: pray. to the wall. ction on the child a block while otes, go ren, then print Bib and qu e prayer rika – vuln Pakistan adds reativ verses Bible pray/c Items for erable Action Stat piring display: Barb children’s For ins oorsu ions ie colou pend In addition, tingbooks, children’s ring books, Sugg set www.o for estion: Colo Bibles. for peop you could have one ur a pictu nsibleor use nt le to visit venue or more our colou inin respo re from a differe and after they Action Stati ring do to cons mapcan d to be . ge the ons e’ themsheet table mat colouringldbook olidate their ’ve prayed, with add–a below orehan Arran ld ‘hid – and pray. things they Stat response. ple bef as described cou ion You cou 4: ht peo play. ns ns – you • xiao ming china Read and Ask eig yer Statio Statio s for dis – deprived fill in the Pra Prayer Items for could ted item Secret Child h the displ up the ). You ay: Pictu sugges ren leafle ue wit Chin ldren • r; you the re of a priso t Sign up bleese food, inclu retchi the ven em n door to pray for poste me ue. sec ass n . ding Sugg , item rg/ tio ven praw Set up estio the syer of Sta ho 6 November Secret Child n crack n: Brea n. rsuk.o tion, and s of the ers or arice oo to 24 Dece taken brok ren from en relationshk a crack corner or cake.cre peernd each sta r imaginatio ate Pracake mber s. n be • the for w.o Pray r ld ht ip to you with foryXiao er eig cou ming his d at ww fathe pap a poste ntry – use r to bethe ’s DVD has Put a donation in wnloa one on A3 Stat restored. n! The Put up doion to a child’s pigg n – and eOpen 5: hegypt each cou Statio eac y s’ ministry DVD (or statio l be abl witDoor Amirpri flag for to children bank for Isola each Prayer m the ld –nt rs h a radio l person wil• cou ds fro Item use atted -playeHave n into yer car display: A ival; you up ands for Statio n. A technica ht use CD a laptop yer print on arr out pra (linked to k face mig -out ofSta tio r Pra available ticon a projector? Print ryone a set to pic print emokin s, g you for person yer enlarged ilable ) ed of egyptian ma headpictu oldersad and www.ope people to explore eachresPra give eve e them ava to by out le. An tourist sight happy ndoorsuk d atlines abou listen egypthlig (searhte hav .org t the polit availab ch on on ing to ntrSugg could theesinter ical chan s and • y, higestio ear eth ph net). ges in Write to If you som cou withn: Imagine you e. a persecuted Then people e for each 3 pla yer turn tim.ope www Christian: yer around and are Amir happ Offer on , pra mp ndoo detai at y at school: pray. an the ls at imagine tracks gather en ck on • you are Amirhome:and audio s could right tra sad w wh eflyat Signkno up the bri a t Gro camp g. pu ple the aigni ! Station 6: speak meetin letting peopersegu hones ide for ng letter tion, to e the yati – reje Indones headp yer cuted Christians: detaion behalf of e by yeriaSta pra www rdinat .opendoo ls ent Items fors forcted and tim ce a printed each Pra son to coo at display: T-shi the ev du vement campaign • leaderbask te one per sewi rt pegg their mo ht like to pro Read more Leading ega prayer ngdel et. You could a washing people direct ed to mig abou repre to be you can sent her could also You line, Andr t allows t it: buy a , people ger.tip out sic thaew’s books God’s Smugcopy of Brother thenn:youscave or lon Invite direct people sSugg g when she some rubbish to sngin andestio ute Write gler or Secre ce of mu was eigh to a prayer 7 min g pointwash t Believers. ingerline. t. a short pie and peg want aft rtin le, Dep sta y it out onpla mp artures nt differe might the – for exa

S e IdeA t S SOm even here’A PrAyer fOr

You could also have prayer leaders at each of the prayer stations. These are people who can speak briefly on the subject of their prayer station and guide the prayer time.

ve on to mo event.

n to a sessio prayer tion. h short sta ng eac to the next To bri move time to Open Doors






1) Secret Child 2) Prayer Cardsren booklet 3) Secret (Fam 4) Secret Prayeily) Service 5) Audio praye r Meeting 6) PowerPoin r tracks t 7) Walk to the 8) Great Big TeaWater Party 9) Blackout

P merAy e e pag TIn r e tw G o

Prayer Stat ions

Station 1: Jong-che north Korea ol – disp poster on door, – le osab Items PArrivals

Groups could gather at different starting points and then you could direct their movement and time by giving them a printed prayer guide and letting people know when to move on – for example after 7 minutes or longer. To bring each short prayer session to a conclusion you might play a short piece of music that allows people time to move to the next station. *These are taken from our bi-monthly prayer CD/cassette tape. Call 01993 885400 to have it sent to you; or download from our website.


sion you conclu

2011 684 © Charity in no. 1125 Wales england and Wales no. nd and

Give out Secret Child ge >> coming. renPA leafl Invite themnext ets. to your next Thank people for event.


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© 2011


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Around three o’clock in the morning we heard a gunshot around the police station site, so our father and I ran out. My friend, his name is Gabar, the bullets hit him in the stomach. I feel so sad, because he was my close friend. Before that night we played football with him on the football field. So when I heard that he is dead I couldn’t calm myself to go and greet his parents because if I go there I would cry, and I don’t want to... He was a young boy like me, why kill him? Why did they kill him? Why? A boy in Nigeria tells the story of what happened in August 2010 – part of the Change their World film

“Parties shall respect the right of the child to freedom of thought, conscience and religion.” The UN Convention of the Rights of the Child, Article 14

t wors hou

if you

have two hours... Why not throw a Great Big Tea Party? People have been finding some really creative ways of putting on Great Big Tea Parties for the Secret Children.

what oth


some info 1

A PARTY WITH A PURPOSE! You tell people about the Secret Children; you sell tea and cakes to raise some money.

Big or small, a Great Big Tea Party can have a powerful impact, and will help raise awareness and support for the children of the persecuted church. We want to reveal what life is like for these children – their joys and anxieties, their courage and fears – so that people can pray for such children worldwide and show them that they’re not forgotten. So, on their behalf, we would like to ask you to hold a Great Big Tea Party this year. There’s a host of resources on the DVD to help you. The Guide is full of ideas about how to encourage your church, your friends and neighbours, to pray and give, to make a difference for the children of the persecuted church.


“The tea party on Sunday went really well. People are still talking about the event. Many people were touched and there was such a buzz in the hall. Seven of the children read out the seven secrets as the associated flags came forward. They finished with a song for the secret believers which they learned in Sunday School. At the end of the service we had the Great Big Feed. Children were also given their own party bags and armbands.” Dave and Daphne, Co. Donegal A Great Big Tea Party is so much more than fundraising:


1) An Or ganiser’s Guide 2) Short film 3) Invita tions 4) Colou ring table mats 5) Quiz ta ble mats

There’s even a ‘tea service’ – a simple outline for making sure the point of the Tea Party is not forgotten.

d ON THE dv The Secret Children booklet is packed with information, including how, with your help, Open Doors is making a difference for the children of the persecuted church.

ers have s

“Our Great Big Tea Party was a great success, with twelve people, including youth and children, praying passionately for the children of the persecuted church and the work of Open Doors. One of them wrote about the Secret Children: ‘They are the brightest of lights in those places of darkness, the children shine so brightly in God’s eyes. The enemy wants to put out their light but the flame of God’s spirit in them doesn’t even flicker, it just grows brighter with time.”’ Hollie, Hull.

childish f

or childr


There’s still time to be childish for children – so why not throw your own youth version of the Great Big Tea Party? For more ideas and resources, go to or join our Great Big Tea Party page on Facebook:

Don’t forget to tell us how you got on!

ee r h t urs ho 2

if you have

three hours... Why not Walk to the Water? In northern Nigeria, some women and children have to walk five miles to fetch water because there is no well in their village. And for Christians, going to a Muslim village can mean trouble.

some info Two years ago, Maryam Yakubu, a Christian woman living in Ungwar Galadima, was mercilessly beaten by a Muslim youth when she went to fetch water. Now, thanks to money raised from Walk to the Water events, there is a new borehole giving clean – and safe – water in her village. She can fetch water whenever she wants. The women in her village are really excited about this. To them, it’s a blessing from God that wipes away their tears. Open Doors dug four new boreholes in 2010, providing easy access to water for around 15,000 people. Local Christians, including 40 young people, were given training in borehole maintenance and water sanitation. Now they can maintain their boreholes by themselves and keep them running for as long as possible. So why not get a group together and Walk to the Water?



How fa r

How far would you

Walk for fun… walk in prayer… walk with a purpose…

th Wa

e lk 20 Wateto 11 r

ope n we can doors can Walk To give claim an make you for fun extr perm r … wa ission a 25p for gift go furt lk in please ever y £1 her! If you prayer ente you r you … wa r full donate. are a UK Nam tax paye nam lk wit e: e and r, and h a pur address have pose… and tick paid enough Hom the Gift e add tax, Aid box ress: .




would yo


u wal


Walk for fun… walk in prayer… with a purpose…


Amoun t:

Are you unde r 21?

Gift Aid Donation

persecuted ... in support of your Christians. Get – and walking boots on ! make a difference

to WalkWater the 1



Date: Time: Place: ___

Plea se Please photoco mad return thispy this form e paya ble to form (alon if you are Open g invit ing mor Doors with any Please addi cove tiona e than 15 ring return l phot all the this form ocop guests to dona ies) your tions receivedwith a cheq event. to: op at your ue/s en do even ors uk t.

: Contact

Tel no:

Water r How fa

alk? you w would for fun…


Walk prayer… in walk purpose… th a

wi istians. walk d Chr on – o ts secute £ visit:port of per walking booerence! lkandt tireler To get involved your a diff ... in sup Wae Wa 1and, Po Boxpendoo 6, Wit Get and make visit: lved th 1 www.o ney, oxo


Open Doors Registered

Charity in England

n, oX

and Wales No.

1125684 © 2011

29 6W G.

To get 1

Walk to the Water for the Secret Children – so they don’t have to! For posters, sponsor forms and other resources to help you organise your Walk to the Water, just look on the DVD, or go to:

invo alk rg/w rsuk.o

pendoo w.o NG S wwSSA CD

I Woul receive d like to news the latest persec from the uted church

“The way Open Doors carries out their mission is so wonderful and so encouraging. They minister to you spiritual things and go ahead to give you physical things. They don’t stop there, they also teach you how to use and maintain the things they have done for you. Their goal is for us to be independent and stand with no crutches. We are very grateful to you.” Ishaya Ibrahim


24 s r u o h 23

if you have

if you have

48 hours...

24 hours...

Why not get your youth group or. church to do a sponsored BLACKOUT?.

Why not create a Prayer Room? Encourage your church or youth group to pray day and night for the Secret Children.

? what is it BLACKOUT is a time when you...

start Where to Find a room... small, large, high up, low down, on wheels, and then:

s some idea 1) Decorate... light or dark, plain and simple, or busy and colourful 2) Display... pictures, maps, Bible verses, prayer cards 3) Add... lights, music

Fast from Facebook

Turn off the TV, Twitter and iTunes

Shut down your mobile – and, if possible, your mouth!

Use the weekend of 4—6 November, Friday 9pm to Sunday 9pm, (or another weekend that suits you) and enter into the silence together.

get involv

4) Create a schedule... beginning, middle, end, hour by hour


Use the time to pray. Maybe fast. Hold a secret service. Get sponsored. Transform 10,000 lives!

5) Invite... encourage, persuade, cajole people to join you 6) Pray... for the Secret Children. PrAyer meeTIn G page one

There are lots of ideas and resources on the Secret Children DVD. Alternatively, for news, pictures, information, prayers, quotes and more, go to our website: For even more ideas go to

the Secr et SecrmeetIng PrAyer met the y eetIng er Pr A To do list...


eAS me Idevent ’S SO hereA PrAyer fOr

u to do rage yo her and help s.” u o c n “I e get ’ live OUT to sands of kids BLACK u o rm th I transfo ACH VIVOR ILAV SUR MIKE P R OF SOUL E D A LE

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different on – for exa e to mov

clus to a con session prayer ion. short g each the next stat to To brin move Change their World (5 mins) time to Once



Upon a Time


red Charity



in englan


Give out Secret Childr e >> coming. leaflets. t PAg Invite themnexen to your next Thank people for event.

(5 mins)

84 © 2011 Charity inno. 11256 Wales england and d and Wales



no. 1125684

© 2011

1) Secret Childr 2) Prayer Cards en booklet Doors


THe hIdde

n vIctIm






3) Secret (Famil 4) Secret Prayery) Service 5) Audio praye Meeting 6) PowerPoint r tracks 7) Walk to the 8) Great Big TeaWater Party 9) Blackout


Get involved and get sponsors to raise money for the children of the persecuted church


Don’t forget to send us your photos and feedback afterwards!

“I want to someth stand up and ing for do the mil childre lions of n who have no EDDIE voice.” LYLE


Station 7: Jong-cheol north Korea colombia Pedro – – disposable – poster on door, Items for disadvanta displaArrivals Items for ged y: Origam cards Jong-il, thin set display: Variou i swallows*, of prayer including s simple picture of Suggestion: blanket. an Kim Stations – posters, prayer Suggestion: old exercise book schoolroom items, Prayer a paper you pray. Hold and pen. Write a prayer swallow in your hands in the exerci *Instructions cards, items for display se book. Station 8: in the Sunda – practical waysas Action Stations nigeria y School e gabar – sessio Or mak Stati the devas n t. one support on can resource tated 2: Iraqpeople Items for e ance poin larg Leah display: Footb the entr , mixed with Items – displaced Secret Children World film ls ter at on a small all, shirt, boots. for displa ters pos away, take to Run the Chang Sugge Arriva pos things DVD player – y: A Departures dren stion: tent, children’s of the et Chil e their Bible, a map, a filled rucksa leaflets tations. (Jenga blocksHave a box of Lego or laptop. a Secr with several ck, a doll Suggestion: a compresponse onal quo and a Put up ass. ing Wear theincluding praying for ) available. each blocks or buildin irati strik insp g bricks e rucksack person holds God’s protec es or while you it mor to their block e vers Station 3: pray. tes, go to the wall. tion on the childre a block while Pakistan print Bibl prayer n, then adds and quo rika ve es – vulnerable e vers /pray/creati Items for Action Stati iring Bibl display: Barbie children’s For insp ons colouring pendoo In addition, ingbooks, childre books, Sugge www.o n’s Bibles for sett stion: for peopl you could have one ue onsibleor use our Colour in a picturrent . e to visit and colouring in diffe e from a colour be resp after they’v or more Action the ven can to e do map to conso nd Stations w. ing book e’ themsheet table mat add–a lidate their e prayed, with things Arrang ld ‘hid beforeha cribed belo – and pray. could Station response. they 4: you cou t people as des lay. You • ions – xiao ming china Read and for disp Ask eigh er Stations – deprived er Stat fill in the items Pray Items for could Secret Childre the Pray gested displa up the ren). You n leaflet • ue with Chine the sug y: Pictur Sign up mble se food, includinge of a prison door, /secretchild poster; you the ven to pray for asseSugge e. venue. prawn items of Set up the Secret 6 Novem Station hom ion, and tion. stion: Break a cracke of the ber to 24 Children taken or Prayer doorsuk rste from December r or corners pen each stat r imagina broken relationship w.o cake. Pray arice cakes. then be • t ter for for Xiao er to crea could at ww with his use you Put a donat father ming’s a pos has eigh A3 pap to bethey nload ntry – Stati Put up dowon to Doors’ ion in a child’s piggy one on Station – and restored. ion! The DVD ableOpen 5: hegyp each cou eac DVD (or be t stat minist bank er Amirprin t o the for will ry flag for – to childre on • a radi ers with ed h Pray s from could Isolat n playHave at eac ion into nical pers use CDusedispla er card arrival; you Items a laptop andfor y: A Pray er Stat ion. A tech ht up face on out pray (linked to r print-out enlarg available on mig cons, a projec Print ryone a set you to pick printeemotiing for pers picturesPrayerofStat edrsad ilable h of egyptAn and mak headli olde www.opendpeople to explore tor?) give eve e them ava to by d outted at eac le. ian tourist sights happy nes listen egypt (searc hav ligh h on es about availab the politic ng to could , high the intern • al chang and hon Sugge stion:earp Write to If you et). es in somethi h country Imagine . a persecuted with eac er turn Then you people www. er time Christi around and are Amir happy Offer one for an mp3 play school: pray. the pray gathopend at er at an: details at imagine tracks, k on • you are Amirhome:and write ld audio n right trac sadflyat w whe ups couSignkno brie a campa put the the letter igning Station 6: s! ting. Gro ng people speak for to persec e one mee on behalf uted Christi er guid Station, yati – rejec Indonesia headph ate the time by letti of ans: pray www. ted h Prayer to coordin opendoorsu details at printed nt and event Items ers for eac for displa uce a person r moveme g the y:one aign T-shirt • leadg baske sewin to prod pegge thei Read more Leadin ple prayer t. Yould delegate a ht like peoit: direct d to mig about repres to be you canent You washing line, Andre allows buy a copy cou could also her people youscaven of Brothe longer.tip out some rubbis ic thatw’s books God’s Smugg ging Invite direct people, Sugge stion: Write and then of mus h to utes or when ler or Secret r to piece 7 min a prayer and she was eight. pointswashiafte Believers. ng rline. want peg it out a short Depa starting mple, onplay the


Find the DVD at the back of this booklet, with all the resources you will need.

P merAy e e pag TIn r e tw G o

Prayer Stati ons

Station 1:

4 hou8 rs

For more ideas and resources go to or email



seven weeks

7 ks e e w

Why not introduce your Sunday School to the Secret Children, using our Kidzone Seven Secrets for Children resource?

7 secre t c



Do you teach the children at your church? Are you looking for some fresh ideas for your Sunday School or midweek club?

Our unique Kidzone Seven Secrets for Children resource brings alive the truth of what it means to follow Jesus around the world today. And it’s all about children. Each week, for seven weeks, you can take your children around the world – from Egypt to Indonesia, from Iraq to China – to hear the stories of the Secret Children. Children who have lost homes, parents, even their lives, because they are Christians. 4 © 2011

red Charity

in england

and Wales

No. 112568



sun reSODay sCh urCe oo sessio l

Ar yutBO sunDay SChOOl page SiX


seCr JONg et ChilD -CheOl ren 1: ’S STOr Y

s S Cu n D h pag O ay e t Ol wo


introd uction


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Open Doors

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Session 1

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They’re all hidden victims of the persecuted church. But they’ve got loads to teach us.

49 days...

Why not pray for the Secret Children for 49 days?. Start from the International Day.of Prayer on. 6 November and keep going right.through to. Christmas Eve. 7 x 7. That’s 49 days. Perfect!. introduc


What better way to celebrate the birth of Jesus? While everyone else is spending masses on presents for the children, spend a little time remembering the children who need your prayers.

A special Secret Children prayer publication will be sent to everyone who receives the Open Doors magazine each month. You can sign up to receive the prayer publication and/or the magazine using the Secret Children leaflet, or phone 01993 885400. If you would prefer to receive your daily prayer request by email, you can sign up online at Sign up yourself. Encourage others to join you.

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Reading their stories will bring the Bible alive for the children in your church and broaden their understanding of the world around them. It will engage their hearts and minds – and give them a pressing need to pray. (It’ll do the same for their parents, too!)

Or if you’re feeling creative, why not download The Key Thing and make your own set of mini prayer cards? Just punch a hole in the corner and attach them to something useful like a keyring, a pram, a dog lead or a handbag.

The subject matter is challenging, but dealt with in an imaginative way. Each session includes at least one game, story, Bible passage, prayer, craft or activity – and will get your group involved in supporting the children of the persecuted church.

Alternatively, put them in your pocket and use them as a reminder to pray each day. It’s a great activity to do with your youth group or home group.

The Kidzone Seven Secrets for Children resource can be downloaded in full from: There’s a sample session on the DVD. Pass it on to a Sunday School teacher near you!

7 Stories. 7 Children. 7 Sundays. Sorted.

49 day s

The Key Thing will be available to download from:

Once a day. Seven days a week. For seven weeks.



Put the disc in your DVD player and you will be presented with the choice of our two short films. Put the disc in your computer, and you can see the two films... AND access a host of additional resources*. Who could ask for more?

s on th r e s o u rc e •

Films Change their World (5 minutes); Once Upon a Time (5 minutes)

Secret Children A booklet giving the full background to the campaign

Secret (Family) Service A complete guide to an all-age service

PowerPoint A simple presentation adaptable to your situation

Prayer cards A set of eight – print A5 as prayer cards, larger as prayer posters

Audio prayer tracks One for each country featured on the prayer cards

Secret Prayer Meeting An organiser’s guide

Kidzone: Seven Secrets for Children A sample of the seven sessions

Walk to the Water Poster, sponsorship forms, organiser’s guide

Great Big Tea Party Invitations, posters, organiser’s guide

Colouring Sheet Table Mat Print off, copy... provide lots of crayons

Quiz Sheet Table Mat Print off, copy... then co-operation or competition?

Blackout A video, a sponsor form, a T-shirt order form.

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u rc e s

1. Place DVD into CD/DVD drive on your computer 2. Click on ‘START’ button in windows and click ‘MY COMPUTER’ 3. Right click CD/DVD drive and click ‘EXPLORE’ 4. Open ’SECRET CHILDREN DVD-ROM Contents’ folder


Children take time to grow up. Make sure the children of the persecuted church are not forgotten... become a point of contact for your church. Visit or phone 01993 885400 to find out how easy it is to bring inspiring updates to your church and share the privilege of partnering with persecuted Christians. Let’s face it: if you are using this pack in your church, you are more than halfway there!

Open Doors UK and Ireland Open Doors is an international ministry serving persecuted Christians worldwide. It also aims to inform and inspire the church here to serve Christians living under persecution. Open Doors supplies Bibles, leadership training, Scripture-based literacy programmes, livelihood support and advocacy services. The children of the persecuted church benefit directly, and through the support of their families and communities.

Secret Children Booklet  

Secret Children Booklet

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